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  1. The Beginning
    Many teenagers all around the world have been developing powers recently. There are some who can read mind, some who move things with their mind, and some who can see the future. Each and every power is unique and has its own little flaw, but the government is going crazy and trying to figure out why teenagers are developing these powers. They're poking teens with needles in hopes of finding some connection, but as far as they can see, they are random and there is no power.

    Seeing this as a good thing, the government welcomes the teens to a facility to learn more about them and offers them a place of safe keeping. They learn about a few different teenagers and began to stick them in on government jobs to use as a new weapon. That is until a huge star comes right for the earth and burst open, but isntead of hurting anyone, it takes a few people. These people are random also, but the government targets the unique teens as a threat, and begins to worry.

    In confusion of this, they hurry to capture and/or kill any teenager who has or shows signs of developing odd or extrordinary abilities. Scared and confused, many teenagers, with and without abilities, began to flee and look somewhere safe. Somewhere where they will not only be accepted, but they will feel accepted. A place like Berkeley.

    is a very unique place that not many people know about. That's because it only shows itself to the ones it wants. If it wants you there, you will be able to see the massive castle on each map you look at, and it is told that a trail will be shown to you to lead you there. Because Berkeley is not seen by many, the people who are inside are well protected and cared for. The only question is by who?

    Inside of Berkeley there are many different things going on, but the number one goal is to protect its people. Berkeley is not a house, but it is a city that has unique powers of its own. When it wants to be seen, it can show up wherever it is needed, whether it is in Japan or America. When it wants to be kept a secret, it makes itself dissappear. For thousands of years, this city has lived off of the power of these teenagers who have been able to do and learn these unquie abilities. Yes, it has happened more than once. In fact, exactly every 100 years this same routine happens again.

    The people inside of Berkeley is what makes it keep running, but recently it has been failing. The flowers are not growing back in the springtime, people without powers and who are not called to Berkeley have been able to see it, and the more it travels each day, the slower it gets. It's obvious to the members of Berkeley that something is obviously wrong, and it all started the same night as the star hit the earth and burt. Even the people who have lived in Berkeley their entire life have never seen anything like it, but it's up to the new set of teenagers to now save not only Berkeley, but the world too.

    The Story
    When the government officials begin to notice that the teenagers are disappearing and are no where to be seen, the forces become more and no one will rest until they have the teenagers. While searching for the unique powered kids, one by one, each government official who ever came in contact with the teens are disappearing along with the ones already gone in the ball of light.

    The remaining government officials blame this on the kids too, and are convinced that they are working with a larger power. Whether it be some kind of god, the devel, or who knows what else, they believe that there is no hope for them and begin to push the human population into safe keeping, trying to save them from the enemy, not realizing that the enemy was really themselves.

    Each teenager who receives a new ability was visited in the night by none other than the future. They have a mission for them, but can't let them know who is giving them these abilities. Each ability would come in use for the future war that would break out against the government and then people of the world. At the end of the visit, each kids mind was swept and was left with only fragments of that night, including their new ability. Now they are stuck to decide which side they would be on.

    The bad side, or the good side.

    Dorms / Classes / Schools
    View attachment 95524
    Each dorm is set up in such a way. There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, one living room, and one dining room in each hall. The males and females will be split up into different halls and each gender has four halls (unless more are needed.) Each person who comes into Berkeley will be assigned a class and school based on their abilities. There are seven main classes:

    Ability Techniques
    Ability Improvement
    Controled Ability Speciality
    Ability Advancment
    Beginning Special Ability
    Intermediate Special Ability
    Advanced Special Ability

    Once placed into a class, you will be with other people and you will spend eight hours each day with them. The only exception will be with the Advanced Special Ability who only attend class for five hours a day. Your class will learn to bond and get to know each other's abilities. There will be times when your class will spend the day testing out each other's abilities and learning attacks and counterattacks, along with blocks and other techniques that are new.

    If you are part of the first four classes, you will be in Berkeley High. If you are in the top three classes, you will be in Berkeley University.

