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  1. C.O.N.D.I.G.N
    condign <adj> - well deserved punishment
    Kuro Okami>

    follow the clues.
    find the bookstore.


    Level One:
    Urban Metropolis


  2. First to load in.....

    Joined team.....

    Other players are in...

    "Well that was fast... Hello People I'm here with."

    No one answers....

    "Okay I guess they are solo's they just left."

    "All well."

    ***Delete Character...
    ***Character Deleted...
    ***Creates New Character...
    ***New Character Created... Have fun...
  3. Preview:
    Months Earlier.
    "Dude you totally need to play it man..." says one of Raymond's fellow Marine Corps Officers, Lt. Oval.

    "Okay... Why?" says Raymond.

    "It's the best game ever man... It feels and looks so real and there is no controler it's all by mind." says Lt. Oval.

    {God is he an idiot} " Okay and that's suppose to intrigue me how Lt." Raymond says.

    "Oh now you're pulling rank huh Captain?"

    "Yep.. Now leave me alone...Please?"

    "Yes sir!" {Dam is he not human or something? Everyone is buying it and he is just like...So... Dam and what does he do anyway? No one knows except General Gerton and he's not saying anything...huh...all well back to work before the Major comes through.}

    {Why can't he leave me alone.}

    One Month Later:

    "Happy Birthday Captain!" Screams the company as Raymond walks through the door.

    "OW! My Ears! That hurts guys."

    A birthday celebration ensues and finally to the gifts and guess who it is as last gift giver...Lt. Oval.

    "Happy bday Captain."

    "Why thank you Lt. Oval." {God I bet he got me that game system and game for it.}

    Raymond opens the gift and sure enough it's the C.O.N.D.I.G.N. and game.


    {Alright here i go creating my character on a game I might die from... Interesting.}
  4. "WELCOME BACK, LILLY" A electronic voice chimed.

    Lilly Gown smiled as she opened her laptop, and the message came out of the speakers. For some reason, that meaningless little message that she had wrote herself made her extremely happy. She had been only happy to play the game now and days.

    After coming home from a hard day of college, and after studying for all those stupid classes, and even -HEAVEN FORBID!- taking a NAP, she was ready to play the game. Donning the visor, she was almost ready to play when her stomach grumbled.

    ... She had forgotten to eat? She had to fix that.... Can't play on an empty stomach! So, Lilly walked around her house and got a few snacks here and there. She ate her fill and then returned back to the game and settled the visor back into place. Feeling a little like a part of me was drifting away as I checked to make sure I was wearing the wireless visor (I had two, just in case) and then walked over to my bed blindly and laid down on it while I was logged in.

    It took a moment for the load up, and then I was in.

    Cool, a new mission objective!

    .....Find the bookstore?

    "Hey", I call out to any other players in the area. "Does anyone know what these "Clues" are supposed to look like?" I ask, trying to make my voice as clear-sounding as possible. Some people spoke on this game like they didn't care if you understood them or not... She didn't want to be rude like that.
  5. 8:00 PM, 20:00

    Adrienne walked into her room, coming up from the kitchen where she just did the dishes after eating dinner. She glanced at her laptop, contemplating logging in or not for a few moments before deciding she would log in to C.O.N.D.I.G.N. Opening her laptop, she turned it on before she logged into the game and put her wireless visor.

    8:05 PM, 20:05​

    --Logged in. Good evening, FaeXEsmeralda.

    Adrienne's green-haired character took a wary glance at her surroundings. It seemed to her that she was in grand metropolis of some sort. The hustle and bustle made her nervous, reminding her of the city near the suburbs where she lived. Things felt much unlike home to her, but she wanted to stay, if only to find her friends somehow in this urban landscape.

    After a few moments of nervous thought, she finally noticed a mission right in front of her. Find the library? That shouldn't be too hard, right? Adrienne looked around at the users nearby. Knowing she had about two hours or less before she had to go to sleep, she called out to other players.

