Battle of the Demi-Gods

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  1. "Come on Eli!." Eli's grandfather Akira yelled, "1,000 more reps!" Eli continues doing his push ups while his grandfather was on his back. But he doesn't mind. "Right!" Eli yelled. Compared to what he normally does for training, this is a piece of cake! Once he gets the last 1000 reps done, his grandfather gets off his back, literally. "Good job Eli. Its obvious that this training is getting to easy for you." Eli says nothing, "I guess we are going to have to kick this up a notch." Eli smiles and clenches a fist. "Alright! I am excited!" Eli loves training and fighting. He new he was different from everyone else, but he couldn't quit put his finger on it. Eli makes his black angel-like wings pop out from his back, they needed some air. "But first," his grandfather started looking very serious, "It is about time you finally discover the truth about your self." Of course. Eli has always wanted to know, but everyone said he was to young to know about it. Eli nodded. "Alright," his grandfather said, "You are no ordinary young man. You possess great powers, very great. You are only half human." he looks at Eli. "What is my other half?" Eli asked. "You are also part god. You are the son of Ares." Eli's eyes widen. "The god of war?!" He said sounding shocked. His grandfather nodded. "Are you serious?!" There is no way!, he thought to himself. "I can prove it." Akira said and Eli continues to look at him. Akira clears his throat then yells, "Ares!" Lightning strikes at the ground and clouds form in front of Eli. Once the clouds disappear, a strong looking man appears. Eli looks shocked. The man smiles, "Son." he says. Its really him, Eli thought. Ares, the god of war.
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  2. Lady Raven time to get up miss it your brith day" her friend and svernt Katness said with a smile. she was looking for the right dress for her. Raven does not like this so she stary hiding under the covers. Lady Raven come on now we dont want be late on you first day out of here to the vilages bellow" Katness knew Raven all way wanted out of this place the casle but she did not move. "i dont wnt to go and father would peromble say no your too younto know the truth well im not " she siad xcome out of the covers nd siting up. her black hir was aa big misses and her night gown was white Katness noddeds her head in understanding "yes but to day he has to as a promice from your father" Katness stoped wht she was doing and said "oh dear tht was somethinhe king saw sapost to tell you" Raven was shocked at the new she knew she was diffrent she can toch someone aand th cn die or live or she an throw fire balls mybe she got it from her raely father. katness helped her out of the bed she hates mornings so she all ways need help geting out. throw thwindow her pale skin is hit by the monring sun she gets helped changed into a black and gold dress that has short sleaves and a low u neck

    ocne she got to the dining hall she saw her father "fatherwhen are we leaveing" the king laghted "soon my child let eat frist then alk i need to tell you something" she noddes knowing it probley about h real father but not saying so.once thhe food got here everyone was dissmised the left but the gards stayed at the door they never gosep and they where the kings most stronges sholder, Sir Willem and sir Night , there they know who she was so the king did not worry . "its about you rfaher " she didnt want katness to get in troble so she said " but your my fater" "no my dear im not your father is diffrnt from most man" ashe was confused and the king counted "your father is a god hades thelord of the underworld" she laughs "nice joke fatherr but have you not todld me not to make jokes abot the gods" he new that woud mst likely to fail so he said "dear god hades your turn" the walls began to movn and then a mn was siting right next to her and she jumped "my dather it nice to finly meet you in person"
  3. After a few hours of talking Ares finally decided it was time to go. Once he left Eli tried processing what had just happened. So, I am a demi-god.
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  4. ((How old are the characters? I don't want to make my character too old, lol.))

    Amia had been training since 5a.m. and decided it was time for a break. She put down her shield and sword before losing her clothes and going for a swim in the ocean in which she lived beside. It was a warm day and she loved being it the water. Her blue-green eyes sparkled when the sun hit them just right. The ocean breeze blew her golden blonde hair around her face. She had forgotten that her mother was to visit her today to check on her training.
    Amia was practically a younger version of her mother. Their eye color was slightly different; however, their hair matched perfectly. Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love and Beauty and Amia's mother. Amia was a demi-goddess and was very honored to be so. However, she didn't really have any special powers, so she trained hard and tried her best to master various weaponry. Amia was quite beautiful, but she didn't always enjoy it.
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  5. Raiden always knew he was different. Being born with white hair was enough of a hint. Being rejected everywhere he went. He could make things happen to people if he wanted. It could be good or bad. And what could explain the wings that were growing out of his back the other day. He was different and he knew it. He never was the one to start fights, but he always won them. He was an odd fellow to the eyes of everyone else, but he felt like he was like a bomb filled with power just waiting to explode.

