Black Flags and Cannon Blasts

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    The world is your clam, you just have to find the pearl.

    The countless islands of the Great Sea are ripe for plunder.

    Well, ripe isn't the best word really. Available, yes the islands are available for plunder. The word change is needed mainly due to the fact that most of the islands are dangerous and pirate hating. Not to mention the North and South Imperials, constantly on patrol for each other and, you guessed it, pirates.

    All of this however does not deter swashbucklers of all kinds from taking to the water for gold and glory. Granted, the Snapped Scull Pirates are not one of the most well-known groups but a lot can be done with a good crew and a bottle of rum.
    Le Rules:
    No Godmoding.
    You may only kill another character with their maker's permission.
    Romance between characters is fine but more passionate posts go to PMs.
    Posts must be at least 5 sentences long with decent grammar.
    One character per person.

    Character sheet:
    (*means optional)
    Appearance:(Pic or description)

    Current Crew:
    Top Thief Skylar
    Swordswoman Pasza
    Doctor Kyria
    @Litá Fày Fiña
    Swashbuckler Franz
    @Cambridge Hazard
    First Mate Julia
    Mascot Karui
    Cargo Handler Gorgash
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  2. [​IMG]




    Thief/Crew Member

    Skylar is a girl know for her stealth and tricks. She is a skilled pick pocket as well as a skilled thief which works well in her Crew's favor. She is very brave and daring which comes from her passion on taking risks. Along with her bravery comes sass though and she will sass anyone, even the Captain. Skylar doesn't get close to anyone for good reasons but is loyal to the Crew and it's Captain. She works hard just might by the smartest pirate on the whole ship. Skylar tends to give off a mysterious aura and as such puts on a cool and calm front, keeping her true feelings to herself.

    Skylar was born into a royal family but hated it. She was home-schooled by the best teacher for miles and although she did everything and always got high marks, she couldn't help but feel something from her life was missing. So, when she was 10 Skylar ran away from home and lived on the streets. She became not only a skilled thief but pick pocket and singer/dancer. She did this for four years until she noticed Pirates walking around. She followed them back onto the ship and spoke with the captain who allowed her to join.
  3. Accepted!
  4. ⌈Appearance⌋
    Pesza Spathi



    Member of the Snapped Skull // Swordsman

    Harsh, blunt, but loyal, Pezz is the type of person who doesn't seem to know how to filter herself. She says things as they are, for why should she hide the truth and end up deluding those around her with softened words? That won't help that at all. It'll keep them weak, and soft. That was something pirates should not be, at least not in her eyes. She gives an honest opinion in regards to everything. If she likes something, she won't be afraid to say it. If she hates something, then she won't hide that either. She isn't a secretive person, and one probably should not trust her with a secret if she is not their close friend. Easily, she can betray a stranger, but once someone has befriended her then they can trust her to never deceive them. While she never really looses that bluntness or harshness, no matter how close you happen to be to her, she is still a good friend to have and a wonderful ally. She'll protect those who have gained her loyalty, and this includes many of the pirates in the Snapped Skull. While she may not like all of them, still she is loyal to the captain. She'll carry out the wishes of her leader, one of those being the safety of her crew mates. Overall, while Pezz isn't the kindest person in the world, she still is a wonderful ally and friend... most of the time.

    Pezz spent most of her child hood in the slums, near a prospering city. Her family was poor, living in a small wooden home which looked as if it would fall apart at any moment. She lived with a kind, loving mother, and a cold, but cool father. She had two siblings, a sickly younger brother and a strong older sister. Together, they lived in a single room, sleeping on old mattresses and doing whatever it took to survive. It was here that Pezz developed her skills in swordsmanship.

    While his poorness may say otherwise, Pezz's father was once a strong and proud warrior who served under the king. He was very talented with both a sword and bow. However, these skills mattered not come the end of the last war. With no battles, what was the need for soldiers? As soon as his skills became unneeded, the kind tossed him aside leaving him jobless and soon enough, without any money. He was forced out of his home when taxes became too much for him, and moved to the slums, but never had his skills faltered. Pezz was told that he had found her mother in the slums, and that two had developed their relationship from there. In the end, this all resulted in her and her two siblings coming into being.

    Her brother was too sickly to handle the blade, and while her sister was strong, she hated violence. As a result, Pezz was the only child willing to take on the tutelage of her father. While at first she found the practices to be boring and tedious, Pezz soon developed a liking for sword play. Soon enough, it was her favorite way to pass her time, and this was when her skills really blossomed. From the age of five, to fourteen she spent hours a day practicing. Playing with sticks, or at times sparring with her father. However, at the age of twenty-one, a new situation had caused her training to halt.

    Her brother had taken a turn for the worst, collapsing one day, and being too weak to get up come his awakening. He was having trouble breathing, his fever had grown quite a bit... but the family had no money for medicine or a doctor. Pezz felt powerless, and she hated it. She needed a job, a way to collected money in order to save the short life of her youngest sibling, and so she turned to the pirates. No civilized person out in the city would hire a girl like her, filthy and poor, raised in the slums. She was seen as something less than a person to those with wealth, but she wasn't like that in the eyes of a pirate. They accepted her.