    "Hello? Does anybody know where I can find the library here?" Adrienne asked with a voice much louder than she was accustomed to using in real life.
  6. 4:07 pm
    Having just gotten home from school he goes straight to his room, knowing full well that his parents weren't home and not really caring, he turns on his computer and after checking the cords, launches the C.O.N.D.I.G.N Program. Laying back on his bed with the visor now on, he closes his eyes and lets the game take over.

    4:09 pm
    Loaded...Character Creation Commencing......
    A race selection then appeared, quickly scrolling through the list reviewing each race, <hmmm, what race to choose?> nearing the bottom of the list again he spies a certain race. <ooh a troll race, that'll do.>
    This time a class selection screen appears, once again scrolling near the bottom of the list he sees the shaman class. <Nice, this game has a lot of classes but this one doesnt look like it'll have very many players on it.>
    Loaded...Entering Area...

    4:12 pm
    He opened his eyes, looking around he saw a huge city metropolis spread out around him, he also noticed a HUD on the side of his vision, qucikly scanning the HUD he saw he had a quest bar that was asking him to find some building, a basic health bar, energy bar, inventory screen, plus some more. Remembering that his class was a Shaman he went to the menu button and quickly looked up what his skills were. <says here i currently have limited usage of the basic skills, however since im in the city my wind and earth powers get a boost... yet my other 3 powers are down because of the terrain... alrighty then, ill just explore for now>
    Turning his HUD off so it wouldnt distract him started simply wandering around the city and experimenting with his powers...

    8:06 pm
    After wandering around for a long while in the urban metropolis he decided to actually start looking for what seemed to be a mythical library to him. after hearing several people asking about the library he decides to respond back, "I dont know where the bloody library is! been lookin for 4 hours or so now. wanna party up!?"

  7. <<хcαɴdyхcoɴғeттιх>>

    Ophelia looked around. The environment had been called Urban Metropolis. The name suited it well. She could already feel the rush of warm, polluted air, something common to such industrial places. Her control panel pulled up to show her a map of the area and her mission objectives. The game was streamlined, simple enough. She liked it so far. She could the buzz on the main speakers, people were asking each other for help on the objectives.

    Clues to find a library, huh? It would seem easy enough, but this place is huge... She started to walk, looking up at the cables hanging from building to building. The technology seemed relatively modern, but at the same time, old.

    "Let's all meet up. Climb the fire staircase next to the Station 78 sign. I think we'll find clues faster if we work together."

    Ophelia didn't like talking to strangers, but in a video game, it didn't feel so unnerving as did face-to-face. She started towards the staircase, glancing around. What kinds of clues were they looking for? She knew she needed to look at the metropolis from higher ground. She spread her wings and flew upwards onto the roof where she'd asked the others to meet. Looking around, she spotted the little blue arrow atop a restaurant. The arrow spun in a slow circle. "There's our clue?" she muttered, a little confused. With the massive amount of players logged in at a time, were the clues different for everyone? She pulled up her control panel and tapped the interface button. A thin, transparent screen formed in front of her. I guess it's easier if we form a party. That way we'll combine our objective, right? It was kind of exciting. The whole game felt so real. She could feel the heat of the day; smell the thick, dusty smell of the train tracks near by. It didn't feel like a game at all.

  8. After creating his character Raymond, his game name Kuro Okami, goes onto the first map, Urban Metropolis, He gets the objective Find the Bookstore. "Find the bookstore... That should be easy enough........ Oh It says use the clues to find it... Well all right here I go." Kuro Okami jumps between building's until he reaches the top of the tallest one. He looks at the city below and smiles. " This is gonna be easy."

    After some hours of looking for clues, but can't find any. He keeps on looking over the city and finally finds one. It was a blue arrow pointing east..."Weird?" So he follows the direction it's pointing for some time and finds a tall building. "Well this is gonna be fun!" Kuro says enthusiastically. So he starts climbing.
  9. Hearing someone reply back to a party request asking him and a couple of others to meet at a location he had just passed mere minutes ago, doubling back he sees 1 person climbing the fire escape.
    Looking up he saw that the building was very tall, and he not being physically fit cursed under his breath and was about to start climbing to, however he remembered he that was a shaman and could simply call upon the spirits of the winds to lift him towards the top...which he nearly succeeded in doing except for one thing...
    As he neared the top of the tall station his concentration broke and the wind deserted him, luckily enough managed to grab onto the ledge and precariously pulled himself up. He then waited for others to arrive.