    Berkeley High
    View attachment 95382

    Berkeley High offers teenagers all different options of classes. Aside from having the normal classes such as math, science, languages, and history, the high school has various classes to help the students learn and control their different abilities and their weaknesses. It has war training classes to teach the students to defend themselves and how to use their powers, and it also goes as far as to offer classes to help the students understand the other abilities and sometimes hosts games for the teenagers to use their abilities against each other. In Berkeley, age does not define what grade you are in. The way you control and learn your ability does. As a new member, you will be places in the freshman class (9th). With more improvement you can quickly go up your grades in months and could, but doubtful, graduate soon. You could be 17 and a senior in the university, or you could be 21 and a freshman in the high school.

    Berkeley University
    View attachment 95384
    Berkeley University is the college for any member of the Berkeley community. It has many different majors, and although it does not give the members an ability to use their diplomas in the real world, it allows them to use it in the city. It also has various classes like the high school, and is a step up on helping it's students learn as much about its abilities as possible.

    New Members
    New Members are required to read each and every rule of the schools and of the creater's, MarilynFae. If you do not follow these rules, there are consiquenses. Rules can be found in the 'rule' tab.


    Matthew Jackson ~ Stargazer
    Zander Bishop ~ Lady With Class
    Tobias Moss ~ Lady With Class
    Samuel Fletcher ~ Lady With Class
    Reuben Wayland ~ Lady With Class
    FC: Zac Efron ~ Gorgeous Chaos
    Dorian Chambers ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Julian Fisher ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    FC: ??? ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Tyler James ~ MarilynFae
    Dylan Mathes ~ MarilynFae
    Johnathan Andrews ~ ]MarilynFae
    Kylin Simmons ~ MarilynFae
    Fredrick Chandler ~ kimsim12
    Devin Fennigan ~ kimsim12
    Braeden Roden ~ Brea
    Kyler Stokes ~ Brea
    GunYeong Sol ~ Wonderful Thing
    Eadlyn Chase ~ Stargazer
    Adaline Lancaster ~ Stargazer
    Annabeth~ Stargazer
    Mayoi Maekai ~ Karakui
    Karen Black ~ Karakui
    Tsuki Black ~ Karakui
    Aaliyah Scott ~ Gorgeous Chaos
    Zaida Cooper ~ Wonderful Thing
    Yasmine Beckette ~ Wonderful Thing
    Bambi Bryce ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Morgan Swarovski ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Isabel Johnson ~ MarilynFae
    Cassandra Jones ~ MarilynFae
    Bailey Grisham ~ MarilynFae
    Vanessa Abernathy~ kimsim12
    Erin Wilhelm ~ kimsim12
    Ryan Rincon ~ Brea
    Jennifer Hart ~ Brea



    Ice Powers~ Stargazer
    Element Control ~ Stargazer
    Sense Manipulation ~ Stargazer
    Arc of Time ~ Stargazer
    Super Speed ~ Lady With Class
    Precognition ~ Lady With Class
    Persuasion ~ Lady With Class
    Pain Absorption ~ Lady With Class
    Delay Field ~ Karakui
    Circle Drive ~ Karakui
    Fragmented Reality ~ Karakui
    Blood Bending ~ Gorgeous Chaos
    Electrokinesis ~ Gorgeous Chaos
    Bubble Manipulation ~ Wonderful Thing
    Solar Manipulation ~ Wonderful Thing
    Ink Manipulation ~ Wonderful Thing
    Telekinesis ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Pyrokinesis ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Empathy ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Ecokinesis ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    ???? ~ King Shattered Heaventric Charming
    Healer ~ MarilynFae
    Body Insertion ~ MarilynFae
    Water Bending ~ MarilynFae
    Audable Inutation ~ MarilynFae
    Teleportation ~ MarilynFae
    Mediumship ~ Marilyn Fae
    Flight ~ MarilynFae
    Shapeshifting ~ kimsim12
    Nega-Ergokinesis ~ kimsim12
    Technopathy ~ kimsim12
    Adaptation ~ kimsim12
    Muscle Mimicry ~ Brea
    Proprioceptive Inhibit ~ Brea
    Visual Projection[/URL ~ Brea
    Matter Absorption ~ Brea