    Pezz had now spent the entirety of two years with the Snapped Skull pirates. Whatever money she manages to collect, she sends off to her family who still reside in the slums. Her goal is to gather enough to move them into a nicer home, within the city, and to make sure her youngest brother receives the treatment he needs for his illness.
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  5. Name: Kyria
    Gender: Female
    Age: 214
    Race: Sea Kappa
    Job: Doctor


    She is a tough-love doctor who is more about effectiveness of treatment than comfort level of patient. She is more reserved about explaining what she is doing and just does it to the patient. However, her level of success is extremely high and the only patients she failed to save were already reasonably too far gone. Kyria is highly amused by humans in general and likes to study them both from a medical, anatomical aspect and from a social, cultural aspect. Her manner of being both friendly and dark has sometimes confused people as seduction.


    Kyria lived the first half century of her life among her own folk in a strange shallow coral reef located far in the middle of deep, dangerous ocean. It was there she learned about a variety of oceanic herbalism as well as general medical practice for Sea Kappas.

    Unfortunately, near the second half of her first century, Kyria's home was destroyed through natural disaster. Kyria ended up drifting to a large island inhabited by humans. Separated from her kind, she learned to survive among humans. At first, she was discriminated against and her life was almost constantly in danger of capture or hunting. However, after saving the life of a injured local prince, his advocating of her citizenship and naturalization allowed her to grow as part of the human community.

    Soon, the prince and Kyria fell in love and while marriage was not an option because of social barriers, they lived together and Kyria was the castle doctor. Life became happy and they even journeyed to other islands, on one which Kyria learned about Acupuncture.

    However, as the second century of Kyria's life came closer, her love was growing older and older. Kyria has white hair from the beginning, but everything else remained immortally young. The prince thanked her for never leaving him despite his growing old and died kissing her. Kyria was very sad, and decided to leave the island.

    After another century of wandering, Kyria ended up as the Snapped Scull crew doctor, and another interesting chapter of her life began.


    The Sea Kappa that she is has tougher skin than humans. Her fingers and toes end in sharp claws, and her tail is able to lift twice her body weight. Despite being a Sea Kappa, her swimming is nothing extraordinary compared to a human, but she is able to breathe both above and under water, which is a huge advantage.

    For surgery, Kyria mostly uses her own claws as scalpels. This makes the experience all the more terrifying for patients and enemies alike to see her ripping them open so intimately. Luckily, for patients they are usually knocked out and Kyria isn't as reckless.

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  6. Both accepted!
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  7. FRANZ

    "You won't like me when I'm angry."


    The Ogre



    Haughty and confident are the words that most would associate with Franz. This is not completely true. Franz only voices his opinions towards things which strike his fancy, and is content with keeping to himself when aspects of such objects do not appear in his immediate vicinity, spending time in thought of what lies at the edges of the world. When he does find interest in something, he becomes more openly to the relevant persons, which reveals him to possess an arrogance towards the fruition of his goals, alongside a strong head filled with wit. Arguably, most of the fights he gets into, the lot of which spin his story even further, are not started by him.

    Word of mouth states that he is a flirtatious womanizer - there are various sides to this. Franz was once a womanizer, but no longer. A vice from the man's past - of great anger - had recently returned to him, resulting in one occasion where he, infuriated, beat down on a woman to the point that her tears became mixed in with her blood. Horrified, he has since tried distancing himself from women as best as possible, the effects of which include a difficulty talking to them and causing him to react in unexpected ways.

    However, his anger would still not leave him. Franz may not seem too intimidating as far as outward appearances are concerned, but his lean figure hides strength - an oft-unforeseen demonic fury that has earned him the frightening sobriquet "The Ogre". Franz hated the nickname, but has since quietly accepted it to see if it may transform him into something else entirely in the end.

    He fights with shades of grace and a handful of cunning when sound of mind, but push him to his breaking point and he begins to demolish his surroundings like an infantile storm, unfettered by even gunshot. This, however, tends to cost him terrible injuries when the battle is lost - in his case, largely meaning death - and won. With anger and adrenaline beating down on his focus, Franz also becomes an easy opponent to trick and trap. Only those he sees as especially close friends and companions may have a chance at persuading him to stop.

    Ultimately, Franz is not necessarily good or evil. He fights to further his interests, but still believes in his responsibility as a person "towards his fellow man". This responsibility drives him to perform (sometimes wanton) acts of heroism and altruism, occasionally.

    With few friends across the continents, Franz is a mysterious man, best known by his nickname, and for appearing in numerous taverns and markets the world over, drinking, getting into fights and asking around for a certain "witch", a topic the locals are understandably usually uneasy about. While continuing his quest that has probably lasted close to half a decade now, Franz is only realizing that his money is dipping, and is looking for a better way to cover ground in his search.