    While waiting he pulled up his HUD again, and after inspecting it he found that the reason his concentration broke was because his energy was low. it was currently about halfway filled again simply be resting.
  10. *K/t5un3*

    Lilly traveled around, looking for clues, anything to help her through this objective.

    Was she EVER going to find a cl-

    Oh... an arrow!

    "I FOUND A CLUE OVER HERE FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW!" She shouted out, then went in that direction, transforming into her fox form, her slender furry body undulating with the simple movements of sprinting.

    She ran for some time before coming across the tall building, then went back into her main form, looking for an entrance.

    "Why.... does this building not have an entrance?" She muttered the question under her breath while checking some of the windows, then finally managed to break one of them open with the handle of her lantern. She got inside and looked around before going up the stair well.
  11. This was it. It was now or never. Laela thought as she walked up the cold hard steps to her apartment. The key turning in the slot was harsh. She dropped her bag as the door closed behind her. There on the table in front of her was her laptop. The game was already loaded for her - waiting for her. Taking a seat on the small loveseat she slid the game helet over her head.


    The game had loaded faster than she imagined it would. Instantly she was overwhelmed with an array of sights and smells. It appeared that she was in some sort of urban community and there was a mission of finding a bookstore. If it were up to her she would by pass the missions and simply look for clues to her friend's odd disappearance. However, to progress she needed to follow along. It was then that she heard a voice.

    "Let's all meet up. Climb the fire staircase next to the Station 78 sign. I think we'll find clues faster if we work together."

    Laela looked around till she spotted the Station 78 sign. Quickly she headed to the building. As she approached the building it looked as if there wasn't an entrance to be found. However, the was a broken window which she climbed through and headed up the staircase. As she reached the top she saw other players up there as well including the one who told them all to meet there. A blue arrow was spinning slowly. "This... is our clue?" She said confused.
  12. Seeing the troll shaman fly past him Kuro decided to use his elvish teleportation magic. He gets to the top instantly but at a cost. "OW! That hurt... I need to remember that it's a b**** to teleport my self...ow!" Resting he notices more and more players climbing the tower. " Huh, well the more the merrier right?" Kuro just sits by the clue and the person who shouted for a party up, and he waits, smiling.

    He sniffs the air and notices the people are getting to the top. After the shaman it took the next 15 minutes for him to see someone. "All right more people." Kuro waits patiently for the players to all get up there. When they were all up there he finally talks... " Hello everyone!" startling everyone who wasn't paying attention he just smiles. "Welcome."
  13. "ACK! I'm going to be late signing on!" Elena cried out as she rushed down 5th avenue, coffee in hand. Her boss was going to kill her if she brought cold coffee to her. With a quick spur of energy Elena dashed across the street right as the walk light came back on, her heels clicking loudly on the pavement. She weaved through mobs of people walking, keeping the tray of coffees from spilling. She dodged falling down the stairs to the subway and turned the corner, her building just in sight!

    "I'm gunna make it!" She shouted, much to the confused but mostly bored expressions of the people around her. She rushed through the front door of her building and quickly retrieved her badge from her shirt pocket and flashed it at the guard who let her into the main part of the building. She rushed over to the elevator and stepped in, making it just in time before the door closed. She probably looked like she was doing the pee-pee dance as the elevator came closer to her floor...38...39...40! DING! Elena stepped out of the elevator and nearly barreled down one of the designers as she rushed to her boss's office.

    "Elena darling, there you are. Did you get my skinny double mocha latte with no whip?" Her boss asked.

    "Yes, here you are ma'am!" Elena stepped over and placed the tray of coffee on the boss's desk and rushed out of the room, closing the door behind her and running to her small desk next to it.

    "ARGH! SIGNED OUT FOR INACTIVITY!!?" Elena cried out...she had just started playing the game but already she was addicted. She sat down and placed the goggled over her eyes.

