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    Interest Check
    GM: Sasha Bliss
    Co-GM: ZeroisDead

    Hour of Darkness, the day when the sun was devoured and the world was plunged into total darkness. The day when the earth trembled and the ground cracked apart. The day when monsters and demons flooded the land, leaving nothing but chaos in their wake. The day when magic settled into the innocent, leaving their lives to the judgement of the wicked. The day the world was changed, forever.

    After the Hour of Darkness, empires were plunged into chaos. Panic spread throughout the lands as monsters ravaged towns and village, lowering agriculture and trading in many different areas. The creatures forced into the forests and mountains by the guard, seeming to have a strong distaste for the light; but they would still frequently come out and attack the people. As some were concerned about the possibility of monsters attacking their cities, others feared those who could use magic more. Terrifies of humans granted the power to cast spells and curses, many believing it was the work of the devil or a result of possession.The heretics of the forests would only further their worries; using their magic to conduct blood rituals in order to gain the allegiance of monsters and demons. People begged their governments for protection, but with resources dwindling and trading slowed, their cries were mostly left unanswered, causing people to begin to losing trust in their leaders. Their leaders, just as terrified.

    About 150 years later, the ground once again began to tremble. Just as it did a few months before the Hour of Darkness. Mages and prophets both speak of the sky darkening and the earth breaking apart once more, releasing a beast even more terrifying than any that had come before. Some say they are simply mad, other believe this to be true. There are those that say this is the end of days and that this is punishment for their wrongdoings, others putting faith in their god, believing that they will be chosen to ascend to paradise and be saved. No matter what is believed, the world is on edge and terrified of what is to come.

    The royals observe this tension, but are cautious. The Hour of Darkness had thrown everything into madness and ruin, almost destroying all of civilization. Their empires still recovering to this day. Another one would surely cause everything to spiral out of control, with no chance of recovery. Things have already begun to become difficult, the people begging for protection and many farmers and merchants leaving their jobs, searching for protection behind city walls. Empires expanding their borders, desperate for new resources before the event happens, causing many empires to mistrust and despise each other. Thus the royals must take action, before everything falls into chaos once again.


    -Both GMs must give your character sheet a cookie before you are accepted

    -No God-Modding

    - All standard Iwaku rules apply

    -Keep it PG-13, aside from battle details

    -Please give descriptive answers, or at least something that can be replied to

    -No controlling other characters

    -Please Label who you are interacting with and where you currently are

    -Limit of 3 characters per person. Only two characters may be in the same country

    -There may only be 1 magic user for every 3 characters, meaning only ¼ of the characters can use magic at max. If you want magic, add “Bound by Blood” at the bottom of your CS. GM's will then decide if you have magic or not

    -And of course, have fun If you read the rules put “Chosen by blood.” at the bottom of your CS

    Playable Roles

    Royal and Military Advisers
    Royal Bastard Child
    Crime Lords
    (If you have any other ideas bring it up to a GM)
    Playable Countries/Kingdoms

    (Want to choose something else? Ask a GM)
    Character Sheet

    Role: (peasant, knight, king, etc.)
    Aligned Country:
    Reputation: (How are they seen by the people around them? Are they considered good? Bad? Greedy? Cunning? etc.)
    Personality: (Either 5 traits good and 5 traits bad, or a good sized paragraph description. Or both if you want.)
    Likes/Dislikes: (at least 4 of each)
    Skills:(Also include any weapons they are skilled with.)
    Bio: (What was their childhood like? Were they nobility or a peasant? If they are in power, how did they get there?)
    Country History: (Optional)
    Accepted Characters


    Not all roles or countries will be used nor are expected to be used, this is merely a list of choices.

    Sharing the same Kingdom/Country

    If you and another are both part of the royal bloodline in one of the countries, you must figure out things on your own about things like, who’ll be heir, who has more power, etc. If you truly are unable to figure it out I will settle things by having you both pick a different country, or we’ll roll a die to see who gets to have what they want. Limit 2 royal characters and 4 non-royals per country (this may change in the future).
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    Matthias Alexander Summerwyn






    Prince of England

    Aligned Country:



    Respect is a hard thing to come by when you're the youngest of three, but Matthias maintains a solid reputation of being a considerate, kind, and just ruler. He values the lives and welfare of his people before his own and oftentimes will help commoners without being asked (oftentimes, he ventures out to the villages in secret under a peasant alias). How the people perceive Matthias is drastically different from how they perceive his brothers, both of whom are womanizing, stubborn, brutish morons who would be much more capable of running a smithery then they would a country.


