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  1. W.I.P Map

    Brief intro:

    Four-hundred, and seventy-three years ago the angelic barrier keeping the mortal plane separate from the demonic lower planes was shattered by a Demon Lord named Nokato Shinjuku. He did this maliciously, and intentionally for his own selfish gains, and out of spite to the angelic beings that passed judgement across all of the known realms. The entrance out of the abyss lead to a very large, very diverse planet simply named "Ebonzia". "Go, show them the wrath of your King." He said to demons of all calibers, and they did just that. The following days, weeks, months, and years were sheer chaos, death, and utter confusion. Whole countries were wiped from the map, and placed under new leadership. Many, many died. Though the species that suffered the worst of the casualties was mankind, for they held the greatest numbers, and most territory. Once Nokato had conquered a sizable amount of the Northern continent, he established a new order in which he would rule. The Order of Six.

    The order of six is made up of Six demonic rulers. They are High King Nokato Shinjuku, High Queen Ein, Demon Lord Abbaddon, Princess Asyria, Dark Queen Rizulia, and King Juzatsu. They are some of the strongest, wisest demons in all the realms, and it was with their combined might that they drove back the humans, and clipped the wings of Dragons whom dared to interfere.

    It was only with the arrival of Angels that the bloodshed came to an end, angels whom defied the will of God himself, and intervened in mortal affairs. The leaders of these angels were Raphael, Michael, Ramona, and David. All extremely powerful archangels, and Seraphs capable of deciding whole battles by themselves. It was them who united the races into a temporary unification, and convinced the power hungry demonic High King to halt his expanse. Though by the time this happened sixty years had passed, and almost a third of the known world was occupied by demon forces.
    The Present:
    With the approval of the other demonic rulers, Nokato has decided to revitalize his campaign, and with that decision war is brewing on the horizon once again. Archangel Raphael has also been captured, though the reason his life was spared is still unknown. Distrust is beginning to run deep within the Order, and at such a crucial time it is certainly not something Nokato is pleased about. General Tulius, leader of the Invictus Army, is attempting to unite the different races of ebonzia, as he knows that something very bad is approaching.

    The Player :

    This is where you come in. If you wish to play a pre-made character, then you may choose from the unselected NPC(s) listed below. Your choices, given the scale of your actions will directly influence the plot of the story. You can play a leader, or just someone caught up in all this mess, up to you.

    Playable Races:
    (If you would like to add a race to this list, please let me know.)

    I think @SgShallow did a good job at explaining magic.
    • Action Level Magic - is magic stimulated by a single action. It occurs when one uses magic similar to how they would use a weapon. For example, the spell Mind Bolt's execution is similar to how one would shoot an arrow. Most of the magic of Mage-type classes are Action Level Magic, regardless of their power.
    • Battle Level Magic - is magic that can be used to decide the result of a single battle. This magic allows one to decide the fate of himself, his allies and his enemies.
    • Tactical Level Magic - is magic that can affect two to three battles at the same time. Legendary spells cast by a group of Sorcerers is said to belong to this group.
    • Strategic Level Magic - is magic of an even greater scale compared to Tactical Level Magic. This type of magic can have effects that last for days and has the ability to destroy a fortress, tower, or even an entire dungeon.
    • War Level Magic - is magic that is capable of deciding a war.
    • National Level Magic - is magic that is capable of destroying an entire nation.
    • Continental Level Magic - is magic that can affect an entire continent.
    • Global Level Magic - is magic that can decide the existence or fate of a whole world.

    The Rules:

    The usual "No God-mod/meta-gaming."
    Respect each other OOCly
    Post a few sentences at least, if you're able to.
    All fighting is to be done in T-1 (Turn based) unless fighting NPC(s)
    Have fun.

    Open Quest:

    There is a group of bandits located at the base of Goodtree springs, and they have been robbing/killing merchants passing by on the frequently traveled roads. Find a way to either slay, or capture them. See Rupert Maul in the Mythos Inn to collect your reward. Reward: 20,000 ceros.

    Talia Gill has lost her cat somewhere in the small district of Kento, return said animal to complete this quest. Reward: A good conscience.

    Assassination: Kill the High King Nokato Shinjuku at by any means before he causes another war. Reward:1,000,000 ceros.

