Black Wood Academy. (RP)

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    Current players:

    E-Claire: Nathan Webb
    Excesmyr the Fourth: Isaac Eli
    Bolverk: Cherie Bradford
    Severusx: Zeike Iruuki

    Karazura: Reno Karazura


    When Zeike recieved the letter in the mail, she thought it was surely a mistake.
    She didn't even remember signing up for this school, and she'd never heard of it.
    Her parents thought it would be a great idea, of course, if nothing else but to be rid of her for a while.
    "But I've never heard of it, mother. What if it's a trap? Some sicko trying to gather us all in one place and kill us?"
    Zeike pressed her hand to her mouth in horror.
    "I bet it's exactly that. I'm not going."
    "Don't be silly dear, of course you are." Her mother replied, sighing loudly.
    "Now, go pack your things." Her father said, taking a sip of his wine.
    Zeike huffed and stomped up the stairs to her room, making sure to slam the door.
    No matter how much she complained or begged though, her parents wouldn't let her get out of it.
  2. "Nathan darling, would you stop drawing and come here please," Nathan's mother commanded from the front door. Nathan skipped out of the kitchen, humming a catchy tune as he went. "Darling there's a let...why are you wearing such a monstrosity, oh son of mine?" his mother inquired, analyzing his floral, pink dress. "Because it matches my favourite hair ribbons! So, what did you want me for any way?"
    Nathans mother sighed, then continued "There's a letter in the post for you. It's inviting you to an exclusive boarding school. It says everything is free, but i'd rather pay the fee. Take a look at the letter." Nathan read through it, his face turning pale.
    "What? I don't want to go to a boarding school!" Nathan moaned.
    "But Darling, it's for outstanding students only! It'd be good for you too, you'd have to make friends. Dear, you know your father would want you to," his mother pleaded. Nathan glanced at the browning picture of his dead father on the wall. He entirely disagreed with everything his mother had said, but knew better than to cause an argument. "Fine. I'll go," Nathan muttered.
    "That's fabulous darling! I could almost hug you!" Nathans mother exclaimed, while he rolled his eyes, "We best go shopping so you have the best things packed for the year." Typical of his mother to want to show of her wealth.
    "Does that mean I can get some new dresses too? And drawing tools, and books?" Nathan inquired daringly. His mother was silent for a second, making him afraid he'd pushed it too far. But at last she replied "Of course, darling. If it makes you more enthusiastic." A grin spread across Nathans face, as he left for the shops with his mother.

    He had no idea of the extraordinary events that would happen at that school.
  3. Sitting on the breakfast table in the sweet aroma filled kitchen, Cherie for the first time felt energized after a nice sleep. Recently, she did not get a decent sleep for the past week because she was helping out on the grandparent‘s farm, which took away most of her planned free time to go running with her friends out in the big city. She loved the city. To her it is a huge playground, a place where there are infinite of ways to have fun, especially doing stunts like parkouring. A sport earned through the bruises, scratches, and tears on her body from the falling and other mess-ups that had happen. It happened so often, it caused her parents to question their daughter’s activities and force her work on the grandparent’s farm for the week.

    Entering the kitchen, a young lady wearing a business attire, sat beside Cherie on the pinewood chair with a few letters in her hand. The woman sorted out the mail on the pinewood table; while Cherie, with a bored look, tap her fingers on the table looking towards the man cooking.

    “What’s this?” The woman questioned curiously as she looked at the envelope, “Cherie? Come look at this. It‘s for you.” The woman handed the envelope to Cherie.

    Cherie opened the envelope and pulled the letter out to quickly skim the letter. The letter said about being accepted to go to a new school with everything paid. Annoyed, she looked towards the woman “Mom, I don’t remember signing up to go to a new school.” Cherie said.

    “A new school?” ask the man who entered in on the conversation, setting a plate of warm waffles glazed in syrup in front of Cherie and the mother. “Did you get accepted?” He asked cheerfully, heading back towards the counters to get his plate.

    “Yeah Dad, but-” Cherie began before she was rudely interrupted by the mother.

    “How much does it cost to attend?” The mother asked, worried. “I hope it isn’t too expensive, you know how our money situation is right now.”