    ...Loading world parameters...

    Elena drummed her fingers on her desk as she waited for the game to load.
  14. The ring of bass and the squeal of hi-hat beats still flared inside his skull. Jace stumbled into the apartment room he had only a few blocks from the club he had just performed at and a pouch of money rattled to hsi computer table. Jace light up his small personal Hooka pipe and after about five minutes of fumbling around, he had a tall glass of water and a nice, relaxing buzz going from the more than legal cherry hooka tobacco.

    REgistration NUmber XJV166768912
    -please input password... ... ...

    Password **********

    reinput password **********

    Username set

    passcode set


    "Well, Here we go.. C.O.N.D.I.G.N... this.. should be fun. i shure hope that glitch is no attention whoring joke!" He chortled. slipping on the virtual reality headset and dousing the coals on the hooka pipe, smiling.

    input bonus codes now
    Quest Item Unlocked-Halloween Event Eldritch Claymore

    "MOney Can buy WONDERFUL things..."
    Loading Game
    100% Go.

    Several minutes of character creation and starting stats alottment later, A tall, smirking and rather unpleasant looking warlock pulled his scarf around his face to hide his emotions and hefted the mighty blade he had unlocked from a 300 DOllar purchase at a local technololgy geek store. usually somethign that woudl take a year of play to earn in Real life.. but for Jace... it was one nights worth of tips.
    He opened the quest menu and bumped intoa lightpole, forgettign to turn his cellphone of in real life. He shut it off and his character shofted, realizing oncemore his surroundings.

    Wraithos walked a few more blocks taking in the sights and smells. "This place need some tunes...." he chuckled, hearing some noise from a fire escape and the first group of people he had seen. he walked fromt eh shadows of the alleyway and simply stared with evil eyes at the scene.

    "Urban metropolis...clues.. hmm... well, its pretty straightforward." he chuckled, snapping his fingers as an Imp showed up and perched lightly on his shoulder.
  15. Roland was finally home from work. He always felt that when work was almost over, the clock slowed down, just to bloody spite him... Well, whatever. He was finally able to play C.O.N.D.I.G.N, which he had been saving up for. He had bought it late last night, and had been looking forward to playing. When he came up to his apartment and unlocked the door, he tossed his backpack onto the floor by the doorway, shutting the door behind him. He kicked his shoes off and grabbed a drink. His house was filled with books, stacked atop one another, or neatly placed in bookshelves. The only other hint of Roland's interests was an amazing gaming center. With a large TV hooked up to the wall, and dozens of gaming systems and games, it was a gamer's dream!

    Once Roland sat down, he pulled the game out of the package. From what he read about it, the game was simply amazing! Since he heard nothing terrible about it, aside from whispered rumors of a glitch, he went out and bought a nice headset, which would totally immerse him in the world. Once he put the game in, he sat down and turned it on, and was greeted by a welcome screen.

    Selecting "New Character", he began.

    [Character Name: Crow]
    [Password: ************]
    [Re-Enter Password: ************]

    {Character Creation Commencing. Loading... Please Wait...}

    Not like it was much of a wait; the loading screen barely appeared before he was taken to character creation! Now... Distribute these stats here... Dragon, huh? Nice... Choose this Job...


    [Gift Offer Code: CYX34BUSTER]

    ////Accepted. Gift Received!////

    ~Welcome, Crow. Take sword in hand, and change the future!~

    ... Pretty cool line...

    And thus, Crow was loaded into an immense city. Checking his menu, he saw that it was Level One; Urban Metropolis. That explained a lot... But damn! The sounds, the smells, the sensations! This game was already amazing!

    [Notice: Mission Objective; Find the Bookstore!]

    "Eh?! A bookstore?! ...Well, I guess the first mission can't be 'Save the Princess'..." Crow looked around, then began moving. "Man... I even feel like I'm lugging around this... Whoa!" He didn't realize he had a giant buster sword strapped to his back! He grabbed it by the hilt, and was amazed when he swung it around. "Let's see..." He checked the sword's stats, and almost stared in shock. "This thing can turn into a pair of claymores?!" Crow shook his head, then placed the buster sword back in the strap on his back. He began running, feeling the weight of the chainmail armor and plate legs, yet felt as if the weight were no problem at all. "So, Dragons are more physically inclined, huh?"

