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    Imagine Earth. Exactly as it is today--the same modern world with the exact same technology, people, and problems. Utterly normal, as we know it.

    Right up until the Alien Event occurred.

    It was a terrifying spectacle of barely-averted cataclysm; there was an actual extraterrestrial ship, coming straight towards Earth. Initially, when they realized what it was, some believed it was coming to make contact with us; others believed it was coming to attack. But when as it came within our atmosphere, they realized--the alien ship was damaged. It was going to crash, and worse, it was on a collision course but with a major, highly populated city: Houston, Texas. Only military action mitigated the damage, by launching first one, then a second missile at the ship, blowing it to pieces small enough that it wouldn't leave a massive crater in the middle of where downtown used to be. Even then, the debris that rained down still caused significant damage and tallied up a death toll on par with some natural disasters. Evacuation and quarantine followed, as scientists tried to determine whether or not any kind of contamination with an unknown extraterrestrial contagion had occurred, and whether or not any of the aliens had survived. They gathered up every scrap of metal and every non-human body part they could find. After a few months, with clean-up almost completed, people began to return to their homes and slowly started to adjust to life once more.

    Then the first people began to manifest mutations.

    Some gained powers--only ever one at a time, and incredibly weak at first--while other began to undergo physiological changes to their bodies. But these new types of human startled and even frightened the public. Had some kind of contamination actually occurred after all? What were the side effects going to be? And what if those people affected grew stronger? Some people went to hospitals seeking help and willingly agreed to government quarantine and study; others, the government actively sought out after learning about their powers, and if they didn't come quietly, they were arrested for threatening public health and safety. Some, witnessing this, chose to keep their abilities secret, fearing just what 'government study' would entail.

    But the American government isn't the only one trying to get their hands on these new superhumans. Foreign agents are seeking out individuals that the American government hasn't yet apprehended to try and capture them and smuggle them out of the country. Living subjects hold the most value, of course, but a dead subject is better than none, and they'll do whatever it takes to get their hands on this new developing resource.

    Amongst those individuals who still retain their freedom, there is a choice. To try and continue living a normal life as before, keeping their powers as closely-guarded secret... or to do something more, for better or for worse.

    This is the New World. What will you become?


    Chapter 1: The Round-Up
    Foreign agents operating within Houston have been working to identify and track people who've been affected by the Alien Event, that the American government hasn't yet located. Through good old fashioned foot work and the use of bribes to solicit the help of local doctors and low-level criminals, they've found a fair number, and begin systematically kidnapping and drugging them. Those people are then transported to the Port of Houston--a 25-mile-long complex that boasts being the busiest US port in terms of foreign shipments.

    After waking up, tied up and being loaded in a shipping container that will soon be sealed, these people must now find a way to escape, or risk facing whatever fate awaits them in a foreign laboratory.
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  2. Player NameCharacter Name/LinkGender/AgeClassificationPower/Adaptation
    FaulknerValene Escobar (Slither)Female/25AdaptoidSnake-based adaptations
    FaulknerAaron Mullins (Fetch)Male/17SuperhumanTeleportation of inanimate objects
    RazilinFrancis EspadaMale/30SuperhumanPhysics manipulation
    IndabayouAdair Steele (Sylph)Female/19SuperhumanIntangibility
    CrimsonHorizonsAvalyn Denex (Gadget)Female/21SuperhumanSuperhuman Intelligence
    PolysticalLeilani Julian (Overload)Female/21SuperhumanElectrical Generation/Manipulation
    The PatriarchJohn Morrison (Mountain Lion)Male/35AdaptoidMountain lion based adaptations
    HellHoundWoofNikolai Arkadey Luzchezk (Shortcut)Male/29SuperhumanPersonal Teleportation
    RainDashNaomi Caulfield (Demon)Female/20AdaptoidCat-based adaptations, spines
    DrammaKastia Rose (Rose)Female/16SuperhumanAstral Projection

    I've made two characters primarily to be examples of both an Adaptoid and a Superhuman; depending on how many players we get, I might not actually play both of them. Also, please note, I'd like the majority of characters to be adults.

    Character Statistics
    7 Superhumans, 3 Adaptoids
    6 Females, 4 Males
    Average Age: 23.3

    Timeline of Events:
    July 12th, 2014: The Alien Event occurs. Majority of Houston is evacuated, government quarantine established. Clean-up begins.

