Blue Moon: A Moonlit World Halloween Adventure.

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  1. Louisiana. New Orleans.

    A body comes to New Orleans, first thing they see is the glitz and glamour. Well brotha, t'ain't too far from the truth. If you lookin' for a good time, ain't no betta place than the Mardi Gras state! But for others? Ah, its roots lie darker and deeper, like the trees in the bayou all twisted an' gnarled like a witches lie. Here in the Big Easy, oho- We know what the real power is. Its in the magic brought over during the slave trade, what found energy in the darkness of our history. Its in them traders and dat dere gods which found the swamps cool and welcoming, after their journey.

    Its in the blood suckers what came, and the devil who rode after. N'awlins be a party boy and whether you gonna be eating at da table or be the dinner is a matter o' perspective. But where are my manners? Welcome to N'awlins.

    Don't be a stranger, y'hear?

    The Paranet- The online community of minor practioners and other magical beings is crying for help in New Orleans. Three people dead, all related to the magical community in what looks like motiveless killings. All from different walks from life and at least one who was a Mundane. New Orleans is in what looks like a police state now from the local powers, with everyone throwing accusations and making the current situation look like a powder keg. Only thing that's clear is that someone should do something.

    Or a lot of people are going to die.

    To that end, a Paranet user has set up an open thread requesting help from any outside sources and to meet her at a local eatery and inn known locally as the Cauldron. Its a Hidden eatery for Hidden folk, accorded neutral ground as well. A perfect meeting place for people to join up. Over the past week, several have agreed to come and so she waits on em all...


    Like what you see? Join the Moonlit World clan to join in!

    Here is our Codex, for those interested in the setting.

    And here is something regarding Magic and how it generally works in the setting.

    I'd prefer OC's for this for personal taste, but will accept any canons who you feel we can fit in properly though keep in mind, as GM I reserve the right to refuse if a PC idea is too powerful or too out there. Second, the way skills work in this is personal taste- Using them will allow you to perform certain skills more easily and gain more knowledge from checks on them. Unskilled folk will engage in more trouble, like a non-hacker accidentally setting off a silent alarm for example. Things of that nature.

    That said, a final word if you'll allow me.

    I absolutely LOVE the Deep South. There's a lot of folklore tied in, as well as history and the setting allows for all sorts of things to be out there. Also, I was inspired by werewolf stories among other influences and the Ku Klux Klan are going to feature prominently as the villains of the piece. So with that, a little story to hint at things to come as well as get us in the Halloween mood.


    Twas a while back, when Nawth an' South fought tooth an' nail. T'ain't saying there warnt no truth to the matter, but was a way of life- An' they thought it worth fighting for, though we know how that turned out. Didn't mean all dem Southerners were t'same. No sah! One of em worked t'underground railroad and remained in the South t'help slaves escape. All his household, well they done knew they were free but stayed behind to help him, that man named James Hawkins. 'Jimmy' they called him and eventually, he caught the eye of one of the plantation workers...And she caught him right back. Couldn't marry- Not in those days, but twas a sight for all to see. Some warn't too happy, mostly dem crotchy folk who shook their head at some white boi putting his hands on one o'dem or them white folk scandalized at some 'animal' what done took all his attention. Ha! Well, Jimmy and his love? They dun mind no one and as the war came to an end, he took her publicly as his wife in a bold move. Lot o' people warnt happy, no sah!

    Lot o' people warnt happy at all, especially dem soldiers coming home.

    A lot had gone rogue an' even warst. Looting and stealing, forming a society meant to preserve wat dey dun thought was 't'right o' ways' that they fought for. An' like all sad stories, it ended up coming to the door of the Hawkins plantation.

    Dey hung his wife from a tree, and kilt all dem others. Only Jimmy and a few were away, trying to deal with their neighbors who were trying to cheat em. When they came back, was to everything gone. He had nothing left an' all dem fine friends who loved him when dey thought he was one o' dem? They looked t'other way, at a man with a Negress for a wife.

    Dey say, he became an animal. Howling an' savage, tearing apart dem folk responsible for his wifes death till he chased de ringleader to Louisiana. Choked the living hell out o' him in de bayou all alone, an' with his dying breath dat man what killed his wife cursed him.

    "You've lain with animals and so you shall become one. Cursed to be the monster you are, and all your whelps after!"

    Jimmy came out of the bayou and turned himself into the authorities, eye all scarred from the leaders knife. Dey hung him, because it was different in dose days and well, the evidence was plain. Life had no mo' luster for dat poor man an' well...It seemed his troubles were over.

    But when dat full moon came....Dey say his grave burst open, and he emerged a ravenous wolf wit one nasty scar over dem eye. An' he killed an' he killed, till he fled into the bayou where dey say, you can hear him howling to dis day. Still mourning t'loss of his wife and hungry for flesh and blood, under dat dere curse placed upon him.