    Recently, he discovered that a small, rather unknown group calling themselves the Snapped "Scull" are searching for free hands to enlist in their crew. Though feeling tasteless at the notion of associating himself with a band of pirates yet again, he feels that with the future liaisons their adventurous future entailed, he might just yet kill two birds with one stone. After all, it's easier to join when you probably hadn't broken their captain's nose sometime before in your life.

    He's a vegetarian, and is especially vulnerable to cold winds. Skills include lock-picking, sport fishing, soliciting for information, fighting, and tasting liquor. However, he is bad at bargaining. Currently on a quest for spiritual peace as well. Franz doesn't actually own any fixed equipment other than the clothes on his back - his weapons break rather easily in his eyes. Of course, it's actually because he pretty much breaks anything he gets his hands on when he snaps. He usually just picks up whatever he finds for a weapon, including furniture. Also, it's possible he only has a half-human lineage (a possible cause for his strength), but Franz never speaks about his family. Not even to his friends, apparently.

  8. 519117.jpg
    Julia Marie




    Marie is woman with long, rather wild white hair, which started growing out since she was 8. She have sectoral heterochromia in both eyes; pink on the top and blue on the bottom. She sports a scar on her right cheek, under her eye.

    She's a highly reactive and moody person, right into tsundere territory. She does however have a strong sense of duty and holds an impeccable innocence towards love.

    In addition, Julia is a talented swords-woman; She has a reputation for being a genius with the sword and she's willing to go through great lengths just to make her captain smile, although she acknowledges that, sometimes, she overdoes it. She is frequently consumed with worry for him, and desires to protect him.

    Little is known about Julia's past. She was "picked up" by a pirate ship as the cook but eventually became a firstmate after she escaped an incident. At first, her fear had stopped her from going outside for it was hard for her to conquer her fears. Yet this fear gradually disappeared and eventually she enjoyed being outdoors.

    Before becoming the first mate for the Snapped Skull, Julia was held in captivity, forced to watch her friends get killed, and kept indoors while frequently receiving numerous beatings and training from her captors. Her captors are responsible for the tattoo on the back of her leg. While Julia and the others were being held captiv , a sudden raid was conducted on this certain institution. The conductors decided to destroy all the files and the 'results' pertaining to institution's seemingly illegal activities. In order to stay alive, Julia killed the captors who killed her fellow inmates and who was also about to kill her. She escapes the facility since then, she wandered around the streets until she stumbled into the Snapped Skull.

    loves cute things, sweets and tea​
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  9. Well I'll be damned, I was just thinking about making a pirate RP. Count me up.

    Name: Karui (no last name)
    *Nickname: The Cat
    Age: 14-15
    Job: Spy, blackmailer, information broker, mascot.
    Karui is an energetic and cheerful girl, who has always had an overly romantic image of piracy. She's always in a good mood and is the unofficial mascot of the crew due to her naivety. She's had a fortunate life so far, so doesn't really understand the concept of loss. She's rather useless when it comes to head on battle, but she makes up for this with her mastery of appearing completely harmless. When on land, even in just a day, she can usually coerce the locals to give her almost any piece of information she desires, allowing her crew to almost always be one step ahead of any competitors.
    Karui has never known anything but being a pirate. She was taken aboard the ship when she was still a young child of just 2 or 3, raised in the care of the members who always changed from time to time. Her guardians, even though they were criminals, wanted to protect her innocence, so whenever one would be killed, they would say he was simply moving onto another career, or that he had settled down with his family. She was usually sent on trade missions to locals and merchants due to her considerable ability to persuade people to be extra-generous to her, sometimes selling items for much more than they were worth.
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    Then I remember we have a sea kappa on board.
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    Secretly I want to eat you all you protein sacks mwahahaha
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  14. Allow me to help balance it out a little!

    Gorgash Boulderfist


    Cargo handler/Deck hand

    Usually wars pants and a west, if only for the comfort of the rest of the crew.

    A cheerful lad, living the dream is a way Gorgash tends to refer to himself, though many think him a fool who has gotten in over his head. Many think so because of his rather simple grasp of language and general behavior. Though those who think so have not seen him in battle, living up to the reputation of Ogres.

    Gorgash grew up on a island close to the equator which had a reputation among pirates: Don't attack them, and you'll have a safe port. And most pirates did chose to use the island as a safe port, making it quite a place of trade.

    And one of the traders who visited the port, was Gorgash's father, who traded there for the whole Boulderfist clan. And Gorgash went with his father whenever he went to the port, for he had an obsession: Pirates.
    Whenever he visited the port, he would talk to as many pirates as he could, as to him, they always seemed cheerful and happy. He didn't know, nor did he care if that was mostly because they were in port. All he knew was that pirates were cheerful, especially compared to the other Ogres. And so, he had always wanted to become a pirate.

    And once he grew up, he tried to join whatever pirate crew would take him, yet for many years, nobody did. They either believed him to be too big, or too dumb. Yet even after years, he never have up on his dream.

    And one day, his patience paid off. The captain of the Snapped Scull found his eagerness to be endearing, and his muscles to be useful.

    And so, a dream became true.​
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