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  1. It was far to early in the day for SSA Miranda Johnson to already have a headache. There had already been a meeting about excess force, something she was going to have to talk to Justin about, again, in addition to the paperwork about the new agent that was starting today, and she had to squelch the rumors that Isaac had hacked into the pentagon. Whether he did or not was irrelevant, she just didn't want everyone to know that he did it. Glancing up at the clock, she swept a piece of hair out of her face and smothered a groan, it wasn't even eight am yet.

    Glancing out into the bullpen, her team missing as of yet, Miranda took a minute to adjust her jacket and snag her coffee cup, she had just about enough time for a refill before everyone... No, it looked like her newest agent was early. Stepping out of her office, she made her way down the three steps and over to the man that seemed to be studying the offices the way Alice did a new book.

    "Hello, you must be Mr.. Matsuo. I'm Miranda Johnson." She extended her hand, and offered a polite smile.

    "Yes, Ma'am." There was a hint of an accent when he spoke, but his handshake was firm. Lance took a moment to study his new boss, before dropping his eyes.

    "The rest of the team isn't here, yet so just pick an empty desk and get settled." Satisfied, and knowing that if nothing else Issac, Justin and Em would get the agent to open up, Miranda continued toward the alluring scent of coffee.

    Downstairs, another agent was waiting impatiently by the elevators. He had promised to meat Alice downstairs but had no idea why. Running a hand through his short hair, Justin sighed. She was his best friend, but even he had trouble understanding her completely.
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  2. ISAAC
    Isaac emerged from his office, coffee in hand, and joined Miranda and a guy he had never seen. He towered over him, being the gigantic freak he was. "Hey, Miranda," he said, sipping his coffee. "What's up? You seen Alice yet? I have to ask her something." He held his free hand out to the small guy. "Hey. I'm Isaac Tayne, call me Isaac, the resident hacker, tech genius sort of guy. Need extra cash in your bank account, come to me," he joked, raising one eyebrow and taking his lip ring between his teeth.
    The elevator Alice was riding opened, and she came face to face with her best friend. "Oh, Justin!" she said happily, taking him by the arm and pulling him to her desk. "So, I got these two tickets to this Russian film festival," she began, speaking with the speed of which she read. "And I was, like, would Justin want to go? I know you don't speak Russian, but I do and I could totally translate for you, but if you don't want to go I could ask Isaac -- " She broke off, as if realising what she had said. "Oh, crap, did I say that out loud?"
    Emory exited her office and saw that the new agent was there, standing with Miranda and Isaac. Oh, poor guy, she thought. Isaac's going to scare him. She absolutely loved her entire team, but she had to admit, Isaac could be terrifying on first impression.

    "Hello," she said calmly to the new agent as she approached. "I'm Emory James, the Communications Liaison. I'm essentially the press face for the team. Welcome to the BAU."

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  3. "Good morning, Isaac, and no I haven't seen her or Justin this morning." Miranda raised an eyebrow. Honestly, there were some things that he really should not tell the new people. He was going to scar the man. Coffee, she definitely needed coffee. Nodding at Emory as she passed, Miranda slipped into the break room.

    Lance blinked twice, then shook Isaac's hand. "Hello. I'm Lance Matsuo." He turned at the other voice that was politely saying hello, feeling a bit overwhelmed. "Nice to meet you as well miss..." They were all much friendlier than he had been told. When he had applied for this department, he had been told very firmly that everyone there were very stiff and formal all the time. Planning to take a step back and just watch for a while, he offered a small smile. "I should... find a desk..."

    Justin was not at all surprised to find himself being tugged along by his smaller friend. It happened enough that he was used to it. "Hey, hey, slow down. All I got from that was Russian, translating and something about Isaac. But listen, if you want me to go with you, then you know I will. But, if you would rather take Isaac, I'm good with that too." He said that last part softly, mostly so that the hacker in question didn't hear. But, he looked preoccupied with Em and what looked like a new guy. Ah well, he'd introduce himself later.
  4. EMORY
    Emory slipped into the break room after Miranda and poured herself a coffee. "So, did Isaac terrify the new guy?" she asked Miranda, smiling. "You looked exhausted, Mira."
    Alice smiled warmly at her best friend. "Thanks," she said, taking his hands in her own tiny ones and swinging them around with hers. "It'd probably be better to take Isaac, anyway. He speaks Russian. Did you know he speaks Russian? He actually speaks more languages than me, and I speak eleven. He speaks fourteen. Isn't he clever? I want to stage a math war, just to see who wins -- "

    She continued like that, quietly rambling about Isaac.