    • Matthias is very calm and respectful. He always has time to listen to others, allowing him to make friends easily.

    • Unfortunately, this makes him rather gullible/easily manipulated. Not to say he isn't smart and can't tell if he's being tricked, but Matthias is very trusting.

    • Although he normally follows the philosophy of 'brains over brawn', Matthias would never back down from a challenge. As the youngest son/heir to his father's throne, Matthias is always looking to prove himself.

    • Although he knows he'll never ascend to the throne unless his brothers were to die before/after his father does, Matthias' urge to prove himself as a worthy successor often leads him into not thinking about situations entirely. He still has the scar from when he fought a band of thieves who were trying to rob his carriage.

    • Matthias is very intelligent/well spoken. He spends most of his time reading books and studying the finer things in life, giving him a more intellectual edge then most of the other pompous Princes/Lords he knows.

    • Since he spent so much time reading by himself, Matthias is a bit of a social pariah. He's got the general gist of conversation/human interaction down, but he's rather shy and doesn't quite enjoy meeting new people.

    • Despite having grown up in a very sheltered home, having his every whim catered by a group of servants, Matthias is shockingly self-reliant. He can often be found in the kitchen preparing a meal alongside the cooks or even making his own bed/cleaning up his room.

    • Although Matthias tries not to rely too heavily on the fact he can request a servant to do anything for him, he still requires the assistance of others. The problem is, he's too afraid that if he requests help, he'll be seen as a less-competent person.

    • At heart, Matthias is a romantic. If he is courting a lady, he puts all of his heart and soul into winning... Well, her heart. Although he knows not every woman can reciprocate his love, that hasn't stopped him from trying to find his future Queen.

    • Despite his best efforts and rather adorable attempts to court ladies of the realm, Matthias has never before had a romantic relationship with a woman. Technically speaking... He isn't even a "man" yet, despite having recently turned 18.


    • Fine Foods.

    • His Hobbies (Horseback Riding, Playing Musical Instruments/Listening to Music, Swordplay, Reading).

    • People who he can trust/feels that he can trust.

    • Animals (especially his dog, Maxwell).

    • Helping others/Providing aid to those who have none.


    • Liars/Cheaters/Criminals.

    • When people disrespect him, his family, or people who he cares about.

    • Being called a "coward" for being a Pacifist.

    • Knowing the fact that his conception was an accident and that his parents once tried to 'fix their mistake'.

    • Insects/Creepy Crawlies.


    Christianity (Non-Practicing, but still maintains the core values)


    • Talented Cook

    • Highly Intelligent/Booksmart (and a bit Streetsmart thanks to his time as 'Alexander Blackwater', his peasant alias)

    • Knows how to play the Lute, the Ocarina, and the Pan-flute (he's also got a great singing voice)

    • Can more then handle a Sword, no matter the type. (broadsword, rapier, etc.) He's also been trained in hand-to-hand combat, although he would prefer not to get into a fight.

    • Has a natural talent with animals (training them, riding them, etc.)

    • Can recall practically anything he read/heard (has an iconic memory).



    Country History:

    (W.I.P., depending on what the GM's want)

    "Chosen by Blood"
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Bjarke Keln
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Role: Mercenary
    Aligned Country: Presently parading around looking for work.
    Reputation: A man to be feared and respected. Some countries are unhappy with his methods and refuse to hire him, however he is regarded as one of the most dangerous warriors on the planet.
    Personality: Bjarke is a proud man and will likely attack any man that dares to insult him or his warriors. He will fight for any side provided coin and ample action is a guarantee, but many think because he has no true cause that he is a simple brute who loves battle. While the latter portion of that statement is true he is far from simple. He sees combat as an art and respects other warriors as artists. He cares greatly for his warriors and will make great peril for those that wrong them.
    Likes/Dislikes: He enjoys drinking, and women. Often in the same environment. He loves to fight, and his talent at it is the main reason for his passion.
    He also despises cowardice, if a man under him were to run he would gladly execute him on the battlefield. He cannot stand the chatter, crime and betrayal involved in politics.
    Religion: Norse Paganism
    Skills: Bjarke is a brilliant tactician, he often considers his allies his enemies until he's been paid. He is also an incredibly talented fighter, ranging from axes to longswords. He dabbles in archery and is decent enough. His voice is another part of his pride, as he can be loud and soft. Many regard him as the best singer in his company.