    “It’s for free, Mom.” Cherie answered.

    The mother seemingly glared at Cherie. “You’re joking. Let me see it.” The mother said as she reached for the letter and snatch it out of Cherie’s hand. The mother looked through the letter and then smiled. “For outstanding students, so you’ve been hiding your hidden talent this entire time? After we eat, go pack your things.”

    “But Mom-” Cherie began before being cut off yet again.

    “Honey, this is a once in a life time chance, think of the scholarships you can get going here. I think it will be a good chance for you to participate in.” She said.

    Cherie sighed in frustration. Like always, her mother never lets her speak.
  4. A few weeks later, Zeike was in her mothers car, sitting in the back seat, looking out the window. Her mood matched the weather, which was dark and rainy.
    Sighing loudly, she pulled at her dress.
    "Mother, why do I have to go to this school? I don't want to."
    "It's completely free, darling. You just have to take this opportunity."
    Knowing that her mother wouldn't change her mind, Zeike gave up.
    Instead, she pulled out a notebook and began to write a poem.
  5. Issac was a country kid. Perhaps "country" wasn't the right word. He lived on the outskirts of a medium-sized town and made regular excursions into the town, but he enjoyed the outskirts. He loved the open fields and towering trees and rivers. He liked enjoying the nature and natural feel of things, the natural order of the world speaking out to him. Academically though, he wasn't extraordinary. He had average grades, B's and C's, and didn't think he had any natural talents. He felt a connection with the natural world, but he didn't find any practical use for that in the real world. The world, that valued your skills, which he barely had.

    So, imagine the surprise when he found this letter saying that he had some kind of "talent". Baffled by this, mainly by the fact that he had not applied for any school, nor did he do well enough to catch anyone's attention. Confused, he went to go confront his mother about it.

    "Hey Mom! Do you know anything about this letter? Did you enroll me in some kind of school?"

    "No, I don't know what your talking about. Lemme see that letter." Issac's mom took the letter from his hand and read over it.

    "What is this? It sounds kind of fishy. Nevertheless, you should enroll. Seems like someone has taken notice of one of your hidden talents. Go pack your bags and I'll go with you to check out this school."
  6. Nathan was weeping in the Mercedes at the miserable rain. "Why it have to rain?" he thought, "I wasn't able to wear any of my nicest dresses because of it." He crossed his legs under his royal blue, linen dress. The cross neck didn't look too good with his small, male figure. He'd worn it with some plain, deep blue ballet pumps, and a blue, satin alice band with a rose on the side.

    Nathan stared out at the rain and began to see patterns from it. He reached into his little shoulder bag (his suit case was in the back), pulling out some art pencils and a not pad. As the car drove along towards the dreaded boarding school, Nathan drew the weeping rain.
  7. It was a few days since she received the invitation to the new school. The drive to the school had been long, frivolous, and trite. Cherie was in an antsy mood. Nevertheless, Cherie sat in the backseat of the car and somehow kept herself occupied by caressing an old baseball, A gift from her friends back at her home city, in her hands while her Father drove towards the school. Her mother did not have time to take Cherie because of a business meeting back at home. At least the young girl could spend more time with her father. She and her mother did not get along so well for the past few days, and Cherie was glad about not riding with the mother in the car. The father heard a tap on the windshield, and he smiled.

    “Didn’t forget your umbrella did you, Cherie?” The Father asked.

    “Dad, you know me. I don’t use umbrellas.” Cherie muttered while looking out the car window.

    “Pretty dang soon, you’re gonna catch a cold.” The Father said, “I’ll leave you with my umbrella when we get there okay?”

    “Whatever…” Cherie said, not caring as she witness the outside beginning to pour rain. She can hear the tapping of each drop hitting the car like an audience applauding. The speed of the car slowed down.

    “Well, We are almost there.” The Father said, “Are you excited?” He asked trying to start a conversation.

    Cherie ignored him, while staring at the outside. Cherie wasn’t excited for anything she is more or less frustrated of how she is going to be isolated from the city. She was going to lose time with her friends and all the adventures they had at the place where she belong. She hoped that this new place would have something for her to do.