    So, it looks like I'm on babysitting duty, Isaac thought happily. He loved interacting with people. "You need a desk?" he asked. "Come with me, I'll show you." He descended the stairs and looked up, seeing that Lance still stood at the top. "Come on," he repeated, and then, adopting a low, growling voice, "Come join the Dark Side. Mwah ha ha!"

    He turned, looking for an empty desk to seat Lance, and saw Alice -- with Justin. Holding hands. His heart dropped.
  5. Miranda smiled a bit at Emory. "Probably. But, I think he took it well. We'll have to see how Alice and Justin take to him before I decide if he's a good fit for us." She added just a bit of milk to the coffee and sighed. "It's been a long morning. Did you know Isaac hacked the pentagon? Plus I got called for another meeting about unnecessary force, again. Honestly, do they think the unsubs just leave their doors unlocked and we can just walk in and arrest them peacefully?" She sank into a chair.

    Lance wasn't too sure about Isaac, but he did appreciate the Star Wars reference. "I'll never join you... Never." He wasn't certain that he had the quote right, but he was confident that he was fairly close. He followed the couple of steps noting immediately when Isaac stopped, and how he was watching the two that stood near one of the desks. 'That can't be good.' He took another step, glancing at the taller man's face. "Is .. something wrong?"

    Justin smiled, letting Alice chatter. He was probably the only person in the building that knew how much his friend liked the hacker. But, then again. Alice was the only one that knew he was growing a little thing for Miranda. But he wad made her swear repeatedly not to mention it ever. "Alice, you gotta breathe, hon, How are you gonna invite him if you are all outta breath, huh?" He glanced up, catching sight of Isaac and the new guy. Working one of his hands free, he lifted it in a wave. "Hey Isaac, who's that with you?"
  6. EMORY
    "Really? ANOTHER unnecessary force meeting?" Emory rolled her eyes. "The stupid directors and their proto -- wait, what? Isaac hacked into the Pentagon? I don't -- " Emory stopped, thinking. "No, actually, I do believe that. But sooner or later, he's going to get caught, and then where will we be? Screwed."
    Isaac quickly recovered at the sound of Lance's voice. "Nothing," he lied smoothly. "Hey, Justin," he called, leading Lance to the two. "Alice," he said nervously. "This is the new agent, SSA Lance Matsuo. Lance, this is SSA Justin Michaels and Dr -- " he put thick emphasis on 'Dr', " -- Alice Gregg."
    Alice became extremely nervous when Isaac joined them, her heart fluttering. "Uh, hi," she said quickly, then turned to the new agent. "Hi, I'm Alice." She was talking even more quickly than usual, due to her nerves.
  7. Giving a wan chuckle, Miranda nodded. "If he wasn't so good at what he does, we certainly would be. I'll talk to him before the presentation. Unless you are going to be an angel of mercy and tell me today is a paperwork day?" Her tone became slightly hopeful and then got very quiet. "I also have to talk to Justin about kicking doors..."

    Lance nodded at them both, feeling almost like a puppy trailing around behind Isaac. "..Nice to meet you, Sir.. Dr." He was missing something, he was absolutely sure of it.

    Justin, worked his other hand free and nudged Alice toward Isaac slightly. "No sirs. Justin is fine. So, how do you like it here?" He focused on Lance, trying to give Alice time to talk to Isaac in relative peace before Emory called them.

    "It... is not exactly what I expected..."
  8. ALICE
    Alice scowled at Justin, then looked up at Isaac. Wow, the nose-and-lip piercing combo looks great on him..... ALICE! she thought, mentally slapping herself.

    "Um, hi," she said quietly. "So ... " She took a deep breath, looking the hacker right in the eye. "Do you want to go to this Russian film festival with me?" It all came out in one breath, but she always talked like that anyway.
    A wave of shock crossed Isaac as he registered Alice's words. "Oh, um, what, like a date?" he said, then mentally kicked himself and said, "Yeah, sure." He sent Alice a warm smile. "Yeah. Absolutely. I'd like that."
    Emory sighed sympathetically. "No, sorry, Mira," she said. "We got a case. I'll go and get everyone."