    The Factions:

    The Order of Six (open)

    Nokato Shinjuku: Me (open)

    Dark Queen Asyria : ___NPC (open)

    King Juzatsu__Taken by Alucard (open)

    Dark Lord Abbaddon : ___NPC (open)

    Ein__Taken by Lady-Kaelyra (open)

    Princess Alysia : ___ NPC (open)

    Council of Magi (open)
    The Council of Magi has been around for thousands of years. They consist of the most powerful mages the world has to offer. The council is led by twelve individuals whom of which identities are unknown, and go by alias'. They are Zai, Tai, Jai Kai, Vai, Rai, Sai, Yai, Xai, Fai, Pai, and Bai. They influence all major events in the world of magic, and one should think twice before crossing them.
    Council of Magi (open)

    (Xai without his robes.)

    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Xai (Z-eye)
    Age: Unknown
    Occupation: Council of Magi Elder
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2

    Personality: Xai is often seen being relatively calm, cool, and collected. He knows what needs to be done, but isn't willing to sacrifice innocent lives for the greater good. Xai speaks for the speechless, and wields power for those who do not have any.

    History: Not much is known about Xai, other than he acts as an elder amongst elders within the Council of Magi. When he appears on the battlefield, shit has just gotten real. His magical prowess is capable of deciding the fate of nations.


    Name: Sai
    Age: Unknown.
    Height: 5'5
    Title: "The Queen of Waves"
    Occupation: Council of Magi Elder
    Marital Status: Xai
    Weight: 126
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Personality: Sai is a very quiet woman, usually only speaking at council discussions if she finds her point important enough. More often than not she'll use her magic to speak within someones mind rather than use her actual voice. She is mild mannered, but holds no sympathy for those she deems wicked. She does not believe in sparing criminals, opting for death in most, if not all cases.

    History: Not much is known about Sai, other than her deep infatuation with Xai. No one knows if the two are a couple, but where one is the other is sure to be close by. She possesses magic capable of decided the fate of a large scale battle.


    Character Name:



    Elder Mage of the Council of Magi

    -The elements of nature, infused with his magic.
    -Strong Will.
    -High mana reserves.
    -Yin/Yang control.
    -Strong Mind
    -Intermediate Swordsmanship

    -Short temper.
    -Is weakened by opposing mental attacks.
    -Very few allies.

    General Appearance:
    See picture for reference.


    History:Rai is most notably known for the many battles, and wars he has ended on his own. Most notably the lycan rebellion, when he mercilessly slaughtered thousands of werewolves attempting to overthrow the capital of Drogma. For his actions in the rebeliion he was harshly criticized, and nearly exiled from the Council of Magi. His history is a long one, for through his mastering of otherworldly magics, he has become an Immortal. His appearence has not changed in over 1,200 years. Currently Rai is seeking to meet with the High King, and Queen of the daemonic empire for reasons unknown.

    To truly understand Rai, which is a difficult enough task on its own, you have to know his past. Rai has seen much triumph, and victory, but has also experienced untold sorrow, and despair. When he was still an apprentice in the Tyberian Mage's Guild, he met a woman that instantly changed his outlook on life forever. Her name Estella Brigantine, and she was as gentle, and as beautiful as a butterfly. Seemingly the complete opposite of Rai. The two would become best friends, then lovers, and eventually soul mates.

    On the eve of their wedding, Estella was taken from him. The apparent cause of her death was an aneurysm in her brain. You see, any normal man would have excepted this answer, but Rai is no normal man. Utilizing ancient, taboo rituals of magic he was able to meet the Shinigami that had taken her soul. In a heated exchange, it was revealed that the reaper had taken her randomly, before it was her time to leave Ebonzia. For every human a Shinigami kills, they receive their remaining life, thus allowing them to lessentially live forever.

    Realizing this, Rai flew into a rage previously unseen. He recklessly engaged the Shinigami in battle. Perhaps if he were thinking clearly he could've bested the reaper, but do to his rash actions he was tricked, and the shinigami escaped leaving him with severe wounds. This event plunged Rai into darkness forever.

    Still bloody, and broken, tears streaming down his face like an unrelenting stream, Rai saught to do something unthinkable. He made a deal with the six most powerful daemonic beings in all the realms. You see, beings from the lower planes are kept in check by numerous ancient, angelic sigils set in place by the highest ranking angels in all of creation. There six hundred, and sixty six seals.


    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Pai
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 116
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Occupation: Council of Magi Elder

    Personality: On most occasions Pai is playful, much like a child. She's portrayed as not taking very many things seriously, not even when in combat. She is the most light-hearted of council, and has only demonstrated combat-level magic.