    Shark Hall
    Room One: Tyler James
    Room Two: Reuben Wayland
    Room Three: Fredrick Chandler
    Room Four: Julian Fisher
    Tiger Hall
    Room One: Dylan Mathes
    Room Two: Matthew Jackson
    Room Three: Dorian Chambers
    Bear Hall
    Room One: Zander Bishop
    Room Two: King's third male
    Room Three: Kylin Simmons
    Room Four: Gorgeous Chaos's male
    Lizard Hall
    Room One: Kyler Stokes
    Roome Two: Devin Fennigan
    Room Three: Tobias Moss
    Moose Hall
    Room One: Braeden Roden
    Room Two: Samuel Fletcher
    Room Three: GunYeong Sol
    Room Four: Johnathan Andrews
    Dolphin Hall
    Room One: Zaida Cooper
    Room Two: Mayoi Maekai
    Room Three: Erin Wilhelm
    Owl Hall
    Room One: Adaline Lancaster
    Room Two: Bambi Bryce
    Room Three: Isabel Johnson
    Room Four: Ryan Rincon
    Horse Hall
    Room One: Bailey Grisham
    Room Two: Eadly GChase
    Room Three: Aaliyah Scott
    Bird Hall
    Room One:Karen Black
    Room Two: Yasmine Beckette
    Room Three: Tsuki Black
    Room Four: Morgan Sharovski
    Butterfly Hall
    Room One: Annabeth
    Room Two: Cassandra Jones
    Room Three: Jennifer Hart
    Room Four: Vanessa Abernathy


    Student Council ~ All Year
    President: Eadlyn Chase
    Vice President: Jennifer Hart
    Treasurer: Cassandra Jones
    Secretary: Devin Fennigan
    Historian: Tobias Moss
    Member: Mayoi Maekai
    Member: Bruce Bryce
    Member: Samuel Fletcher
    Newspaper ~ All Year
    Chief: Matthew Jackson
    Editor: Erin Wilhelm
    Reporter: Julian Fisher
    Photographer: Isabel Johnson
    Photographer: Braeden Roden
    Photographer: Eadlyn Chase
    Writer: Annabeth Grace
    Member: Bruce Bryce
    Football ~ First Semester
    Member: Kyler Stokes ~ Runningback ~ Number 14
    Member: Dylan Mathes ~ Quarterback ~ Number 2
    Member: Julian Fisher ~ Wide Reciever ~ Number 21
    Member: Johnathan Andrews ~ Linebacker ~ Number 19
    Basketball ~ Second Semester
    Member: Tyler James ~ Co Captain
    Member: Dorian Chambers ~ Captain
    Member: Matthew Jackson ~ Co-Captain
    Member: Kylin Simmons
    Member: Kyler Stokes
    Member: Sebastian Coles
    Swimming ~ All Year
    Captain: Annabeth Grace
    Co-Captain: Bailey Grisham
    Member: Fredrick Chandler
    Member: Ryan Rincorn
    Member: Reuben Wayland
    Volleyball ~ First Semester
    Captain: Bailey Grisham
    Member: Karen Black
    Member: Ryan Rincon
    Cheerleading ~ All Year
    Captain: Morgan Sharovski
    Co-Captain: Jennifer Hart
    Member: Cassandra Jones
    Member: Aailyah Scott
    Track And Field ~ First Semester
    Captain: Zander Bishop
    Co Captain:
    Member: Tyler James
    Member: Kyler Stokes
    Member: Aailyah Scott
    Member: Bailey Grisham
    Music Club ~ All Year
    Member: Dylan Mathes
    Member: Isabel Johnson
    Member: Matthew Jackson
    Member: Dorian Chambers
    Member: Annabeth Grace
    Member: Jennifer Hart
    Member: Samuel Fletcher
    Art Club ~ All Year
    President: Kylin Simmons
    Vice President: Vanessa Abernathy
    Member: Tsuki Black
    Member: Bambi Bryce
    Member: Zaida Cooper
    Member:Reuben Wayland
    Drama Club ~ All Year
    President: Bambi Bryce
    Vice President: Kylin Simmons
    Member: Yasmine Beckett
    Dance ~ All Year
    Member: Ryan Rincon
    Member: Isabel Johnson
    Member: Morgan Swarovski
    Martial Arts Club ~ All Year
    President: Karen Black
    Vie-President: Johnathan Andrews
    Member: Eadlyn Chase
    Member: Sebastian Coles



