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  1. Here's the thread, I'll start.

    Malik groaned as his sister woke him up, she gave him some breakfast before getting him ready for school. Malik yawned as he walked to school walking with Yugi and Ryou. "So how are you guys?" He asked yawning again, "oh you know keeping Bakura from stealing stuff and killing Yami," Ryou said giving a glare to his Yami who Malik couldn't see. "I helped grandfather because he almost had another heart attack and then I had to clean the store and house," Yugi said yawning as well.
  2. (I Have never role played Tristan or Duke but i hope there ok.. )

    Joey had met up with Tristan on the way to school talking about the new cards he would buy later after school if he had time.but somehow the conversion turned into talking about joeys sister,with that Joey got annoyed "Look Tristan that's my sister you're talking about.Can't you and duke leave her alone?" The other boy shrugged though looking apologetic."Sorry Joey."

    As they spoke another boy ran up to them joining the two by the side greeting them both with a smile."Morning you two,what are you talking about?" The new boy who had joined them was duke.
  3. "Great I already have to deal with him," Bakura muttered gesturing to Yami who he could clearly see. "Yugi can I kill him now?" Yami demanded glaring at Bakura. "No," both Yugi and Ryou said at the same time, Malik couldn't help but chuckle at his friends, "hey Joey, Tristan, Duke!" He called smiling. "No don't call them over!" Bakura cried though Malik couldn't hear it.
  4. Joey sighed."We was talking about duel monster cards but Tristan changed it to my sister somehow." Duke chuckled at that. Tristan glared at Duke about to say he to would start talking about serenity as well but was cut off by hearing a voice call to all three.

    The three boys turned spotting Yugi and the others.They waved before walking over to the little group Joey being the first to greet all of them then Tristan and Duke."How is everyone?" Joey asked putting a hand on Yugis shoulder in greeting smiling down at the young boy before glancing at the rest of there group.
  5. "You know the normal, making sure Bakura and Yami don't destroy the world," Yugi said smiling back. "I take offence to that!" Yami said doing his best to scold Yugi, the hikari just starred at his Yami. Bakura was laughing, he was laying on his back in mid air, "Yup going to class," Ryou said nodding to his friends and walking away Bakura disappears into the millennium ring.

    Malik watched the white haired go, "I believe we should all head to class before sensei gets us again," he said getting a nod from Yugi. Yami frowned but went into the millennium puzzle, Malik reached back into his backpack and his fingers brushed against the smooth gold of the millennium rod. He had snuck it into his backpack, why he did not know.
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  6. Joey laughed looking to where he was guessing Yami was."I don't want the world ending yet but i think it would be Bakuras fault? if that happened.I would think he would start it." He looked back at Yugi still grinning."Tristan spoke up adding his thoughts." Yeah unless Bakura got into a fight with Yami that would be dangerous.."Duke nodded his smile faded."I don't even want to think about the world getting destroyed guys the world needs to see Duke before that happens!" He starting twisting his hair smirking.the three boys had waved bye to Ryou as the young teen walked of to class.
  7. "And Bakura is an ego manic," Malik said making Yugi laugh quietly. He smiled his darker purple eyes gleaming, "let's hurry before the teacher makes it to class Yugi," Malik said. The smaller teen nodded joining the Egyptian as he began to walk to class.

    (I've decided I want to be Kaiba, going to hint on my other OTPs.)
    Kaiba glared at the mutt, he ran a hand through his brown hair and walked forward. "Looks like the mutt is with his geek squad again," he said coldly as ever. He only argued with Joey because he wanted the mutt's attention on him only.
  8. ( Ok,i was going to say if you wanted to hint puppyshipping. XD )

    Duke and Tristan glanced in Kiabas direction looking worried as they watched Joey turn to face Kaiba knowing full well there was going to be an argument very soon and was ready to pull there friend away.Joeys smile suddenly went into a scowl."I'm no mutt!Rich boy!"It did upset Joey that Kaiba couldn't be nice to him at lest once and wished he'd stop calling him a mutt.
    Duke sighed putting his hands in his pockets muttering to Tristan."Same as always."
  9. (Ignoring Yugi, Ryou, and Malik right now, Puzzleshipping and tendershipping[and of course bronzeshipping] will be hinted later.)

    Kaiba smirked now that Joey's full attention was on him. "I can't denine what you are Wheeler," he said his blue eyes glinting. He was really enjoying the fact that his mutt(yes he said it his mutt) was speaking to him. "Here I got you something," he said pulling something from his coat unseen and placed it in the blonde's hair, it was a pair of dog ears. He chuckled lightly as he saw that with the ears Joey looked cuter in his opinion. "Now you just need a tail and a collar," Kaiba taunted his smirk widened.
  10. ( ok, sounds good. )

    Joey blinked taken back by Kaiba saying he had something for him and got even a bit nervous when the CEO stepped closer to put something on his head. Duke had glanced seeing the dog ears and turned around trying to hold his laughter in Remembering the time he once called called joey a dog and even made him put a dog suit on though he did feel bad about that now so he soon stopped laughing.

    Joey went straight back to shouting at the CEO after pulling the dog ears off his head.Face burning red in anger."I'M NOT A DOG Kaiba! Stop saying that i am!" He through the dog ears down turning away and walking off ,Tristan and duke running after him to calm the blond down.
  11. Kaiba couldn't help but laugh as he walked to class rather pleased with himself at the moment. Now if the other Yugi didn't do something to mess with his mood it would be a good day.

