Brother Back Home

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  1. Jacob was driving down the road in his old car, going to spend the holidays with his family after a though semester at college. The last time he talked to them was... About four months ago, and to be honest, Jacob was eager to see them again. Mom, father and brother, all the family together again, and even if it was only for a few days, he had been looking forward to this day for the past couple of weeks.

    Finally parking in front of his parents house, hi killed the engine and stretched his arms as he walked out of the car. Sure a three hour drive gets you tired. Looking at the two story house, Jacob couldn't avoid a small smile on his face. It looked the same it did when he left almost a year ago, the same green lawn in front, the same picket fence... If he had to guess, even the neighbors were still the same. Walking to the main entrance he opened the main door with his keys. Even the keys were the same.

    Leaving the bags on the entrance he took a deep breath, little memories of his youth marching into his mind. Not that he was that old neither, just 26 year old, but still, it felt great to remember the times he had spent in that house playing with his brother.... Would he be home too? "Family! I'm home!" Announced him, walking deep into the place to see if he found anyone.
  2. Shuan heard his brother's voice, he then jumped up from his bed still in his night wear which consisted of mario pajama pants and a muscle shirt. He ran dowbn the stairs only to se his brother standing in the living room, he just ran to him and tackle hugged him to the ground. " BROTHER! " He exclaimed as he smiled to him laying his head on his brother's chest loveingly.
  3. "Hey, hey! 'Shuanny'! How have you been lil' brother?" Asked Jacob hugging his brother back, happy to see him again. It's been so long he really had missed him. "So, where you about to go to sleep, boy?" Asked Jacob getting up and petting his brother head gently. "Come on, boy. Let's give mother and father a surprise." Said Jacob. Then he walked with his little brother to the living room, where their mother and father seemed to be relaxing on the sofa before going to sleep.

    "Jacob! Son!" Exclaimed mother when she saw him. "I knew I heard something, but I thought it was Shuan!" Said her again, getting up and hugging Jacob. "Hey, son. How have you been?" Asked his father, shaking his hand in a manly way, happy to see him too, but being more stoic about it. "It's going great. Last year of college is being really though and my boss wan't me to work two more hours a day. But still, everything is great." Explained Jacob smiling.

    "Oh. You look tired, honey. Do you want something to eat? I have some leftovers from dinner." Said mother as she walked to the kitchen. "I... No..." Said Jacob. "Come on, son. You know how is your mother." Said father. "Yeah, I know." Said Jacob with a chuckle. "Come on, Little brother. I want you to explain me what have you been up to." Said Jacob looking at Shuan as they walked to the kitchen.
  4. Shuan nodded and followed close behind, he had many things to tell him but he didn't know what to tell him first. " Oh i finally got on the basketball team! " He exclaimed as they enterd the kitchen, shuna sat down and smiled grabbing a soda from behind him tossing his brother one to. he leaned back in the chair as he poped open his soda can takeing a swig.
  5. "That's great news, 'Shuanny'! Already won any match?" Asked Jacob as he grabbed the soda and sat on a chair, close to his brother. "Here you go, honey." Said their mother, putting a plate with the dinner in front of Jacob. "Thank you, mother." Said him with a smile. "Oh, by the way, Shuan, have you told your brother we will be leaving tomorrow?" Asked mother. "Leaving? Where are we going?" Asked Jacob. "Oh, don't worry. Your father and I will go visit some friends. Remember the Johnson?" Said mother. "Yeah, I think I do... They had a daughter, right?" Said him. "Yeah, little Crissy. I think she is five now." Replied mother.

    "Anyway, we will be out for the weekend. But you said you were going to stay for the entire next week too, right?" Asked mother. "Yes, I do." Replied Jacob. "Well.... Then I leave you boys alone. See you tomorrow." Said mother cheerfully and then left the two of them alone. "So basket ball, eh? And what about girls? Banged anyone yet?" Asked Jacob, always so explicit.
  6. " Well about that.. " Shuan said as he looked down slightly. " I'm gay. " He said as he looked back to Jacob and sorta giggled lightly fidgiting in his chair as his blue eyes looked at his brother.
  7. Jacob looked at his brother, surprised by her answer. "You are kidding me. You are not gay." Stated Jacob, still not believing what he was telling him. "I mean, for real? You like... Well, guys?" Asked him. That, was a surprise... Anyway, gay or not, Shuan was his brother and besides, Jacob had never been the 'anti-gay' kind of person, so he didn't took too long to accept it and respect it.

