Boulevard of Broken Shadows (1920s Supernatural Noir)


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Time: Early October during the Prohibition 1920s-1930s
Location: Elswen Island, Washington

Elswen Island: 1920s-1930s. A small township island off the Washington Coast. It's only inhabitants contain a large Asylum, a humble Main Street filled with basic shops, and several homes belonging to asylum staff and city staff. Often the island is suspected of being used as a trafficking point for the Mob. Whether it be rum running, money laundering or something more nefarious has never been proven.

The most mysterious being the Autumn Manor. This year you have been invited to the most exciting, and ONLY party on Halloween night. Autumn Manor host a Halloween party every year, the rest of the year most residence of this island avoid going up the winding road unless they have to. Your host and hostess is Mr. and Mrs. Notting. They seem like a nice young pleasant couple, even though everyone knows the mistress of Autumn Manor is a witch. Residents know better than to venture out at night on this most dark of nights. All sorts of things venture forth to do their most wicked to those that do not stay in doors. ...Or perhaps that's just superstition.

You are a resident on the island. This is either because one of your relatives is currently in the large mental hospital on the island, or you are part of the medical or security staff of said asylum. Perhaps you are a member of the mob, a police officer, or something new moving in. You may not be wholly human, but you would not want that know less prejudice of the growing human population become your downfall.

Set in the 1920s-1930s, we're not picky about historical accuracy, but would like people not to do anything glaringly obvious out of timeline. You can play a normal human, someone/thing supernatural or anything else you can dream up. Mobsters, cops, thieves, doctors, patients, flapper girls, hussies, or...anything! Bios do not need approval before you can play, but we do require a basic bio. If there is a problem with your character, we'll let you know. :D

Use the MINI BIO for your character sheet!

Our current list of characters. Names listed in italics are inactive and names listed in strikeout are dead.

Detective Sebastian Charles Fox: An average private investigator on a simple missing persons case. He's lived in town for about five years.

Midnight Lady: Sebastian's bothersome shadow.

Edra Waring (Lucy Fox): 'Working' as a nurse in the Asylum, Edra is keeping her mobster friends in line with a little blackmail.

Donncha "Donny" Toombs: Funds his brother's schemes while accumilating wealth and power.

Killian "Jason" Toombs: An alchemist trying to seek the secret to immortality.

Vera Kleeman: Resteraunt owner and dragon.

Erin Kel Hart: "Waitress" at Vera's resteraunt and has a secret in her pants.

Franklin Lupa: A werewolf that works as a Prohibition Agent.

Alex Vermillion: Paranormal Enforcement Agent, handling all those weird supernatural type cases.

Dwight Davis: A patient in the asylum trying to regain his sanity!

James Hunter: A vampire who is on the island trying to track down one of his descendants that is in trouble.

"Don Marco" Marcus Malthus: A vampire mob boss.

Belladonna Leonte: A "dancer" who was about to leave her mob life to return to her family, but got tossed in the looney bin because she knew too much.

Character Name: Sebastian Charles Fox
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Private Detective
Age: 35
General Appearance: Black hair peppered with grey, dark brown eyes. 6'
Current Goal/Purpose: Find a Missing Person and... get rid of his damn Shadow.
General Personality: Gruff, moody, unhappy and generally miserable. Sebastian doesn't hold any enjoyment on life and has a rather dark and jaded view about the world. He doesn't want to be an asshole to people, but sometimes his comments come across the wrong way. Sebastian has a lot of issues, most all tied up in what happened with his ex wife. He doesn't want to get to close to people, as he's afraid they're either gonna screw him or end up dead. Whichever happens first. He focuses on his job and waits for that day death comes to claim him.
General History: Once upon a time he was a man with a wife and a job he found interesting. Taking simple, small cases. Those run-of-the-mill sort of things like stolen items and cheating spouses. 'Course then one day while working on a case he discovered HIS spouse cheating. And stealing. And trying to kill him. There was a nasty divorce and a few weeks later the woman wound up dead... Sebastian never really was the same after that. Life just started to lose all it's shimmer and shine. He's kept his focus on his work, and his work has gotten real weird ever since he moved to Elswen Island...