    Origin Story:

    Racial Abilities and Weaknesses:

    Skills: Pick ten of them, a list can be found here.

    Magic: If capable of any. A list for inspiration and various types, can be found here.

    Additional information on the current setting if you want ideas, can be found here.

    The Deep South

    @The Tactician @Michale CS @york @Chewy Rabbits @Schnee Corp Lawyer

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  2. NPC test profile, to show what I'm looking for.


    Name: Modeste Laveau

    Race: Creole, Witch.

    Occupation: Former Yoga Instructor, currently chef at the Cauldron.

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 150 lb

    Origin Story: Modeste is a witch, capable of a few minor talents but unable to progress beyond that. By day she works as a Yoga Instructor at a gym. By night, she works as a Paranet operative, one out of a six-man cell that watches over their section of New Orleans. Out of the six-man cell, only three remain now, among them her sister who died to the attacks. Quitting her job to take over her old place at the Cauldron to keep it afloat, she runs the place and was the one who requested for help.

    Racial Abilities and Weaknesses: As a Witch, Modeste has only a few magical talents, but has honed them to incredible heights. Her power is the ability to See through glamours and illusions, as well as create powerful barriers through ritualistic magic. New Orleans has a deep history and in her family, some things lie in the blood. Though not a wizard by any means, her skills and powers allow her to be an asset to the right folk.


    Mechanical Repair – This allows the investigator to repair a broken machine, or to create a new one. Basic carpentry and plumbing projects can be performed. Special tools or parts may be required. This skill can open common household locks, but nothing more advanced. See the Locksmith skill. Mechanical Repair is a companion skill to Electrical Repair, and both may be necessary to fix complex devices such as an auto or an aircraft.

    History(New Orleans) – Enables an investigator to remember the significance of a country, city, region, or person, as pertinent. Lessen the chance if the facts are obscure. A successful History roll might be used to help identify tools, techniques, or ideas familiar to ancestors, but little known today.

    First Aid – The percentage change of awakening an unconscious or stunned comrade, setting a broken limb, treating burn damage, resuscitating a drowning victim, etc. First Aid has no effect on diseases or subtle physical ailments, nor on poisonings unless the keeper allows the roll.

    Occult – The user recognizes occult paraphernalia, words, and concepts, and identifies grimoires of magic and occult codes when he sees them. The occultist is familiar with the families of secret knowledge passed down from Egypt and Sumer, from the Medieval and Renaissance West, and perhaps from Asia and Africa as well.

    Swim – The ability to float and to move through water or other liquid. Only roll Swim in times of crisis or danger when the keeper thinks it appropriate.

    Shotgun – With this skill any scatter-gun can be fired. Since the load expands in a spreading pattern, the user’s chance to hit does not decrease with range, but the damage done does.

    Mythos - The investigator begins with a more comprehensive knowledge of the following. The White Council(Wizards), The Clocktower(Wizards), Gods(Loa), Urban Legends(local spook stories)


    The term Magic has two related meanings. First, it refers to a supernatural force or energy described as "the essence of life and creation." Second it refers to the practice of harnessing this force to produce changes in reality. An act of magic is called a spell, and the act of performing such an an act is called casting.

    According to Wizards, magic is life's essence. It is generated by living things, and may be thought of as akin to the concepts of Odic force and prana. However, the human heart and soul is also powerful source of magical energy. There's more magic in a baby's first giggle than any fire that a wizard can call up. Emotions are a kind of channel for magic, a path to carry energy to a practitioner. Practitioners can draw on their own emotions for power. Black Magic comes from negative emotions like lust, fear and anger, which are easy to harness and to make grow.

    As a witch, Modeste lacks the array of skills true wizards can perform and hone. Though in this case, luck has smiled on her to perform the following with a degree of skill.
    • Magic Circles: The circle is one of the basic tools of magic. An empowered circle creates a barrier that magical forces and beings of the Nevernever cannot cross. A practitioner will place a circle around an area where a spell is being performed in order to prevent magical "background noise" from interfering with the spell. Because supernatural beings cannot cross them, empowered circles can be used to contain such beings, as well as to keep them out of an area.
    • True Sight: All wizards have the Sight. The Sight goes by many names. It is the ability to see representations of magic on the physical world. For example, if a wizard sees a man whose wife has just died, he might see the man with sword wounds all over his body. It is able to pierce through various illusions. It has a major flaw that prevents it from being commonly used. What is seen is never forgotten. While there is a chance of seeing something positive, the chances are that the wizard would see enough negative sights to drive him into complete insanity. In Modestes case, its adjusted that illusions don't work on her. And that's about it. Its rare and unable to retain like the Sight as wizards have, nor can it see representations of magic as they do. But it does let her get a good look at what comes through the Cauldron door and prepare accordingly.
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    Name: Pete

    Race: Human

    Occupation:Owner of the Demeter Farm

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 140

    Origin Story: Pete is a man who has inherited his deceased grandfather's neglected farm in Demeter Village(which let's say is located somewhere within the south for the purpose of this RP.)and wishes to revitalize it. Pete's father believes this is a waste of time, and gives Pete three years to prove him wrong, at which point he will return from the city to evaluate Pete's progress. Three years have passed however and Pete has managed to get married, start a family and prove to his father he was worthy enough to keep this place going!