    Invictus Army (open)
    The Invictus army is the primary defense force in Mythos. They patrol all human cities, and settlements. They are known for their ruthless nature, high tech weapons, and fierce battle prowess. They were founded shortly after the seal broke by Lohaim Rigins.
    General Tulius__NPC (open)

    The youngest General in the history of mankind. He is cold, determined, and highly motivated. Under his leadership many settlements have been reclaimed by mankind.

    Knights of Thalmor (open)
    The Knights of Thalmor are one of the strongest guild organizations in the modern world. Their leader, Ramuk Te'thar has been around since the age of the first demon invasions, and has personally sought to protect as many as he can against the beings from the lower planes. They practice loyalty, honesty, and bravery. Many of their members use combat level magic, along with their sharpened swords, which makes them very dangerous enemies to have.
    Thalmor Knight (open)

    The Divine (open)
    The Divine (open)


    Name: Lilith
    Gender: Female
    Species: Seraphim
    Age: Very old.
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: N/a
    Alignment: Neutral

    Personality: Lilith comes off to many as a laidback individual, and often seems bored with her surroundings. There is rarely a time when anyone can remember her getting her own hands dirty, as she has a very large cult following. Even some demons worship her as their God.

    History: Lilith abandoned the kingdom of heaven long ago, when Lucifer was cast into the depths of the abyss. She is very powerful, as just a mere glance at her true form can cause blindness, sickness, and or death if she should so choose it.


    Name: Michael
    Species: Seraphim
    Gender: Male
    Age: Old as dirt.
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: N/a
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Personality: Michael is courageous, brave, determined, and kind, among other things. He is the epitome of Good, and the embodiment of holiness.

    History: Wage a long, and brutal war with Lucifer in Heaven, before with his leadership banished Lucifer, and all of his satanic angels from the Kingdom of God.

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name jessamine toric
    Age 20
    Height 5'4"
    Weight 130
    Alignment chaotic neutral
    Appearance look at pic
    Equipment jessamine is armed to the teeth as a merc. She favors her rifle more than anything
    Personality jessamine has a no nonsense take no bullshit attitude. She is often referred to as cold hearted or a bitch.
    History jessamine was born in the town of mythos as a child soldier. She was trained since birth to be a cold hearted killing machine for the highest bidder. She ended up working with azul on a mission where they had saved each other. After that she teamed up with him in order to keep him check when needed.
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  3. [ Love the character, and the fact that her, and Azul were comrades. Can't wait to go IC! ]
  4. We can start whenever you want, I'll be updating the OP as time goes along.]
  5. ((Interested in one of the king, king Juzatsu. how is his personality?))
  6. Name: Juzatsu

    Age: He's look like 35 year old but his Real age is Unknown

    Height: 7'

    Weight: 180

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    [​IMG]Juzatsu is taller than any human or demon. his unique trait of him are the Insignia symbol on his Right hand and two horn in his head. when he still a baby, Juzatsu Emerald eyes turned White because of the massive power that dwell within his thin body thus render him blind and unable to see until the day he die. unable to see he use his sharpened remaining sense to feel the surrounding area.
    Equipment : Juzatsu never hold any weapon in his entire live, because of his blindness. he got three clothes that always he used in his castle. In the formal or ceremony Juzatsu wore his King attire, with a Crown covering his head and a royal staff in his right hand. another wear is unformal one (like the picture). and the last one is Combat suit. the combat suit consist of Black magical robes with a cape with his Insignia in it, A wooden staff, and three ring that said boost his magical power.
    Personality : As a freewill person, Juzatsu often get bored and usually sneak out to roaming around the town he even used his illusion magic to deceive his people eyes. he is a good ruler despite of his bad behavior. He dare to kill even his own mother if they are proven guilty of treason or higher crime. he shown no mercy toward his enemy. Once there was a Demon Clan that opposing his demand. And within a Days an Army of five thousands arrived and eradicated their homeland. They even ordered to hunt them down until those Clan become Extinct.
    History : Will be in the RP... if the GM agree.
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  7. The only thing is his age, the 6 reigning demons have been around since before mankind existed. Other than that, good! Welcome to the Rp.
  8. ((good god that was intense... i felt like i become the goblin))
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  9. Pic (open)

    Name: Rinsul Uchiha

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 169

    Personality: Rinsul is a quiet young man, speaking only when needed to on most occasions. He is smart, but extremely impulsive. Given that he comes from a family that was all but wiped out, he has issues making strong bonds. Rinsul is hot headed, steaming with anger over the smallest of things. Rinsul possesses an eye known as the Sharingan, allowing him to predict his opponents movements before they happen.