    Bjarke Keln known as the Grey Wolf is a feared rumor in many Northern European countries. Raised under a great warrior, Bjor Keln, he learned to fight with honor and to kill as a viking did. His father was the first Grey Wolf and led many raids on lands in the north. Bjarke was taken on raids with his father and learned the language of many European countries from captives and allies in Europe. It was during his 17th summer on a raid when Bjarke lost his eye to a stray arrow, the projectile had struck a steel shield and broken into fragments. The arrowhead lodged into Bjarke's eye and he was forced to withdraw from the battle. However after the arrowhead was pulled from his eye he quickly returned to his father's side. Bjarke fought through his injury and found that he was not terribly unbalanced without his left eye. And after several years of adjusting to his injury he became the best fighter other than his father. At the age of 25 his father was on the cusp of his greatest accomplishment ever, ruling the largest kingdom in Iceland.

    On the day of his greatest battle his father rode into battle with his son at his side. The larger Keln army stared down the last of the coastal holds, owned by the Rorkes. The Rorkes knew they could beat the Kelns in open combat and challenged the larger army to put forth a single champion, and the Rorkes would do the same. Bjor shouted for any man brave enough to step forward, and Bjarke quickly dismounted his horse. He carried with him a longsword and a small dagger in his boot. The Rorkes put forward a larger man, he stood roughly a foot taller than Bjarke and was certainly wider. But Bjarke was happy, if he died by this mans hand then it would make perfect sense. But if he didnt, then he would be legend. The larger man wielded a long handles bearded axe. The pair walked back and Bjarke drew his longsword from his sheath under his side. He tossed the sheath aside and sprinted towards his target. The Rorke's warrior readied his axe to sweep Bjarke's legs, but the young man had already planned his attack. He ran forward then let his hand rotate in his hand so that it's blade faced down. He drove the blade into the ground, it wobbled and made a metallic clang. He pushed off the ground with one foot before bringing the other up and forming his body like a torpedo. The Rorke's fighter had swung low but managed to put one of his arms across his chest to deflect most of the blow. Bjarke felt his boots connect with the mans and then felt his weight give way. The man reeled back as Bjarke fell to the ground, however the Rorke fighter recovered and brought his axe behind his head before swinging down. It gave Bjarke enough time to roll out of the way and push himself up from the ground. He sprinted to his sword and yanked it from the ground before holding it in his right hand. He angled it across his chest, and grabbed the rest of the handle with his left hand.

    The big man rushed him and swung his axe through the air. Bjarke swung his sword so that it connected with the axe and then used the blade to direct the force of the big man's strike away from himself. He was dropped to a knee by the force of the strike and decided that if he didnt get out from under this man he'd be dead soon. He quickly rotated on his knee and drew his dagger from his belt with his left hand. He drove it into the back of the big mans knee and then jerked the blade sideways. The big man bellowed in anger and brought the flat of the axe against Bjarke's head. It shocked him but did not keep him still, he quickly stood and staggered away. The big man hobbled over to Bjarke and swung the axe lazily in one hand. Bjarke swung forth his longsword with one hand and it clashed against the big mans axe. Bjarke took a step back and then threw his longsword like a spear before rushing right after it. The big man brought his axe up to deflect the sword but the blade ran across him in such a way that he received a deep cut to his face. Bjarke wasted no time in plowing into the man elbow first, digging into his ribs. Bjarke still held his dagger in his left hand and raised it before slamming it down into the space between the large warriors neck and shoulders. The big man fell to a knee before landing a heavy punch into Bjarke's stomach and grabbing him around the throat. Bjarke grabbed the big mans hand with his right hand before pulled the blade out and driving into the big mans eye. Bjarke wiggled the blade around and felt the big mans grip around his throat relax. He stood, the big mans body sat kneeling on its haunches. Bjarke picked up the long bearded axe, he raised the blade and aimed it at the big mans neck. He reeled back and swung, the weight of the blade easily cleaving through the dead man's neck. The man's head pivoted in the air before it dropped to the floor, rolling on it's side until the handle of Bjarke's dagger became an obstacle. Bjarke sauntered over to the Rorke's soldier's head and put his boot on it, he bent over and pulled the blade from the socket it was lodged in.