Character Name: "Midnight Lady"
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Lost Soul?
Age: Young Adult?
General Appearance: A shadow, sometimes shapeless, sometimes closer to a feminine form.
Current Goal/Purpose: Find out who, or what, she is.
General Personality: Sassy, quick witted, and enjoys a good joke. Very confused though and swings from paranoid to angry at times when trying to deal with the mystery of her current situation.
General History: Unsure of where she came from or who she is, this strange person for some reason knows that there is at least one person on the island that might be able to help her.
Character Name: Edra Waring, Formerly Lucy Fox
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Sorceress, working as a nurse in the asylum
Age: 29 Still looks in her early 20s.
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Keep her mobster 'friends' in line until Halloween.
General Personality: On the surface she is the caring nurse. A ready smile, soft eyes good knowledge of human anatomy and good at her job. Protective of her patients, almost too protective. That is the first warning she not there to help the people under her care. No she doesn't keep people away for their safety, but because they are her prizes, each with their use in her pursuit of her goals, whatever they may be.
General History:Once married to a private that was a different life, almost literally. She had been a devoted wife until the night she had her first taste of magic. The vampire who showed it to her, given it to her quickly became her lover and tentions rose between her and her husband until it became clear he had to go. But he caught on faster than planned, a fluke lead in a case causing him to follow up on her lover and he confronted her. What happened that night is a confused memory but when she woke up her hands were burned and her husband believed she was dead. It couldn't have been more perfect if she planned it. Under a new name and freed from all tries, the vampire disappeared on that day too, she decided to see where life and her new powers took her. The answer, in short, was Elswen Island.

Character Name: Donncha "Donny" Toombs
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Mob boss/funeral home owner.
Age: 63 Looks mid 20s
Current Goal/Purpose: Fund his brother's crazy schemes while accumulating wealth and power.
General Personality:
General History:Hes been in business a long time under many business names and in more than one tine of work, over 40 years in fact and with his brother he plans to stay in business even longer. Hes been supplying his brother with what he needs to keep them both young for 35 of those years always moving always keeping his head low and his fingers in many pies. Elswen is just the latest town in a long list.
Character Name: Killian "Jason" Toombs
*Law-abiding world knows him as Iasan, or Jason, which means Healer in Gaelic, though his real name is Killian, which means Strife in Gaelic
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Pharmacist/Coroner (Alchemist)
Age: 57
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To track down Johann Faust, the legendary alchemist, and obtain the secret of true immortality.
General Personality: As part of his payment to Samael, Killian gave up his "pure" emotions. As such, most of what he feels is a twisted, darker version of its normal self, if not gone entirely. Happiness only comes at the cost of others, love replaced by lust, sadness with hate, and so on. In the first few years after his deal, he had trouble running his business, as his customers saw him as cold, uncaring, and even a little sadistic. Since then, he has become skilled at faking "pure" emotions, and subduing his darker emotions in public. He views everyone around him as simply a means to and end, tools to be used until broken. He even feels this way towards Erin and Donny, though he sees Donny as the only person actually worth their salt. Refers to Vera as "Dragon Lady" because he thinks she looks chinese. He doesn't know she can turn into a dragon.

