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  1. This is a pirate Rp made for Exiled Dragon and I do not post if you are not one of us. Please and thank you.

    Name: Velska Lysnio de Ancariis
    Nick name: Vel, Lysi, Monkey woman
    Age:: 21
    Gender:: Female
    Personality:: Velska is very course, rough around the edges even, with a very crude nature. She is known to be rude, sarcastic, rebellious, and even scary violent when feeling threatened. Not only that but she is also very cunning, sly, and a bit of a flirt when needed she often observes things first before acting out a plan. Evidently that's not her whole personality, Velska can also be caring, emotional when put to extreme measures, and stubborn.
    History:: Will be known later on.
    Other:: She has a tattoo of the treasure co-ordinance on her back, but no one except her is able to decipher the coding.
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Christopher Long
    Nicknames: Chris, The Long Man, The Oni Bastard
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Chris is at heart a true bastard. He takes what he wants, when he wants. He has a devil may care attitude that allows him to live an adventurous life. With a smile and a penchant for danger, Chris lives his days trying to enjoy what time he can steal from the sea. He's a braggart and willing to back up the words with words or fists. Deep down, he cares for his men and want the best for them. He puts his men before him, although won't admit it.
    History: The Oni Bastard appeared with his ship The Beautiful Temptress a few years back. Not much is known except that it is rumored that he had spent time in the Orient learning a few tricks.
  3. Opening Post
    (starts out on a different Ship)
    It had been at least two months since Velska was captured, at first they didn't harm her much, maybe a few slaps here and there, with barely any food to feed her. She was shackled up against the wall in a cell. Now the punishments became even worse, the would beat her on a constant bases as well as starve her with very little water to suffice, often she became terrible sea sick but could never throw anything up instead her body shook violently as her body tried to convulse but nothing came up. That wasn’t the worse of the things they did to her, but Velska came from a strong blood line, she would find a way to get out soon.

    And she did.

    Within the next week, the ship was attacked, it took a lot of damage and Velska almost died of drowning when the haul was hit with cannons, being as she was now fairly thin the shackles slipped off her wrists easily and she took her next steps into freedom, Many of the men were failing around miserably for as the ship began to sink while other continued to fight, no one yet had noticed that their prize was getting away, she was glad. Until upon making it to the top deck someone yanked her up by the collar on her shirt causing stars to form within her eyesight. There was a series of her struggling against the grip but to null in void nothing helped, she was too weak to get out and didn’t have the energy to sustain her struggle for long. With this fact she fell limp as she felt coarse breath against her face, the smell was revolting and if she had any food in her stomach Vel would have gagged, she didn’t have to. The next thing she knew something warm splashed across her face, at sea no one needed to tell what it was when something warm and metallic tasting was all over you. Someone, and enemy most likely, noticed the stall and decided to get an easy kill. This was okay with her, for the guy didn’t pay attention to her after shooting his kill. Wiping off her face, Velska quickly flitted off. It was a bit complicated but she managed to get a dingy, without stabbing some guy to death first, and escape that way. The men on both ships were a lost cause, so it’s not like they could come and retrieve her now that the ship was tipping over with the water in was filling with.

    From the dingy she watched as the fire blaze about the sails and the howling of men and the metal clang of swords until both ships went under. Despite the relief she felt Velska was now worried sick, who would help her now? Obviously she was stuck at sea, and no other ships seemed to be in miles of where they were. She took a long sigh before laying her head down on the boat and closing her eyes, for now death would be her company until some miracle happened.

    And it did, you can’t say Vel isn’t a lucky one.

    Upon her drift at sea a British shipping boat found her dingy and heaved her aboard. When asked of her back ground the obsidian hard woman lied and said the pirates raided her village and took her on to their ship. That wasn’t all a lie, they did capture her, but no one messed with her home. Seeing as there was no other place to put her, the British men decided to drop her off at the Caribbean island of Barbosa, they had to sail there for a trade of tobacco and coconuts along with cocoa, bananas and pineapples, and seeing that the girl had nowhere else to go she was left there to help a married couple who ran a pub there, and some other illegal activities that were used by pirates when the Brits weren’t around to ruin the fun. She didn’t mind, as long as no one was trying to skin her alive Vel was fine with living a simple life, knowing it wouldn’t last too long
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  4. Chris enjoyed the spray of sea mist that came the ship dipped down into the water. Not many men would be able to handle the ocean and its currents, but Chris loved everything it had to offer especially the pirating. Chris was a pirate through and through, without a single thought of hesitation. He manned the helm of the Beautiful Temptress with a smile on his face. Not a care in the world.

