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  1. Drew Phantomhive age 9, having dissapeared when he was the age of 5 after the fire at the Phantomhive estate which burned the estate to the ground and killed his parents Lord Vincent Phantomhive and Lady Rachel Phantomhive, returns after 4 years, hearing where the new Phantomhive estate was built, to the general area he was told his family's estate mansion was in. At the moment, Drew is not very nearby his family's estate. Though while searching around the area for the exact location of his family's rebuilt estate, Drew recalls what he can remember from the first 5 years of his life.

    Drew's older brother Ciel Phantomhive, whom is now the head of the Phantomhive household and the family's business, was kept in the dark reguarding the info of Drew's birth, as his parents Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive feared it would distract Ciel, considering he was preparing to be the head of the Phantomhive estate and business.

    The Phantomhive family's butler, Sebastian Michaelis, was informed about Drew though, and following Vincent and Rachel's wishes, also kept the knowledge of Drew's existance from Ciel as well. To do this Sebastain had to care for Drew, along with performing his other duties, while Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive focused their attention on their first son Ciel. And that's what Sebastian did. Other than the times when Sebastian would accompany Ciel at his side when Ciel had visitors over, those being the times Vincent and Rachel would spend time with Drew personally, Sebastian took care of Drew up until the day the fire burned the original Phantomhive estate to the ground. Drew had mysteriously vanished on the day of the fire, and though Sebastian had searched for Drew continuously for 7 months placing alerts out to all the surrounding areas and to locations beyond them, no clues ever came up as to Drew's wearabouts.

    Grell is on one of his assignments from his boss William at the same time and searching though that area. A few minutes into his assignment, Grell spots Drew walking by himself around the area. Grell at that moment as he watches Drew from where he is, sees how young Drew is and that Drew has a few scars on his skin which makes Grell even more curious. Grell then decides to follow Drew to keep his eye on him and so Grell decends and lands on the ground next to Drew to which Drew looks to Grell and they introduce themselves and Drew lets Grell accompany him.
  2. Miranda was Ciel's best friend since they two were little, now Miranda was starting to feel something for him. She decided to surprise him a visit today, since he usually went to her house. She smiled softly, as she saw the sun rise, It was 11. She needed to get ready. She got up and picked out a dress. She had her maid come on in and help her get ready, putting on the stocking, and tying in the back. She put her long blonde hair up in a bun. looking in the mirror. She took it out and curled her hair. She put on makeup. She put on white heels. She was happy. She wanted to see him. She got on her white jacket. It matched her dress. She wondered. Where was her butler. She walked out of the room, butler.. Gregory?! Where are oyu we have plans today!!" She had a big smile on.
    Miranda then quickly turned around, she only did this scatter brain thing if she was excited, " wait Maiden Rosa, come with us.. I need you there too."

    Maid Rosa
  3. Gregory comes to her call a few minutes later from being down the hall and says when he reaches her "Here I am my lady. What do you want to do today?"

    Meanwhile Grell accompanies Drew Phantomhive through a field in the area, walking close to Drew's side.

    Drew looks around at his and Grell's surroundings as they walk through the field.
  4. Miranda's long blonde hair reached the middle of her back. She turned to here her butlers voice. She giggled and said, " We are going to go and see Ciel. I miss him I haven't seen him in like two weeks so we should go and hang out and his house, " She smiled sweetly. She wondered what Ciel was doing right now. She giggled and hugged the butler, " ill get my kitten." She went to get her kitten read, putting a bow in the hair, She needed to speak to her Uncle, ever since her mother died of cancer, father left without telling her why, so now she has her Uncle who is raising her, and she is the princess still. She looked around. She found her kitten, she went to wash her up and put a bow up. " Gregory, is the ride ready?" She turned and her pretty blue eyes looked ino his, as if sparkling.
  5. Gregory "Yes my lady. Right this way." After Miranda gets ready, Gregory leads her to the carriage and then says as he opens the door for her "So it's Ciel's house today is it?" He then nods and says "As you wish my lady." Gregory then helps Miranda into the carriage. He then after opening the window a bit so Miranda could say goodbye to her uncle who had followed them outside, he shuts the carriage doors and climbs up on the driver's seat of the carriage.
  6. Miranda held her little black kitten, that kitten absolutely loved Ciel. She smiled softly and then nodded to the question. She let the maid get into the carriage and then she said goodbye to her uncle. She put the kitten on her lap. She sat there and she smiled softly, " Do you think i dressed up a little too light for Ciel's liking?" She looked up at the butler. She couldn't stop thinking of Ciel. His eyes.
  7. Gregory smiles at her and says "Don't worry. I'm sure you dressed just fine for young lord Ciel's liking my lady." He then turns to face ahead of him and starts to drive them to the Phantomhive estates.