    Of course peace doesn't always last for long. Now, Pete may not be as wise as you darn city boys. But he's been around the block long enough to know when things be looking bad! Trusting his wife to watch over the farm in his wake, Pete sets out to do what he can to help these folks who ventured into the boiling pot of conflict that was New Orleans!

    Racial Abilities and Weaknesses: He's a human which means he's squishy without any of the added benefits that being a witch or a lycan or something similar might bring.


    Mechanical Repair – This allows the investigator to repair a broken machine, or to create a new one. Basic carpentry and plumbing projects can be performed. Special tools or parts may be required. This skill can open common household locks, but nothing more advanced. See the Locksmith skill. Mechanical Repair is a companion skill to Electrical Repair, and both may be necessary to fix complex devices such as an auto or an aircraft.

    First Aid – The percentage change of awakening an unconscious or stunned comrade, setting a broken limb, treating burn damage, resuscitating a drowning victim, etc. First Aid has no effect on diseases or subtle physical ailments, nor on poisonings unless the keeper allows the roll.

    Swim – The ability to float and to move through water or other liquid. Only roll Swim in times of crisis or danger when the keeper thinks it appropriate.

    Melee Weapon(Pitchfork) – Any hand-to-hand weapon can be used in Moonlit World. The possibilities are so numerous and often so strange that it is pointless to write them up as skills. Common classes of melee weapons are Clubs or Blunt Instruments, Foils or Rapiers, Knives, and Swords or Sabers.

    In this case it's a plain ol pitchfork that used to be owned by Pete's grandfather. Having left it in a decrepit shed that hadn't been cleaned out since he passed away, Pete dusted off the old gal and claimed her for his own. It's a much better alternative to scaring off bandits and the like. Give em a ol poke in the rear and off they'll run to home!


    Climb – A climb roll must be attempted every 10 to 30 vertical feet, depending on the difficulty of the climb as the keeper perceives it. Conditions such as firmness of surface, wind, visibility, rain, etc., may be factors.



    While he's aware of it, Pete doesn't care to practice it himself. Believes it'd be too much of a burden given having to take care of a family plus running the farm. But he's heard about it at least because before his grandfather passed, it's rumored that his crops were some of the best in the town. Purportedly due to the fact that his grandfather knew a goddess who made the fields propser and prosper and when he passed? So did the goddess and the farm fell into ruin.

    At least until Pete stepped up to the plate and in three years time? He managed to soup up the place without any help from a goddess. But one night while walking the dog while his wife tended to their child, Pete noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It appeared to be a woman. But not just any woman. A woman who had fit the very description of the goddess that Pete's grandfather had spoke of!

    Pete called out to her but it was too late. She was gone and Pete was left to wonder. Had she been watching over him this entire time?

    Equipment: Aside from his Gramps's pitchfork, Pete's also got his trusty canine companion who's been with him through thick and through thin! Normally sitting by Pete's child's side these days, he's gone off with his master and best friend to take on whatever threat may be brewing!

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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Vincent Briggs

    Race: Half-Merfolk/Half-Human

    Occupation: Part-time Anthropologist turned Family Private Eye

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 180 lbs

    Origin Story: Born to a teen mother after her vacation to some little hamlet called Innsmouth, Briggs has lived in near constant disguise his whole life even near close family members. Going without makeup to hide his gills and some work on his "hair", and his mother knew he would end up under a knife in some lab somewhere. That didn't mean she could protect him from a stepfather's wrath though. For a few years, he experienced constant fear that the man who had forced himself in his life would reveal his secret out of spite for the fishy bastard.

    However, he was fortunate enough to be able to win a college scholarship with his talent as an expert swimmer. For several years, he's mostly kept safely apart from his family, his step-father dying in that time to a case of lung cancer, and has only recently gotten back in contact, just in time for his half-brother Solomon to go missing during a visit to New Orleans. Unable to refuse his mother's request, he's now headed down to the city to find the extended spring breaker and bring him back home, dead and willing or alive and kicking and screaming.

