Broken Determination

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    Celest looked at the ground, on her knees, hands behind her back, her sword by her side. "Yes sir. Understood sir. Track the target, wait until he's alone, and take him out. Simple, Clean, no Witnesses."

    [​IMG] The man nodded. "Good. Now, A-2. Go." he lit a cigarette, turning towards the window.

    Celest nodded, standing and walking out, her head bowed until she left the house. It was starting to get dark. she pulled the mask over her mouth and jumped, grabbing the window sill and pulling herself up before grabbing the edge of the roof, climbing up and looking over the streets.
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    Joshua sat at the dinner table slowly eating his food. It was one of the few moments he actually got to spend with his parents and he liked to elongate it as much as possible. All too soon dinner was over. He sighed softly excusing himself to his room. Joshua sat on his bed, headphones covering his ears blocking out all other noise. He hummed softly to the music that blared through the speakers and tapped his pencil against his small desk. The only light was from his reading lamp. He was currently stumped with a particularly hard calculus problem.
    Joshua grumbled giving up for now. He stood and stretched his cramped muscles. He walked over to his closet changing out of his semi formal clothing. His parents, from a young age, to always dress well, even if you stayed in. It was annoying at first but he got used to it. Joshua changed into a fluffy sweater and sweatpants. He went back to his homework with a determined expression.
  3. Celest made her way to the address she had been informed her target would be at. She landed silently on the roof of the target's house. She made her way to the window. How She thought to herself, leaning over the edge and peeking in the window. She unsheathed her sword silently, slipping into the window and hiding on the other side of the bed, no sound made, unseen as she peeked to watch her target. Him...?~ She was slightly confused.
  4. Joshua finally, finally finished his homework. "Finally~" He rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck. He put his papers in the correct folders and slid them into his backpack. Joshua clicked off the desk lamp and walked over to his small television. Despite his rather affluent parents, Joshua wasn't one to flaunt his money. In fact he usually kept that fact quiet. He wanted real friends who didnt care about that, which were few and far between.
    As he lay in his bed, he didn't notice Celest peering over at him. He never heard a sound she made.
  5. Celest frowned. She couldn't hurt this kid..there was nothing he did wrong it seemed. He wasn't too snobby from looks, and he doesn't seem to be bad. She bit back a sigh, backing slowly towards the window. As she stood, she climbed onto the sill. Her sword barely clicked on the window and her eyes widened.
  6. Joshua snapped his head up. He heard something. A soft clicking noise. He looked over to his window and gasped. There was a woman sitting there!
    Joshua pushed himself to the farthest corner of his bed. "Wh-Wh-What....H-How...How did you...What are you doing here?" Despite his fear, his voice was hushed. He didn't want to disturb his parents. From the looks of it, this woman was leaving. So what was she here for Was she stealing something? That could be the only reason right?
  7. Celest paused. "Consider yourself lucky, kid. Keep your eyes open. You're hunted." she warned before dropping backwards out of the window, landing easily on her feet and glancing around. was clear. She darted across the street, climbing the roof just as she had earlier. She glanced around, remembering the path..but something made her turn, looking back at the window. Why him...why is he the first person I can't follow through with.. she thought to herself.
  8. Joshua watched as she dropped from the window. His eyes widened in horror, "H-Hey wait!" Joshua ran towards his window. "What do you mean hunt....ed..." By the time he reached the window she was gone, like she never even existed. He slowly closed his window, locking it. His heart beat heavily as adrenaline pumped through him. He made his way back to his bed with jumbled thoughts.
  9. Celest sighed, sprinting back towards her boss's house. When she got there, she realized the news of her failure had preceeded her. Her boss stood, angry. "You did not go through with the assassination?! why NOT?"
    She winced, looking down. "S-sir. Are you sure it's the right kid?" she asked quietly.
