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    Out of Character. ♣ Interest Check. In Character.

    Four royal kingdoms ruled over a large mass of land called Pip, each of them great allies with each other.

    The ♠ Kingdom.
    The Kingdom.
    The ♣ Kingdom.
    The Kingdom.

    Keeping the four kingdoms and 8 monarchs allied and reigning strong were sacred rings that represented the kingdoms individually, each king and queen wearing rings with the most valuable gemstones in the world.

    The Spades Kingdom with the Jeopardy Ring.
    The Spades Kingdom is harsh; overflowing with hidden prostitutes, gangsters, serial killers, and drug dealers in fancy dresses and hairstyles. The Spade Monarchs embrace their cold, darkening Kingdom with pride, giving them a deeper and brutal contact with their allies to the extent of being able to get surrounding Kingdoms into scandals and drug dealings. The Kingdom's tough nature is enough to scare anybody into giving the Spades materials that they truly desire. Because they are filled to the brim with criminal activity, the Spades Kingdom has the best security out of all the Kingdom's combined.

    The Hearts Kingdom with the Prosperity Ring.
    Filled with extravagance and femininity, the Hearts Kingdom boasts in its elegance and richness of the heart. Hearts are known for their skills in the art and entertainment industry, excelling in music, painting and dancing; preferring to negotiate rather than face any mention of war. Years of avoiding conflict have proven their abilities of persuasion and discussion as highly skilled. The King and Queen of Hearts can influence the strongest of foes, using only their wit and voluptuous seduction.

    The Clubs Kingdom with the Perspicacious Ring.
    Filled with universities, books, and colleges to expand their knowledge, Clubs make the forefront for industrial inventions and prodigies. The Clubs are known for their hearty military as well. Though not as wealthy as the Diamonds kingdom or as badass as the Spades Kingdom, the Army of Clubs and the monarchs themselves are a force to be reckoned with. Clubs also have the greatest connection with the land of Pip, enabling the Monarchs who have access tap into the magic that flows throughout the tunnels underneath their kingdom, allowing the Kings and Queen to perform incredible feats with a flick of their weapons.

    The Diamonds Kingdom with the Commerce Ring.
    Warm, temperate climates vast landscapes and breathtaking views have allowed the Kingdom of Diamonds to become prosperous in trading with its surrounding kingdoms; producing food, lumber, and other natural resources. Diamonds are known for their abundance of wealth and snobbish nature. This is the land of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. The kingdom is graced with Pip's best-known bankers and treasurers; making the Kingdom of Diamonds the center of trading goods and currency.

    Each monarch lives their life as they see fit. Some choose to live leisurely, others choose the dangerous live of a malefactor/delinquent. Because these 8 monarchs all know each other in the land of Pip, they also hold tons of grudges to start another war, get comfortable with each other, maybe get a little too comfortable, share a beer at the local bar, and so much more! Although they are Kings and Queens, they're human beings first. They do whatever they wish, and we're absolutely okay with that. This is just another blank slate of a timeline that hopefully fills out with lively events. Partake and create this journey, for history's sake.


    No, I do not need all character slots to be filled for me to make an OOC. If enough people are interested in this, (Perhaps 5) I will most definitely make an OOC. So get some Dibs out of the freezer (If you're courageous enough to meet my "strict" desires) and get crackin'.

    You may be wondering, "Ms. GM! Ms. GM!.... What the hell are you playing?" I'll be playing two of the four Jacks. I'll explain their importance in the OOC but for now, they're a secret.

    All Kings Taken.
    In charge of their kingdom and makes most of the decisions regarding the Aces and military. Male. Carries around a special item/weapon that gives them a special ability related to the meaning of their suit. Cannot rule their kingdom without a queen. Cannot turn kingdom decisions into action without confirmation and discussion with the queen.

    All queens taken.
    In charge of their kingdom's army if given orders by the King and is his moral support with every made decision. In charge of the Jokers. Female. Carries around a special item/weapon that gives them a special ability related to the meaning of their suit. Cannot rule their kingdom without a king. Cannot turn kingdom decisions into action without confirmation and discussion from the King.

    A personal butler to the King and King only. Male or Female. Carries around a special item/weapon that gives them a special ability related to the meaning of their suit. If a king or queen dies, the Ace will automatically take the place of the deceased. No new Ace will be coronated once the first Ace is already a King/Queen. Receives information from the Jokers, who then gives said news to the King. Partakes in hunting for sport, chugging down beers, or living in the wild recreating Walden.


    All Jokers Taken.
    The eyes, ears, and entertainment for the Queens. Serves the Queen and only the Queen. Transforms into both male & female. Spends time walking around the kingdom talking to the other Monarchs trying to get information. Kings and Queens cannot differentiate the Jokers (slim possibility that they could. VERY slim.), making them a reliant spy. The Ace's companion. Gives news to the Aces.