    Racial Abilities and Weaknesses:

    Natural Swimming Ace - Given his heritage as a merfolk, Vincent is an incredible swimmer and has been since birth. Unlike full humans, he doesn't have to worry about drowning as a pair of gills remain hidden on the side of his neck that he will use during moments of swimming, while his eyes are perfectly content to peer and see clearly through the murky waters without googles.

    Fish out of Water - However, his heritage also brings about the need to constantly remain around some form of water. Either a water bottle or some other easily accessed source of water (usually multiple ones of both) is an absolute must for Vincent as he could easily become overheated and literally dry out on the ground.

    Skills: Anthropology – Enables the user to identify and understand an individual’s way of life from his behavior. If the skill-user observes another culture from within for a time, or works from accurate records concerning an extinct culture, he or she may make simple predictions about that culture’s ways and morals, even though the evidence may be incomplete. Studying the culture for a month or more, the anthropologist begins to understand how the culture functions and, in combination with Psychology, may predict the actions and beliefs of representatives. Essentially useful only with existing human cultures.

    Disguise – The user changes posture, costume, and/or voice in order to seem another person or another sort of person. Theatrical makeup may help. Dim lighting definitely helps. Increase the chance for detection if the disguise involves significant differences in sex, age, size, or language. To look like a specific person, as opposed to a particular kind of person, halve the Disguise skill percentage – this sort of illusion is best left maintained by distance.

    Dodge – Allows an investigator instinctively to evade blows, thrown missiles, attacks from ambush, and so forth. A character attempting Dodge in a combat round may also parry, but not attack. Dodge can increase through experience, like other skills. If an attack can be seen, a character can try to dodge it. Against guns, a defender may try to dodge only the first bullet fired at him in a round.

    Fast Talk - Causes a target to agree with the user for a short time. Without reflecting, the target signs the paper, allows the trespass, lends the automobile, or whatever else within reason is asked. Given a little more time to think and the benefit of a successful Idea roll, the target comes to his or her senses, and the Fast Talk loses effect.

    Gather Information- A skill that allows one to obtain information from the locals, once per day. This information is not entirely reliable, but gives a good picture as to the current state of things.

    Handgun – Use for all pistol-like firearms when firing discrete shots. The rate-of-fire differences between handguns is partly from recoil and time needed to take new aim on the target, and partly from difference in mechanism between a revolver and a semi-automatic.

    Library Use – In many ways this is the most important skill in the game. Library Use enables an investigator to find a given book, newspaper, or reference in a library or collection of documents, assuming that the item is there. Each use of this skill marks four hours of continuous search. An investigator rarely gets more than two tries per day.

    Mythos - Urban Legends.

    Perception – This skill allows the user to spot a secret door or compartment, notice a hidden intruder, find an inconspicuous clue, hear a whispered conversation, recognize a repainted automobile, become aware of ambushers, notice a bulging pocket, or anything similar. This is an important skill in the game.

    Swim – The ability to float and to move through water or other liquid. Only roll Swim in times of crisis or danger when the keeper thinks it appropriate. A failing Swim roll starts the drowning procedure. Someone drowning may receive a Swim roll attempt each round – with a success, he or she reaches the surface and breathes. With a second success, he or she can begin to move through the water. If the second Swim roll fails, drowning begins again.

    Magic: None.

    Equipment: Lighter and cigarettes.​
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  5. Name: Sookie Stackhouse
    Race: Human/Fae "Halfling"
    Occupation: Waitress
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 108lbs
    Age: 28
    "Just once I'd like to not find a dead body in my house. Is that asking too much?"

    Origin Story: Sookie Stackhouse was born to Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse in Bon Temps, Louisiana. She has a brother named Jason, who is three years older. At a young age, Sookie discovered that she was a telepath, which frightened her parents. Sookie was examined by mental health professionals, who misdiagnosed her with attention deficit disorder. Knowing that this was incorrect, Michelle refused to allow Sookie to be medicated. Instead, she and Corbett maintained an outward appearance of accepting the psychologists' assumption of Sookie being highly perceptive and observant.

    When she was 7-years-old, Michelle and Corbett were murdered by the vampire Macklyn Warlow. According to Bud Dearborne -- the-then Sheriff of Renard Parish -- the cause of death was presumed to be drowning when their vehicle was found washed out during a flash flood. Because this event occurred before the Great Revelation, the bite marks found on the bodies were assumed to be caused by alligators. After their deaths, Sookie and Jason were both left in the care of their paternal grandmother Adele Stackhouse. During her childhood, Sookie was sexually molested by her grand-uncle Bartlett until she told her grandmother, and he was subsequently banished from their lives. Bartlett had also sexually abused Adele's daughter, Linda Stackhouse (Sookie's aunt, Corbett's sister) many years ago and, although she never left Bartlett alone around Linda again, she didn't take action until he did the same to Sookie.

