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  1. For those who don't know, Black Girls Rock is an event and organization that celebrates African-American women and uplifts them. The awards show aired on BET and will air again on April 5th.

    While I have seen positive reception, I have also seen negative reception and as an African-American female myself, it ticks me off to think people can still be so ignorant in this day and age.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think organizations that uplift blacks and other minorities are racist or helpful? I think they're helpful and they will be here to stay.
  2. Nothing wrong with any group of people getting together and uplifting themselves, so long as they're not putting anyone else down in the process.
  3. That I haven't seen as of yet because I know of many black organizations that have Caucasian members.
  4. Helpful, minorities need the uplift. It is important, I don't think it is racist to do that at all.
  5. what kind of negative reception has been going on???
    I wanna hear dat.
  6. People saying stuff like "If a white person said White Girls Rock, it would be considered racist" and "This is doing nothing but promoting reverse racism"
  7. Thats just how white people are hating nowadays... you find the right person, who is ready to yell out "reverse racism" are just the racists of today trying to find ways to justify putting down minorities! You think its reverse racism, or lets say if white people really went and had prideful events and holidays.. itd be Ignorant!!

    Ive had people come up to me and ask me if theres a african american month, what about a white american month?
    The Rights, liberties, and pride that white people think they deserve, was already theres to begin with when they took everything!
    There is no more rights to try and proclaim yourself to having. Our time has come to make our place in the sun. so racists cant just deal with it!!

  8. People don't think before they speak. 'White girls rock' they don't think about that statement. And if they do and say it anyways, it means that they have their head up their ass. There's this thing called white privilege, people don't want to see that it does in fact exist. Truth is, racism is still running rampant in society and we need pride days for people who have the legs kicked out from under them. So yes, uplifting is a way of empowering people who face ignorance daily.
  9. ^^^ Yeah you know, the usual:


    EDIT: Also because you reminded me of this:
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  10. Hmm.
    Well it's a cool thing to do in my book, as long as things don't get iffy, and people don't get pissed off at eachother.
  11. I admit apathy. Congratulations to the people who win this contest, I suppose? Considering it's African Americans exclusively, celebrating African American exclusive things, on BET, I'm going to assume the vast majority of the audience is African American. I'd imagine I'm not part of the target demographic, and my opinion is meaningless in this regard.

    I'm also of the opinion that people should be celebrated based on achievements and merits, and that awards of skill which limit entries based on skin tone, lessens the overall value of the achievement. Like participation awards: "Congratulations on being born with the appropriate set of genetics! Here's a trophy, only partially based on what you've actually achieved!"

    Don't get me wrong, this is a thing people enjoy. I'd find it probably more baffling if white people did it, because we didn't go through ages of slavery in North America. I at least understand the context of why the award show exists, why BET exists, and it's hardly evil. It's raising people up: The horror... But, you did ask for the thoughts of others. My thoughts on this are quite simple, really.

    This isn't made for me. It's made for people who belong to a community based on ethnicity. Some of which within said community who feel--and in some instances, are--dealing with disadvantages due to their ethnicity, celebrating those within said community overcoming said disadvantages to achieve success.

    My opinion hardly matters. All that matters is that this displays that African Americans are free to organize and express themselves in whatever way they choose. Martin Luther King would smile, I think. Enjoy your program: I hope it inspires you to further improve yourself, so that one day, we can eliminate the rest of the systemic injustices which still linger within the system.

    PS: Let pissy people get pissy. The only people they end up burning is themselves. Let's not turn this into yet another race war on the Internet, shall we? :ferret:
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  12. H20 Can also come as a solid or a gas, meaning it may not always cause you to become wet upon being touched.

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  13. On a side note, I always thought African-American was a silly term that's misguided political correctness. I'm white, it would be like calling me European-Canadian, and not everyone native to Africa is black, particularly North Africans. I'm pretty sure Caribbean blacks would probably find the term baffling for their particular situation, as well. I think black's a perfectly fine term, and I can't imagine anyone being offended by being called that. Hell, Black Entertainment Television. It's right there in the title.

    That tangent aside, I don't really see any harm in an event like this, especially if anyone was able to attend. Some events are meant for certain groups and to be a positive affirming action, and I think that's a good thing. I see it as a sense of coming together and community, and in a way, culture. Celebrating diversity is a good thing, and considering in white-dominated society I can imagine it's easy to get drowned out. The only way I'd possibly take offense to something like this is if a non-black person wished to attend in the audience but wasn't allowed, but I sincerely doubt that's the case. It's not like a Klan meeting or something where it's a racial hate group.

    Like Brovo said, I doubt white guys like us are the target demographic, and that's fine. It's kind of like how I can't imagine many country shows are anything but whiter than white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snow storm.

    I think the people saying "People would lose their minds if this was White Girl Rock!" or whatever are either overly politically correct or one of those people who think that people drawing attention to their race are dying to bring back segregation, which is silly.

    Have fun at the show and don't let people bring you down. If anyone's putting up a fuss about it, it's not for them, kind of like how pop music and dubstep isn't for me. The fun part about being human is we're all different and have all sorts of tastes and interests. As long as we understand and respect that there's stuff that isn't meant for everybody we should all get along.
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  14. Yeah, but if water's solid it's called ice. If it's a gas it's a vapour. I don't think anyone's going to immediately think of glaciers or steam when you say the word water.
  15. ... That would be the joke, yes.
  16. I can feel the wrinkles deepening around my eyebrows and mouth, @Ms.Wrong

    (Don't get a bunny s2g, W.)
  17. This. This. I couldn't have written that more proper. But being white, well, my opinion on this matter tends to be less than a turd in the middle of the Mojave Desert.
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  18. Just like how LGBT/Pride Clubs and helplines exist I do understand why award shows such as Black Girls rock exist.
    So if other's enjoy it? That's fine, go ahead and enjoying it. But on the condition that such a thing isn't weaponized to attack or demonize those not in said minority group.
    It should be used as a pick me up, something to inspire, create bonds and encourage people. Not something to create and reinforce divisions among people.

    And I do honestly believe that eventually, shows like Black Girls rock will need to go.
    Because one day we'll reach a point where we no longer need to play recovery, and quite simply see people as people, skin colour being irrelevant.
    And when such a time comes, then arguments such as "What if it was white girls?" would start to hold some weight.

    And honestly? If you show me two competitions for something such as "Best Musical Director", where one is African only and the other is for all races.
    I'm going to be giving my attention to the one that's for everyone, that's where the award is truly and utterly going to whoever is most skilled, without the aid of being thinned down/selected on the basis of genetics.

    So shows like Black Girls rock honestly has no appeal to me personally.
    But once again, in today's day and age if some people feel like it's a nice pick me up then go ahead.
    Racism is still an issue in today's society, so there's still a use for such things.
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