    The Father sighed, “And you used to be so excited for school.” The Father thought as he continued to drive towards the school.
  8. "Reno? Where are you going?" My mother asks angrily as I walk out the door.
    "Some school. Hopefully far enough away from you." I reply breaking into a sprint with a suitcase in tow carrying my stuff.
    Her voice fades into the background as I call a cab and tell him where to go. I knew my mother would be glad to be rid of me, that miserable... Doesn't matter now. I'm on my way to a new school, one where my secrets are my own. The cab driver is thinking 'This man must be rich to be heading such a distance.' While I did have money, I would be quite low on it once I reached the school, which would be a problem. From what I read along the winding roads the cab takes, the school is a grand place. I am willing to bet that I am the only gifted student there and that I could get all of the answers like at my old school. I dodged a good number of punches too. I wonder what it would be like at the school.
  9. Issac had investigated the school and gone to some of the school meetings with his mother over the last few days. They must be really prestigious to pay for everything and give a good education. And to top it off the school had made quite a convincing argument. It had even got Issac persuaded even though he is quite independent himself. He had went to pack his bags with clothes and his favorite book. It was what he read every night. It got him through the day. Though he gets average grades, he does excel in the English language and is very literate.

    The day he went to go to Black Wood was a very rainy day. The clouds rolled over the hills and forests of his area. The rain seemed unnatural, but not too far fetched. He gave out a sigh as he packed his bags and prepared to leave home for the year. It was nice since he got to meet new people, but the rain didn't really put him in a good mood. He never liked the rain, but he couldn't do much about it.

    He finished packing his bags with nice clothes to make a good first impression on the students and teachers, and packed some odds and ends to keep him busy.

    Still, it bothered him at how they were able to locate him and send him the letter. What was more weird was that they gave a political answer when he confronted them about it, dodging the question. He hoped that he could get a good education there and perhaps even learn more about himself.
  10. Zeike looked up at the old mansion that was soon to be her school.
    It was behind a huge iron fence with a locked gate. The windows were dark and the grounds had tall trees that made everything look dark.
    She bit her lip and watched as her father pulled her five suitcases from the car.
    "Why did you pack so much, Z?" He asked, puffing.
    "I had to bring all my clothes!" She called back, and jumped as she heard the gate opening.
    "Hello miss. I'll bring your bags in." An older man said, bowing low.
    Zeike nodded, and walked past him, her mother at her side.
    Once inside the school, Zeike looked around. The floor was marble, and there was a huge black marble staircase in front of her, the walls were covered in striped Victorian wallpaper, and it smelled like lavender.
    A tall woman in a black dress walked out of one of the side rooms and smiled, but Zeike noticed it didn't reach her eyes.
    "Hello there. I'm Miss Florence. I'm the headmistress of this school. Who are you?"
    Zeike looked around and sighed.
    "My name is Zeike Iruuki."
    "Ah, you have a lovely name, and lovely taste in fashion, Miss Iruuki."
    Zeike glanced at the woman wearily, and shuddered.
    She didn't really like Miss Florence.
  11. As the miserable rain began to fade the car pulled up to a ginormous iron gate. "You can go alone from here, right darling?" Nathans mother checked. Nathan nodded, though he'd rather have somebody accompany him into this creepy place. He slipped out the silver cars door, with his little bag in tow. He opened the boot, then tried to heave out his suitcase. After a minute he managed to wriggle it out, but it just feel on top of him. He struggled out from under it, his clothes now wet and muddy brown. How he wished his mother could be more helpful sometimes. He waved to his mother as she drove away, leaving him to lug the impossible weight of useless things towards the gate. The gate slowly creaked open, making him jump and fall in the mud again. He cautiously walked up to the schools front door, the trees casting scary shadows over him, and the windows like black holes. This wasn't really what he thought a school for top students would be like. Nathan sneaked in through the front door to find another family had already arrived.
    "Hello there. I'm Miss Florence. I'm the headmistress of this school. Who are you?" He heard a tall woman say.
    "My name is Zeike Iruuki." Came the reply, of who he assumed was another student.
    "Ah, you have a lovely name, and lovely taste in fashion, Miss Iruuki." The tall woman expressed.
    "Hello sir. I'll take your bags, and find you a place to wash" An older man suddenly said to Nathan, making him jump. Nathan screamed and fell to the floor for the third time that day. Not the best start to the year.
  12. As the cab I am in pulls up to the building, I begin pulling out a few hundred dollars to cover the expense.
    "Thank you, if you would wait a moment for me to get the change..." The cab driver starts.
    "No, keep it." I reply, closing the door.
    I grab my suitcase, and start walking to the entrance, where two others were entering as well. I walk up in my green polo, and jeans with confidence.
    "Hello there. I'm Miss Florence. I'm the headmistress of this school. Who are you?" I hear as I walk up.
    "My name is Zeike Iruuki." There is one name.
    I glance toward the other who is startled by an older man, a butler like figure.
    "Damn, this school is impressive." I muse under my breath, as I walk closer. I pull out the letter I received, and it says that the school is free.
  13. After a few more moments of driving, the car approached the old mansion that is assumed to be the school that Cherie would be attending. Her father awed. It was unbelievable for his daughter to attend such a fancy school. However for Cherie, it felt extremely uncomfortable. She is going to live in a mansion for a year while her family is stuck in a small apartment.