    Sookie found growing up difficult. Due to her telepathy, she had a hard time concentrating on her schoolwork, and many of her teachers determined her to be slow. Fellow students thought the same, which thus began her lifelong ostracism in her small town. Sookie's only friend was Tara Thornton, who was also considered an outcast for being poor and raised by a single, alcoholic mother.

    As an adolescent and even into her mid-twenties, Sookie remained a social pariah in her small town. Her telepathy made it very difficult for her to form social and romantic relationships with people, who are uncomfortable with someone who can hear their thoughts, or appeared to be distracted by unheard voices. Through constant concentration, however, she trained herself to block out people's thoughts when she wants to. Until recently, she never dated or had a boyfriend, as she could always hear her suitors' lurid thoughts about her.

    Racial Abilities and Weaknesses: Sookie is a Halfling, which is a human/Faerie hybrid. However, her Fae heritage is so extremely diluted that her Faerie powers are limited and finite. Like all Faeries, she has the power of telepathy, which has made her a social pariah in her small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Her telepathy gives her the ability to hear and see the thoughts and memories of living humanoids. Since vampires are technically dead, they have no brainwaves, and although they think, their thoughts cannot be heard. Her telepathy also allows her to dig deeper into people's minds through touch. She can force memories to be revealed, and can even recover glamoured memories.

    She also has the power of photokinesis, which manifests as a glowing blue-and-white light that emits from her hands. This light is harnessed through nature and by her own will, but it takes practice. Faeries are not born with the innate ability to harness their light; Sookie discovered her light spontaneously when she defended herself against the Maenad Maryann Forrester. Her light can be used as a weapon against attackers, as well as to cross into alternate dimensions. Due to her royal lineage, her light can also be harnessed into a single ball of energy "that when released, can go supernova killing any vampire it touches." Her light can also have unexpected results. She used her light to break up a fight between the vampires Bill Compton and Eric Northman, the latter of whom was under a spell cast by the witch/necromancer Marnie Stonebrook/Antonia Gavilán de Logroño. The light somehow broke the spell and gave Eric back his free will. Because of her diluted heritage, her light is finite and will eventually extinguish for good. When this happens, she will no longer be a Faerie.

    Like all Faeries, Sookie emits a delicious aroma that only vampires can smell, making her very attractive to them. Her blood has no identifiable blood type, and also gives vampires the temporary ability to daywalk and to cross into Fae dimensions. However, because her Fae heritage is so diluted, her scent is nowhere near as strong as full Faeries or purer Halflings, -- like the Bellefleur sisters -- and the ability to daywalk wears off within mere minutes.

    Because Faeries "naturally adjust to the standard of beauty" in the dimension they are in, Sookie, her brother Jason, and her cousin Hadley have all inherited physical attributes that make them exceptionally attractive, in accordance with human standards.

    Personality: As a telepath, Sookie must constantly cope with hearing people's thoughts because she is half fairy. She can hear their darkest secrets—without wanting to—and so is a little awkward around people. Her telepathy makes it very difficult for her to form relationships with people, who are uncomfortable with someone who can hear their thoughts. For this reason, she had lost every single job she ever had before being hired at Merlotte's Bar and Grill. Through constant concentration, however, she has trained herself to block out people's thoughts when she wants to and turn a blind eye, but her ability to concentrate is greatly diminished when she is emotional or drunk. Sookie exhibits the down-home kindness that is stereotypical of the Deep South, and she is usually willing to help someone in need.

    Although Sookie is kind, she never hesitates to stand up for herself and her beliefs, even when face-to-face with an angry vampire or her best friend. Sookie is loyal to her friends, but when a friend does not return that loyalty she is deeply hurt. Sookie has a fervent belief in God, but has not professed any particular faith or religion, although she is presumed to be some denomination of Christian. Because of her telepathic abilities, she has gained notoriety in her small town of Bon Temps, and is often looked upon as the local oddity. Because of this slight ostracism, Sookie displays a progressive attitude toward other social outcasts, like the LGBT community and vampires.

    Many people in her life view Sookie as an innocent, vulnerable person who needs to be protected like both Bill and Sam for example, but she believes herself to be perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Some negatives include her naivete and gullibility; this is partly due to her quiet, sheltered life in a small town and her trusting disposition. She can be quite blunt and sarcastic. Sookie has a natural (and deadly) appreciation and curiosity with vampires, primarily because she cannot hear their thoughts and does not have to make a constant effort to block them out. However, her affinity for vampires often puts her and her loved ones into harm's way. Vampires are instantly attracted to her because she is Fae, and she emits a delicious aroma that only vampires can smell. However, since she is an extremely diluted Halfling, this scent is nowhere near as strong as with purer Halflings, like Adilyn Bellefleur.

    Disguise - Sookie has had to disguise herself and some of her friends enough times on the fly to escape trouble it's gotten to the point she's pretty decent at it now.

