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    It was dark and cold night when Jynx Pyn walked into the dimly lit pub in the dirtiest part of Silverton, wearing her normal outfit of a black leather corset and a dark brown half jacket with armor plating and thick black pants she looked every inch the part of a pain thief and assassin, rich red hair was pulled into a tight bun on top of her head as she sat at one of the tables furthest away from the fire, here she could feel the chill starting to settle in her bones but not even she would dare get closer to the men whos body made the small pub reek. Closing her dark green eyes briefly as her soft and delicately formed fingers absent mindedly rubbed the scar on her left eye, taking a deep breath she opened them just in time to see her newest customer sitting down.

    He didn't look like much and in her experience, men and women who wanted the type of high risk item that she was being paid to receive very rarely ever came to the meeting them self and she knew her newest customer was like all the rest especially when the fat man sitting across from her started to sweat under her stare. Pulling a dingy piece of cloth that Jynx assumed had once been a handkerchief, the man dabbed his forehead as his beady pig like eyes darted around the room before dropping a small jingling bag on the table that was quickly swiped in a fluid and graceful movement. A quick weight estimate told her the man had brought his payment and she nodded her head allowing him to speak.

    "As you already know this job is dangerous, that is why we..uh... I contacted you. I need the ever living Ruby rose that is located in the Palace of Silver, you know that if you get caught I wont stand for you and say that I had hired you, you know its a death sentence but if you come back with the rose its triple the amount I just gave you." he said, stammering only a few times. Standing a smooth movement Jynx turned to walk away, longing to get out of the cesspool of a pub, throwing over her shoulder and smile which was all the answer the man was getting on whether of not she accepted the job but she could tell by the slump in his shoulders that he understood that she had said yes. Dogging puddles filled with god knows what the tiny girl finally made it home where she was greeted by a rattling cough.

    Rushing to the source of the sound she knelt on the hard and dirty ground, "Shhh Daddy, I'm here I'm here I'm not going to let you die..." she whispered, her eyes gazing out the window at the shadowy form of the castle that watched over the city. No matter the consequences she would save her father.

    It was the next night when Jynx broke into the castle, though having never broken in before she had always dreamed of the one job that would end all her worry's and had scouted the building on more then one occasion. It was a complicated job, going under the high stone wall where some of the earth had eroded away, climbing up a trellis filled with black roses, and in through a broken window. Upon entering the room she slowly moved out and down the hallway only dimly lit by the odd mechanical lights, until of course she heard the crash, spinning around she saw a shadow coming up a near by stair case. Moving in a way that only a 5'1ft tall and 100lb body can, Jynx silently entered a random room and stood very still with her body pressed against the door. Sighing when she heard nothing from outside the room her delicate body slumped, "I am so stupid for taking this job...." she whispered to herself, and gasped slightly when the sound of rustling bed sheets came from behind her.
  2. tumblr_static_colin7.jpg Needles...Why were there always needles?
    No no no no no not the scalpel! please I just want to go home why wont you let me go home?!
    TO GO

    He woke with a scream, throwing the bedsheets off as he shot up straight. Panting heavily he looked around before the horrific memories recollected themselves within his brain. They had done something to him, but he couldn't remember anything. Hell he didn't even remember his own fucking name. still not used to the darkness,he blinked a few times and squinted. Suddenly the shadows were barely noticeable and he could see clearly. The memory hit him like a brick.


    That's what he was now. The unholy offspring of science and magic coalesced into a formerly human body and augmented. His blue eyes were now a baleful yellow. Each cuticle on his finger had a small almost unnoticeable slit that allowed a metal-like claw to shoot out and cover his nails. some of his teeth,he remembered belatedly, had been replaced by a lab grown reaver wolf. There were eight fangs total, two behind each other on the top and lower jaw and on each side. What felt the most unnatural were the three metal slats on his backside. Two were at the shoulder blades. The third was right below his coccyx, and he was acutely aware of the metallic tail that was extended from it.

    What had they done to him?
  3. Gasping for breath Jynx ducked behind an old chair that smelt like damp dust, her eyes sight had adjusted for the most part so when the scream ripped through the room she held her breath and watched as a figure seemed to leap off the bed as if it had hurt them. Blinking rapidly to try and get a clear picture of the figure Jynx accidently let out a whoosh of air and then whimpered in despair, she knew that if the figure was what the rumors said the residents of this castle were then she was doomed.
    Closing her eyes and hoping that the figure hadn’t heard her, Jynx silently prayed to her Gods that the man would either leave his room or go back to sleep which would of course allow her the needed time to leave and hopefully find the Rose and escape. All she needed was the rose, with that in mind her heart rate slowly went back to normal and she fingered her knives… Would it be worth it to stab him if he did come toward her? No… No it wouldn’t, if he was still human or was still mostly sane then she has a chance of convincing him that she had entered the castle on a dare but stabbing him would not help her case.
    Moving her delicate hand instead toward her braid she fingered the end of it, the room as rather chilly and she had to forcefully keep her teeth from chattering. Even the adrenalin in her veins couldn’t keep her from feeling the sharp bite. Eyes stonily set on the manly figure Jynx held her breath. Her dreams of seeing her father healthy and making money running through her brain reminding her why she was here in the first place.
  4. Drake's head snapped to the side at the noise, eyes widening as he looked around"Who's there?!"he rasped nervously. his heart rate skyrocketed with fear as he unsteadily got off the gurney he was laying on. With shaky steps he shuffled to where the noise initially was coming from. his eyes pierced the darkness like brilliant yellow orbs.

    When he managed to spot the woman he fell to the ground and backed away," no no no no...not again, don't make me kill another one..."He muttered to himself, now shaking all over. The Absalom Corporation had really done a number on his mental state in the several weeks he had been trapped and experimented on.
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