    New (School) Year Bonfire
    The New Year Bonfire is a welcoming that Berkeley has had for years on end. This takes place the weekend after new students have been settles into their dorms and are adjusting to their new lifestyle. There will be various games and rides for the students to experience, all free of charge. There also includes a type fof introductory assignment that the student council sponsers and runs, letting each new member show off their abilities and see what some of the older memebrs have for abilities. This will mainly get used so that everyone can meet new friends and get to know thier classmates.
    Fall Bonfire
    After a few weeks (or a month) into school and everyone is getting use the each other and making new friends, the school hosts a fall bonfire. It has food, rides, games, another show off, hay rides, and plenty of time to talk and get to know your new fellow classmate. A great opportunity to spend some quality time with the one you have your eye on and show off how much you have improved in just a few weeks.
    Halloween Bash
    You guessed it. The Halloween Bash is on Halloween night! It's your chance to dress up as whoever/whatever you want and enjoy good company, great food, and an awesome party!
    Thanksgiving Feast
    On Thanksgiving there will be huge feast in the mess hall that is all you can eat for all students. There will be games and activites, along with more show offs to help improve your abilities. This will be one of the one things that are not required, though because it will be a whole day thing, students can stop by and leave whenever they want. It will be at this party that students draw names for the secret santa for Christmas Party.
    Christmas Party
    This party takes place on December 23. It will include different foods, drinks, and games to occupy the students. There will also be a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange near the end by the huge Christmas tree in the middle of campus. This is a great chance to sneek your 'friend' under the mistletoe.
    Sports Festival
    This festival will include different games that the students can participate in. There will be basketbll games, flag football, volleyball, cheerleaders performing, three footed races, sprints, gymnastics, and various other sports to keep your mond and body working.
    Cultural Festival
    During this festival each class will get together and build and create and run something of their own, for example a huanted house. Each club and sports team will also get a chance, though are not required to create a stall to show off their club and what they do. There will also be art shows, writing contests, and a talent show for everyone to see that the top three will be chosen.
    Campus Cup
    Over a period of three days students will band together with their dorm and try to get the most points. The team with the most points at the end of the three days wins a trophy and maybe another secret surprise. On the first day there will be a total of six different competitions, both brainy and sporty. On the second day there will be a list of things that each of the teams must find, all different things, and on the third day there will be a capture the flag game where the tteams have to try to capture other teams flags while guarding thier own.
    Winter Ball
    When snow is covering the ground and winter is in the air, there will be a winter ball. A chance to finally ask out that girl you like and take them on a magical night that you will never forget. There will be music, photobooths, ice scating, dancing, and games for everyone to enjoy while dressing in your best clothes.
    New Year's Party
    The New Year's party is a small gathering by the campuses square where the students can gather with their friends and loved ones to say goodbye to the previous year and hello to the new one. The students will band together to make things possible. For example, if it was cold, someone with fire abilities could light them fires. If they wanted to go scating, someone could freeze a lake for them. It is a time to say goodbye to the past and welcome the future with the people you love beside you.

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  2. Character Sheet Guide
    (Prefer first, middle, last)
    (Around 15-21)
    (I will assign the classes.)
    (Choose only one. List what you can do and what the one flaw is about it. Ex: you can see the future, but only two days in advance at a time.)
    (Realistic picture only, please. You can post as many pictures of them as you want, and if you want to include videos/gifs of them, go ahead.)
    Distinguishing Features:
    (Any piercings, tattoos, birthmarks, or other things that make them stand out from others.)
    (In paragraph form. If you want, you can list the traits and just explain them.)
    Dorm Room:
    (I will assign these and let you know after your character is accepted. You can go ahead and post a picture of what your own room would look like if you want. *This is require*)
    Love Interests
    (Who do you hang out with and enjoy being around?)
    (You neither care nor hate them.)
    (You absolutely cannot stand them.)
    (Mainly parents, siblings, and close relatives. I don't need your whole family tree! Haha)
    (Anything I happened to miss.)
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  3. A few things to note:

    ~ If you would like to reserve characters, I will gladly do that, but I will only hold them for two days. If you haven't posted your characters, or at least a little on them, I'll consider them free for grabs.
    ~ You do not have to post all of your characters on one post, but it would help me keep track of them.
    ~ As of now, there is no character limits, though if I feel it is getting out of control, I may limit it.

    I think that's it! If you're interested, post your charcater sheets here and any questions. Tell your friends if you like it! :)
  4. Just because, I thought I'd go ahead and tag a few who I have done group role-plays with to see if any of you would be interested.