    Bjarke smiled and wiped the blade off on his sleeve before putting it back in it's sheath in his boot. He grabbed his longsword and walked back to his fathers side with it on his shoulder. The Rorke's army was ordered to attack anyway, and through swift action on the part of Bjor Keln a decisive victory was achieved. Bjor happily marched his armies home to his throne, leaving one of his nephews in charge of the Rorke's territory. His son came home as well, this was when it was revealed to Bjarke that his father would not let him rule until he'd matured. But Bjarke took this disgrace with pride and convinced his father to grand him the title of Grey Wolf. Bjarke took his title and a collection of 500 men and sailed to the lands of Europe in order to pillage, and fight where he was provided with coin.

    Country History: He hails from a small kingdom under the rule of Bjor Keln. Bjor is a great warrior feared by many in the Northern European regions. This area was once a bunch of smaller holds then civilized through the rivers of blood that flowed where Bjor's army marched. Though the kingdom is controlled now, it could be upset if strings were pulled properly.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"My title was not thrust upon me, it was chosen by blood..."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]~Bjarke Keln[/BCOLOR]
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  4. Name:
    Xu Xi'mei



    Imperial Princess

    Aligned Country:
    Reformed Heavenly Empire of China
    ~Xu Dynasty~


    Reputation: Beautiful, Dutiful, Obedient

    Personality Traits:

    (sorry, not a fan of writing out much under personality, it is always conceptual for me, the smaller aspects and many different things that belong to a person usually develope over the duration of the roleplay itself)

    She likes...
    ...Being left to herself

    She dislikes...
    ...Being touched
    ...Feeling of worthlessness/uselessness
    ...Crude Behavior

    Reformed Budhism
    As magic and monster came to be, the budhist people faced what they thought to be demons and some Temples quickly formed into Bands of Demonhunter. Their sole objective: The hunt of such foul creatures. Other temples became center of peace, keeping to their original belief's.
    Ultimatively the Temple Faction of the heavenly empire, china fell into a civil war when they organized a coup to overthrow the Song dynasty.
    After the civil turmoil, a third faction turned out to rise, the Xu, they would assume direct control over the demonhunter and seperated Religion from the state.

    Is able to Sing and Dance well.
    Is taught in many languages and speaks them fluently.

    2nd Daughter, 6th Child to the Emperor and his Empress. To them, an unnoticed child, weakly minded, always agreeing, obedient but beautiful. A perfect tool to be used. She received a formal education, being taught by private teacher, all of which were women. She was taught the art of dancing and singing and was expected to perform perfectly for guest since an early age and kept sheltered and away from any influence her parents did not want her to have.
    The guards that accompanied her, watched her every move and followed her wherever she want, always watching, but even they were forbidden to speak to her.
    Punishment, a procedure she did have to watch, silenced the one whom broke the order of silence permanently, all while keeping them alive and imprisoned for the rest of their life. The whole event made her fearful of the world she knew, fearful of disobeying and disappointing her parent's expectations and orders.
    Recently her parents have been looking for possible suiter in europe for her, somebody they could rely on to use for a huge political ploy that they are planning on. Something they would use to exploit the chaos that would come to be, should a second coming of demons come to be.

    Needs a second look over and rewriting of certain parts.
    Base Skeleton of persona is done.


