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  1. IC Thread

    Long before the dawn of man, strife was already a major component of life. Where ever creatures shared a peace of land with each other, it was just a matter of time until a struggle for resources would ensue. Man was no different, showcasing a perverse fascination with violence. Man and civilization brought forth more innovative ways of taking human life than any other function needed for survival.

    There are more ways of killing a man than there are ways of making bread, or making love. And while the latter two are quite limited in scale, man has gone beyond imagination with his capacity to destroy life, with one push of a button. Between uncontrollable crime in the streets, and escalating war on the borders, it was all just a matter of time.

    From the ashes, a new world was born. The surviving nations finally realised that man's unstoppable appetite for destruction must be contained. A ban on all firearms was strictly enforced, and just as the sword gave way to the gun, the gun gave way to the sword, leaving the authorities to carry the hope of their nations on the tip of a spear.

    Little did they know that the self-destructive nature of man could never be stopped. There's not enough love in this world, not enough money, to prevent this ancient circle from coming round again. When the time is ripe, evil will rise. Personified in our case, with The Gardener. This is his town, his land, a God-Forsaken place where our tale begins. And as many ways as there are of killing a man, there are equally as many ways of telling this old tale of strife.

    Twenty Men is the unwritten law of this land, so any gang in the province has a chance to challenge The Gardener, and take the town. That isn't to say that a gang cannot hold more than twenty men, but only twenty men may engage in battle at a time.​


    If you don't recognise the intro, Welcome to the world of Bunraku! Things are a little different this time though, so lets get started shall we?

    Our story takes place in the Fallen City of Vegas, the leading gang, under control of The Gardener is known as The Green Army. Soldiers dedicated to his cause to an insane degree.

    Our story, much like many of these stories, starts on a train...​


    Basic Rules of Posting

    1. Spacing. I cannot express how much it bothers me to have posts that are three paragraphs long jammed into one long paragraph. Spacing helps make posts easier to read and understand.

    2. Punctuation. I'm more relaxed on, but it's still really good to have. It makes posts far more comprehensible.

    3. Spelling. I know a good deal of our members are not native english speakers, and I understand minor mistakes, I have them too, but big consistant spelling issues drive me up the wall.

    4. No God-Modding. I will throw a shovel at you if you do this, and kill your character in the most violent way I can come up with. If you must control someone's character, ask permission first, or work together on it.

    5. One-Liners Must Die. A full paragraph minimum please, preferential to at least two, but I understand that sometimes you get stuck and you can't think of what to write.

    6. Be respectful, and have fun. That's pretty much it. If there are other issues I can't think of presently, I'll modify the rules, and ask you to stop. I'm usually pretty easy going though, so there shouldn't be too many problems.


    Character Sheets

    Real Name: This is the name you were born with. It's a name you entrust to very few,
    Title: This is what most people will call you, The Gardener is an example of this
    Brief reason for coming to Vegas
    Weapon of Choice: Remember, guns are outlawed on penalty of death, and magick doesn't exist



    Requiem - The Gambler
    sincere_and_silent - The Silent
    GorgeousNightmare - The Dark One
    jessica2477 - The Crow
    Silver - The Biker
    Lorchenne - The Dream/Nightmare
    Lorchenne - The Trickster
    Temper Tantrum - The Protector
    CrimsonMaiden - Shank
    Xan - Justice
    EraSonata - Shadow
    KukkiMonsuta - The Cat
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  2. Real Name: Dorian Emiliano Felice

    Title: The Gambler




    A wanderer, The Gambler goes from place to place playing cards. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses. He usually wins though. He found himself heading to Vegas after receiving a mysterious invitation to play a tournament.