    @Brea @Stargazer @Little_Ghost98 @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming @kimsim12 @Wonderful Thing @Karakui @IceQueen @XWhySoSeriousX @Gorgeous♠Chaos @DANAsaur @Lady With Class

    If any of you are interested, great! I'd love to have you and I will be glad to reserve any spots you need. If not, that's okay too! If you know someone who may be interested, please let them know about it! ^.^

    I will also be looking for someone to help me run everything and whatnot more than likely...

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  5. I loved the post, which mean I am in for this. Not reserving anything yet, because need to read over everything. But I am in^^
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  6. Awesome! ^^ Can't wait!
  7. I'm in!
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  8. Yay! Thanks! Haha I hope you enjoy it too!

    I'll be posting my characters tomorrow, for now, I think I need some sleep! Haha!^^
  9. Hm, I might join but I'm kinda on the fence atm so I won't reserve any characters just yet. You said somewhere that those with unusual powers would be killed, I think, so I guess whether or not I join depends on whether or not these abilities would be OK or if they're too combat-heavy / generally OP:

    - Reality Fragment: The ability to split objects into base components and reconstruct them at will. (won't work on living creatures or anything important)

    - Delayed Time: The user essentially exists in a pocket of delayed time. Everything within 5 centimeters of them is delayed by a controllable amount of seconds. For example, if the user was standing completely still and was delaying time by 5 seconds, and someone shot a bullet at them, the bullet would travel to the edge of the 5 centimeter projection, then disappear and reappear 5 seconds later on the inner edge of the projection. Once the bullet has disappeared, it doesn't matter if the user moves, the bullet will still reappear 5 seconds later in the same part of the projection that it disappeared. So if the bullet hit the projection just above the heart, then the user ran to the other side of the room, the bullet would still reappear just above the heart.

    - Null Control: The user can partially control the minds of any nameless background character. Not complete control, more suggestion based, like planting a single idea into their heads which they have no choice but to act upon. Because mind control ruins RPs even more than mind reading, this ability is limited to controlling only 'background characters'. Give a character a name, and the ability can't control it.
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  10. UGH I shouldn't but...please reserve me two girls and a guy. (OTL I can't help myself)
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  11. Thank you for you interest and for checking. I will answer everything the best I can. Please let me know if you are still confused! ^.^

    I probably mixed up my words, but I will go ahead and clarify this for you and anyone else confused. When the teenagers first begin to experience these new abilities, the government is very interested in them and find it amazing. So, they try to make friends with them and learn more about them, putting the more powerful into government jobs to give them more power. For example, they might put someone who can read people's thoughts in an interrogation room.

    But after the ball of light (star) comes towards the earth and bursts, taking a random people all over the world, the government gets worried and wonders if it has to do with someone who has abilities. So that is when they begin to hunt down anyone who has developed any power above normal humans and they strive to lock them up and kill them.

    That is where Berkeley comes in. It is a safe haven where all of the kids go when they are shown the secret passage. So the government will want and will try to kill many people, but it will not succeed because they will go into hiding at this place. Berkeley is not a place that kills people. It's the opposite and it it just there to help the people learn more about their powers, if they have any.

    I am not one hundred percent, but I'm 99.9 percent sure that what I want to do is place all of our characters in a class together so that they get to know each other, or place a few in each class and gradually put them together. If I don't do this then I will put them all in the class where their abilities are completely knew so that they interact more.

    But the main point is that no, none of your characters will be killed off unless in actual war by another character, or if you don't respond for long periods of time and are not answering any PMs, then we would just go on without your character, but that's nothing personal, it's just to keep the RP going without holding anyone back.

    As for the powers you put forth, I only have a little to say about them.

    For the Reality Fragment, I think that is a great idea. If you mean things such as taking apart a remote and putting it back together without even thinking about it. That can work, as long as you're not splitting apart other characters or anything like that.

    For Delayed Time, I also think this is an interesting idea. I say that it should work fine, again, as long as your not using it too strictly and not letting yourself take any blows. Such as if there was a gang of five guys come to beat you up, obviously your ability would help quite a bit, but maybe let them get a couple blows in just to make it seem like you're not invincible.

    As for the Null Control, that is an iffy thing. I like the idea, but if your charcater does do that, I'd prefer them to have it along the lines of only doing it to characters that are not accounted for. Such as a government official that pulls a gun. You could make them put it away and leave without saying a word, but don't make one of our characters punch his best friend. You know what I mean? I was also going to have something like this, but mine will be different, so I'm sure that it is perfectly fine.