    She speed-walked out of the room, leaned over the railing and called to the four at Alice's desk: "Guys! Case! Conference room, please!"
  9. Watching Alice and Isaac out of the corner of his eye, Justin smiled slightly, before turning his full attention back to Lance. "Oh yeah? Let me guess, you've heard we are all stiff and boring, no fun at all right?"

    "Not... exactly. I was told that you were all very... formal and distant..." He felt a little foolish saying so especially since he wasn't even sure that he was fitting in at all.

    When Emory called for them all to gather, Justin looped his arm around Lance's shoulder. "This way, you'll get the hang of it all in no time." He led the shorter man into the conference room, planting him firmly into a seat and dropping into his usual place.

    Miranda came out of the break room, coffee firmly held in one hand, neutral expression on her face. Her eyes swept the room, noting Alice and Isaac, Emory moving with purposeful speed toward her files, and Justin taking Lance in hand. She had a good team, just this once, she would let the lectures slide.
  10. ISAAC
    Emory called the team up for a case, and Isaac's heart dropped a little. He hated this. When the team received a case, and they where whisked off to the other side of the damn country, and he couldn't see Alice, only talk to her in phone calls the entire team were listening in on.

    But, still, he was overjoyed. You have a date with Alice, you have a date with Alice. The words continued to revolve in his mind as he and Alice walked into the conference room. Isaac joined Emory at the front, scooped up the remote from the table and waited for the conference to begin.
    He said yes. He said yes. Alice had only ever been this happy when she had finished the entire Harry Potter series in one day.

    Alice followed the hacker into the conference room and took her usual place at the front, next to where Isaac stood and next to Justin.

    "He said yes," she murmured into Justin's ear. "Now," she smiled, "You have to ask Miranda."
    Once everyone was settled, Emory began the conference.

    "Yesterday evening, local police in Brooklyn found this -- " an image appeared on the screen, courtesy of Isaac's remote, of a woman with mutilated hands, mouth, eyes, nose and hears, " -- in a Dumpster outside a gas station. The UnSub had raped, strangled and mutilated her."

    She stopped, waiting for the team to make their usual contributions.
  11. Miranda collected a file off the table, flipping through the information Emory had collected before saying anything. She liked to have as much information as possible before she spoke.

    Despite the dirty look he directed toward Alice, as the last thing he planned to do was say anything to Miranda, Justin had a feeling this was going to be a rather long case. "That can't have been his first victim, torture like that takes time, practice. He's obviously very organized and very aggressive."

    Lance firmly kept his mouth shut, not about to slip up and say something stupid on his first day, with his first case.

    "He also doesn't care if people know about him. Most likely he thrives on the attention, the fear." Miranda offered, quietly.
  12. ALICE
    "Oh, there are other victims," Alice agreed, nodding at Justin. "We just haven't found them yet. He seems to be robbing the victims of their senses; they can't see, smell, hear, taste or feel anything. This is most likely a form of depersonalisation. Perhaps the UnSub feels like some part of himself is being stolen by someone else. A lover, a colleague. Most likely an authority figure."
    "It has also been reported that this -- " He pressed the 'NEXT' button, and a gruesome, unidentifiable image popped up on the screen, " -- was found on the scene. The victim's tongue."
    Emory felt slightly sick at the sight of the tongue, and turned away. She wasn't built for the gory details; she was the press face.
  13. "He has no voice. No way to express..." Lance's eyes grew wide, and he resisted the urge to slap his hand over his mouth. He had told himself over and over that he wasn't going to say anything, but the words just sort of fell out.

    Justin jumped right in, agreeing completely. "That makes sense. If it is someone higher, maybe a boss or a parent, then the chance he would feel unable to speak out is very possible. But.. I can't help but think there is something else..." He couldn't quite put his finger on it, at least not yet.

    Miranda waved at Isaac to clear the images. "Alright then, we leave in twenty minutes. Em, let the local police know, Isaac, search the surrounding towns and cities for any victims that fit this signature." She glanced around at her team, a grim look on her face. "Lets head out."
  14. ISAAC
    "Rightio, Miranda," said Isaac, shutting down the projector. "You'll have a list of potential senseless victims to your tablets before you can say 'scumbag'."

    Isaac met the eyes of the new agent and tried his best to not look scary (and failing abysmally). "Hey, good luck with your first case."

    He discreetly met Alice halfway across the room, squeezed her hand and whispered, "See you when you get back. Be safe -- please."

    Isaac then left Alice, there, standing, bewildered, and rushed to his office.