    His eyes widened. "I're questioning me." he spit at her feet and kicked her leg, causing her to drop to one knee. "If he is not dead by sunrise, I will disown you and I will see to it myself he is killed. Got it?"
    Celest made a quick she knew she would regret. "Yes sir.."
    He pushes her back. "Leave. NOW."
    Celest stood, turning and walking away with a slight limp. She did not take the roofs, but instead walked. She stood below the window, looking up. Sighing, she sat down in the bushes under the window.
  10. Joshua, try as he might, could not sleep. He kept tossing and turning, never getting comfortable. He sighed angrily, throwing the blankets off. He stood and paced back and forth. He tried to watch television, but nothing kept his interest. His mind was stuck on that girl. Who was she? Where did she come from? Why was she here?" Her golden eyes haunted him as he walked over to his window. His hand rested on the latch. He wasnt sure, should he open it or keep it locked? She told him he had been hunted, IS being hunted. He sighed and unhooked the latch. He slid the window up and leaned on the sill, arms folded. "Who are you..." He muttered to himself.
  11. Celest was surprised by his voice. She looked up, but did not stand. She was well hidden in the shadows, so she felt comfortable enough to speak. "I will tell you if you promise to keep your mouth shut and your eyes open." She whispers quietly.
  12. Joshua jumped. He looked side to side not seeing anyone, then he looked down. "What?" He couldn't see her, but he could hear her. "U-Uhm...okay." He took a few steps back from the window. "I-If you can...can come in." He muttered softly.
  13. Celest hesitated. "You know I cannot take my mask off.." she said quietly as she stood, peeking over the window edge, watching him with cautious golden eyes. " can't tell anyone about me.."
  14. Joshua nodded fully planning on keeping this a secret. He crawled onto his bed and sat, legs crossed. He patiently awaited her explination like a child waiting for their christmas presents on christmas day.
  15. Celest used her arms to pull herself in the window. She sat on the edge, her leg swollen a little. She sighed. "I am Celest, an assassin for the Master Card, or..that's what we call him. I don't know his actual name. I'm supposed to kill you...." her voice trailed off and her eyes stuck to the floor.
  16. Joshua felt ice in his veins. Someone wanted to kill him? But why? His question was obvious in his eyes as he looked up at her sitting on the window sill. He opened to ask questions but closed it remembering what she said. He looked around mulling over her words. Perhaps it wasnt a personal thing? Joshua eyed her warily. That's when he noticed her leg. The way she sat he could tell there was something wrong. He looked at her face, she wouldn't look up. She must have gotten in trouble for not killing him, but what did that mean?
  17. Celest sighed softly, continuing. "But..I can't. I'm not going to kill you." she said quietly, looking up, her determination fierce. "I won't let anyone hurt you." she said, standing, but her center of gravity was on her right leg instead of her left. She sat down, leaning against the wall, looking at the ceiling.
  18. Joshua didn't know what to say. What could he say? Thank you, that wouldnt be enough. He kneeled before her and bowed, forehead to the ground. "I'll always be in your debt. I owe you my life." He said seriously. He sat up and looked into her eyes. "I mean it." He said seriously. He would never go back on his word. He stood, holding a hand out to her. "You don't need to sit on the floor, do you know where you are?" He said trying to lighten the mood. He would give her everything as thanks and he still didn't feel that was enough.
  19. Celest looked surprised, caught off guard. "y-you..y-you don't need..need to do that..." she said. Hesitantly, she took his hand. "Honestly..I don't know.." she said, sighing. "My leg-.." she cut herself off and corrected herself. "I hurt my leg on the way back.."
  20. "No I do need to." Joshua said dismissing her statement. He helped her up and over to a plush chair in his room. "Here sit, I'll get you some ice. Don't move okay." Joshua slipped out of his room and down into the kitchen. He took a baggy of ice and hurried back to his room. He got a small towel from his own bathroom and wrapped the ice. He set it on the swollen part of her leg with a smile. "Here." He pulled over an ottoman so she could lift her leg. The less blood flow to the area, the less swollen it will get.
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