General History: Killian and Donny grew up in Ireland. Even when they were young, Donny always proved to have a head for business and profit, while Killian could usually be found with his nose in a book. One day, while exploring their family's attic, Killian came across an old, leather-bound book, with pictures of strange creatures and symbols throughout the pages. The young Irish boy spent the next two years deciphering the strange text within the book. Eventually, he finished his task, and found the book to be some of the great alchemist Johann Faust's early works, before his legendary deal with the devil. Curious, the boy decided to test one of the simpler experiments. He invited his brother to the experiment, and after seeing the result, the two began to search for more knowledge. By the time they were in their 20s, Killian's skill with alchemy had grown powerful enough that he was able to summon a devil of his own. This devil, named Samael, offered Killian immortality in exchange for his soul. However, knowing what this would entail from his research of Faust, he countered with a deal of his own. In exchange for the secret of a temporary immortality potion, and a lead on tracking down Faust, Killian would give Samael his "pure and innocent" emotions, as well as deliver Faust into his hands once he had obtained the secret of true immortality from the alchemist. Samael, lusting for the soul that had evaded even the mighty Mephistopheles's grasp, agreed. However, neither side intended to hold true to their end of the bargain, Killian planning on stiffing the devil, and the devil planning on stealing the Irishman's soul along with Faust's. When Killian brought these events to the attention of his brother, Donny demanded proof, so borrowing some money from his business savvy brother, Killian created two batches of the potion, one for each of them. Now they travel around the world, following the trail of Faust, changing locations roughly once every ten years, when they need to retake the potion.
I just had to read this, didn't I? *headdesk* Maybe I'll join afterall...
Character Name: Vera Kleeman
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Resturant Owner
Age: 25
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To serve and calm the hard working people of Elswen, and to make a buck or to while she is at it.
General Personality: Smooth, seductive and sassy. She is the type to send a lonely man a little wink one moment and kick him out of her resturant the next. She isn't the type of woman to give herself away though and is quick to inform a clingy man of that by breaking his nose. Otherwise she'd generally kind and the type of person that one can trust with your feelings and secerts. She is a materiallistic kind of woman, more than happy to accept money or jewels if she is ever given any. However, she doesn't believe in ratting people out, no matter the price offered...unless of course the person in question is someone she doesn't like.
General History: Vera spent her whole life on Elswen, her parents having passed away when she was 18 and leaving her with the family owned resturant. She speant her life feeding the people of Elswen and now she is working the front instead of the back, smiling and chatting with the hungry people. Vera didn't know she was "different" until she was 14 and she spent a month away from school, her body having gotten stuck as a beast of a dragon. Things are different now and Vera has great control of her form, rarely changing into it unless she needs to intimidate a person who is a treat her shop, home or lifestyle. She doesn't fear being caught though, who would believe there was a dragon after all?

Character Name: Erin Kel Hart

Gender: Appears female but there are some who know otherwise.

Job/Role: "Waitress" at Vera's restaurant. Best described as "succubus", he's a supernatural being that feeds off of another's life energy through sexual means. Though he's very capable of giving back what he's taken, and then some, he's only ever found one person worthy of such actions.

Age: 21

General Appearance:
It's not just from a distance that he's mistaken for a women. Because of his appearance and soft, silky voice, Kel is generally believed to be a woman and he's never bothered to correct anyone. His skin is a flawless, milky tone, smooth and healthy but because of malnutrition during his childhood, his body is rather frail and feminine, right down to slender hands and a small waist over curvy hips. His eyes are probably his most attractive feature, vivid gray orbs that hold your attention captive. It's these very same eyes that seem to give hints of the hard life he's lived until now. Though the local gossip queens claim his hair is dyed, every strand of bronze and red is one hundred percent natural. When he's not wearing the required waitress uniform for work, his clothes consist of whatever his lover buys for him and asks him to wear.

Current Goal/Purpose:
To stay at Killian's side until the man tires of him.

General Personality:
He puts up a good act, seeming like a sweet young woman who adores just about everyone in Elswen. However, inwardly he's rather bitter toward the towns' people for his own reasons.

General History:
He'd never even heard of Elswen until his brother, Leddy, told him about it one night as he sat watching the detective pack for yet another case. Kel rolled his eyes after the older man had finished his little story about supposed witches and things that went bump in the night. Then again, Leddy had no clue what Kel was. Two weeks went by before Kel received a telegram from the local law enforcement in Elswen, telling him that his brother had gone stark raving mad and was now a resident in the asylum.

That was Kel's reason for coming to this horrible place.

He found a cheap, filthy room for rent, got a job down at the local diner, and would visit his brother on his days off. Nothing Leddy said made any sense. Kel felt so useless, unable to do anything for his brother. And then one day, Leddy commited suicide, leaving Kel to struggle through life alone. For a while, he became something of a zombie, repeating his days, numb in both body and mind. And then a man called "Jason" sat down at a table in Vera's restaurant one night and from that point on, Kel's life took a turn for the better.