    July 13th, 2014: First foreign agents begin arriving in nearby areas around Houston, seeking a way into the city to acquire pieces of the wreckage.

    August 12th, 2014: Quarantine declared over, people released. Clean-up continues.

    August 28th, 2014: First official news report that some of those exposed to the crash have begun mutating. People are encouraged to report to the nearest hospital to be examined. Foreign agents have already turned their interest towards those affected.

    September 1st, 2014: A government study dedicated to observing and helping those affected by the Alien Event is established. Government begins actively pursuing those who are refusing to seek help, first arrests are made.

    September 20th, 2014: Chapter 1 begins.
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    If you have any questions after reading this about what is and isn't allowed, feel free to PM me for more info.

    Non-Powered Characters
    You don't necessarily have to play a superpowered character. Normal characters are totally cool. But since the RP is focusing on superpowers, please, try to come up with a character who would have good reason to be part of the plot. Cops for example, an investigative reporter, a government agent, a normal dude who still wants to go toe-to-toe with the new fish in the pond and outfits himself with gadgets to make up for his lack of powers. We already have a volunteer to play a police character and another who wants to play a gadgeteer, but keep it in mind: You don't HAVE to play a superpowered character.

    That said, they kinda are the focus of the RP. XD

    Superpowered Characters
    These fall into two categories--the Superhumans and the Adaptoids. They're two very distinctive types of mutation.

    Superhumans (open)
    Superhumans look completely normal, and have absolutely no physical changes associated with their new powers. If a scrawny teenager becomes a Superhuman and gains superstrength, he will still look like an totally weak dude--he will not turn into Hulk Hogan overnight. Superhumans only ever have one power, but won't suffer negative side effects you might expect from it; another example would be that a dude who gains fire manipulation won't be burned by flames. The power a Superhuman gains can be almost anything (that isn't banned), but will usually start out quite weak to the point of nearly being useless unless applied with strategy. Different individuals grow their powers at different rates.

    Examples from Media: Magneto (Marvel, X-Men), Plastic Man (DC, Justice League)

    Adaptoids (open)
    Adaptoids, on the other hand, can be easily summarized in one sentence: they don't look human anymore. Their bodies change to gain any number of non-human features, and those features are what give them their powers. You can have a guy turn into a wolfman, for example; he could gain teeth, claws, superior night vision, heightened senses, and superhuman endurance. Their potential powers are directly limited by the changes to their bodies and what you can find in nature, though; you can have an Adaptoid who can see in the dark, but you can't have one who can see through walls, and you can't have an Adaptoid who can fly unless you give them wings. Their benefit is that, unlike the Superhumans, they can have multiple abilities. Their downside is that the more their bodies are changed, the harder it is for them to hide and pass for normal.

    Examples from Media: Beast (Marvel, X-Men), Hawkgirl (DC, Justice League)

    TL:DR Superhumans can have any ONE, SINGLE non-banned power, and look the same as they always have. Adaptoids have changes to their bodies that can give them multiple abilities and powers, but only realistic ones based on things found in nature.

    In general, if a power lends itself to:
    • metagaming (your character knowing things that others may not want them to know)
    • powergaming (your character having a power which could defeat another without the other having a chance to fight back)
    • or godmodding (controlling the actions of other characters)
    It will not be allowed. So are Superhumans with non-specific powers (because you could also read them as having multiple powers); note, I am not referring to singular powers with a multitude of applications, such as the power to generate/control electricity. The specific example someone requested to play was Pollution Manipulation; pollution is a word that can be applied to many forms of waste, including metal, plastic, and battery acid.

    Lastly, powers with effects which could conceivably result in signifcant, complicated, and potentially drastic changes to the setting will not be allowed--Time Travel and Reality Bending are the two that automatically come to mind.

    Here's a list of specific powers that have been banned, which will be added to as necessity arises:

    • Time Travel
    • Telepathy
    • Precognition/Postcognition/Clairvoyance
    • Mortokinesis/Life and Death Manipulation
    • Healing to the ridiculous level of Wolverine where you're virtually impossible to kill
    • Hypnosis/Mind Control
    • Weather Manipulation (As in controlling all aspects of weather; individual aspects, like the wind, could be allowed)
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  4. Name:
    (Normal, Superhuman, Adaptoid)

    Backstory: (Where do they come from? What kind of life have they had growing up, and what have they been doing for a living? How did they discover their new power, and how did they react to it?)