    Well, that's all the better. Crow however, had a mission to accomplish. He began searching for clues, for this mystical bookstore.
  16. Zoey yawned as she opened the door to her apartment, it was defiantly another exhausted day at the shop, she hated being an apprentice but she knew she had to get the job done some how to achieve her dream. She sighed, the house was empty and Liam was at work, and she was home, by herself, and for a moment she knew it was going to be an adventure. She twirled her red lock's of hair and looked at the note her brother wrote her. chuckling a bit, she smiled, as she touched the visor her brother had bought her and her own copy of C.O.N.D.I.G.N.

    "I know", She smiled, went to her computer, and started downloading the game onto her own computer. At first she was unsure, she heard many things from this game, bad things. But nothing happened to Liam, she honestly knew she was going to be safe, or so she hoped.




    (Enter usename: ***********)
    (Enter password:**********)
    (Retype password:********)

    She sighed and yawned, she knew she was going to be up all night in the first place, she waited as she game loaded, and entered the character creation. "Oh WOW!", She smiled, so many possibilities, she flipped through the creation with her mouse, her eye's widening by the many choices there was to choose from, she thought to be typical, a girl, human, with purple hair, and the class. She didn't know, for a moment she thought there in ponder, she didn't know what kind of class she wanted to be, she knew she wanted something good, something fun, a class she knew she would enjoy.

    "I KNOW!!!", She clicked. Necromancer.

    ...She flipped on the visor over her head and smiled, as she entered her name in. Karma Coma.


    She was actually quite desperate into entering the game, quickly as possible she pushed enter.

    "Welcome Karma Coma, your destiny awaits you",

    Karma Coma looked around the big city and smiled, the city was huge, ton's of citizen's everywhere, all kind's of race's, all kind's of people. "This is amazing", the smell's, smelled like, home. She pulled up the menu from one of her hand's.

    Mission Objective: Find the Bookstore

    "Right" She nodded her head, purple lock's of hair falling against her face, her staff
    strapped against her back as she walked through the city, what was simply marveled by the new site, it was amazing, something she had never experienced before in her life. It was a vacation, a vacation she had only dreamed about. She wandered through the city in search of this bookstore, she didn't know why this was her first mission, but she knew all games began with a tutorial and this must have been it.

    "Let's see", she looked at the sign's, heard rumoring from other gamers, but she was defiantly to shy, to go to them and ask for help. Her amethyst eye's narrowed, and she sighed leaning against the wall, and her collar covering most of her face, her dressed swooshed against the car's going past her, this was certainly futuristic.

    "Maybe...", She knew she needed help, but who to ask? She didn't know, but the objective was to find the bookstore, and the possibility of doing it by herself, she knew she had to wise up and do it herself, or ask for help.

  17. "Wraithos..." Jace said his character name a few times, traveling onward at a steady pace, looking at the Imp, who just nodded. " hmmm it says i can teach summons keywords to respond to...." he said, the in-game menu displaying at his right side as he walked onward, drumming his fingers on his chin. "I think I'm gonna like this pleasant distraction.. i wonder if my agent can get me some... perks. in-game." he chuckled. He decided to teach the Imp a rather fun dancey move when he said the words "Hell yeah" and then to scuttle around his feet when he said "Find."

    Only just then did he notice the little red blip on his menu. touching it, he viewed his mission objective. He blinked a few times and remembered something that made him twitch and then bash his skull with his fist with a low moan.