    All of these are great ideas, and as far as I'm concerned and you don't kill off another charcater, they should be fine. If anyone else disagrees or if in sometimes in the role-play someone feels like you are constantly trying to target them with your power, I'll ask you to stop and then see where it goes. If it does get extreme I might kill you off, but I highly doubt that. As long as you play nice, you should be fine!

    Anyway, I think I answered it all. Please let me know if you have any more questions. They were great!
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  12. Haha I definitely will! I understand what you mean! Reservations made.^^ Thank you, Darling!♡
  13. OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I want to reserve someone who can run at superspeeds cause I'm totally not obsessed with the Flash. Probably will be a guy.
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  14. Me too! Not... umm.. *awkward*

    Haha reservations made! Thanks!
  15. Yeah, I made sure to include information to show the limits of the abilities.

    For Reality Fragment, I specifically said that it doesn't work on living things.

    For Delayed Time, this is a harder one to explain the limits to. Basically, it's not a prevention at all. If the user was to get punched, they would still get punched, but the punch wouldn't actually land for a few seconds. It can't be used for damage avoidance either because wherever the user moves, they'll carry with them anything that's come into contact with the projection field. I think this ability may actually be a bit underpowered, but I have no idea what it'll end up like, I'm curious to find out as it's my first time playing with time that isn't outright deadlocking or slowing. I have a couple of interesting uses for it though, which'll be fun to see the reactions to.

    For Null Control, I said it only works on background characters. It's not going to work on any main character or plot-important NPC, but it'd be able to control someone on lunch staff or that nameless kid who sometimes turns up in the corridor.

    I think it'd be best to have them all in the same class. Spread it out and characters in smaller classes are much more likely to get left out and disappear.

  16. Okay! That makes more since. For the last one, I was previously confused but I understand what you mean! I think that will work fine. As for the second, that's perfectly fine! I was thinking about it something completely different, but I understand now.

    They all look fine with me, and you are welcome to use them and make as many characters as your heart desires!

    Yes, I was thinking that also. I'm thinking that I will do that. That's what I was leaning towards anyway. Haha.

    Anyway, if you're up for it, I can reserve whatever you'd like, or if you just want to make them, that's fine too! Haha.
  17. Just puttin' the basics down. I know what I'm gonna do for the characters, I just cba writing that much atm :D

    Mayoi Maekai (open)

    Sorry this character sounds so half-assed. This kind of character always does in the app, but she'll work in the RP.

    Name: Mayoi Maekai (second name rhymes with high fry, almost)
    Nickname: That's for other characters to decide.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 11/11
    Class: Advanced Special Ability
    Extracurricular: Student Council Member
    Ability/Power: Delay Field
    The user of Delay Field naturally projects an aura around themselves. The thickness of this aura varies between users. Everything inside the aura (besides the user) exists behind everything outside it. How much behind it is can be controlled by the user at will. For example, a user who set the Delay Field to 3 seconds would:
    - not get hit by a bullet for 3 additional seconds (the bullet would disappear and reappear 3 seconds later, maintaining momentum and velocity relative to the user's velocity)
    - not hear anything for 3 additional seconds
    - take 3 seconds longer to see something
    - not be lit by a light source for 3 additional seconds
    - leave an afterimage that was 3 seconds behind their actual movement (As in, if the user moved, it would take 3 seconds for other people to notice they'd moved)
    Delays on the senses can be reduced, but not eliminated completely. They are reduced in proportion to the delay. Delaying by 5 seconds would mean it took 1 second longer to sense something. Delaying by 15 seconds would mean it took 3 seconds longer to sense something. The current limitations are: Mayoi's aura is 5 centimeters thick at all points. Mayoi can only reduce sensory delay by 80% of total delay. Mayoi cannot input negative numbers as the delay value (although there has been a single instance of someone successfully delaying by negative values. They disappeared, never to be seen again.)