Killian was Kel's reason for staying.
*looks at the plot*

Character Name: Franklin Lupa.
Gender: Male.
Job/Role: Bureau of Prohibition Agent.
Age: 30.
General Appearance: Thick, dark hair grown out long enough for the curls to begin to show. Eyes are a moonlit grey. His features have a more relaxed look to them than his dangerous duty would suggest, a look of confidence. When in his wolf form, his fur is dark brown/black to match his hair, although it grows grey around his hands as if he's wearing gloves. He's never without a distinctive silver wristwatch around his left wrist, with a flowing runic sript etched around the face.
Current Goal/Purpose: Investigate bootlegging and moonshining operations around Elswen.
General Personality: Frank takes a somewhat laid back approach to his investigations, sometimes seeming indistinguishable from a tourist from his casual demeanor, until his name appears in the local newspapers connected to arrests. He has no tolerance for dog jokes.
General History: Frank has proven to be a solid member of the Bureau of Prohibition, with a particular talent for finding even the most well-hidden moonlighters and bootleggers. He's never been on the take a day in his life, and never treats threats or attempts on his life with any real concern. After all, not many of them load their guns with silver.

Wolf form: Picture a male counterpart of this picture with the features describe in the character sheet. Oh, and if anybody else wants to use that picture for their character, ABSOLUTELY NO ARGUMENT FROM ME.
Hey Hades, I have a challenge for you! I've noticed you play the same character in every roleplay you've joined so far. Thus, if you want to join THIS roleplay, I am challenging you to design something new. >:3 It's about time we flex your creative muse.
Doyoubi no Onna
from what I read from your char he's like a shemale succubus? that's more like a transexual inccubus right?

Traditional beliefs are that a succubus and an incubus are one in the same being; one that simply switches between the states in order to create a demon spawn. If you read my sheet again, you'll see that I said "best described as "succubus"", meaning I'm not going with a traditional succubus but rather something that borrows some of its powers. If you want a clear example of Kel's powers, a good reference is the main character "Bo" from the show Lost Girl.
Screw thinking. I'm game.

Character Name: Alex Vermillion
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Ex-Private Detective. Presently a Paranormal Enforcement Agent
Age: Appears 26.
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Alex doesn't know what it is he's doing anymore. For now he continues to put criminals to justice and hope it means something somehow.
General Personality: Alex used to be a sociable, well intentioned, if a little naive individual. Now he's quiet, distant, and often ends up trapped in his own thoughts.
General History: Alex is an esper who's talents include manipulating energies into paper thin blades from his wrists and an ability called a Flash Step which is essentially a near instantaneous movement with a range of 50 feet (though extreme circumstances may allow him to go further). Alex's rise to fame came in the form of serial killer Norman Richardson, who murdered human and supernatural beings alike. There was no pattern, no motive, just constant and random killings. When Alex finally apprehended him and questioned him, something that Richardson said warped him. He began to question why he chose a path where he's constantly confronted by darkness, going so far as to wonder if it makes any difference in the end. He presses on in his work in search of that answer.
is that show good? I been meaning to watch it but I never seen to get to the TV on time, lol

I will research her powers on google anyways.

But you're more like a guy who has a feminine body, or more like a shemale?
Character Name: Dwight Davis
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Patient
Age: 27
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Dwight is slowly losing his grasp on reality, growing increasingly insane, and he is trying to fight to regain his sanity and become the man he was before the war.
General Personality: He was once an outgoing, loving and compassionate father, but is now quiet, bitter, and slightly insane - he will hold conversations with people who aren't there for hours at a time.
General History: Dwight fought in the First World War, suffering from shell-shock. When he came home, he murdered his wife and son, believing them to be German spies. He went to the police afterwards, telling them that he had located German spies, and leading them to his home. Once he saw the bodies laying there, he realized what he had done, and he had been incarcerated in the Asylum shortly afterwards.
*Pokes Hades with her stick!* I wasn't kidding about wanting you to design a new character. D: You'd been playing that same guy in every iwaku roleplay so far, I would really love to see you do something different!