Big Brother and Little Sister (Short Stories)

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  1. Big brother (Eli) and Little sister (me)

    just short stories about them and life

    Character sheet

    Name: Kiyoko Suzuki
    Age: 18
    likes: her brother, lollipops, Art, piano, and cute things
    dislikes: mean people and jerks
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  2. Name: Riku Suzuki
    Age: 20
    Likes: Little sister, video games, guitar, music, art and baseball.
    Dislike: People who mess with his little sister.

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  3. kiyoko was so excited her her brother was coming home for the summer. so that means she can have her brother meet her boy friend she was nevrous at the though but hey she was excied to see him
  4. Riku ran outside to his red mustang. Its summer time which means no school. And also he gets to see his little sister. He was excited. It has been almost a year since his last visit. He turned on the car and drove off away from his college.
  5. Kiyoko was waiting on the door steps for him with a smile. sometimes she got up and past then others she just sits down and thinks of 6 impossble things. she hatted life right now but also loved it
  6. Half an hour later he parked in front of the house and got out of his car.
  7. Kiyoko saw Riku came out of the car and she ran to him, huging him. "Teddy Riku" she said her little nickname for him
  8. He smiles and hugs her back, "Hey Kitty. I missed you." that was his nickname for her.
  9. me too" she said lting go f him "theres so much i ned to tell you but come on lets go inside" she said with a smile pulling him in
  10. He smiles and gets pulled inside.
  11. she brings him in side and sits him down on the sofa she want to the kitchn making some tea "so how was life in colage?" she called after him geting the tea cups
  12. He smiles and drinks the tea, "Its good. I am just glad summer break is finally here."
  13. "me too" the pot steams and she takes it off the stove and puts it in and alice in wounderland tea pot. she comes out with the tea and cake. she smiles "here are some frush ones"
  14. He smiles, "Thanks... So what is it you wanted to tell me?"
  15. "well umm" she sits down away from him but infrount of hm she looks down and says "ihaveaboyfriend" she said very fast then takes a cup of fresh tea and takes a sip
  16. Riku looks at her, sighs, and puts his tea down, "How long have you too been dating?"
  17. "a few months now" she was looking down knowing he woud like him find him a jock wich he is.
  18. He has a blank expression, "When do I get to meet him?"
  19. "soon" she hids her lips behind her tea cup. "Today" she sinks into her chair
  20. "Good." he says.
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