    Equipment: Rinsul carries two longer than average wakizashi swords, and several throwing knives. He also carries a pistol, 9mm with hollowtip rounds, and extended clip.

    History: Rinsul was born into a clan called the Uchihas, but just after his birth his family/entire clan was massacred by an unknown assailant(s). He was tossed from different orphanages throughout the city off Mythos most of his young life. When he was old enough, he joined a local dojo specializing in various forms, but mostly Japanese combat. He was what some would call a prodigy. Mastering techniques in half the time of average person. His sensai, Salina Ying, noticed his level of skill, and steered him in the right direction throughout his teen years.

    When he was of legal age he joined the Invictus Army, and set new records across the board for multiple different training exercises. Fast forward eight months, and he was dishonorably discharged from the military. Rinsul was accused of a crime he didn't commit, but in the process of his time serving he awoke his mysterious pair of eyes.
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  10. ((Is Ein not open as a character? And does she have a pic? There's nothing there on the feed.))
  11. @Lady Kaelyra You are more than welcomed to play. I haven't found a pic that I like, so you can choose whatever you wish.
  12. Is it okay if I join? I'm posting my character just in case.


    Name: Arcturus or Arc

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male (Preferred form)

    Species: Unknown

    Physical Description: Arc is a shifter, meaning he can shift forms. His favorite form is a Male Elven youth of about 15 with brown hair and neon-green eyes. He wears a black cloak with a blood red inside with a hood. He also wears a blue shirt and black pants. He is small in size, making him agile. He is acrobatic as well. He doesn't have much muscle and prefers to fight with a dagger.

    Personality: He is carefree and friendly. For the few friends he has, he is very protective.

    Other details: He shifts his molecular structure to morph into any organism. When he comes into contact with an organism, his body absorbs a small amount of DNA and stores it for later use.

    Weapons: He uses a small jagged silver dagger and any long-range weapons. He knows hand-to-hand.
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  13. ((So fancy. ^w^

    How should I start off?))
  14. You can start however you want. Maybe you run into Azul/Rinsul, or are already in Mumbasa for some reason. Up to you!
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  16. OOC POST:

    I just joined this site, and your roleplay was the first to catch my eye. It looks interesting, and like it could potentially develop very well. I will have a Character Sheet up soon. Most likely and hopefully by the end of the weekend. I am typically busy, but tend to make a lot of time for roleplaying based around my rather eccentric schedule, so I will be a steady poster. I was leaning towards playing a more or less free-lance character, rather than someone sticking strongly to one side or the other, and would ultimately decide based on morals, which in this case might favor the people of Mythos, rather than the Demons.

    Anyway, I just wanted to make my presence known before I try and get a foothold here. If there are any questions, concerns, or other things you might wish to discuss concerning what I plan to do for a Character Sheet, or Character Development, go ahead and reply in whatever way proves most convenient, Azul.

  17. OOC I don't know when I'll start in. I have a lot of things going on right now. Sorry. :P
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  18. ( Hey there just a few questions about Werewolves In the world are they banned from using magic or is their Transformation Magic? Do they have 2 or 3 Forms an example being Human and Werewolf or possibly Human ,Werewolf and Large Wolf? Also what types of physical enhancements do they possess in their different forms? Can they still jump to the second story of a building in human form, when they could reach the 5th or 6th as a Werewolf? From What I read A fully grown Werewolf is on Par with Mid to high level demon?(still getting their asses kicked by the top dogs no pun intended.) Also Do Werewolf's have any form of regeneration?
    Finally will I be going berserk every full moon??
    Also are Werewolf's resistant to diseases?
    sorry about the long list of questions This would by my first game on the site so I do not want to mess it up.)

    (Character Still Under Development)
    Thanks Look Forward to playing!

    Transformation (open)
    character dog  to human transformation and vice versa.jpg Werewolf to human and vice versa.jpg
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  19. [​IMG]

    Name: Manu Aberlene
    Age: 16
    Height: 130 cm
    Weight: Average
    Alignment : Chaotic neutral
    Appearance: Look at pic
    Equipment: Manu is always carrying her longsword, though likes to hide knives around her body.
    Personality: Very friendly, but loves to cause chaos. She really doesn't care what happens to the world, so long as she gets to live how she wants.
    History: Manu never had parents. They abandoned her to a wolf pack when she was little. After she was raised, she decided to live by her own rules, causing chaos wherever she can.
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