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  1. Skeleton
    Level in school:

    Angel Smith
    Supposed to be like middle class.
    She is sweet, quiet, and shy. She doesn't like all eyes on her watching her.
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  2. Kiernan Kamyia (Kam-ee-uh)
    Girls think he's kinda cute, but he's still at the bottom of the barrel, where he likes to be.
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    Kiernan sat in his desk, zapping a small stone with his finger to make it glow, and more importantly, keep himself occupied. {This class is so boring.} The teacher was rattling on about practical uses for dumb spells no one cares about, while he scribbled on his desk and practiced on his 'dummy stone'.

    The desk to the right was occupied with the new girl, Angel? {I think that's her name} He wrote a quick message on his desk and zapped it, teleporting it to her desk. Are you actually understanding this guys' lecture? -K
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  5. Angel rushed in and sat in the seat after complaining to the new teacher that she's the new girl and she doesn't know anything. So she sat and had just looked at the teacher thinking, was she supposed to know how to do all of this? Why did her powers come later? OR has it came in and her parents didn't want her to be sent here? She was neer told anything about this stuff, so she was freaking out. It's been about a day since she has been here and no progress. She remember the day before she came to this school. She shivered.. making a water fountain blow up because she got tensed from a friend making her jump, and people got it on tape... oh and she is on the news... she blinked and jumped, she looked around to make sure there was no water around her. She then glanced down, she looked over and shook her head, she didn't understand. She should, shouldn't she?
  6. Kiernan scribbled another message on his desk, shooting it over to the new girl. Well, if ya need help with any of the material, I can help you out after school. I have nothing to to anyways, so I might as well help you out. Name's Kiernan. -K

    He flipped open his book to pretend that he was reading, and continued to practice his spells on his stone.
  7. Angel smiled as sh read the message. She then went to read. She didn't know all the stuff that he does.she bit her lower lip and smiled. She WaS happy.she tilted her head and smiled. She was happy. She nodded
  8. Kiernan flashed a winning smile at her. Glad to hear it. Professor Fart-for-Brains is horrible at getting a point across in his lectures. Kiernan flashed a levitating spell on his stone, when the Professor snatched it out of the air. "Mister Kamyia, did you hear a word of what I just said?"

    Kiernan smiled, and repeated the teachers words verbatim. "Is that what you said, sir?" He grinned at him, and raised his eyebrows a couple times at Angel.
  9. Angel sighed figuring out how her time at this school would be. She giggled before she looked over at the teacher. She sighed and blinked lightly. She knew that she didn't want to get someone in trouble. She should pay attention and then try to catch up. Angel smiled softly. She was so happy about this. She was going to have a guy help her. This was certainly going to be interesting.
  10. Kiernan scribbled out a quick message and fired it out to her. 'I'll meetcha in the commons area after class. Looking forwards to it. -K'
  11. Angel just nodded to him. She then crossed her legs as she put her elbows on the table and put her head in her hands. She watched but then son the class was over. She has to find where that is. Angel smiled as she found the spot
  12. "Hey, there." Kiernan said, a sly grin on his face. "You ready to learn some magic or what?" He smiled. "Do you know any magic at all besides what Professor tried to teach you?"
  13. Angel blushed as she heard that he was talking to her. Angel wondered at what to say. She thought about it. She leaned back. " um... not really all I do is burst water pipes and I don't know how
  14. "Burst water pipes, huh? You oughta teach me that one." He grinned at her. "Well, magic is almost limitless. Tell me what you wanna learn, I can help teach ya. Assuming I know the spell, of course..." He muttered the last part to himself, but Angel probably still heard him
  15. Angel frowned ." I don't even know how to control that... I mean it happens when I'm upset. " She looked over at him , but can we start with the easiest to learn first?" She smiled sweetly at him.
  16. "Well, emotions do often trigger magical energy. Hm... Easy spells..." He snapped his fingers. "How about script transferring? You know, what I was doing in class. That way we can talk to each other!"
  17. Angel smiled as she looked at him. " oh that's good to know.. " She tilted her head thinking.She wondered about that spell" oh of course!!"
  18. "It's really easy. Imagine energy flowing to your finger. That will summon magical power. Then, just imagine a destination and fire the energy at the text you want to move." He zapped the word 'Commons' to above the restrooms. "Easy, right? Now move the word back."
  19. Angel looked over at him thinking. She was hoping. She tilted her head thinking. She nodded at him. She had to way. Angel tilted her head thinking unsure and said " okay I'll try" Angel closed her eyes and didn't know what to do. She focused on her finger. Soon after a few tries she got it.
  20. Kiernan gave her applause after the word moved back. "Great job, Angel. Now we can talk with Professor Fartsparkle knowing. Tiu wanna learn a little more magic? Element creation is fuuuuun."
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