    His crew was headed towards Barbosa to unload goods they had taken from a Spanish frigate. He laughed hardheartedly with his crew as they delighted at the sight of Barbosa. Sure, they were men of the sea but they had to touch land on occasion especially for its many delights. Chirs had to make sure to order the men not to fly any colors or any other indication that they were pirates. Barbosa was usually a safe haven for pirates but on occasion the British would enforce their rule there.

    As the Beautiful Temptress docked, Chris began barking orders to his men to unload the ship. He turned to his first mate, Notch, and told him to get the goods sold and the men paid. He made a joking mention that all the captaining had made him parched for a drink. He would head to the local tavern and a have a few pints and hopefully a wench or two.

    Inside the tavern, Chris immediately order a pint and some bread to go along with it. He eyed the others in the tavern, looking at the games being played. He wondered how his luck was holding and wanted to win a few extra coins with chance. But he was distracted by a dark haired girl. He was enthralled with how beautiful she looked and wanted to see how he could bed such a woman.

    Walking up and placing a hand on her shoulder, Chris claims, "Good day, lass. I wonder if I could tell you how I came by the name 'The Long Man.' I'm sure you'll be amiss to hear it."
  5. The pirates that docked here seemed endless, ask quick as they came they left, then another crew would soon take their place, crowding the bar and filling it with loud laughter and idle chatter about other pirates ship and places around the world. That was one of the things I wanted to do, travel, it seemed very exciting to do. I never the chance because, alas, I've been hunted down since I turned Sixteen. If a ship ever dock somewhere I wouldn't because my person would be shackled down in the lower decks.

    For now I would have to be content with taking orders for gross smelling men and getting cat called on a regular. Today a new crew came bustling through the doors. I've never seen them before but Idris, the pub owners wife, said they are regulars, but lately they have been coming less. In my assumption they could have been out on a Voyage, my grandfather told me those usually took a long. Being reminded of my old man's old man I hadn't noticed some guy behind me, until he began to speak. Being taken out of my thoughts I turned to him with a usually placid face I wore in front of all the customers.

    The guy was handsome, but he seemed a bit to smug for me. Shrugging his hand from my shoulder I placed a hand on my hip. "Sorry 'The Long Man' I don't seem to have the time at the moment. Lost of men to feed at this time." before he had a chance to 'change' my decision I left turned and left to the back where I need to grab at least five mugs of bear and a platter of bread and fish, fish was a very common dish in Barbosa.
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  6. Chris couldn't help but laugh at her dismissal of him. He had to admit it wasn't his best pick up line, but it often worked with the girls that were enamored with pirates. Apparently this girl was not one of those. He was fascinated by her and wanted to at least know her name. He watched her walk away quickly. She was quick, so that meant that Chris had to be on the top of his game.

    In this game he was playing, he decided to be more friendly and less forward. He scratched as his beard as he thought of how to approach this situation. When an idea struck his mind. He ran up beside the girl and reached out. His larger hands and strength easily handled the five mugs and platter of food.

    With a wink, Chris playfully asked, "Alright, lass. I'll help you out then. Where shall I drop these items off to?"
  7. Why do men always feel the need to drink so much? Understandable that you would like something to quench your thirst but water also does the deed just fine, plus ale will only leave you wanting more until you can't see out your eyes or utter a single verb. Velska thought this with a sigh and tired to pick up the glasses all at once but it didn't work. With a heavy huff she was about ready to call on the other pub owners sons to help but a familiar hand stretched past and gathered them up along with the platter. Her instincts told her knew it was that Pirate, whatever he called himself Velska didn't care. She never like pirates all that much. As he asked were to drop the beers off the obsidian haired woman pointed a finger to the table on the far left. "There, if you don't mind."

    Velska knew what he wanted, all men wanted the same thing, like pigs they were and it was disgusting, so she figured she would use him for the time being until he had to leave with the rest of the god awfull men.
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  8. Chris did what he was told and dropped of the food and drinks to the table. He even shared a drink with the men and laughed as they regaled each other with the tales of where they had been. Before he got too distracted, he decided he should turn his attention to the dark haired girl. He pushed his hair back to feel more at ease, because he was still unsure of how to approach this girl. She was a tough fish to catch, but he would at least get to know her name.

    He started walking up her, trying to be mindful not to be too cocky. After his first approach, he thought that he would need to rethink his plan of attack. She had a look to her that he would like to know, he was fond of challenges. Challenges was one of the reasons why Chris loved begin a pirate and adventures.