    "Find... the Bookstore..." he said. the IMp scuttled around his feet and then shrugged at hearing the keyword 'Find'

    "I passed a bookstore half an hour ago...." he moaned, hating himself at the moment. and even moreso at the next realization. "I couldn't remember were that was to sav eme life!!" he screamed to the sky, defeated.
  18. **********************

    the following players have been teleported to the Briefing Hall
    (the blue icon clue on your radar):
    <k t5un3=""><faexesmeralda></faexesmeralda></k>< K/t5un3>
    < FaexEsmeralda>
    < Kuro Okami>
    < Kabur>
    < xcandyxconfettix>
    < Saving_Grace>
    < Xies>
    < Karma Coma>
    < Wraithos>
    < Crow>
    <k t5un3=""><faexesmeralda><kuro okami=""><kabur><xcandyxconfettix><saving_grace><xies><karma coma=""><wraithos></wraithos></karma></xies></saving_grace></xcandyxconfettix></kabur></kuro></faexesmeralda></k><k t5un3=""><faexesmeralda><kuro okami=""><kabur><xcandyxconfettix><saving_grace><xies><karma coma=""><wraithos><crow>

    <Loading INTERFACE>

    The Briefing Hall was a large, empty room facing an enormous blue screen. As soon as they arrived, the screen lit up, coming to life. It was a technological computer screen, showing the various aspects of the Urban Metropolis. Finally, after zooming in and out of different street routes and imagery, a computerized voice spoke to them:

    "Mission: Do you Like to Read?"

    A image of books, a library, and people reading cascaded on the screen. The computer showed the blueprints of a book, a spine, a front cover, a back cover.

    "What makes up a book? What makes up your book? In this mission, you may work in pairs."

    Two random computerized players were shown exchanging high-fives as demonstration.

    "There are six bookstores located in various places in this urban metropolis. Each has a teleportation unit to the others. So all you need to do is fine one."

    A map replaced the pair demonstration on the screen. The computer zoomed in to show the six different locations, not showing images of the bookstores just yet.

    "Each bookstore is heavily guarded by the enemy. You must fight the enemy to renew access to the store. Then, you must go inside and find your book to complete the mission."

    Slowly, the screen showed the various skills needed for this mission. Some of them, like enhanced strength, or elemental magics were obvious. Others were just personality or weapon traits.

    "You will not know, however, which bookstore is guarded by which. For this reason, you must get to know your partners. You have fifteen minutes to discuss the mission question: Do you like reading?"

    The screen showed a gathering of computerized players talking to one another with animated motions of the hands.

    "The answers must be in the context of the question only or you will risk disqualification. From the answers, you should be able to get to know another. Once the fifteen minutes are up, you will choose a map for a bookstore from 1 to 6 at random choice."

    The screen showed the computerized players stepping up to the screen and calling out their choice of the bookstore. Two people could take the map for the same one.

    "Once you find the bookstore, you will need to make a choice. Keep that as your store or teleport switch with another player. You can only switch places twice. So make a wise choice."

    The screen once more demonstrated. Player one found a wall of steel around the first bookstore. Player one assumes Player three, a rash headstrong girl would prefer this challenge and uses the teleporter to switch places.

    "That is all for this mission briefing. Your fifteen minutes begin...now."
  19. suddenly he went from being on a rooftop to being in a big briefing room, "Woah." was the only word he said...looking around he saw some of the people who had made it to the top of the roof, and some others he hadn't seen.
    after listening to the voice and its instructions his mind's wheels began to turn,
    He started to really look at the players around him, namely to find out their strengths and weaknesses.
    <if can="" only="" take="" 1="" other="" person="" us,="" and="" im="" an="" elemental,="" then="" i="" should="" probably="" get="" a="" strong="" melee="" to="" go="" with="" me.="" just="" so="" we="" could="" balance="" each="" other.="">
  20. A sudden shift in scenery almost made the girl yelp. An expansive space, a massive blue screen illuminated the space that surrounded her and quite a few other players. Wow, this is kind of scary; it's so big and intimidating. Listening to a voice give her a mission, she glanced around the room, looking for someone that seemed a bit less intimidating than some of the other players. Out of the players that were in her immediate field of vision, K/t5un3 seemed the least intimidating of the bunch, so she approached her.

    "Hello, um, so, I like reading. Do you?" Adrienne asked, feeling somewhat shy since she still felt somehow within the real world.