  5. I am considering to make a younger daughter for Britain for the 2nd character(once the first is completly finished, aka proofreading, rewriting for quality reasons, etc), would you be opposed to that??
  6. Nope! I was actually gonna alter his parentage to make Matthias the 2nd born son, so go right ahead!
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Daumantas Naujokas
    Gender: Male
    Age: 62
    Role: Grand Duke
    Aligned Country: Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Wiki)

    The people of Lithuania love and respect their ruler. He has led them through turbulent times, and, under his long reign, the country has not only strengthened and solidified it's hold on the traditional centers of Lithuania, but also expanded into new lands. Making pacts with the demons and embracing magic early on, Lithuania long ago made the stark choice of completely abandoning their Christian neighbors in their fight against the otherworldly beasts. This has enriched the country and it's people, but at the expense of relations abroad. As the decades passed, all of Chirstendom began to view the country as a bastion of evil; the one place on earth cruel and corrupt enough to side with the devil himself.

    Grand Duke Naujokas himself is a powerful sorcerer, and his people love him for his institutionalization of magic throughout the realm. No one is persecuted for practicing magic, in fact, it is seen as a great and wonderful gift. Yet, again, his own country is the only place that feels as such, and, throughout the world, the Duke of Demons is spoken of with disgust and disdain. Outside nations trade with him and his people purely out of necessity, the land of Lithuania having spread from the Baltic to the Black Sea, it's borders containing all the cities and trade routes from one to the other. While the arrival of magic and the demons, or "spirits" as the Lithuanians call them, has ultimately been in their favor, and the years since prosperous, the kingdoms of Christ have not been snuffed out by these demons; far from it. Those that have survived are stronger than ever, hardened by conflict and forced into new and more clever ways of life.

    A day of reckoning is sure to soon come; there is not a Lithuanian living that does not fear a crusade on Vilnius.


    Generally Liberal & Egalitarian
    Scholarly & Cultured
    Generally Kind, Caring & Generous
    Fair & Light Handed Ruler

    Impatient, Stubborn & Pugnacious in Old Age
    Bitterly Resents Old Age and It's Infirmities
    Functioning Alcoholic
    Still in Mourning Over the Loss of His Wife
    Somewhat Bigoted, Racist & Xenophobic
    Growing Distaste for Diplomacy
    Colludes With Demons, & is Sometimes Bound by Pact to Obey Their Demands

    Discovering New Ways To Improve His Country (Technology, Architecture, Medicine, etc.)
    Fine Cuisine
    Music, Drinking & Kinship
    Lithuanian Beer and Mead, & French Wine
    Mages and Magic
    Intelligence and Inquiry
    The Peasantry and the Innocent
    His Three Daughters & Heirs

    The Christian God
    The Catholic Church
    Catholic Military Orders

    Baltic Paganism, heavily influenced by the arrival of the demons and revolving around worship of ancestors, heroes and the spirits of nature(demons).

    Diplomacy: Though he once took great delight in it, Daumantas has lost much patience and all love for foreign diplomacy. He is more crass and impatient than is usually required for a smooth parlay.
    Riding, Soldiering and Swordsmanship: The Grand Duke was once a great soldier, but no more. Due to old age and injury, Daumantas has been unable to ride a horse for over twelve years, and has since given up practicing with sword and shield.

    Administration & Logistics: Daumantas has grown his kingdom by exerting careful and deliberate control over important cities, trade routes and resources.
    Linguistics: Lithuania is a country of many languages, and the Grand Duke is a man versed in many more than even those. He can speak to almost anyone in Europe, Britain or Scandinavia.
    Brewing: The Duke has been brewing beer and making mead for decades.

    Military Command: Long successful history of military command.
    Sorcery: Grand Duke Daumantas is known far and wide as one of his countries greatest sorcerers, having studied with the demons themselves since he was a boy. As do most Lithuanian mages, Daumantas almost solely relies on combining elements of nature in ritual to has his spells, and therefor his magic is not at all spontaneous. Fresh blood is almost always used as one of the components of these rituals, and, as such, this sort of magic can be unwieldy and even altogether impractical in certain situations.

    Daumantas Naujokas is the second son of Grand Duke Shvarn of Minsk. As second son of the royal family, it was his duty to enter the military. After first graduating from the acacamy, Daumantas served with distinction as a field commander on the western line. Following in the tradition of his family and people, he was also sent at an early age to first discover and then later to hone his aptitude for magic. After many years of practice and study, he had become a proficient sorcerer.

    His elder and only brother had always been prone to illness, and, only two years after receiving the crown from his dying father, he too succumbed to death. And so at the age of thirty four, Daumantas Naujokas was crowned ruler of one of the great nations of the world.

