"Can I be staff?!" Question Answered!

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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My loves ask so often if they can be mods, staffies, or just what staffies are supposed to do. So this post is going to tell you what we Admins expect out of our staffers. >:D If you are a member that wants to be future Iwaku Staff, you have to already be doing the tasks of a staffer before your name pops up in consideration.

Without further A-do;


  • Have you posted in your ROLEPLAYS today? Iwaku is a roleplay community, so it's really important that all staffers are having fun in roleplay and helping roleplays prosper.
  • Have you posted a NEW TOPIC today? Our nonroleplay topics help develop relationships with other members of the community and give us something to do when waiting for roleplay posts!
  • Have posted REPLIES to topics today? Gotta keep those convos going!
  • Have you read & responded to any STAFF ISSUES today? We like to hear the opinions and advice from all Staffies when there is an issue or project to discuss! (A regular member can participate by keeping an eye on the Feedback forum where we occasionally post things to hear the population's opinion!)
  • Have you done anything related to YOUR JOB today? Every staffie has their own personal project or job that is something fun for themselves and Iwaku! (Any regular member might have their own task or project too! Like writing articles for the Newsletter, post a weekly challenge, or running special roleplays!)

All prospect staffies must remember that real life obligations always come first. If you have a lot of school, work, or family to take care of, consider whether or not it leaves you enough time to do a Job for Iwaku! We really want all staffies to be very visual and well-known faces of Iwaku. People that are active in the community right now. That way members know exactly who they can talk to if they have a problem, and newbies have people to look up to in the community!

The final most important thing, is that all potential staffies need to have a good personality for interacting with members. Staffies are often expected to break up fights or help talk to members when they have issues. So a staffie needs to be someone that can listen, think, and be respectful to others.

The Daily To-List is the simple things that aaaaaany one can do and I know most of you members aren't meanies. :D So if you're seriously wanting to become a staffer in the future OR just want to help out Iwaku, this is your job! *Salute!*

Now stop asking if you can be a mod, and just go PLAY! D:<
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Wow, you really went though i lot of effort to dash my staff powaz abuse dreams.
Miru has read this! Miru must also begin developing new topics, as that seems to be his biggest weak point right now.
Ah so this is where the rules are XD haha I can try to do these but I'm bad at new topics :P
Cool. Nice to know what I can brow beat your lessers by my betters about. :3
Not that I do a topic per day but when a good idea hits me I put it down.

But anyway Diana forgot to write down the other requirements.

1. High Orochi Content.

2. Staff Drama isn't always the "lay down the banhammer" we go through intense discussion before hand. So be prepared to debate in things. (If this stuff comes up. We really hope things are usually misunderstandings. The ban hammer is our last weapon.)

3. Warning: High Asmodeus Humor Content

Yeah, that's about it. But hey #2 I'm serious about.
It also helps if you're my golf-partner.
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It also helps if you're my golf-partner.

...If you know what he means.

But seriously. I've tried the whole admin/mod/staffie thing, and it's overrated. Not that I don't appreciate all the hard work and efforts you people put in, but there's a lot of things that go on behind closed doors. You REALLY REALLY have to be dedicated. Or be an Orochi (note: Even he does a lot more than the average poster.)

it's time consuming and it makes you brain alot. All decisions weigh on you and your staff ultimately. Especially in a place like Iwaku. It's not like people can go 'lol I ban you lol' because they feel like it. That's why there's moderation staff. It's their group decision because if it was the power of any single individual, it would be abused. Want the forum rearranged because you think it would make sense a different way? Just as effective as a regular member and not a staff member. Ultimately either way, you put your input in, they weigh in on your decision (Note that that was an example, not me saying REARRANGE THE FORUMS NAO! That's ridiculous.)

If you enjoy having a pretty colored name and enjoy seeing lots of new text on your screen, then go ahead and continue. I'm not saying that there isn't more responsibility, I'm saying that if you don't have the courage and commitment, stop pressing on now.

EDIT: I recognize I'm saying what's been said before, but I have to say I agree without writing 'I agree' and then posting.

There's my input.
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Yep, you guys pretty much say it all. XD All the things a staffie does ANY member can do. Except staffies have to be responsible and be the bad guys when a situation comes up. >> It's those situations that turn "hurr I'm staff member!!!! >:D" to "oh shit, I dun wanna do this!!! t___T"

[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBav72i7I3s"]YouTube- The Simpsons Stonecutters Song[/nomedia]

This is a sneak peek at what as mods we do~
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Also, it helps if you try your best to follow the golden rule:

.....I was paid to say that by "I Try To Give A Fuck".

Really, what I mean to say is:

Help each other out. If you know someone who's having trouble on here, help them.


Do it.

I'm not joking.

Are you still here?

Why are you reading this?

I pretend to fuck all the time! :D

...wait, that's not what she meant... o_____o

Nah, I'm sick of bananas now, GO EAT A DRAGON FRUIT!
I enjoy being one of the bad guys.
It's always great taking care of drama.
I like being a smartass when I can.
I find great pleasure in never getting my suggestions put into life.

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Staffies have to be dedicated, hard-working and well behaved just about all the times (with the exception of Orochi).

Members can be lazy, half-assed and can mess about all the time, plus we get to complain about stuff.


Plus, on a more serious note, we have a perfectly good administration team just now. I don't really see why more moderators are required. But that's just me.
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Unless you really want to help...
"Join the Staff!" they said...

"See the world!" they said...

I'd rather be surfing...
I could use a couple new minions to do a few things. >:[ Like post and more posting.
2. Staff Drama isn't always the "lay down the banhammer" we go through intense discussion before hand. So be prepared to debate in things. (If this stuff comes up. We really hope things are usually misunderstandings. The ban hammer is our last weapon.)

As a now washed-up sad-sack of a mod drinking bourbon and crying himself to sleep at night in his boxcar with all the other hobo loonies I can't say enough how true that is. People out there have said some really outlandish things about how we-...erm...the staff is throwing its weight around doing what ever they want. The staff has even been accused of putting down conversations between members out of context before. I hope you all know how ludicrous that is.

tl;dr: The staff always tries to be fair in the midst of the drama.

*Takes a hit of bourbon out of his flask and stumbles back to his boxcar*
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