    Drive Automobile - Not only the standard stuff, but she's been in a few car chases and learned a few things due to them.

    First Aid - She's been in enough situations where this skill has been a lifesaver.

    Fast Talk - Whether it's to get out of working that overtime at Merlotte's or to talk her way past a guard, Sookie, aided heavily by her ability to know exactly what the person she's dealing with is thinking, is an expert at this.

    Gather Information - Again, this is greatly enhanced by being able to mind-read but it's given her practical experience in knowing what to say in order to get people thinking about what she wants them to think about.

    Handgun - She knows how to shoot, but rarely carries a gun herself.

    Martial Arts - Okay, calling it this is kind of a stretch but she's had a few classes and had a lot of practical experience. She leans towards Judo-like moves that use the opponent's strength against them as she's used to being overpowered.

    Pain Resistance - When you've went through as much of it as Sookie has, you build up a tolerance.

    Persuade - Long term experience with being able to listen to a room full of people's thoughts has gotten Sookie a very good idea of what to say when to convince people of her side of an argument. Unfortunately the sentients she often has to persuade can't always be considered people.

    Perception - She's gotten very observant over the years, the many kidnappings both successful and attempted, and attempts on her life, have given her a constant watchful eye.

    Magic: See Above. Faerie gifts are probably considered magic.
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  6. Some New Orleans facts and setting notes.

    Due to its multi-lingual history (and the presence of a faith with which many people are unfamiliar), New Orleans has its own lingo. What follows is a list of some of the more important terms.

    Bokor: A vodoun priest or magician who practices black
    magic. Houngans can be bokors, but such is not common.

    Cajun: A Louisianan descended from French-speaking
    Acadia (a corruption of the word “Acadian”); also
    describes other rural settlers, as well as food or music.

    Code Noir: The “Black Code” adopted by the French
    in 1724 governing the conduct of free people-of-color
    and under which conditions slaves were freed. Its also a
    Moonlit World local slang for conditions of parley regarding
    prisoners of war and the trade of favors owed.

    Creole: A free person of Spanish, French or African
    descent born in Spanish America; originally used in reference
    to whites alone, but grew to encompass others
    after the Civil War; also used to refer to food or music.

    Grand Dérangement: Literally “forced migration;”;
    the massive dispersal of over 10,000 Acadians following
    the 18th-century wars between England and France.

    Gris-gris: A term for all sorts of charms, talismans, and
    other mystical items of vodoun.

    Hounfour: Inner sanctuary or altar room for the practice
    of vodoun, sometimes dedicated to a specific loa.
    Alternately, a more general term for any vodoun temple.

    Houngan: A priest of vodoun, fully initiated in all the
    rites and mysteries of the religion.

    Krewe: A club that sponsors festivals and events (ersatz
    Old English “crew”); also a type
    of coterie composed entirely of local neonates.
    In Moonlit lingo, usually any sort of group loyal to one faction or another.

    Lagniappe: Literally, “a little something extra”; any
    small gift from a local.

    Loa: Spirits of divine origin that serve Bondye (God).
    They expect to be worshiped and respected, but can be
    imposed upon to grant favors in return.

    Mambo: Initiated vodoun priestess; female equivalent
    of houngan.

    Mulatto: The child of a black parent and a white parent.

    Peristyle: The building or outdoor area where vodoun
    ceremonies are held; often, but not always, bordering or
    very near the hounfour.

    Quadroon: A term referring to a person who is one quarter

    Veve: A symbolic design representing one of the loa.
    These are used as both the focus of rituals and as a temporary
    altar. They can be found written or inscribed on
    various surfaces but are usually constructed with flour
    that is poured on the ground during rituals.

    Vodouisant: A believer in vodoun; a worshipper of the loa.

    A word on the Big Easy.

    Crescent City… the Big Easy… the City that Care Forgot… N’awlins.

    Whatever one calls her, New Orleans is, and has always been, one of the most colorful urban centers in America. Few cities in the union can boast such a deeply rich and multi-cultural heritage. The first neo-Americans in the region begat the Tchefuncte, who constructed scattered settlements of mud-caked thatch in the area that was to become New Orleans. From them arose the
    city’s Native American roots, with the Choctaw, the Houma, the Chickasaw and the Muskogeans all struggling to eke out lives on the shores of Lake Ponchartrain. All this would change when a Spanish explorer by name of Alonso Alvarez de Pineda sent word of the discovery of an entryway to the heart of North America in 1519.

