Beginning of the end-Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay OOC (SIGNUPS CLOSED)

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  1. You might as well give up any memories of the land of the living, because that's all behind us.
    We're in the land of the dead, now.
    It's the year 2067, the apocalypse has just started. About a week go, the first zombie was spotted trudging down the streets, followed by more merely minutes later, of New York, where our characters stories begin(Might change that later before we start roleplaying). Reports and newspaper articles were instantly out, telling of the beginning of the zombie apocalypse was finally here. Because the horde of infected was found wondering away from a local science lab, many believe the cause of the undead was a science project gone wrong. Everyone quickly locked up their doors as the military was sent after these creatures. But the soulless-living were new to the earth and no one knew how to kill them. Every time one was hit, it would rise again. It was only later they found out a headshot is the way to go. But sadly, it was too late. Many soldiers had already been gotten. Some eaten, others bitten or scratched and the infected were quickly advancing, ammo quickly running out. gunfire filled the streets for days without end. Civilians didn't get any sleep and all they could do was watch from the not-so-comfort of their homes.
    But soon the gunshot was stopped, but not for the good. The soldiers had been overwhelmed and defeated. Everyone was terrified and the zombies quickly grew in number. Many of the survivors grouped, believing in power in numbers. Some have made encampments. Others prefer to stay alone. Others were in big enough groups to create entirely new civilizations, beginning to build walls and such around themselves. But i assure you, that won't last for long.

    There are two kinds of zombies, or infected, for this roleplay. There are your average standardized zombies. The kind you find in most zombie stories They're slow, but still incredibly dangerous. Their attack is a bite.
    Then there's the less common quick zombie that can run. Their attack is a deadly scratch that has the same effect as a normal zombies bite. The infection transmitted through scratch spreads slightly faster then a bite. If you are scratched you only have anywhere from three to five days, depending on how lucky you are. A bite gives you about a week. The infection is slow and painful, the longer you are infected the more pain you will be put in.
    Due to the infection in the air, however. anyone who dies from any other cause(Old age, illness, murder,etc.)then the body has about twenty-four hours before the entire infection takes over your body and brings you back from the dead.
    REMEMBER!!!-Zombies are attracted to noise! Any loud sound will attract them for miles, and even the snapping of a twig will attract a horde close by. Although useful, guns are not completely recommended unless you are able and prepared to leave
    IMMEDIATELY after.
    The only way to truly kill a zombie is a hit to the head. A hit anywhere else will merely take it down for a few minutes before it gets back up. Burning would also work, but the resources to do so are scarce and very dangerous to do. Would not recommend.

    -If your character is a total jerk, that's fine. But PLEASE be kind to one another in the OOC.
    -Romance is aloud as long as the other person you wish your character to be with is fine with it.
    -Anything beyond kissing or hugging will have to be taken to a PM. but come on, who does things like that during a zombie apocalypse?

    -There is no requirement to how often you post. There's no rush, especially if you're often busy.
    -I prefer longer paragraph responses, instead of simple one-liners.
    Nicknames: (If any)
    Place of birth/nationality: (Where your character is from)
    Appearance: (You can use description or picture, if ever you rather do. If you use picture you can use anime style or real life. Either is just as effective.)
    Weapon of choice:(As of now, the weapon your character has. This can change later as our characters progress through the infested world and find different, and possibly more efficient weapons.)
    Bio:(Background of your character)
    Extra info: (Anything you want to add or that you think I might have missed.)

    Once everyone's characters are setup we can discuss which state/city we want this to take place in. Once we do so, we can start, and I'll post the roleplay thread link here.
    Our characters don't all have to be in the same local area, but the city or the same general area of the city we discuss will be preferred so that we can all eventually interact and meet later. I'll only be accepting other people shortly after we begin the roleplay, then signups will close and this will be a strictly OOC thread.

    Make sure you check in with the thread regularly in case I add anything. Any questions on the rules or roleplay, don't be afraid to ask!
    If you want you and someone else's characters to be in a group together when the roleplay starts, you should discuss it with them.
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  2. The storyline sounds perfect. It's great that we got two kind of Z in the play.. This means we need some skills .. Hehe ^^

    I will make my Character Sheet today and post it later.

    P.s. As for something you mentioned here further up , In the walking Dead some things happen
    Beyond the kissing to, but obviously that happens in the movie ( I don't want to give any spoilers for those who didn't saw it what happened in first season with Lori ).
    It doesn't have to be the main thing in a RP. It's about surviving, with some other things that We can try to keep as In Our normal world would.

    Anyways.. I am glad about this and I'll get back to work xD
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  3. image.jpg Gender: Female

    Name: Dolby Desiree

    Nicknames: Desi

    Age: 21

    Place of birth/nationality: born in USA, originally France/Leon

    Height: 5.4"

    Apparence: view photo

    Personality: She is stubborn beyond imagination, sometimes she likes to take control over things/situations. Also is a helper in need and has plenty of "gut" for a woman like her. Is being underestimated, making her more of an competitive type and trying her best. Acting though even if deep inside she is sensible, but wanting to prove the point that She can do it.

    Likes: lollipops, apple juice. Also running, climbing and hot showers.; along honest people and mysterious types.

    Dislikes: rainy days, driving, being alone and possessive persons.

    Weapon( of choice): black steel Katana

    Bio: Desi was always a smaller girl, got often teased at school because of that so she tried to put a brave front. She always tried her best at everything, going to small holidays with her father where he thought her how to rock climb since 11 years old.