    His house was up on a huge mountain top where his father and his grandfather took care of him. Thing about his father, is that he was never there, and his grandfather...well he wasn't really his grandfather. Raiden was able to figure that out at a very early age. He was in his room trying yet again to dye his hair to another color, but as always coloring would fall off and catch fire on the floor. It shriveled and for some reason hissed then disappeared. He then heard his dad's booming voice. He gasped. Dad's home!?!?! Raiden thought to himself. He ran down busted through his door quickly and dropped two stories. He met the floor then met his father's smile. "Dad!" Raiden yelled before hugging his father tightly. His father hugged back even tigther. His dad was in a white suit and he was carrying a suit case. "Son...I'm almost positive you've figured out that you're....different," he said. Raiden immediately got scared. "Yeah.wat's going on?" I asked. "Well do you remember all that greek mythology that I told you about as a child? Would you believe me if I said all of that is real? Raiden Paused then it immediately snapped in his head. He was the son of a god! He was a demigod! Raiden was shocked, he was overwhelmed by the thought that he was a demigod! He then stopped. "Which god am I the son of though..." Raiden's father put down the suitcase and opened it revealing an active lightning bolt. He stood up held the bolt like he was about throw it like a football. He stood in that stance. "Dad....y-you're Zeus!? I'm the son of Zeus!?!?!" Raiden had to sit down for a second. It explained everything. The wings, how it always rained when he was sick, the white hair. It all made sense now. "Why do you think we live on a random mountain...I missed mount alympus too much. I made this mountain just so we could live up here!" Raiden smiled then frowned after. "Then where's mom?" Zeus's smile faded quickly. "I lost her in a bet with you're uncle...hates. I wasn't expecting to lose....the reason you have such good looks, is because of your beautiful's a shame I gave into such foolishness with my brother...but listen since you finally know who you's time to train. You'll be meeting your cousins soon enough."
  6. "Amia, darling, what are you doing?" A musical voice rang. Amia quickly turned in the water to see her mother standing on the shore. She gasped before smiling and waving.
    "I was taking a break. I've been training for four hours already. Plus, it was such a pretty day outside. I simply could not pass the urge to swim a bit."
    Aphrodite smiled. "Alright then. How is your training going? Well, I hope."
    Amia made her way out of the water, picking a towel up off the sand and wrapping it around herself. "Yes," she said simply. "It's going quite well. However, I have some questions for you, Momma. It isn't about training though."
    Amia nodded. She took her mother's hand and led her over to the house, sitting on the porch steps. She turned her blue-green eyes up at her mother. "Are there others like me? Well," she paused, "I know there are others. I mean, if I am here then certainly you are not the only Goddess who has mated with a human and had a child. I guess what I am trying to ask is, do you know where the others are?"
    Aphrodite smiled sadly at her daughter. Her green eyes filled with sadness. "No, my love. I do know there are others, but I haven't the slightest clue of their whereabouts. Most Gods or Goddesses who have children with a human hide their child. They don't want them harmed by enemies or rivals...or worse."
    Amia looked at the ground. "I understand." She placed her head on her mother's shoulder and closed her eyes. "It would just be nice to have friends and not have to hide."
    Aphrodite laid her head on top of Amia's, placing a hand on Amia's exposed cheek. "I know, my dove. I know. You will someday." Of course, Aphrodite didn't know this for certain, but she did wish for it. She placed a kiss on Amia's head before standing. "I must run Little Dove. I have things to do before I come home tonight. Continue your training and I'll be home before you know it."
    Amia nodded, "Alright. See you tonight." It took only a second for Aphrodite to leave. By the time Amia finished a simple blink, Aphrodite had gone.
  7. Raven was so shocked that she faitd. "so much like your mother" hades sighed and picked her up and tock her to her room not beening notice by anyone. he places her on her bed and left a note of what will be happening. Karness comes runing in and didnt see hades "my dear gods" she walks up to her and put a small towle on her forhead then sighed.

