Bright Lights, Dark City [info & ooc]

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Bright Lights, Dark City



Welcome to Millennium City. The cornerstone of the city hall was laid down in the year 2987, but don't let that dull the grandeur. Go ahead, shop to your heart's content. The finest eateries and boutiques are here, along with the liveliest clubs and most accommodating brothels.

Just don't go Southside. There's nothing there but ghettos and slums, and if you ever come back out of there it'll be less a few organs and some souvenirs in the shape of bullet holes.

On second thought, don't go Eastside either. The port is there, with more fully armed combat droids than you can shake a stick at. They take their business real seriously, especially with the pirate raids ramping up. Seems the economy has been bad for everyone.

Well, enjoy your stay, I guess. Support local businesses, get a hot dog from your nearest street vendor. It may not be real beef, but that'll be the least of your worries here.

  1. This is a freeform roleplay, so the plot is whatever we make up and will probably be mostly character driven. That being said, don't go nuts with drama and action without asking me first.
  2. No character sheets are required. You can jump in and out of the roleplay as needed, just give me a bit of warning.
  3. I'd like everyone to stick to human(ish) characters. This thread doesn't have enough organization to support alien races.
  4. Cyborgs, androids, and AI systems are fair game though.
  5. There are no superpowers or magic spells in this setting, however, there are mutated humans. Radiation is a bitch..
  6. Don't be a dick to other players.
  7. Don't be a dick to me if you don't like my setup.
  8. Posts don't have to be much, just one or two decently written, spellchecked paragraphs.
This is also the OOC thread, so go ahead and chat/ask questions here.
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Hello! I'd love to join this RP, but may I write a character sheet? And if so, can I include a short bio as well? c:

edit: oh, and how many characters are we allowed to make? if ever?
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Id like to jump in please. Imma make 2 charries, kay?

There.. A bit of warning :33
Sooooo.... I'm thinking of starting off one of my charries with action. Or maybe both?

So like what Boo is thinking is that my first Charrie is a heavily armed and armoured powersuit guard patrolling the southern boundary. Bad stuff happens. A firefight breaks out between rival gangs. She gets caught between and powersuit taken down. She escapes the wreckage and now has to get back to the border walls without heavy armour.

The other I'm thinking is a mainland envoy /scout trying to help get some pirate or pirates ashore. Maybe a stealth or underground kinda sequence? Unless the droid army is too much ~roger~roger~ :33

Kay and so like @Caracal are we waiting for a GM charrie post first or like... wut?
I would also like to cast my interest and start a character if you are still accepting that is >.>
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