    Mayoi has an odd appearance. She's pretty average height, if slightly on the thin side. She has relatively small breasts, at least, not ones that you'd notice before the face. She doesn't really have much in the curves department, and is pretty much generally quite nondescript in that aspect. She has brown hair that falls to just below her shoulders, and makes her look a bit like the token Female Villainous Russian from spy movies. This image is not diffused much by the fact that she's perfected her Russian accent. She has relatively narrow eyes with brown irises, and slightly dark skin (not actually black / mixed race / tanned, but a little darker than the ridiculously pale British kind of white). She has few blemishes, fortunately, which means she doesn't need to wear make up, though she sometimes likes to put on eye liner to extend the Villainous Russian image that just kinda happened.

    There, howzat? I think it's pretty good. Can't think of anything else to describe at least.

    Distinguishing Features:
    There's nothing in particular that stands out about Mayoi, unless she's in a good mood and deciding to pretend to be Russian.

    Mayoi is a little eccentric, and one would call her a bit "out of the loop". She's constantly making inside jokes, though no one ever figured out who else is in on the joke or whether she's just laughing with herself constantly. She doesn't take anything seriously and isn't afraid to use her power purely for the fun of it. She likes to tease people. Despite this, she can also be reliable when she needs to be and she can be surprisingly wise.

    Mayoi's backstory is really nothing special, though she feels given her current story-like situation, a little out of place with no tragic event to reminisce about. She was born to a rich family, has ample amounts of money and has always been privately educated. She was moved to Berkeley a few weeks ago and otherwise, that's it.

    Dorm Room:
    Dolphin Two
    Mayoi's room is quite eccentric. It's tidy, but also furnished with peculiar and rather expensive-looking items and ornaments from all over the world. She has a cupboard filled entirely with ornate mugs and tea bags from every country.
    Likes: Pretty much everything

    Dislikes: Nothing in particular
    Strengths / Weaknesses:
    Mayoi has a very hard time bearing grudges, and generally has very few hate-able traits. As such, she easily makes friends, though with no particular interests or disinterests, she sometimes wonders how strong these friendships are.
    Mayoi has a tendency to show off when she can; she likes the attention, but she's too nervous to directly ask for it.


    Karen Black (open)

    Name: Karen Black
    Nickname: Again, that's for characters to decide.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Age: 15
    Birthday: 31/12
    Class: Advanced Special Ability
    Extracurricular: Volleyball Member, Martial Arts President.
    Ability/Power: Circle Drive
    Karen can store and use centrifugal force at will.

    (You can skip this paragraph if you know what centrifugal force is)
    For those of you who don't know what centrifugal force is... it's kinda hard to explain. Imagine a spinning top. It keeps spinning when it's already hit the table, even though no more force is being applied. That's the effect of centrifugal force. Once the centrifugal force runs out, that's when the top's point goes crazy and the entire thing wobbles and falls over. Another example would be when you get a bucket of water and spin around in a circle. The water doesn't spill out even though the bucket's being held horizontally. That's centrifugal force. It's basically the left over energy of a spin (since something spinning is constantly changing velocity). ANYWAY back to the point:

    Centrifugal force is what gives physical attacks their power. A roundhouse kick hits harder than a standing kick, because you've had the entire spin to build up centrifugal force. You deal more damage with a punch when you draw it back first not because it's moving further, not because you apply more energy, but because centrifugal force is generated.

    Karen can 'store' centrifugal force within herself. This is not limited to her own centrifugal force, and she can store centrifugal force of other things too. (this is involuntary, so if she were to touch a spinning top, it would instantly stand still and fall over and she would gain some energy). She can use this stored centrifugal force without needing to generate it, allowing her to attack at full strength or higher from a complete standstill, giving her very high melee aptitudes and speeds.

    Unfortunately, Karen is still limited by the squishiness of her flesh. She still gets hurt just as much as anyone else, and putting enough additional force into attacks will cause her bones to break, so while she can theoretically surpass the limits of a human, doing so would cause considerable problems in the user.

    Karen is relatively short and generally underdeveloped, physically, though that's to be expected from a 15 year old. She has very black hair which ends below her waist, usually tied up simply into a single ponytail, although that doesn't really make it any less too-long. She has large, almost childishly so, green eyes that always carry a hint of excitement and energy. She usually wears a hoodie over a t-shirt and shorts or a skirt, a habit left over from her past.

    Distinguishing Features:
    If you look carefully enough, you might notice several scars along her right forearm from where she literally shattered the thing into a hundred pieces from misjudging her power a while back. Fortunately, there were no lasting side-effects to this breakage thanks to the work of a kid with shape memory abilities.