    As they walk, the field that Grell and Drew are walking in comes up to the road that Gregory is driving on. They walk onto it as Gregory a few minutes later rounds the corner.

    Grell grabs Drew and jumps them out of the way and lands on the ground laying on his side with Drew in his arms.

    Gregory brings the carriage to a stop a few short seconds after and then hops down from the driver seat. And then he looks to Grell and Drew who are a few feet behind the carriage in the grass as Grell is standing Drew up on his feet, and then Grell soon after rising to his own.
  8. Miranda smiled softly, she bit her lower lip. She then looked around, she nodded. " I hope so." She then saw this. She gased. As Grgory got out. " Are they okay?" She blinked. She wanted to get out, she blinked softly, she looked at the guys.
  9. Gregory having heard Miranda's question and wondering the same thing himself walks over to Grell and Drew and says to them "Are you two guys alright? I'm so sorry."

    Grell "I'm just fine. No need to worry."

    Drew "I'm okay too. Don't worry about it."

    Gregory nods at them and says with a smile "I'm glad you both are unharmed." He then looks as Drew brushes himself off from being on the ground. Seeing the scars from Drew's burns, Gregory scratches his forhead a few times and says "Wait here for a second you two." He walks to the carriage and opens the door and asks the maid "Hey Rosa. Do you still have that article from about 4 years ago? The one about the the kid who disappeared after the original Phantomhive estate got burned to the ground? I don't know who the red haired man is. But the kid who's with him looks awfully familiar. And the two of them are both alright they said."

    Grell waits with Drew as Gregory requested of them.
  10. Rosa smiled and started talking to Miranda, since she was worried. As Gregory came back, Rosa tilted her head, " Yeah why it's in my bag here..." She grabbed the article book and gave it to Gregory. Miranda was just sitting there anxious about seeing Ciel. they'd probably hug each other, she was a year younger then Ciel. She closed her eyes softly still worrying. " Okay thats good. "
  11. Gregory takes the article book and then goes over to Drew and Grell. He looks to Grell and says "Will you please tell me your name sir? And how did you come to be with this child here?

    Grell says to Gregory "Well my name is Grell Sutcliff. I'm a grim reaper and I was doing a mission down here. And while I was working, I happened to come upon this child who at the time was walking alone in the streets. Sense it wasn't safe for him, much less any young child to be walking by his or herself, I decided to accompany him to his destination. So I landed, we introduced ourselves to one another, and then him and I started to travel together which we've been in the process of until we ran into you. And that's the story. Why do you ask though?"

    Gregory "I'm asking because of this." He shows Grell the article about the original Phantomhive estate's fire that happened 4 years ago and about the dissaperance of a young Phantomhive child right after the fire started and says to Grell "I think this child here might just be the child mentioned in this article, Drew Phantomhive. The butler of the Phantomhive family, Sebastian Michaelis sent out an search alert for him about 4 years ago and he searched for him for 7 months straight. And then after that Sebastian has been and still follows up on the search alert about every couple of months."