    Description: (Include a basic description of appearance here; if you're playing an Adaptoid, include what changes to their appearance have already occurred, bearing in mind that they should be small and not quite impossible to hide yet. Also include, under a spoiler, what you want them to look like by the time their mutation has completely run it's course.)

    Skills: What is your character good at? What have they been trained for? What kind of natural talents do they have?

    Current State: What ability/abilities have they gained, if any? What drawbacks have they suffered as a result? What level of control do they have over their power?

    Full Power/Adaptations: What will their ability/abilities eventually progress to, if all goes well?

    Weaknesses: Every hero has their Achilles heel. It doesn't have to be a random vulnerability--try to look for something related to their fully-developed powers and personalities. Personal phobias and things directly opposite to their powers are good; if their power is sensory, consider how someone might cause a sensory overload (imagine you have nightvision and someone suddenly shines a floodlight in your face; that might blind and disorient you for a while, huh?). If their power is electricity, what happens when you douse them with water? You must include both physical and psychological weaknesses. Please note: "crazy" is not a weakness. Just look at the Joker.

    Aspirations: Do they want to lead a normal life? Do they want a cure? Do they want to use their powers to help the masses? Or do they want to use their power for more selfish purposes?
  5. Name: Valene Escobar
    Codename: Slither
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Classification: Adaptoid

    Backstory: The youngest of three daughters of immigrants from El Salvador, Valene was born and raised in America and cares little for her heritage beyond how it has coloured her tastes in comfort foods. A rebel from an early age, her strict Roman Catholic parents were frequently punishing her for acting out and dressing 'inappropriately'; she was grounded for a month after dying her hair for the first time at a friend's house, and forbidden from ever visiting that friend again. Valene would not conform, however, and the moment she graduated from high school at age 18, she ran off to live at a friend's apartment rather than attend college as her parents had wished. She had always been talented at art, and with the help of a few connections, was able to get an apprenticeship at a tattoo parlour, where over the years she gained, in addition to experience, her numerous piercings and tattoos; she took up mixed martial arts for pleasure and for exercise, and eventually was able to get her own apartment. Recently, she has been in the process of establishing a tattoo parlour of her very own on the other side of Houston; however, since she was allowed to return home following the clean-up of the Alien Event, she has begun to feel ill. A doctor informed her it was likely a sensitivity to gluten, however, as weeks progressed, she began to have trouble after eating most kinds of fruits, vegetables, and other plants. She did not return to the doctor though because she had begun to notice the other changes as well; skin and eye problems, she could have dismissed, but the development of a small tail was what finally convinced her she was likely one of those affected by the Alien Event. At the present time, she's trying her hardest to hide her condition as best as possible.

    Description: 6'3" tall, lean but strong with a rather flat chest. Brown skin; black hair bleached and dyed green that once was in a mohawk, but has become thin from falling out since her mutation began to manifest; hazel eyes. 3 nose piercings (right ala, right high nostril, and septum/bull); in her left ear, two piercings on the lower part of the lobe (one gauge), six all along the upper shell, and one daith; in her right ear, three piercings on the lower part of the lobe (one guage), five along the upper shell, one tragus, and one rook. She has extensive and detailed tattoos on her back, the upper part of her chest, and her neck; full sleeves along both arms and legs; and smaller tattoos on her ankles and the backs of her hands and knuckles. She most frequently wears t-shirts, very old, faded, and torn up jeans, and a pair of steel-toed work boots.

    Since her mutation manifested, her skin has started becoming very dry and unusually rough and hard; in some places, such as her cheek bones, elbows, and along her spine, the beginnings of distinct scales are forming, though thankfully some are partly concealed by her extensive tatooing. The pupils of her eyes have also begun to change shape, slowly gaining a more elliptical shape. Her nails have grown harder, and are developing a black pigment along the cuticles, while her legs grow more muscular, and she's begun to develop a tail, though at the moment it's still small enough to remain hidden in her jeans. Finally, her canine teeth have become slightly thinner and more pointed.