    Karen is quite energetic and easily excitable. She's also quite masculine, with quite a few 'male' hobbies and interests. She's still quite childish and carries the cute naivety of someone still discovering who they are, despite her past.

    Karen's story is pretty normal, mostly. She grew up in a lower-middle class household. After her abilities developed, she found herself on the streets due to the particularly destructive ability of a certain neighbour who accidentally burned down the entire row of houses. For a few months, she and her sister had to fend for themselves, turning to some pretty... unusual methods of obtaining security and money. They used their weak appearance as young girls to lure predators and criminals, then 'metaphorically' crushed them with their abilities and stole their possessions. They were found by a Berkeley recruiter in the middle of a dramatic chase scene involving them being pursued by a gang of bikers.
    Dorm Room:
    Bird One
    Karen's room is... rather messy. As in, it may as well be a dumping ground for things, and no one knows how she collected them all. The only thing not covered in items is the bed, which Tsuki makes every morning for her as a slight glimmer of order in the chaos. There's also a strange, circular area clear in front of the TV in which a beanbag and a game controller is laid neatly.
    Likes: Cats, martial arts, girls, pretty much anything cute
    Dislikes: Men (she met some damn nasty men in those few months), dogs (she met some even nastier dogs. Seriously, how are some dogs so fuckin' vicious?), maths.
    Strengths / Weaknesses: Karen is very good physically, but her mental capabilities leave something to be desired. Don't get me wrong; she's quite intelligent and has good insight, she's just completely inept when it comes to mathematics and the such.

    Habits: A lingering habit from her street days, Karen doesn't go anywhere without her trusty brass knuckles. You can also find her idly polishing them when bored and daydreaming.

    - Thanks to the loss of all other family members, Karen has a very strong attachment to her sister, Tsuki, and gets very anxious when separated from her for any significant length of time.

    Tsuki Black (open)

    Name: Tsuki Black
    Nickname: --
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 4/4
    Class: Advanced Special Ability
    Extracurricular: Art Club Member
    Ability/Power: Fragmented Reality
    Tsuki can deconstruct and reconstruct objects at will. To be specific, she can select an object that is within her vision and instantly break it down into the base components that make up that item. She can then use those components to either rebuild the original object or build a new object altogether. The components she uses do not necessarily need to have come from the deconstruction of an object - she can also construct objects from components she has obtained externally. She does not need to know the exact structure of what she wants to make, but she does need to know how it functions, so she cannot deconstruct or construct living matter, but she could deconstruct a lock mechanism because she knows how locks work and what they're supposed to do.

    Tsuki looks almost like a younger clone of Karen - they are very similar in many regards. The only real differences is that Tsuki generally looks a bit more immature (not much though), and is shorter. She also has very pale blue eyes as opposed to Karen's green ones. Tsuki's hair is a lot shorter than Karen's, sitting a little below her shoulders, and is usually left un-styled. Her eyes carry a calm intelligence instead of Karen's energy, but they have a strangely powerful ability to glare when she's pissed off.

    Distinguishing Features:
    Other than her freakishly pale eyes, nothing particularly stands out.

    Tsuki is the calm, intelligent one of the Black sisters, and often plays the role of Karen's straight man. She has a relatively low tolerance for annoying things and energy in general, though seems to be immune to that when it comes to her sister. You'll often find her apologising for mistakes Karen doesn't know she's made.

    See Karen.
    Dorm Room:
    Bird Three
    Tsuki's room is very well kept and neat. The back wall is more of a bookcase than a wall, with all kinds of texts imaginable. Clothes are neatly tucked away in wardrobes and dressers, and the bed is made every morning.
    Likes: Cats, books, Karen, learning
    Dislikes: Physical activity
    Strengths / Weaknesses: Tsuki is highly gifted in the intelligence department, and loves to push it to its limits, engaging in brain puzzles FOR FUN and not just to prove to themselves that they're clever like everyone else. She is, however, rather disappointed by her physical prowess, or lack thereof.

    Habits: Tsuki is a bit of a fan of mystery novels, and she's got into the habit of speaking cryptically sometimes.

    Karen - Sister. Not as strong as attachment as Karen's almost-obsession with Tsuki, but still unbreakable.
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  19. I am in! Love the idea. Can I reserve a girl and a guy?
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