    After reading the article, Grell then nods to Gregory and says "I see. Well yes this little boy here's name is Drew sir." Grell then looks to Drew and says "Is your last name Phantomhive? Cause I do admit you look very similar to a boy named Ciel Phantomhive whom is the young lord and current head of the Phantomhive estate and business."

    Drew nods looking to Grell and says "Yeah that's me. I'm Drew Phantomhive. I'm Ciel Phantomhive's younger brother."
  12. Rosa looked around, she said, " Stay here, I'll ask." She then went and wondered. She walked over to the guys, she blinked softly, she came in at the last part, " then why don't you go to Ciel?" She asked. She looked down, playing with her fingers. She was standing next ot Gregory.

    ( So.... what does Gregory look like?)
  13. Drew looks to Rosa "Well that's where I was heading actually when we ran into you guys. Grell was accompanying me while I searched for my brother's estate. You see, when I arrived back in a town not far from here, in which i had been gone for the past four years sense the fire at the original Phantomhive estate, I got the info from someone on the general area that the Phantomhive estate was rebuilt in, and so i came out here, meeting Grell on the way. But yeah I don't know where the exact location of the rebuilt Phantomhive estate is in this area.

    (Um well..let's see. Gregory has dark navy blue clothes that are similar to Sebastian's clothes, but not quite the same. And his hair color's dark brown close to black hair with a couple of dirty blonde streaks that are hidden about 90 percent in his dark brown hair, but still show through a tiny bit. And his eyes I guess are a dark grey color. He's about as tall as Sebastian is too.)
  14. Rosa sighed some, she shrugged. " oh well, there is enough room in the carriage, Gregory was just taking our princess to Ciel." she smiled.

    The princess Miranda sat there, impatient, she wanted to see Ciel the now 17 year old. Miranda was turning 16 tomorrow. Miranda blushed in the carriage.
  15. Gregory nods to Drew and says "Yeah there's plenty of room so come on. We'll give you and Grell a lift with us."

    Drew nods with a smile and says "That's very kind of you. Thank you." He goes over to the carriage and climbs in with Grell doing the same after him.

    Gregory gets back up in the drivers seat and waits till everybody is seated compfortably and ready to go.
  16. Rosa smiled sitting in the carriage, next to the princess of course.

    The kitten on the princess's lap starts to head over o drew's lap, sniffing him, then rubbing herself all over him.

    Miranda giggled. " oh.. someone likes you."
  17. Drew "Yeah I guess so." He smiles watching Miranda's kitten.

    Grell closes the carriage doors and then sits next to Drew.

    Gregory then proceeds and drives them the rest of the way to the Phantomhive estate.
  18. Miranda was so excited. She wanted to see him. She smiled slightly, she bit her lower lip cutely.

    As they got there, Rosa got out and then kept the door open but then realized that was Gregory's job. She then realized... the butler here. She blushed. She then slowly walked on the pebbles. " Does it get prettier every time we come here. "

    Miranda smiled softly and she scooted and went to get help with Gregory to get out. She then walked towards the doors, ' Yeah it does, I think Ciel does that just so we can admire the house more." She went to the door step and went to knock.
  19. Sebastian comes and answers the door and says to them "Welcome. Come on in." He looks to Miranda and says "The young master has be awaiting your arrival Lady Miranda." He smiles letting her inside and then opens the door more as Gregory and Grell follow inside."

    Drew being a bit nervous gulps as he looks inside the door at Sebastian standing there.

    Sebastian, after Grell and Gregory enter the mansion, looks outside and blinks his eyes in shock seeing Drew standing there.
  20. Miranda was so excited, He was probably in the normal room where they hung out. She smiled softly. She then nodded at Sebastian, She went to go in and looked around, and searching the house she saw Ciel. She giggled and said, " hey bestie." She walked to him and hugged him. She sat across from him, " how is it being 17?"

    Rosa was the last one, righ after Drew. ' Come on, " She smiled. She bit her lower lip. She saww Drew just stand there, she smiled, she was excited to wait for sebastian to notice her..
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