    Her mother was always working abroad so didn't spend to much time together unfortunately.

    Also, as she grew up she was doing good at sports especially running and volleyball. Everyone was jealous of her achievement even though Desi was so tiny. Later on growing up, she got a job at a comic book store where she met her boyfriend at that time. He thought her how to use a katana sword since he was Japanese.

    Later on she found out that he cheated on her with her own Mother. Desi was devastated, allowing to take her anger out into kick boxing. Therefore she lost all her trust and faith into people, she swore to herself that won't allow anyone to get to close to her.

    Extra info: She had a sister but didn't knew about her, because they never met as they got separated when they were small kids.
    Desi has a small tattoo on her left hip.
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  4. Gender: Female
    Name: Katherine Farhway
    Nicknames: Kat, Kitten
    Age: 19
    Place of birth/nationality: USA, Maine
    Weight: 140
    Height: 5'5"
    Appearance: r5_by_giatrus74-d7bkwnk.jpg
    Personality: Rather outgoing, liked to crack jokes and make light of things, has a hard time being serious. Not easy to anger.
    Likes: Cosmetics, soft ball, magazines (the non-gun related kind), video games, books, apples, music, and card games.
    Dislikes: Guns, sticky things (tape and stickers are under that category), nighttime.
    Weapon of choice: A large, cracked piece of pipe from the downstairs basement.
    Bio: (Going to put a mini-bio, you should learn more about my character throughout the RP!): Kat was a sport baby and high school was her prime, softball, basketball, soccer. Hanging with friends on the field and going home at night with them to chill and party. Her family heavy christians and herself was atheist so whatever kept her out of the house is what she was going to do. She spent a lot of time at her grandmother's taking care of the cat on days she didn't have sports.

    I suggest out suburbs of NY for our RP to take place?
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  5. NY sounds good..
    Also if anyone is interested maybe one of your characters want to be my Long Lost sister I wouldn't mind xD
  6. Hey! This seems good. Before I throw my hat in, I was wondering if there was any general plot ideas beyond mere survival?
  7. I guess we have to wait for Luna to reply to that... I am sure that survival is the main event, not only be aware of the two types of Z but for humans as well..

    Dangerous either way.. As for my character I want interaction with people, and making romance/ gore work all together..

    P.s. If you have ideas I think they are welcomed ^^
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  8. No, there won't be any other general plot other then survive.Unless anyone else has any ideas?

    Also, thank you all for showing interest, and to the two that posted your characters, you're accepted!

  9. Awesome ! Thank you GM ;)

    Well in either case I was just saying anyways alongside the survival which is essential ..

    The action can go around as well around the character interacting with the others and creating smaller interactions such as a bit of romance or whatever type of relationship the characters can do xD Right ?;)
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  10. Your welcome!
    And yes, that's correct!
  11. Goodies then xD

    Can't wait to get this started he he he ^^
  12. ^u^ me either!
  13. Aww okay. I'm just a sucker for plot twists!!

    I'm sure I can throw up a CS..!
  14. Well if you have any ideas I'm open for suggestions!
    That goes for everyone!
  15. Well we know that's the main plot.. But I'm sure later we can make some twists to happen xD

    Many things can happen with the characters lol.
  16. Gender: Male

    Name: Alex Dervish

    Nicknames: Can't think of any. I'm happy for you guys to come up with some during RP though :P

    Age: 22

    Place of birth/nationality: UK

    Height: 6"1

    Appearance: 2ee1iypfa2l1pzb3cqpykrgtc411749927.2.jpg

    Personality: Sullen, withdrawn. His face is a haunted visage, eyes showing a depth of sorrow that threatens to consume him. Beyond that though, lies a loyal, brave man.

    Likes: Solitude, level headed people, exercise/keeping fit, drawing, writing.

    Dislikes: Zombies. Alot.

    Weapon of choice: A baseball bat. (He may not like American sports, but the bat makes for a damn fine weapon)

    Bio: (Don't wanna give away too much, so I'll keep this fairly brief) Alex had been 19 when he'd had his daughter, Holly. His partner, Jade, died weeks later of a brain aneurysm. Devastated, Alex was left with a young, screaming baby girl to take care of. Finding he couldn't bear the overwhelming depression the house they had shared held, Alex took his daughter and used the last of his money to move to America. He struggled there at first, but eventually after finding a steady job as a bartender, he managed to get back onto his feet.
    He poured everything he had into raising Holly, she soon became his world. Despite several advances, Alex found he just couldn't (perhaps wouldn't) have feelings for another girl, despite it having been years since Jade had passed. Holly was the only girl in Alex's life and he was happy with that. That's when the zombies came.
    Alex had been going to pick Holly up from day care... The infection had just spead so quickly, beyond belief... that was the day that changed his life forever. The day that the only thing holding him together was torn from him. (I'd go into more detail, but I'd rather save it for the RP, if that's ok!)

    Extras: Alex keeps an old, worn picture of Him, Holly and Jade in his wallet.
  17. Yeah, true.
  18. Alright, you're accepted as well!
  19. Alright, I'm gonna type up a new CS because I lost all my old ones when my old computer died. So just bear with me for a little bit.
  20. We can wait xD I don't think we are in a big rush right now ;)

    Take your time ..^^

    I really hope everyone we can get along during this RP and evolve our characters as much possible.
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