    The office was all black, with the lights on all the monitors flashing a bright, sky blue. He had Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Saw figurines wedged between the keyboards and the monitors. The Room of Requirement, he called it. "Oh my God, I'm hilarious," he said to himself. He sat at the centre monitor and began entering search parameters, typing almost as fast as Alice when she read.
    Alice stood, shocked, as Isaac held her hand. She whirled around as he left, planning to say something clever, but all she could see of him was the heel of his lime green high top.

    Alice sighed. She walked briskly to her desk, grabbed her ready bag from underneath it, and waited for Justin.

    Emory whipped out her phone and dialled the number for the Brooklyn police. "Hello, Sergeant? Yes, this is Emory James from the BAU, we spoke before........."
  15. Stretching slightly, Justin headed for his desk, snagging his bag before turning to Alice. "So, when's the festival? I want to make sure I don't call you." He was grinning now, teasing his friend, but he was also happy for her. He settled on the corner of his desk, ready to leave.

    Miranda snagged Lance to fill out a couple of papers finalizing his assignment before sending him out. The poor guy looked a little lost. He had a bag, but that was still attached to his shoulder. He still hadn't found a desk. "Um... Dr. Gregg? Can I use this desk?" It was sitting across the way from hers, and he assumed that Justin owned the one he was sitting on.

    Miranda, took the time to finish what she needed before going to collect Emory. The liaison was easily her closest friend. "Hey, Em? You going to be okay?" She knew how much Emory hated the more graphic side of their work.
  16. ISAAC
    Isaac searched the databases. He would have the entire list before the rest of the team even boarded the plane. Isaac sipped his coffee, wheeled his awesome chair to a far monitor and turned on his music -- strictly synthpop and dream pop.

    "Alright, Lorde, help me find some victims."
    Alice kicked Justin lightly in the shin with her dainty foot. "This weekend," she replied smoothly, and then turned to Lance. "Yeah, of course," she said. "And, please, we only address each other formally in front of other law enforcement. We're not that fancy."
    "......right. Thanks." Emory hung up and turned to Miranda. "Of course," she said. "Thanks, Mira. It just gets to me a little. I'm not a profiler. Anyway, should I round up the others?"
  17. Justin started grinning. "Well then, I'll just have to take Lance here out on the town, while you two cuddle." He was convinced that she was going to kick him again, but it was worth it in his opinion. Glancing at the shorter man, he tried to simply be friendly, not the friendly creepy that Isaac managed so well. "So, that was good insight in there."

    "Ah... thank you..." Lance offered quietly. He placed his bag in his chair, fiddling a bit with the strap.

    "He was told we were formal and stiff." Justin offered.

    "We have a couple of minutes. Let Justin and Alice break in Lance before we head off." Emory's office was, as always filled with files, yet there was something comforting about it. "It will be good for him. He's more nervous than Isaac when we take him with us."
  18. EMORY
    "Alice will scare him more than Isaac," smiled Emory. "And you'd have to be pretty scared, in order to be more scared than Isaac."
    "Formal and stiff?" scoffed Alice. "The only one of us close to being formal is Miranda, and I saw she had a drawer of Disney toys in her office."
  19. "She does?" The two voices came in complete unison, one voice surprised, one almost pleased. Lance really couldn't picture what he knew of her as someone that collected such a thing, while Justin was surprised she even kept them. He had left them every now and then as just something to cheer her up.

    Chuckling, because honestly Miranda could think of a hundred scarier things other than Isaac, she stood and toasted Emory with her mug. "Thanks Em. Alright, let get out of here and go to work."
    "So we know he's depersonalising his victims," said Alice, carrying coffees for everyone. She was making an effort to speak slowly, for the new guy. "And he just dumps the bodies. He's definitely not showing any remorse."

    She handed out the coffees and took a seat next to Justin.
    Emory stayed quiet, sipping the coffee. She was not a profiler, nor did she want to be.

    The small monitor beside her lit up, and Isaac appeared on the screen. He was toying with a Lord Voldemort figurine and smiling, twirling his eyebrow piercing.
    "Greetings, avenging angels of fabulousness," Isaac said. Everyone looked so small on the monitor. "So I only found one victim who looked like they could have been -- uh -- done in by your guy. Liz Keeling, twenty two, was reported missing a year ago. Her body was found three days after she was taken. She only had her fingers and mouth mutilated, though, but according to the coroner reports I just sent to your tablets, she was also raped and kept for the same amount of time, which is three days."
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