    Fully Mutated Appearance (open)

    Valene will stand at just over seven feet tall, with a curiously flat face, large eyes with slitted pupils, small ears, long, dinosaur-like legs ending in feet armed with wicked three-inch talons, and a thick, muscular, powerful tail as long again as she is tall. Where her mohawk of hair once grew, she now possesses a crest of green and yellow feathers; a matched one grows from her tail, with the addition of two especially long green-blue feathers. Smaller feathers also adorn her arms, growing along the edge from her outer wrist to her elbow. Her hands have degraded, becoming weaker and less dexterous, but each finger is tipped with inch-long curved black claws. Her eyes, while still hazel, now have fully slitted pupils; inside her mouth, her tongue remains unchanged, but her canine teeth have changed into a pair of hollow fangs, which can fold flat against the roof of her mouth.

    Skills: She's trained in mixed martial arts, though not at the level of a competitor. She is also good with her hands, and quite steady.

    Current State: Valene's more muscular legs have begun to provide her with increased speed. She has also begun to notice better vision at night. However, she's started to suffer stomach troubles any time she eats something besides meat, and she's also begun to notice a heightened sensitivity to cooler temperatures that leaves her sluggish and drained. Worst of all, to her at least, is that her colour vision has begun to degrade.

    Intended Adaptations: Valene's speed will not last once her tail reaches full weight and length, though she will still be able reach the speed of a human sprint. Her legs are, however, quite powerful, capable of delivering a kick with almost two thousand pounds of force behind it, more than twice as hard as many boxers punch. Her tail, as well, is very powerful, capable of wrapping around someone and squeezing them with about 90 lbs of pressure per square inch. Her night vision will be on par with any nocturnal predator, and augmented by heat sensing pits along her face that will allow her to detect body heat. Her scales are tough, but not significant enough to protect her from a bullet or sharp, well-aimed knife; they will most deflect glancing blows that would otherwise have only scratched human skin. Her body will heal differently; when wounded, she will bleed far less due to blood vessels around the wound closing off and/or clotting in reaction to the injury. It will not appear to heal much at all at first, but by shedding her skin like a snake or lizard, the wounded tissue will be sloughed off and replaced with new, pristine flesh. By this same process, she can now regenerate lost limbs, as well. Each of these processes will take many weeks, in direct proportion to how deep the wound is and how much limb she needs to regenerate. Finally, she possesses a neurotoxic venom that can cause full paralysis in an average human.

    Full Weaknesses: She will be completely incapable of digesting plant fibers, and have no colour vision whatsoever. She will also become completely ectothermic, incapable of regulating her own body temperature and requiring external heat sources to keep her energy up. While her legs are quite powerful, her tail acts as a massive anchor, slowing and weighing her down such that she can only reach the top speed of a human sprint, and that only for short bursts. Her healing ability needs to be fueled by frequent feeding or she won't regenerate. She lacks fine motor function in her hands, and cannot do simple tasks like using a pen, a computer keyboard, a touchscreen phone, or even buttoning up a shirt. Related to this, her hands have also become more fragile, negating part of her mixed martial arts skill; throwing punches could easily break her own hand and/or fingers. Psychologically, she's incredibly stubborn and sometimes downright foolhardy. She can be incredibly argumentative and reacts poorly to authority figures. She's also afraid of heights.

    Aspirations: Valene just wants to continue living as she has been; alarmed by the physical changes (as well as by the ruining of years of tattoo work on her body) she would love to be able to revert to her natural human state, however, she has no trust in the government and seriously doubts what they would do if she were rounded up like many others who've been affected. As such, her aspiration is to continue hiding until she better knows the lay of the land, as it were.
  6. Name: Aaron Mullins
    Codename: Fetch
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Superhuman

    Backstory: Aaron was two when he was removed from his birth mother's custody on account of her being arrested for theft and heroin use. She didn't exactly fight to keep him; to her, he had been more of a free meal ticket, the means by which she would get federal support money. His earliest memories were of his first foster home; he's been in nine different ones over the course of his life, a game of musical chairs that has left him jaded and often suspicious of adults with any kind of power over him. When the Alien Event occurred, he had been in school, which went on lock-down before being evacuated after the ship was destroyed. He spent two months being shunted between various homes that had agreed to take in Houston's foster children but were invariably overcrowded by the influx, until finally, they were allowed to return home, to something almost resembling normalcy. By that point, however, Aaron was anything but normal; he had discovered his ability to snatch objects from a distance by accident after dropping some change down a sewer grate and trying to retrieve the coins; fascinated by his new power, and not wanting to risk anyone trying to 'fix' him or send him to a lab or a doctor, he's kept it secret as best he can, practicing discreetly.