    He had found the Mississippi, and now all of Europe was eager to explore. Although Hernando De Soto made it as far as the river in his grueling, three-year trek overland from Florida in 1542, it would be a Frenchman named La Salle who would finally settle and lay claim to the region for his king, Louis XIV (for whom the state of Louisiana was named), some 14 decades later. Afterward, once Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur of Bienville, located the river’s muddy outflow in 1699, the area became a viable colony as well as a symbol of European ambition. Nowadays, however, the city that Bienville dubbed Nouvelle Orléans in 1718 (in honor of the Duc d’Orléans) is much more a symbol of America than of France.

    The city’s melting pot is full to overflowing with the cultural broth of its own people. The Native American, Spanish, French, Acadian and Creole ingredients of yore, stirred together with the later Haitian, Latin American, Vietnamese and Middle Eastern elements, have resulted in a unique blend that cannot easily be defined or categorized. And while it is a melting pot that has often served as an example of the American ideal, it is also one that has proven easily brought to boil. These nights, the population of New Orleans is mostly African American, who constitute just over 60 percent of the total. The remainder is divided roughly among Caucasians, who total around 35 percent, with the last five percent or so being a mix of peoples in which Hispanics are the dominant demographic. Perhaps equally important to the city, however, is its bustling tourist trade, which swells the ranks of its residents to nearly three times its normal size over the course of the year. Given this, it is not unreasonable to expect that not every character (even a starting character) in a New Orleans chronicle will be a Crescent City native. Indeed, some of the most interesting stories the city has to tell will be told to newcomers.


    These are the words many mortal residents of New Orleans live by, and certainly are words the Vampire Courts and Faerie Courts(Two of the three major powers in New Orleans) are sure to follow— especially in the Big Easy. The city certainly does love a festival, and even the period known as “the holidays” in other parts of the country seems like just a warm-up in New Orleans, where the period after the New Year is the time of greatest celebration. A selection of the more important annual holidays and events are as follows:

    • Twelfth Night (January 6th)
    • Battle of New Orleans celebration (January 8th)
    • Martin Luther King Jr Day parade (third
    Monday in January)
    • Mardi Gras parades (the month or so leading
    up to Mardi Gras Day)
    • Mardi Gras Day (in late February or early March)
    • Black Heritage Festival (second weekend
    in March)
    • Spring Fiesta (five days, beginning the first
    Friday after Easter)
    • French Quarter Festival (second weekend
    of April)
    • Jazz Fest (last weekend of April and first
    weekend of May)
    • Greek Festival (Memorial Day weekend)
    • Carnival Latino (last weekend in June)
    • Swamp Festival (four days in early October)
    • Halloween (October 31st, this holiday is not
    taken lightly in New Orleans)

    Staying Hidden.

    It is, paradoxically, both easier and harder to abide by the First Tradition(as the Vampire Courts refer to the Masquerade) in New Orleans than it is elsewhere.

    This is a city accustomed to the bizarre. It is a contender for the highest murder rate in the world, making it all too easy to hide the results of a frenzy or excessive feeding amidst the many others who are little more than violent crime statistics. During select portions of the year, an enormous portion of the population is dressed in outlandish or even monstrous garb, allowing the more twisted folk to unleash more of their bestial natures without standing out. It is also considered, by those who believe in such things, a widely haunted city, and one inhabited by a large population of people whose religion involves the ritual use of magic. And perhaps most importantly, alcohol and drugs are among the most prevalent of the city’s many vices; all manner of abnormal events can be—and often have been—passed off as the result of too much fun.

    Still, between the costumes, the vodouisant and the chemically induced hallucinations, one might expect the Masquerade to be more secure here than it is anywhere else. And that might be true—were it not for those selfsame vodouisants and a select few of their Catholic counterparts.

    For these people, the supernatural is real. They do not buy into the disbelief and selective blindness of modern culture. The vodouisant believe in evil spirits; some of the Catholics believe in demons. Both believe that powers of evil stalk the world, that magic and witchcraft work. Vampires do not directly play into these belief systems, but neither are they a particularly far stretch. Many of New Orleans’ inhabitants frequently watch for elements of the supernatural in the world around them, and they have the faith and the will to confront them. Thus, while the very nature of New Orleans bolsters the Masquerade, a select but dangerous portion of the population is far more sensitive to such things, and likely to cause substantial trouble for careless folks. The world only turns, so long as attention isn't drawn to their activities, which is why the current situation is such a big deal for the powers that be in the Big Easy.

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  9. [​IMG]


    Layla Sawyer
    (Disclaimer: Layla isn't actually related to any cannibalistic killers!)




    Apprentice Farmer (Part-time)




    89 lbs

    Origin Story:

    "Where did you train... On a farm?!"

    "Why... Yes. I did train on a farm~."

    In all seriousness, Layla Sawyer was a part-time farmer, mostly thanks to the pressures of her parents, but on her free time, she had quite an active life on the internet. Notably, she was a big fan of "RWBY", and is an active imitator of Ruby Rose's fighting style. Well, granted she doesn't have an aura, not a sniper scythe, Layla, due to some major practice (often "borrowing" a scythe from the farm she partially works at), is quite adept with handling scythes in combat.