    Weapon of Choice: Steel Throwing Cards, and his Cane

    Pretty much always wears sunglasses as bright light hurts his eyes, and uses a cane because of an injury he took on his left leg.
  3. Okay, so there are gangs running the city? I'm not quite following. Can you clear it up a little?
  4. Basically, the government of each country has so little control over their own lands that while it's still the government, they rely on whoever puts themselves into power to keep control over the area. If things go to absolute hell, the government could potentially step in, but they prefer not to.
  5. Ill make a CS soon, I am intrigued with this RP c:
  6. Real Name: Anna Sophia Woodard
    Title: The Silence
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Typical Sophia, I'll update later.
    History: Decided Vegas was the logical choice for her to make some cash.
    Weapon of Choice: Daggers
    Other: She is skilled at blending in or going unseen. Quiet, observant, and quick. She always wears a chain through a ring around her neck, tucked behind her clothing.
  7. Name: Rebecca Swan
    Title: The Dark One
    Gender: Female
    Age: Twenty
    Weapon of choice: Her throwing knifes and her guitar.
    History: She has been accepted into a band which soon became famous from their music, she is the lead guitarist and she is currently on a world tour.
    Other: Carries her black lead guitar, Has a black patch over her right eye from a fright that she does not speak of.
  8. Real Name: Lilian Grace Beaumont
    Title: The Crow
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: http://www.wall9.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Gothic-Girls-Wallpaper-79.jpg

    (Only wears the glasses when she's reading, hair only extends to her lower back)
    History: Is in need of money, Vegas is the last resort to make that money
    Weapon of Choice: Her umbrella is also a scythe, can switch open and closed like a pocket knife
    Other: Quiet and sarcastic, is monotone when she speaks and appears to have a 'dead' personality

    *Any problems I shall fix*
  9. Real Name: Sonya McClain
    Title: The Biker
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Show Spoiler

    History: She roams, staying in some places longer than others. Vegas is just a stop on the road, how long her stay is yet to be determined.
    Weapon of Choice: Her Bike and some blunt object (usually a bat or pipe) She has a chain she uses to, but not as much.
  10. All accepted except for Miss Silent, because she hasn't updated her character sheet with a picture that fits the setting of a world rebuilding from nuclear war. (Also because she hasn't put a picture up in general). Other than that though, yup, accepted all around!
  11. So... Was there anything anyone else was confused about? *Headtilt*
  12. I'll post a CS soon and I wanna invite @temper_tantrum if you don't mind?
  13. Real Name: Lily Kliesen
    Title: The Dream/ The Nightmare
    Age: 23
    Gender: female
    She's like a sales rep from hell, a drug dealer from a syndicate that has long since dissolved in Vegas. She practically grew up in that hell of a place but things are stirring and that captured her interest.
    Weapon of Choice: ninja ken
    Other: Use short words to her, she's often stuck in her own world.
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  14. Real Name: Michael Yamashita
    Title: The Trickster / one of The Brothers
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Brief He ambitiously wants to monopolize Vegas, both its legal businesses and its underground affairs. He's already making it big elsewhere because despite his age, his overconfident cunning gets him what he wants. In truth though, he just hopes to create a world where he and his brother bow to no one.
    Weapon of Choice: His brother
    Other: He is inseparable from his brother who has to protect him from everyone, sometimes even from himself. He looks up to him and wants to stay by his side at all costs-even if the cost is Vegas.
  15. Hi. Seems really interesting (and because @Lorchenne has basically bullied me into it.) Let me give it a shot! :D

    Real Name: John Joshua "J.J." Yamashita
    Title: The Protector / one of The Brothers
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    History: His younger brother is a young hotshot business tycoon who isn't afraid to get down and dirty to get what he wants. He trails behind his brother; cleaning up his messes, doing his dirty work and protecting him from others (sometimes himself). When his brother decided he wanted to monopolize Vegas. He joined him there to accomplish his goal.

    Weapon of Choice: the scarf around his neck and his fists, his steel belt & steel-tipped boots and hidden darts

    Other: He adores his brother and believes no amount of spoiling him was enough. If you aren't his brother, you aren't worth his time. Unless his brother tells him otherwise but even then it feels forced.
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  16. Accepted, Accepted, And Accepted!
  17. Thank you! I'm super hyped! Character death is fine?
  18. Of course, makes things more dramatic and stuff
  19. awesome! I'm killing and dying!
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