    So, in case you thought that the whole post was a TL;DR, if you are interested, you are a King, Queen, Ace, or Joker of the four Pips. (clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds) This is a free-form plot, which means characters can do the following things:
    • Wage wars against other kingdoms.
    • Interact with other kingdoms.
    • Purchase items from other Kingdoms.
    • Manipulate/Fool other kingdoms using the two Jokers. The Queen's call, though.
    • Have love affairs with the other kings/queens/aces/jokers.(?Maybe?)
    • Host balls, dances, feasts, royal meetings, etc.
    • Order their Aces around to do their bidding. That's the King's call, though.
    • Control the other cards in the deck. (1,2,3,4,etc.). These are the citizens, all 10 of them from each suit can be used as soldiers, NPCs, etc.
    • Go to opera houses, horse races, casinos, do drugs, buy prostitutes, etc.
    • And even more! (Might have to message me for that in case I've missed anything.)
    Posting styles should be advanced. I don't want novellas, but I do want paragraphs. 2 or 4 at the most.

    This RP requires a lot of player interactions and partner discussion between the King and Queen. You aren't playing the part if you don't discuss things that typically need to be discussed. (AKA joining another war, hosting a public event and inviting the rest of the 3 kingdoms, etc.)

    I would also like sneaky stuff on the side. Doesn't matter what, but IC drama is HIGHLY encouraged.

    This is a blank slate RP. This RP can go in any way, so if you're plot-driven and need a well-constructed plot or not adaptable, I'm also sorry about that. UNLESS, you have a plot idea that could happen during the progression of this RP, in that case, let me know.

    Although this is a first come first serve type of deal with the characters, I wish to have AVID and astute RPers. People who live for detail, extravagance, and feeling, quality vs. quantity but still puts a lot of words into their IC posts. If that's not you, I'm sorry.

    If you're interested or have ANY questions whatsoever, please let me know and ask. I seriously don't bite. I LIVE for questions.
    (The other RP I made had LOADS of questions, to which I answered promptly.)

    You CAN play multiple characters, but because this RP is limited with slots, maximum you can claim is two. I need dedication into each character you pick, so pick wisely!

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  2. If you'd have me, Love, I'd adore playing the Queen of Spades ♠
    I've been feeling the need to participate in a monarchy-esque' type of RP since coming back to iWaku.
  3. I would absolutely love to have you in one of my RPs. Great to have you back Liddell! <3
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  4. King of Hearts for me please^^
  5. You got it!
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  6. One fine order of Queen of Hearts for me please , Peach!^^
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  7. Coming right up in an instant!
  8. Omg, Cheescake<3

    And pass this time ^_^
  9. I would love to play the King of Diamonds, if you will have me that is.
    Thanks, Justin for the tag!
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  10. Whoa, I was tagged twice. Well, don't I just feel loved! Thanks @Justin⚫In⚫Wonderland and @Shayla !

    Quick Q: So, you wish for our posts to be no longer than 4 paragraphs? I just want to make sure. I've always considered myself as an intermediate player rather than an advanced one, but I always write much more than that (usually at least 10, in case this bit of information is relevant). I can certainly tone it down to 4 paragraphs, I'm sure, I just wanted to double check.

    And, I think I want to reserve the Ace of Spades... Gah, but a queen position also appeals to me. For now I'll just reserve the Ace, and if I do change my mind (and if there are still spots available) I may request a switch of reservation.
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  11. Sounds awesome! I was just thinking I wanted to do something like this. Can I snag Queen of Clubs?
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  12. Nice to see you again! :D

    Of course!
    King of Diamonds Taken.

    Oh my goodness no, if you feel like posting more than four paragraphs...
    Bless us with your words oh grateful one.

    Ace of Spades with a little bit of tempting uncertainty? I like it.
    Ace of Spades taken.

    Sniggity snaggity.
    Queen of Clubs taken.

    Looks like I'm makin' an OOC! It'll be here very soon I hope!
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  13. Fun fact: King of Diamonds is a Strip Club in Miami... don't ask how I know that but yeah xD
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  14. @Commander Cheesecake
    Where the hell do you get all those beautiful tv head pictures XD, I love it. I need to find someone who just draws Wonderland pics so I can have as avie, found a few but will run out soon lol. Especially ones as tall as the one I am using now.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I grace thee with Tumblr, actually. I know TV heads/object heads are a huge thing to draw/doodle in art so there you go.
    T U M B L R.
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  17. cool thanks xD, should of though of tumblr since I know people do a lot of wonderland pictures xD
  18. Could I please snag a queen of one is available?doesnt matter which one
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