    Description: Somewhat short at 5'3" and rather skinny at only 120 lbs, with gangly limbs, brown eyes, and messy, dirty blond hair just long enough to get in his eyes. His jaw and chin are rather angular. He's most often seen wearing jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, and a hoodie.

    Skills: He's good at baseball and running cross country; his endurance is pretty impressive, and his aim and throwing arm are impressive.

    Current State: Aaron has developed a teleportation-based ability to draw an object directly to his hand. When he focuses on an object, and wills it hard enough, it becomes surrounded by a little 'bubble' of energy (rather resembling a plasma globe) which then, suddenly and in under a second, shrinks to disappearing with the object inside it; it then reappears within reach of Aaron's hand, before 'popping' and dropping the object inside. So far, it has only worked on objects he can actually see, and nothing larger than coins and paperclips. When he attempted to snatch a pen, the bubble wound up only containing part of it, cutting off either end; the limitation appears to be based on size/volume rather than mass/weight. Interestingly enough, the desk the pen had been lying on was completely unaffected; his power only appears to affect the object he is trying to snatch.

    Full Power/Adaptations: Eventually, Aaron's ability will progress to a point where he'll be able to snatch larger and larger objects; he will even be able to snatch things he can't see, provided he can picture it in his mind and knows it's relative location to himself with great accuracy. That comes with some inherent risk however, as the object may have been moved since he last saw in, in which case he will snatch either empty air or whatever has been put in the object's place (his power's knack for only grabbing what he wants it to grab only applies when he can actually see the object with his own eyes; in the case of trying to fetch something he can't see, he will also grab pieces of whatever the object is sitting on). If he has an item already in hand or within reach, he will also eventually discover that he is able to teleport objects away from himself, but this is tricky; as with trying to fetch things he can't actually see in front of him, he must be able to picture the location he wants to send it to and know the location relative to himself with great accuracy. If he's off, the object may wind up reappearing inside a wall, a desk, or worse, inside a person's body. His power will never work on living creatures; invariably, any animal he might try to experiment with would reappear dead of heart failure. Plants, however, while they sometimes suffer damage, do not necessarily die from being transported this way, provided they are cared for properly afterwards.

    Full Weaknesses: His power requires focus, and being a teenager, focus isn't necessarily something that comes easily to him. When he screws up, his power can have disastrous results, potentially destroying whatever he was trying to fetch, and having an inherent risk of hurting any innocent bystander who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Power aside, he is essentially a human, and worse, an underage one who doesn't even look like he might be over eighteen; he is vulnerable and lacks resources, not to mention any kind of training or experience that might help him defend himself. His greatest asset is his ability to run away; his greatest offense, throwing a rock or a brick at someone's head. Psychologically, he's often suspicious of others and doesn't trust easily, and frequently cynical of others' good intentions. He's selfish and can be cowardly.

    Aspirations: Aaron's main interest in his power is how he can use it to further his own interests; he wants to be on his own and independent, and he thinks his power might help him get there, provided he can keep it secret. He's shoplifted before, and is already excitedly anticipating it's potential applications in that area.
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  7. I feel like this should have a banner for advertising, because this is certainly interesting. Tho not a lot of people go to the SCI-FI region of this site. And I'd hate to see this die out once it gets going.

    But count me in, I'll make a CS sometime later :)
  8. I'll read it all over in a moment, lots to take in, and will come with a character/characters soon I hope :)

    By the way, I meant to ask, what about the power to give other people (temporary!) powers? The character has to touch another char, and at first it's completely random what's given, and only lasts for a brief moment (less than half a minute) and none are very superb, evolving to being able to choose roughly what kind of power (with limitations obviously) is given and the duration has been increased (the amount of time depends on how valuable the given power is. Ie: invisibility fades quicker than the ability to swim fast underwater. And none of the powers are complex, just very straightforward one thing at a time). The character that gives others powers in turn can't give powers to his/herself.