    "You are not kidding." Said Jacob, finally accepting his brother liked other guys. "Well, I must say you surprised me, brother." Said Jacob looking at him with a smile. "So, banged any guy yet?" Asked him again, trying to lighten up the mood, and showing him he didn't cared about he being gay.
  8. " No but i have been with a guy we broke up recantly about two weeks before you came back. " He said with a sighh. " Anyways mom said your gunna be sleeping in my room with me, she allready has the air bed set up and everything . " Shuan said as he giggled lightly finisheing his soda.
  9. "Yeah, pfffff, women..." Said him. "I mean..." He cleared his throat. "...Men?" Then he laughed. "Anyway, don't worry, brother. There's a lot of people who would be more than happy to be with such a handsome guy like you." Said him smiling. "But yeah, about that bed..." Jacob said getting up and stretching, already having finished his dinner. "... sleeping together like the old times, eh?" Said Jacob. "Come on, 'Shuanny', help me take my things to the room so we can go to sleep. I could really use a rest."
  10. Shuan smiled as he heard his brother's complimant and nodded to his brother as he stood and walked to his brother's stuff and grabbed a bag luging it upstairs.
  11. Taking the rest of his bags, Jacob went to his little brother room and left his things next to the door. Then he took off his shirt and lay on the air bed, his chest bare naked, showing his upper body muscles and his mildly tanned skin. Jacob didn't went to any gym, but working at a warehouse, he was used to lift heavy boxes and move many things during his shift, so his arms were strong and his chest robust. Jacob took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Turn off the lights and let's rest. I'm awfully tired."
  12. Shuan Stared at his brother. " W-wow. " He studderd lightly as he quickly flipped the lights off and jumped over his brother then to his bed covering himself with the blanket hideing his blush.
  13. "Good night." Muttered Jacob, sitting on the airbed in the dark for a minute to get rid of his shoes and pants. He was rather used to sleep in his underwear when he was alone, and being with his brother he felt comfortable enough to do it anyway. In the end, Shuan was just his brother. Taking less than five minutes to fall asleep, Jacob slept all night, making cute breathing noises, even one or two soft snores while unwillingly changing of position while sleeping.

    Finally, the morning came and, after being the whole night feeling a little bit uncomfortable because of the air bed, Jacob had moved so much that the sheets where now only covering her feet, leaving uncovered his body and 8 inches of morning wood bulging on his underpants.
  14. Shuan woke up soon after rubbing his eyes and yawning. " morning big bro. " He said as he looked over to him seeing the morning wood and his half naked body. He then coverd his face as it flushed over a dark red. " Oh my.. " He said as he coverd his head with his blanket.
  15. Jacob mumbled something and slowly sat on the bed, so sleepy he didn't even noticed Shuan blushing. "Good morning, 'Shuanny'." Said him, getting up and stretching his body, making his muscles and hard cock even more noticeable. "I call first on the bathroom." Said Jacob and walked out the room, stumbling a little bit when he opened the door.

    After washing himself a little bit, Jacob returned to get dressed, this time his penis was no longer hard, but his nice 6 inch meaty member could still be seen through his underpants. "Come on, bro. Don't be lazy. Get up!" Said him grabbing one of his pillows and gently tossing it to Shuan.
  16. Shuan peeked out from under the cover's but didn't say anything just stared at his brother with a blank yet lustfull face. " O-ok. " He said as he got up and ran to the bathroom.
  17. Jacob chuckled and shook his head slowly. How did Jacob missed this little things with his brother. Things like getting up because of his voice, seeing him in the morning, or playfully wrestling like they did when they were kids. Yeah... Those were good times. With a smile, Jacob got dressed with some clothes he took from his luggage and walked out of the room.

    Taking a second to smell the air, he noticed the sweet essence of those tasty pancakes mom usually did in Sunday. Hell, how much did Jacob had missed being here! "'Shuanny'! Breakfast is served! Come on! Stop masturbating and let's go!"
  18. Shuan came down wearing his skinnyjeans along with his adidas hoodie. " Mom where are my DC's? " He asked as he walked in his socks. He looked to his brother as he blushed hideing his face in his hood.
  19. "Aren't in your room, honey?" Replied mom. "Mmmm... I don't know.... Have you looked on the laundry room? I think you gave them to me so I could wash them, right?" Said her, finishing the breakfast and putting it on plates. "If your shoes aren't in your room, then they sure are in the laundry room.... But then they are probably still dirty. Sorry." Apologized mom and set the table for breakfast.

    Father was already sitting in there, reading the newspaper, eventually peeking over it to see his family all together. "I think I have my sport shoes in my luggage. They are one number more than your feet, but feel free to use them, buddy." Said Jacob, sitting on the table.
  20. Shuan smiled as he nodded and whent back up to get the sport's shoes his brother was talking about and put them on running back down stairs and sat next to his brother at the table. " Hey can sombody pass me the syrup? " He said as he cut his pancakes into little peices.