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CBox Tech & Social Opinions Survey!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. "I want her to speak."
  2. "Don't push her." Kunari smile.
  3. "If we let demons run amok any longer, even with 7 billion people, humans will be extinct in a week. Time to organize hell the way Lucifer wanted."
  4. Pros:

    1. Good way to get new members settled in.
    2. Good way for you guys to talk about your forum rps
    3. Conversations with people you know are there.
    4. Chat rps (I see that as a pro even if I'm not in them)
    5. Actually seeing people how they truly are.


    I see the same cons in the cbox that I'd see in a forum cause to me it is not distracting

    1. Spammers..I've seen it before
    2. People not knowing when to just let something go.
  5. Pros:

    Great Socialization Tool

    Place for new members to ask questions and to get to know the older members.

    Can strike up friendships with other members quicker via the c-box, not everyone want’s to give out their MSN right off the bat.

    Great place to kill a few minutes if you have nothing else to do.

    Questions between GMs and Rper’s can be answered in the c-box.

    Ease of contacting someone else.

    Fun to watch how other members act via lurking.

    Negative behavior used on the c-box leaks over into the forums

    - Spam, overtly sexual content, trolling…

    - Stuff that should remain in insanity leaks onto the c-box, then the other boards.

    - Negative effect upon newer members

    People believing it’s the core of Iwaku


    For some reason (not connected to the amount of people on oddly) it’d drastically lag my browser window if it was left open for an extended period of time (usually because I forgot about it).


    I also side with Asmo on moving the c-box off the main-page and into it's own subforum at the bottom or something, or tab at the top of the page. That'd put the focus more onto the RPs (in my own stupid opinion).
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  6. Astaroth gingerly pulled open her robe.
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  7. Pros:

    Good place to discuss rps and have impromptu rps/test scenes
    Good place to wait for people to post
    Fun place to test personalities for characters

    No dice roller
    Often becomes a pissing contest
  8. "Of course."
  9. For the time being. There will be a restriction on further OC's. This is grandfathered. For the future though, I would like to see only one of a player's three characters be OC. Some players have more than three characters and I will look personally into those situations and discuss privately with the players.
  10. Lyra smile as he tuck her in.
  11. @Mythy the Dragon-Wolf, I know. Was wondering what WE do.
  12. @Quiet One Talk/ask more questions about things I suppose?
  13. Out on the plains of Novirn, capitol city of the nation of the same name, there were erected tents and other structures as soldiers and other machines of war moved around, preparing for a final, desperate stand against the Limek menace. The majority of the remaining Novirn forces were arrayed in a show of force of the skill of the Novirns, with tanks, battlesuits and everything else arrayed outside for the final stand. However, unbeknownst to most of the forces, the majority would not be here for the final battle...

    Amongst those who were not in the know was the leader of the newly christened and formed 'Phoenix Squad'. Vaughn Ksaris was his name and, despite being young, he had an aptitude for tactics and an ability to inspire that made him a natural for the squad's hidden task. He was dressed out fully in his assault armor, though the helmet rested on the nearby war table, his weapons slung and holstered as he stood in the tent that had been given to his squad's briefing. He didn't know who was in his squad but he was assured that it would be some of the best.

    And soon arrived his first member. A combat medic by name of Sarvis Huron, in a newly developed Medicae Battle armor. They were old friend and didn't need any words for one another, simply clasping hands and patting the other on the shoulder before taking positions. Waiting for the rest of the squad to arrive.
  14. Right, I made the IC. I hope it's good?
  15. "Oh.. then can you make something?"
  16. Or he did know all along. You don't know is the point ;)

    He's just trying to have some fun I think
  17. Lucius flipped the steaks and began to lightly season the eggs.
  18. Diana's CBox pros and cons! From both member perspective and admin perspective!

    As a Member I Feel:
    Bored and cockblocked without a cbox. I do post a LOT on the forums and in the roleplays, but I don't like spammy sprees and there's a lot of moments I just wanna piss around and chat with people. It's not easy to do on the forums, and nor is it easy to do with 10 IM windows open. t___t And I'm getting cockblocked when I need to speak with someone quick-like but I can't because they're at work or school and can't use IMs. Most people just dun notice PMs fast enough.

    The cbox has been my best networking tool, because I am not comfortable chit chatting with people in private unless we have something specific and important to discuss. People get upset with me because I don't respond fast enough, and I always feel like I'm not adding enough to chit-chatty conversations, cause I seriously dun have anything interesting to talk about. c__c At least in the cbox with a group of people, the conversation changes so quickly. Everyone can get some attention.

    As an Admin I Feel:
    Really, really frustrated with how often fights would break out in the Cbox. I would go to bed and wake up with messages about how ___ pissed everyone off or how ___ was arguing and wouldn't quit. Or I'd be lurking and watch people get pissy over something seriously stupid. Not everyone knows how to drop things and let it go. And not everyone knows how to topic-hijack to get everyone focused on something else.

    I'm also annoyed with the constant offensive and sex chatting. Yes, I like getting naughty sometimes, but ALL the time? It really does get to the point where it's putting off other chatters AND totally giving bad impressions to newbies. x___x We need our regular influx of newbies, and frankly I don't want the only kind of newbies we get to be dirty mouthed sex fiends. We need a variety of personalities to make a more exciting and interesting community.

    The lag problem is a major issue. It's affecting performance, especially when a lot of people get online. I wish I could choose which BBcodes work in the cbox too. I'd like improved admin/mod controls. :/

    MY PROS!

    - Instant communication with other members! Especially ones without access to IMs. Much faster than using the PMs.

    - Integrates members with the community faster and builds relationships faster. Makes a "safe bridge" to be able to interact with members in a group situation, so later you feel more comfortable contacting them in private.

    - Chat roleplay. Hell yeah. >:D

    - Always easier to kidnap people for forum roleplays. When you talk about them in the cbox, people get curious and check them out!

    - I can answer people's questions faster and they can "summon" me when they know I'm lurking!

    - Less forum spam, cause people can quick-reply in the cbox instead.


    - Fights erupt SO quick and SO often.

    - Some people only post in the cbox and never get involved on the forums.

    - Easy way to procrastinate cause you always want to chat with people instead of posting!

    - Turns off newbies/members with inappropriate or misunderstood behavior.

    - Does put extra load/lag on the server when a lot of people are using it.
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  19. Pros: Great for getting to know each member instantly.

    Cons: If you DO get rid of it, just think of the amount of people that will complain, that's even worse then the drama llamas!
  20. Yeah, but eventually those complaints will go away.

    If we restore the Cbox then we risk going back to what we had last month, where there was either an argument or a rape-fest every two days.

    Seriously, it's an insult to the collective intelligence that we all have.

    I like a bit of smut and controversy from time to time. But logging in every day to see Darkness calling people faggots, Krom going on about gore, Maverick and Wiccan raping each other and Isabella glowing at everyone was getting really fucking tedious.

    I don't care how ironic you're being. That's no excuse for a lack of imagination.

    You like the Cbox? Then use it to support your other endeavours, not to degrade them by setting yourself up as a Chatbox fucktard.

    [/Jack Daniels-fuelled rant]
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