    Not saying I want to make a character like that (though it would be interesting some day) but I got curious if that's on the 'okay' list or on the 'nay' list'
  9. I... would feel mostly against it? But I wouldn't ban it outright, it's not bad or anything. I'd want to talk to the person over PMs about it, but I'd prefer more straightforward powers. Besides, I have no idea how many non-powered characters we're gonna get, and if I approved that power, it definitely couldn't work on anyone who was already a Superhuman or Adaptoid.

    Can you imagine if it stayed random permanently though? Like, let's spin the wheel of superpowers! You get--Skill Level Detection!

    (I used the Random Page function on the superpower wiki to get that, lawl.)
  10. haha yeah no permanent sticking XD and indeed no affects on supers, giving a fire manipulator the ability to breath underwater for 2 minutes might be... a bad idea XD

    I'll likely go with 1 nullifier, and 1 amplifier. Just to balance things out. Anyway I'll probably send you a PM by the time I get to writing a character, to be safe with what the powers can or can't do :)
  11. Hokay

    Update: I edited the descriptions of Superhumans and Adaptoids to be simpler and easier to understand. I also put in a couple of examples of each from Marvel and DC comics. Hopefully this'll make things easier to read.
  12. Name: Francis Espada
    Codename: None
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Superhuman

    Backstory: Francis Espada grew up in the United States to immigrants from the Philippines. He was always bright in his studies and ultimately became a physician. Over the last few months, he began noticing that objects around him did not slow down if he looked at them. At first, he thought his car's brakes simply needed maintenance or that the kitchentop was wet. Over time, he realized that he had been the cause for the unusual phenomenon around him. Francis had been a longtime fan of comic books as a child and teenager and was elated to discover he could manipulate friction forces with a thought. He practiced his abilities as often as he could and as discretely as possible.

    Description: 5'7", 150 lb. Dr. Espada is fit and trim with a lean build. He works out routinely both in the gym and in continuing his hobby of martial arts. He has dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He dresses conservatively, usually in a button-down shirt and trousers. When at work, he dons a white lab coat.

    Skills: Dr. Espada is a board-certified physician. He maintains interest in physics and chemistry and has been a martial arts student since he was a child. He also is a pianist and a certified comic book geek with an encyclopedic knowledge of Silver Age and Iron Age comic books.

    Current State: Friction manipulation. He can cause objects in motion to stay at a constant velocity in a linear direction. He cannot make objects turn or increase the speed of objects.

    Full Power/Adaptations: At full realization, friction manipulation allows pinpoint changes in friction forces. A friction manipulator can thus alter the direction of objects in motion, fully stop bullets and objects in mid-air, and alter the intrinsic friction coefficients of various materials. As friction manipulation only applies to friction forces, a manipulator can never actually increase the speed of an object.

    Weaknesses: Friction manipulation only affects forces already applied. If an object has an additional force applied to it, it could conceivably overcome Dr. Espada's abilities. A common example would be someone punching him. While Espada could use his abilities to slow the attack down, a strong enough attack would simply power through it. Espada's other weakness is the fact that he has additional responsibilities as a hospital-based physician. Much of his day is spent in a singular location, making it very simple for someone to find him if they know his identity, up to and including his enemies.

    Aspirations: As a longtime comic book fan, Dr. Espada wants to give life to the superhero dream that every fanboy has. He feels he can at least use his powers to help through around him, but he also has his responsibilities at work. At present, he wants to try out his powers, but has no current aspirations for becoming a costumed hero.
  13. I still love this idea. I'll put up a bio or two as soon as I think of some cool powers. :o

    How about a power that lets you see other people's powers? As he "levels up," he might be able to see how the power works or what it'll be like as his target gets stronger.
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  14. We need this. In another RP, i play this very power. This person becomes the strategically greatest asset period.
  15. This reminds me of Sylar from Heroes
  16. That... is kinda nudging the rules here, specifically the one about metagaming (knowing things other players may not want you to know). I mean, maybe if all they could tell was that someone had been affected, but not specifically what power or adaptations they have as a result? I dunno.

    EDIT: Everyone else is okay with this?
  17. Gotcha. Ill remove the intelligence part as it isn't required as a super power. Its rare but people are that smart.

  18. Hm, alright, no problem. I'll think of something else. :3
  19. I totally want in on this.
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