    With an outstretched, earnest hand; Chris greeted, "It appears that my long trek out has lost me my manners. I am Christopher Long, captain of the Beautiful Temptress that is currently docked outside. I would like to have a drink with you and learn the name of such tempting enchantress."
  9. Velska watched Chris as he strolled his way over to the table, seeing that he knew him and started up a chat, this gave her a bit of time to think.She knew the some pirates have heard the tale of her grandfather's legacy and wish to find his gold which is why most attempt to kidnap her. They come off as nice, but will gut you as soon you bat an eye or turn a cheek. Right now, Velska didn't know if this man was also the same, but she didn't want to take any chances and find out. The only thing she wanted to do was keep a distance between herself and him. Continuing interest in her would only cause another fiasco and most likely a kidnapping, although she wasn't a child anymore, and the processes from two months ago would happen all over again.

    The obsidian female was very good at getting herself lost in thought to not see others most of the time. Chris had once again shook her out of her deep submergence with his voice. Vel listened to his little plea and pondered long on the decision before shaking his hand. All her strength had not return yet, so her grip was still a bit weak but she kept a steady, harden gaze. "Velska. I will believe that your recent has left you an un-mannered sloth and join you this once."
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  10. Chris took her hand in his and enjoyed the touch of her skin, he also appreciated knowing her name. He thought Velska was an interesting name for a very interesting girl. He considered himself well traveled and he had never heard the name, but he wouldn't tell her that in quite that way. He had quickly learned that she had her fill of braggarts and he would need to reach in and bring out the gentleman that lurked inside. It wasn't as if being polite and civil were for foreign things to Chris, it was just that after almost half a year out to sea that he really did have to remember how to behave himself. He smiled warmly at Velska. He motioned for her to sit down for a moment while he ran to the bar to grab two pints for them. He was sure that she would just think that he was just trying to get her drunk, but he would at least offer.

    "I thank you for this kindness, my lady. Being stuck with a bunch of hooligans can hinder a man's perspective. It is very nice to meet to you, Velska. That is such a wonderful name. May I inquire where it is from?" Chris asked as he took his first sip from this pint.
  11. After releasing Vel's hand he gestured a table for her and she did so but cautiously. She watched him leave and come back with two pints, excepting her mug she took a healthy drink of it and sat it only table. Despite Vel's frail stature the maiden was perfectly capable of drinking just as much beer as a grown man.

    As Chris asked about her name origin she drew a blank slate for a long moment, to be quiet honest she didn't know as well. "Very good question, I'll have to ask my parents when I get a chance." Taking another long draft she continued talking before the pirate could asked another question. "I was born on the island of Crete, and none of the traditional names sound like the one my parents named me. Though I'm sure they obtained the idea from my grandfather, that crazy old man loved to come up with names on his own."
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  12. Chris smiled as he listened to Velska little story. He was interested in learning more and trying to interact with this young girl, even if he had to remain civil. He was sure that his men would finish up any moment now and be exploring the town as they wished. There was a part of him that wanted to head out and find them to find some wench, but he actually started to enjoy just looking at Velska. He drank a large gulp from his mug to finish it off. He quickly ran off to grab two more to entertain them for more discussion.

    "I love Crete. The beaches are fuc...," Chris stopped himself before continuing, "Sorry, my manners. The beaches are beautiful there. I haven't been in a couple years, but I enjoyed my visit. Your grandfather sounds to be a very interesting man. I wish I were as talented in naming of such fine creatures, but alas I always end up calling them be such simple terms."

    Chris gave a small wink and he started in on his next pint of ale.
  13. Vel only raised a brow as the bearded pirate went and checked himself, once doing so the young woman took another sip out of her mug, which finished off the first pint of beer. Within her second, she listened to Chris's curiosity of her grandfather which she was quick to respond. Speaking of her grandfather always made her light hearted for she loved that old man to pieces. "He has been around the world, at his old age he'd seen everything, He told me lots of stories, and I was the only one that he favored to tell them too. You'd give him a letter and he would be ready with a word that came to mind, which often one you haven't heard of.” Now upon the topic of her grandfather she remembered how he and her father never got along all that well, and once he ceased being a pirate and went and lived with them. He father always seemed very reluctant to let her hang around him to long with the fear of her wanting to be like he was in his golden years.

