Black Sun Chapter 1: The Deal

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    You've done something terrible. So terrible that in normal circumstances, you would have lived the rest of your life in the dirtiest prison-colony the Federal-Democratic Republic has. You might have killed someone, or a few. You might have stolen invaluables, or have gotten your hands (or even have been implanted) with highly illegal technology (IF that was even necessary). Or maybe you threatened someone you shouldn't have. Or hell - maybe there's just someone out there who's both powerful enough to cause trouble and that hates your face. Doesn't matter, your life is, for all intents and purposes, forfeit. But these aren't normal times. Not at all. And so the FDR has an offer for you. We need rare resources - Moragen ore and a large amount of lithium. We detected a few sources near the Gliese systems, but the stars there are unstable. You'll be given an old-tech ship - you know, black hull and old MKIII plants and disconnectable heat strips - and will go there. It's a roughly one year trip, so you will probably be trading two years and a half, if you live, for your freedom and legal exemption for any illegal tech you may have in you. Not like you can decline - it's either that or continue rotting.

    Hey folks. Yiyel here with another space saga. I most certainly hope this one takes off. If you have any questions, ask away. I'm aiming for anywhere between 1 and 12 players for this one - so no matter how many people actually sign up, as long as there's someone it'll start. I know there's not much, but I like it short and sweet. So. CHARACTER SHEET!

    Name: Self explanatory.

    Species and gender, if applicable: The FDR officially catalogs three species: the Humans, primates from Earth which can live from 120 to 150 years which are watched due to a great potential aggression factor; the Vesparians, a long-living (700-2500 year lifespan) species genetically similar to humans despite the distance during evolution, and which possess a peculiar neuromagnetic field that allows them, to some extent, to communicate thoughts, ideas and concepts (along with emotions) directly to organic species (because of which are under strict surveillance for illicit influence); and the Constructs, which is the name given to all electromechanical bodies which host an AI and which are meant to emulate/imitate/replicate the behavior of an organic species, and of which the creation, distribution, ownership or companionship of is amongst the highest criminal offenses. Other less dangerous species are recognized and accepted, and there might be several unobserved species. (AKA there's three set species in-lore, but you can go wild with what you want to be.) Gender relates to the reproductive role; gamete receiver and fetus development/care is generally regarded as female, and gamete generation and implantation is generally regarded as male.

    Life: How many standardized years old are you, and percentage-wise, where are you in your lifespan? For example, a 75-year-old human that is estimated to live to 140 would read 75/53%. If your species has an unknown or no set lifespan, the percentage is replaced by X.

    Appearance: What do you look like?

    Log file: Your recorded life, including what offense lead to your incarceration.


    Important Codex Information

    Rights and Law vs AIs: Due to the fact that most of them are legal and sapient, most organic rights apply to them - which includes the right to freedom (making explicit ownership illegal - an AI must be willing to work with/for you), the right for wellbeing (just as organics, abuse of AI-based systems is a criminal offense), and the right to safety (which makes it illegal, except in very strict scenarios such as a death penalty which is different from a life sentence, to damage, maim, destroy or othewise harm/dismantle an AI-based system. Exceptions to the rule are removal/modification/exchange of hardware if approved by AI.). If an AI, due to some of it's features or otherwise, is declared by law unfit/illegal to use or be accompanied by (without inflicting a criminal lawsuit on the AI), it will be retired to specific AI colonies where it will coexist with others of it's type.


    Character List (STILL ACCEPTING!)

    Jakar "Jack" Kiefer, Male Ramandian (Virtually cat people), ElPresidente.
    Kazuran "Kaz" Sentri, Male Human, Shiro
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  2. Uum... I don't think you actually mentioned what the alternative was, only how you got to having to do it. Also, a world in which human AI exists but is highly illegal? That's pretty unique, or at least i've never seen it before. As soon as I know what i'm actually meant to be doing, ill think about making a character.
  3. Oh dear, you're absolutely right. That should teach me to write posts that late in the night... I edited it.

    As for AI, it's not entirely right what you understood. AI itself is not illegal. AI in a body which clearly shows their mechanical nature (whether it be through showing the metallic or polymer nature of the skin, having seams or another way) is legal but regulated. A dumb or non-deceptive AI in a simile body that can't trump people is legal, regulated and generally frowned upon. Only when a very advanced AI is put in a simile and seamless body, in a way that makes it hard to know at first sight or in a way that's meant to deceive people to think they actually ARE organic is illegal.
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  4. Aah that makes sense. Interesting also. But as long as they don't pass through any metal detectors then no one can tell :P
    Ok. Working on a character now then :D Oh one last thing, is there tech in existence that allows one to float a few feet above the ground?
  5. Plenty. Whether they are legal, though, is another story.
  6. Hmm. This is becoming really difficult to decide on a character for. I want to make a not obviously machine AI, but I kinda expect that if they encountered one of them they'd just dismantle it rather than send it to get stuff.
  7. Added a section where I will be adding important lore information. Updated it with information relevant to your choice.
  8. Ah that all makes sense now. Now I just have to think up a character :D
  9. Take your time. I'll be waiting.
  10. Nice concept, could I possibly play a Human/AI. Essentially a cyborg? Human with robot parts. Hah. If not, damn I don't know which race to choose.
  11. Definitely. It could even play into the reason for your incarceration, but it's up to you - cyborgs are definitely a possibility, so are what I would call a plurality being from what I understand - essentially, a Cyborg which holds both a human mind and an AI right?
  12. Anybody else?
  13. This does sound cool to me. I like the words 'Space Saga'. Just hanging on a spaceship for a year sets a nice scene for roleplay.

    I don't have an immediate thought for a character, but I think I should be able to grind one out with some consideration. I'll sleep on it.
  14. You have plenty of time - there's still no confirmed characters.
  15. So then if I wanted I could be a werewolf where I've lived far longer than I should and keep living for a reason unknown to the character, and he has gotten in trouble over the years doing stuff for people just cause he was bored and felt like having some fun. The reason is he has a primitive device implanted in him from the past that helps keep his body functioning at optimum capability. He doesn't know because he was knocked out during a fight by a mad scientist and then passed in the middle of the carnage he had created after the scientist was done. The scientist will be long dead, but the government still knows of what is inside him and tries to always catch him alive. Finally they caught him after getting wasted in a bar and sent him off as a body guard for the expedition.

    Wow I'm pretty original when I'm drunk. Somehow I made that make a little bit of since, I think. Let me know if it's okay or not I can always come up with something new.
  16. Sure, go ahead, make a character sheet. There's a few places where you can go overboard, but I'll let you know if I have any problems with your character. Side note: werewolf, per se, would need a very good explanation of why that species evolved that way. If you can pull it off, it's yours.
  17. Reserve a spot for me please
  18. Definitely.
  19. I'm interested. Give me a bit to make up a char.
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  20. Do I post my character sheet here or send you a PM?
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