    For the most part, Layla grew up being a rebel, as she never was a huge fan of the farm life, despite her working a part-time job at one. This is a large factor for her interest in the internet in general, as low quality as it's service is to her out in the sticks, she was willing to take any form of escape from her troublesome life that she could.

    Inevitably, she ran into the paranet, and the strange requests for help from anonymous sources, for strange occurrences, definitely drew her in. This only further gave her the incentive to practice day and night, hoping to be just as good as "Ruby Rose", the closest thing to a role model she had in her life, and perhaps... One day, she just might.

    Racial Abilities and Weaknesses:

    - Only Human; Layla is quite strong, but only as strong as a human can be, despite some extra stamina on her. Her strength and stamina primarily comes from her part-time job at the farm, along with her extensive training with a scythe she kind of... Stole Borrowed. Of course, Layla is vulnerable to the things most humans are vulnerable to, and is no way invincible.

    - Shorty (Petite); Her strength and stamina was definitely compensating for something! Layla is quite short, making her scythe comically large, and this can result in some... Complications, but at least she can use her scythe just fine!


    - Melee Weapons; In a more experimental stage of her life, before Layla settled with the scythe, she had practiced with farming tools, and even a somewhat rusty sword here and there, trying to mimic moves she saw on the internet, through animes, web series, cartoons etc. Eventually, she actually gained some form of skill in this aspect! Though that skill, is not neccessarily the most polished right now.

    - Weapon Focus (Scythe); Due to her massive amounts of time spent practicing with her scythe, trying to imitate Ruby Rose's moves, she has eventually honed skills in using it. Though she may not be as good as her fictional (as far as she knows) role model, and doesn't carry a sniper scythe with her, her skill with a scythe is quite formideable thanks to the hours she slaved away, practicing with a farming scythe whenever hse had a chance.

    - Operate Heavy Machine (Farm vehicles); A perk of working on the farm is that you're taught the ropes! Layla is more than of age, and capable of operating tractors, backhoes, forklifts, and even a combine harvester (albeit unsteadily, and well... It does kinda look silly when only her eyes and the rest of her head pokes out from the window).

    - Conceal; Due to Layla's habbit of... "Borrowing" items from her farm, she has learned the art of concealment, having developed a certain talent for keeping swiped items hidden from the view of others, thanks to the harsh punishments and reprimands she recieved during unsuccessfull attempts when she was younger.

    - Dodge; Well, in the area she was raised, Layla isn't exactly the most safe all the time, whether it be a falling pot, a loose ceiling tile, a pitchfork out of place... Or even some local kids aiming to pelt her with rocks or whatever they had, Layla has developed a decent way to dodge things coming at her... However, one thing she has yet to be able to quite get the hang of, is dodging faster projectiles, like a bullet

    - Enhanced Stamina; In conjunction with farm work, and tiring practice weilding a scythe, Layla has progressively built up more and more stamina. Though she still does need rest, she has been able to maintain herself in both battle, and labor, for remarkable times before tiring out, at least for someone of her size anyways.

    - Fast Talk; When Layla does get herself in a fix, her petite stature and her naturally cute sounding voice can be used to her advantage... Though its effect doesn't last long, she is usually capable of quickly sweet (or just plain cute) talking her way into borrowing someone's item, or perhaps vehicle, of course, this doesn't have a 100% success rate for her, but it works just often enough for her to fall back to when snatching an item, or taking something herself was simply too risky.

    - Pain Resistance; Having endured quite harsh punishments in the past, Layla has developed a formideable resistance to pain, though her wounds aren't going to heal magically... She has been able to percevere through pain, even to the point of stubbornness, and often refuses help for injuries at first. Though often times she will eventually cave in when for instance, blood loss begins to make her feel woozy, or she is reminded of what may happen if an open wounds gets infected, or a bone isn't set correctly before it heals.

    - Perception; Thanks to her... Borrowing habbits, Layla has learned to be perceptive, as this is how she finds the hiding places for items that she constantly borrows. Though her employers at the farm, and of course, her family try and conspire to hide things from plain sight, for fear of it being stolen again, Layla has always... Somehow, found a way to get at the things she still wants to use, which typically ends up being that farming scythe she uses, alot.

    - Stealth; It pays to know how to stay out of sight, and out of mind. This knowledge was accumulated by Layla overtime, in addition to her ability to conceal items as she "borrowed" items from her farm. After all, she wasn't exactly a big fan of being punished, and well, to be honest, she used to get punished alot for her behaviors as a child, as she didn't mask her activities as often, doing it out of an actof rebellion more than anything.


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