    “This place seems legit.” The Father commented, noticing the other cars driving past his.

    It wasn’t long before the Father, pulled up to the iron gate. The Father and Cherie got out of the Car. The Father, wearing his normal casual clothing, shorts, T-shirt and sandals. The daughter, wearing a black dress with a long skirt that extended all the way to her shin and a white bow tie. Her hair is tied into a bun now wet from the pouring rain. Cherie hated the dress and the hair style, but her mother again, forced her to wear it before they left the apartment. The Father opened the trunk, grabbed the umbrella, and pushed a button to make the canopy of the umbrella to stretch outward to shield against the beating rain. He gave the umbrella to Cherie, at first Cherie refused it. In response, the Father made a very sad face while eying on Cherie, as he take the luggage out of the trunk.

    “Dad, You’re being such a goof.” Cherie said embarrassed, “You know I don’t use umbrellas.”

    “Well still, keep it on hand in case you need it.” Said the protective Father, “You just don’t know when you might need it.”

    Cherie thought about the umbrella for a few seconds. She is going to be gone for an entire year, and she won’t have anyone who can support her during the first days of school. What if the other students are horrible? “I think you’re right Dad, I might need it.” She said now holding on to the umbrella, ’I could use it as a rapier or something.’ She thought.

    The Father set a single large black luggage bag and gave it to her. “Thanks.” She lifted the bag with a single hand, which to her it wasn’t heavy as it carried clothes, swimsuit, a baseball bat and glove. She then walked up to the iron gate, after waving the Father goodbye. He watched Cherie walking up to the gate and past it, before entering into the car and drove away.

    Once Cherie is up to the front entrance of the school, she notice a few other students are already there. Though she did not pay attention to them as she entered through the front door.

    "Hello there. I'm Miss Florence. I'm the headmistress of this school. Who are you?" Cherie heard as she walked into the building.

    "My name is Zeike Iruuki." Cherie vaguely heard. It was too quiet for her to hear.