    Country History:
    Though Lithuania officially had it's first Catholic king crowned in 1253, his death later lead to a series of events that would firmly establish Lithuania as a pagan nation. This was only reinforced by the coming brutality of the crusades. The Teutonic Order of Knights mercilessly waged total war against the various pagan tribes surrounding Lithuania, until, after half a century, they had wiped them all out. Lithuania stood as the last pagan nation in the world, and the next six decades would play host to one of histories most terrible and brutal wars.

    Then, after over a century of slaughter and conquest, the Teutonic Order was presented with a force so terrible, the Baltic Crusade was recalled within the span of a week. The Hour of Darkness had brought great opportunity for the pagans of Lithuania, and they had seized it wholeheartedly.

    A century and a half later, and Lithuania stands as a hated yet respected anomaly, prosperous and well established as the northwestern center of world trade.

    Chosen by blood.
    Bound by blood.
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  8. Hey, do you mind if I make a royal guard character (probably with magic as well) for your country?
  9. WIP

    • Name: Eryk Jelen
      Gender: M
      Age: 26
      Role: Crime Lord and Unofficial Ruler
      Aligned Country: Poland
      Reputation: (How are they seen by the people around them? Are they considered good? Bad? Greedy? Cunning? etc.)
      Personality: (Either 5 traits good and 5 traits bad, or a good sized paragraph description. Or both if you want.)
      Likes/Dislikes: (at least 4 of each)
      Skills:(Also include any weapons they are skilled with.)
      Bio: (What was their childhood like? Were they nobility or a peasant? If they are in power, how did they get there?)
      Country History: (Optional)

    • Name: Chen Xie
      Gender: Male
      Age: 27
      Role: Assassin/Royal Guard
      Aligned Country: China
      Reputation: (How are they seen by the people around them? Are they considered good? Bad? Greedy? Cunning? etc.)
      Personality: (Either 5 traits good and 5 traits bad, or a good sized paragraph description. Or both if you want.)
      Likes/Dislikes: (at least 4 of each)
      Religion: Traditional Buddhism
      Skills:(Also include any weapons they are skilled with.)
      Bio: (What was their childhood like? Were they nobility or a peasant? If they are in power, how did they get there?)
      Country History: (Optional)

    • Name: Zahra Ndiaye
      Gender: F
      Age: 23
      Role: Knight, Military Advisor
      Aligned Country:
      Reputation: (How are they seen by the people around them? Are they considered good? Bad? Greedy? Cunning? etc.)
      Personality: (Either 5 traits good and 5 traits bad, or a good sized paragraph description. Or both if you want.)
      Likes/Dislikes: (at least 4 of each)
      Skills:(Also include any weapons they are skilled with.)
      Bio: (What was their childhood like? Were they nobility or a peasant? If they are in power, how did they get there?)
      Country History: (Optional)
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  10. I do not mind.
  11. Can't wait to see how Poland turns out. :)
  12. Would you mind if I created an elder brother for your character?
  13. Sure. Did both of you want to PM me so we can discuss the family history and work it out together?
  14. oh, you can do that without me, I will find ways to make the char I have in mind fit.
  15. W.I.P.



    Basic Info




    Aligned Country:

    The people of France see him as cunning but cocky, due to the fact that he chose to be king before becoming married. The people love him because he gives back to the people. He improved housing, increased trading, production, and lowered crime.

    Trustworthy, Respectful, Brave, A Romantic, Keeps his cool

    Cocky, Carefree, Blunt, Cunning
    Likes/Dislikes: (at least 4 of each)


    Skills:(Also include any weapons they are skilled with.)

    Bio: (What was their childhood like? Were they nobility or a peasant? If they are in power, how did they get there?)
    Country History: (Optional)
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  16. What countries open for a Princess or even a Lady Knight?
  17. pretty much all of them.
  18. Caution: I am making a Lady Knight so you won't be the one.
  19. Would you mind me making a younger sister for your character? Perhaps a bastard child?
  20. If you know of the Tamora Pierce books, we will be like a couple of her characters then.
    Lady Alanna "The Lioness" and Lady Keladry.
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