    That was all too understandable. Velska’s grandfather, Yensim, wasn’t a good dad at the least, being a Voyager he was often gone and hardly knew or seen his own kid at all. Being that he was still human after all those years he was trying to make with his absence by being close to his Granddaughter which he always commented, had the eyes of a true fighter. How true that was, given that after years of being pawned off and re captured every so often, she never gave up on the will to live.
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  14. Chris listened to Velska as she reminisced about her grandfather. He smiled at the story she offered and could tell that she wanted to be just like him. He had never knew his own grandfather, but he would have wanted to meet a man of such adventure. Hearing this girl talk about her grandfather such made Chris think of what she wanted in life.

    He offered after a sip from his mug, "You seem to crave adventure and have the heart of a pirate. May I ask why you never ventured out yourself? I know that Barbosa is a ways away from Crete, but it is not the best of destinations to find yourself."

    He listened intently for her response. He had lost his navigator not too long ago and had to deal with his first mate Notch leading them around. Notch was a capable man, but often enough they would be a day or two off course and need to regain their bearings. If she had the skill and wherewithal to become a navigator, then he might have a place for her to explore her adventurous side on the Beautiful Temptress.
  15. "That's a good question." Velska pushed a stand of her dark hair behind her ear before taking a draft of her beer and continuing their conversation. "Though I was born naturally craving the know the unknown my parents where the strictist of any you've known. Given that I was the man he least favored my father would his best to keep as close as possible in a tight grip. It wasn't until I was sixteen and had been captured by some raiders that it change very quickly..." She wasn't about to tell him why exactly. it seemed someone had found out about her "Mark" and set their hearts to discover her grandfather's treasure.
  16. After a few drinks, Chris was already feeling a little bit in his cups. He wasn't outright drunk, but his decisions may have not been at peak performance. He smiled broadly as he thought to offer Velska a position on his ship. He could see a pirate already deep inside of her. He wanted to show her the world.

    Chris looked earnestly into her eyes before saying, "I'm sorry for your troubles, but I have a proposition for you. Recently, we have been without a navigator. My first mate has tried to fill in the position, bless him, but we need someone that knows what they're doing. What say you, Velska? Do you dare join us aboard the Beautiful Temptress for some grand adventuring?"

    He still had his wide smile as he proposed her joining them. He knew that she had just met him and that they did not start at the best of terms. But the way she spoke about her grandfather and exploring told him that she would be willing to try.
  17. If the dark haired beauty knew of the captains proposition earlier, she would have not taken a sip of her beer. Upon hearing his request Velska began to choke as her beverage went down the wrong pipe. She was not expecting such a gesture, this quick within the conversation or at any point within their conversation. At very least she was expecting him to try and sneak his filthy hand under her dress like most men would, but never this.

    Clearing her throat she gaze at him as if he had grown a second head. "We barely know each other, mind my saying, what makes you think i'm capable of such a job?"
  18. Chris just laughed loudly at her response and question before answering, "What makes you think I'm capable of being a captain of a ship and men? Nothing, but I took it for myself. You have a spirit of a pirate and I'd like to help you fulfill that passion. Everything I offer can be learned as long as you're willing to work. I see it in your eye. You want to reach out and look out at an endless sunset. You want to see the white sands, the jungle, the monsters of the sea, even the treasures hidden throughout the world!"

    He stood up and gestured around them before continuing his speech, "We only get one life, lass. I aim to live mine grabbing anything I can and staving off death for as long as can be. I now offer that to you!"
  19. Velska could stare at him for the longest of minutes until she fell into a fit of laughter. It wasn't to insult him, but she honestly did not know to respond to that. he sounded so sure, and earnest it brought up a lot of different emotions that she didn't know what else to do but laugh. Only after a few minutes when she didn't stop did she realize that she was a bit on the light side of the pan. Maybe all the beer before hand made her so. Whatever the case, Chris's speech was still something to address. "I appreciate the offer and all Captain, but I don't know about all that just yet, that could just be the alcohol speaking for you for all I know.... At least let me think about it."
  20. "Ahh, we need thinkers on the ship too," Chris laughed before tilting his head back to finish off the rest of his ale and then slammed it down on the table. "Well if you need time to think on then you have time to drink. HA! Time to think, time to drink!"

    Chris headed off to grab another round of drinks to bring back to the table. He knew she wouldn't be done with her last mug, but if she wasn't up to the challenge then he would have more to drink. This was the side of Chris that came out when he was around his men and not putting on a show. He loved the adventure and camaraderie. He sat across Velska just enjoying her company. There wasn't much to go on, but he like the way she handled herself and how she spoke of her adventurous grandfather. Soon after that, the rest of the crew who were not out whoring made their way into the pub. The whole room became loud and boisterous. Chris would even lead a few shanties as he swayed. Every so often he would look over to Velska and give her a nod.
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