    Malik walked to lunch with Ryou and Yugi, surprisingly there Yami's weren't arguing. Ryou was blushing so whatever Bakura was saying to him was freaking out Yami and making his Hikari flustered.(oooo kinky[well that was random]) Yugi was blushing too but not as bad, so Yami tried to get him as flustered as Ryou was.

    Kaiba was sitting at his usual table watching Joey, though he was pretending to read a book. His eyes scanned the the pages, instead he was making sure no one touched his pup.
  12. ( Yami trying to make yugi as flustered heh. xD )

    Joey was sitting down with Tristan and Duke though Duke was surrounded by his what he likes to call them,fans.So he was to busy flirting and talking to them to have a conversion with the other two males.

    Joey sighed taking a bit to eat before talking with only Tristan."I wish Kaiba would stop calling me a mutt i don't look nothing like a dog!" Tristan nodded putting a hand on Joeys shoulder."I know man,he just wants you to get upset ( not true-) try not to let it bother you."
  13. Ryou sat down and placed his forehead on the table, Bakura was floating next to him. "I think you killed him," Yami said frowning floating next to Yugi. Yugi sat down next to Ryou, "they embarrassed us in class," Yugi said looking at his friends. Malik watched his friends, he could see the blush on Ryou's face, Yugi's wasn't that much worse.

    (Yes just as flustered as Ryou, trust me I know what Bakura said in my mind. Do you want to know?)

    Kaiba saw that the British teen was sitting like that, 'what was his name, right Ryou,' he thought watching. He wanted to see what was wrong.
  14. ( Sure,do tell please xD )

    Joey nodded feeling a little better by talking with Tristan.He was probably right and shouldn't get so worked up over Kaiba and what he says."Yeah i know Tristan i'll try and stay cool next time."He smiled at his friend then turned away catching a gimps of the CEO sitting at another table.He quickly looked away."Good to hear joey he returned the smile before both of them starting eating,joey looking mostly down after seeing Kaiba.
  15. (So what he said was, "Hey Ryou wanna play house, you can be the door and I'll slam you.[my friend told me that, I slapped him.])

    "I believe Ryou is now scarred for life," Malik said looking at Ryou, "Yugi be a good friend and kill me now," Ryou said looking at the smaller teen next to him. "Sorry Ryou I can't do that," Yugi said giving him a sympathetic smile, "he tries I kill him," Bakura muttered glaring at Yugi. "You touch Yugi and your getting a one way ticket to the shadow realm," Yami said glaring at Bakura who glared right back.

    Kaiba caught Joey's eyes for the smallest of second before going to his book. He had to figure out some way to get the pup's attention.

    (My mother just flipped me off, WTH IDE!0.0)
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  16. ( wow, poor Ryou no wonder his blushing even more than Yugi xD , o.o )

    Joey started talking with Tristan about the new cards smiling at his friend, never once looking back at Kaiba."With the cards i'm getting my deck world be more powerful." Tristan nodded glancing at Duke who was..still flirting and laughing with his fans.He rolled his eye looking back at Joey."You have got good since battle city though joey."Joey grinned happy to hear that."I have haven't i?!"

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  17. (Exactly!0.0)
    (I told her I couldn't hear her since I had my headphones on listening to a song about tendershipping[I cried] and then she was like "can you hear this?" *holds up middle finger* IDE know anymore)

    Both Yugi and Ryou brought their palms to their foreheads as the two spirits argued back and forth. Malik chuckled, "a double face-palm the pharoh and kitty(Yugioh abridged reference) must really be arguing about something stupid," Malik said smirking imagining Bakura's reaction. "I am not a cat, they are bat wings!" Bakura yelled at Malik though he couldn't hear it.
  18. ( oh wow D: that was mean yet so random what your mum did.Yugiohtas abridged reference! cool xD , no use Bakura,Marik can't hear you xD, btw was the song that sad o.o; ? i once listened to a puzzleshipping song and cried a bit..)

    Duke finally decided to join the conversion grinning."Yeah maybe one day you'll be able to beat Kaiba in a card game joey." Tristan smiled though having a little doubt if joey should even try to win against Seto Kaiba."I don't think that's a good idea Duke..." Joey stood up confidence shining, the food left forgotten."I should..once i win against Rich boy he might start respecting me! What you mean not good idea?!I'l win for sure."He frowned at Tristan who put his hands up laughing nervously."S-sure man."
  19. (Bakura was apologizing to Ryou for treating him like crap, at the end of the song Bakura disappears into the shadow realm. It was sad, the feels man!)

    "In your dreams blondy!" Bakura cried, "be nice," Ryou said glaring at Bakura. "Like hell," The older teen said glaring back. Yugi frowned watching his friend and his Yami, the pharoh watched as well his head tilted.
  20. ( D: that is sad gosh.. o.o )

    Joey over heard Ryou saying 'be nice' and could guess he was talking to Bakura.He blinked not hearing the spirit so what Bakura said didn't affect him,he only smiled."Hey Ryou is Bakura being mean again?" He frowned at that thought. Duke had went back to talking with the fans smiling while twirling hair is hair.Tristan sighed shaking his head, hoping Bakura wasn't being to mean.