    After she closed the umbrella, Cherie looked and notice a ‘girl’ startled by an older gentleman, bowing. As impressive as the place is, Cherie felt she is not going to like this place.
  14. Zeike looked around at the students gathering, and she quietly stepped away from Miss Florence.
    She walked to the side of the room and whispered quietly to her mother.
    "You can go now, mother, it's alright."
    "Okay, dear. I'll be leaving. Call me if you need anything."
    Zeike nodded, feeling her cell phone in her pocket. She wasn't supposed to bring it, but she did anyway.
    She heard a gasp and looked over to see a boy dressed in girls clothing jump. She could tell right away it was a boy, but she loved his dress.
    Smiling brightly, she walked quietly up to him and tapped his shoulder.
    "I really must say, your dress is beautiful." She nodded and took off her small hat, letting her black curls bounce.
    "I'm Zeike Iruuki, nice to meet you." She curtsied and smiled again.
  15. Nathan felt a soft tap on his shoulder, and looked up. "I really must say, your dress is beautiful." said the girl name Zeike. She took of her small hat, unleashing her ebony curls. She curtsied, continuing, "I'm Zeike Iruuki, nice to meet you," with a beautiful smile.
    "T-thanks, I love the red and frills of your dress," he replied, picking himself up from the floor, "I'm Nathan Webb, but you can call be Natalie. It's a pleasure to meet you too." He returned the curtsy, but when he picked up the corners of his skirt his hands got smothered in mud. Nathan looked around in search of a tissue, unable to find one. Thankfully the older man came along and offered him one, saying, "I believe you need a hanker chief, sir?"
    Nathan took the tissue, replying "Thank-you." Nathan began wiping his hands with the dainty thing. The old man then took it from him.
    He turned back to Zeike, and stuck his hand out for a handshake, while asking, "Where are you from, Zeike?"
  16. Issac had arrived at the same as many other people. He looked at the interesting cast of characters. There seemed to be a daughter arguing with her father and a... girl? That girl looked a bit masculine. Upon closer look, it was a boy that was in women's clothing. She and another girl was dressed nicely, probably to make a good first impression, same as himself. He had been dressed in a business casual clothing. Dress shirt and tie with slacks. The shirt was a plaid design, with tints of red and white. He wore plain brown slacks to go with the overall look, which gave off a good impression, he thought.

    He walked in through the gates of the school with his bag filled with his clothes. He packed rather heavy since he was going to live there for a year. Something in the back of his mind told him that this was going to be an interesting year.

    In the meantime, he pulled out his letter and tried to find who to give it to. He needed his dorm assignment so he can unpack and get ready for the school days ahead.
  17. Samuel walked towards the mailbox, wearing nothing but a black hoodie and some blue jeans pants as he extended his hand, opening up box as he grab the only piece of paper in there. It had his name on it but he didn't know what it is was, or who it came from. He stood outside, opening up the letter as he mumbled the words to himself. He rose a brow, looking around, waiting for cameras to come out of the bushes or something. He let out a soft laugh then went back into the house, his mother asked what was in the mail as he shrugged his shoulders, replying to her.

    "Oh nothing, just this letter for me."

    She nodded as he went back up to his room, thinking about that letter and thinking how many others have gotten the same letter as him. He sure was going to find out eventually wasn't he. He threw the letter to the side, getting up from his bed as he grabbed two suitcases, packing up his clothes. His mother walked in on him, asking him why was he packing his clothing up. He handed her the letter as she placed her hand over her heart, nearly fainting. Samuel caught her and sat her down on his bed. He fanned her with the letter as he spoke.

    "Maybe this is a joke, Mama. I'll go there and be right back, just you wait and see. Someone is playing games with me."

    ----------Later On----------

    His bags was packed, he had everything he needed, cell phone, car keys and clean underwear. He walked down the stairs, his mother following behind him, crying as she ran and stood in front of the door, begging him not to go. He rolled his eyes and moved her out of the way, letting her know that everything was going to be all right. He then walked outside as he heard the pitter patter of rain, then saw the streaks of lightening, lighting up the darken and cloudy sky. Rumbles of thunder sounded off as well as he threw his suitcases in the trunk of the car, then quickly got in the driver seat of them car, closing and locking the door as he crunk the engine up. Samuel eased away from the curb before speeding off.

    Eventually he made it to the building, see others there as he got out of the car, with a big smile dancing across his lips as he popped open the trunk then slammed it after getting his suitcases out. He heard a voice and jumped but it was the headmistress, Miss Florence.

    "Oh nice to meet you. I'm Samuel. Can you..."

    Before he could even get the words out, she had walked off. Well, since he was here, he might as well get to know everybody. He walked up to the small group forming outside, seeing two females, a male dressed in girl clothing, which sort of impressed him, he liked seeing people express themselves freely and saw another male, who seemed to pack too much clothing. Samuel carried his suitcases then dropped them, approaching the group as he extended his hand for someone to shake, then he would offer it until everyone shook his hand and announce their names.

    "Hello there, I am Samuel. And you guys are?"
  18. It was around noon when Kai, Mio's older brother, walked in holding a letter out to her. She grabbed the letter from him and stared at it, then decided that she might as well open it. As she read the letter, from some school she'd never heard of, Kai was reading over her shoulder. Both Kai and Mio grinned, this had to be something out of a movie. It was a letter of acceptance from the school, saying that everything would be paid for. Mio was delighted at the opportunity, it would give her a chance to get away from home and her brother could actually go out and have a life.

    "So, I take it that you're going?"
    Kai really tried to look upset, but Mio knew he was a little happy for himself and her.

    "Of course I'm going," Mio couldn't stop grinning, it was so hard to do, "I figure that you can go out and have some fun while I go and learn something."

    With everything having been agreed upon, Mio ran up to her room and started packing. She packed all of her clothing, which wasn't much, just a suitcase full of clothing and other essentials. After she finished getting her main items packed, she grabbed up her large art bag and her music bag. Kai had waited at the steps for her, and they were out and in the car in no tie, off to see her new school.

    It was a long car ride with blaring music that Kai chose, some annoying J-Pop band she hadn't heard of and she had drawn about twelve realistic pictures of animals. When they arrived at the school Mio was thoroughly impressed, it looked huge. She was grateful that she hadn't worn something nice, she just wore the casual skirt and sweater top that she normally wore. Grabbing her bags, she got out of the car, waved to her brother and headed on in. The first thing she noticed was a lady in a black dress, she looked kind of creepy. Mio then noticed the group of kids, people who would most likely be her classmates.

    Standing a little bit away from everyone else, Mio sighed and guessed she had to introduce herself. She gave a kind, but definitely fake smile, "Hi, I'm Mio. I guess we'll all be going to school together, it's nice to meet you." Mio had no desire to get to know everyone in this group, but then again, it wasn't that big of a group.
  19. Nathan watched as a chirpy boy with dark hair approached the group. A warm vibe same from him, despite the freezing air. He dropped his suitcases to reach his hand out. "Hello there, I am Samuel. And you guys are?" A girl also introduced herself, but she seemed to be forcing it unlike the guy."Hi, I'm Mio. I guess we'll all be going to school together, it's nice to meet you." Nathan curtsied to the girl first. ThenNathan looked the tall boy in the eye and gleefully took his hand." Hello Samuel and Mio. I'm Nathan Webb, but people often call Natalie. I'm not sure it was a good idea to drop your bags in all this rain though." The weather was getting worse, with dark, brooding clouds still rumbling in. Thunder rolled and lightning crashed. Rain soaked everything in sight- including Samuels bags. Nathan would have gone to fetch them, if he hadn't already ruined his dress. He also noticed a drawing pencil dropped on the floor, from the direction the girl had came from.

    Nathan was starting to feel odd in this group. It wasn't a large one, so he knew it wasn't because of his phobia. It was as if these people had a... special feel or something. But Nathan just dismissed it as excitement, not knowing these feelings held part of the secret to why he was here.
  20. Who would have thought that girl with a nice dress was actually a boy. It is nice for people to just be themselves. Cherie thought, surprised. Before Cherie could try to get used to the newer people, she notice a young adult, who extended his arm towards the group confidently. "Hello there, I am Samuel. And you guys are?" Cherie heard from his mouth. She responded. "I'm Cherie, it's nice to meet you Samuel."

    Cherie then notice a new girl who walked in. The new girl was wearing more casual clothing, Her parents must be a little less strict on her. She walked up to the newer girl and gave a smile but not as enthusiastic. Cherie was growing impatient of the waiting. She wanted to be out of the attire and into her normal clothing quickly.

    "Hi, I'm Mio. I guess we'll all be going to school together, it's nice to meet you." Cherie heard a new voice. The voice came from a girl introduced with a smile.

    Cherie responded to the introduction, "How's it hanging Mio? I'm Cherie, It's nice to meet you." Cherie was not the type of girl who would give formal introductions, even though she was in formal clothing like everyone else, well mostly like everyone else.