    Raven came too and looked around and saw s was in her room 'was it a dream? ' no it was not she as still waering her out fit and se know now whe was hades dather. she got out of her bed and notce the note she picks it up and opens it and start to read:

    dear Raven
    happy brithday i may have forgotintomsay that on my vist to you . It is time to stop hiding you and show you the world you will be meeting your cousein soon for your frist ever treaing therw will be a battle soon all of us the gods feel it coming we must prepaer all of you before its to late im deeply sorry for hiding you and for hiding my self I will be seening you more do not worry i m all ways with and all was have been

    from your entarly
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  8. "Eli..." Eli hears someone call his name.... its in his head. "Yeah?" he thought he realized it was his dad. "Eli. Earth is in great danger. I need you to team up with the other Demi god." Eli blinks, "But... Where will I find them?!" ((Eli is 17 lol))
  9. Amia finishes her training for the day before going in to shower. Her stomach is all in knots from a worried feeling that was suddenly cast over her. She wishes her mother would hurry home so she could find out what is going on. After her shower, she goes out onto the deck and leans against the banister, looking out to see.
  10. "The first one you shall meet is the daughter of Aphrodite." Ares says. "Aphrodite? As in the god of love?" Eli ask. "Yes. Just go the direction of the sun and you shall find her." Eli nods, "Right!" Eli makes his black angel-like wings pop out and goes in the direction of the sun. Eventually, Eli finds a house. "Is this is?" he wondered.
  11. Amia looked up towards the Heavens, wondering when her mother would return. Her blue-green eyes widen as she gasps as she sees Eli high in the sky. Unsure of what or who he is, she quickly runs inside to grab a weapon. Once outside, she stares up at him, the sun blinding her. "Who are you?" she shouts.
  12. One of Eli's black angel blocks the son so it doesn't get in her eyes. "My name is Eli. The son of Ares. Are you the daughter of Aphrodite?"
  13. She blushes a deep red, feeling stupid for panicking. She slides the weapon behind her back, not wanting him to see. Her blue eyes land on his face. "Yes, I am Amia, daughter of Aphrodite. It's nice to meet you Eli. To what do I owe this pleasure?" The bad feeling she had gotten earlier had now grown. She worried Eli was bringing bad news.
  14. Eli knows she had had a weapon, since he is the son of Ares he could pick up on those kind of thing. He flies down and makes his wings disappear. Then he looks her in the eyes. She is pretty... what would you expect with her being the daughter of Aphrodite and all. "Well my father told me something bad is about to happen and he wants me to gather all of the demi-gods. ((Didn't Aphrodite and Ares end up together XD))
  15. ((I know they had an affair, but I'm not sure if they were actually together together..if that makes sense. xD))

    She sighed and shook her head. "I had a feeling you were going to say something along those lines. I've had a bad feeling for the past couple of hours. Did he say exactly what was going to happen?" Worry filled her eyes. She thought she was good with weaponry, but she had never actually fought someone. "Do you know where the other Demis are?"
  16. Rave was so exited she could not hide it she going to meet peopple go out side nd see the world she never read about the world becuse she was never alowd in the stuides or the libery so she was super exided she not going to have anyone tell her what to do anymore. well mybe her father will tell her things tht would help but nothing more. her othefather cm to her hand handed her a guid book "this will help you on you joiney so read it when everyou need help" she leand how to read and writing was never her thing "thank ou" she was given some clothing tht is pants and a shirt with sometjing that sy "im new to this" and put on a cloak.

    she left the kingdom and headed north. she then stoped for a brack after a long jornny she could not see the kingdom anymore she couldnt see for a long time she pullso the book and opendsit it was blank " eh? why is iere nothignin here?" she looed around then closed the booknand said show me the teypof trees " and then she opendnit and there therwer all the tipes of trees "nice'
  17. ((Yeah I get what you mean XD. >.< That's weird XD)) "Ok well first off, you can throw that weapon away. And second. he just told me that there is gong to be a big battle. Also... No I do not, my father just gave me directions her so I assume he will do it again." He realizes something and looks around.
    ((Yes guys. It is present times. XD))
  18. ((I just found this one a website: "Aphrodite was married to the graceless and lame Hephaestus, the god of fire. Her true love was Ares, the god of war." So we were both right, lol. By the way, how old is Eli?))

    Aphrodite stood behind Eli. A soft smile spread across her face. "Hello Eli. I see you have made your way here and met my daughter." Her blonde hair blew around her face. "I know why you are here, but before I let her go with you, you must promise me one thing."
    Amia placed her sword on her back and looked at her mother, glad she was home. She was curious as to what her mother would say.
  19. ((He is 17 XD.)) Eli turns around and looks at Aphrodite. Holy- Wait. How does she know my name? "Uh, and what is that?"
  20. ((Okay. xP))

    "Keep Amia safe at all costs."
    "MOTHER!" Amia gaped at Aphrodite. "You can't ask him to do that!"
    "I can and I will," she said simply.
    Amia looked at Eli. "You don't have to promise her anything. She's just overly protective."
    "And I have every right to be," Aphrodite stated, looking at her daughter. Turning her eyes back to Eli, she said, "So do you promise me this?" Amia covered her face with her hand and shook her head, obviously embarrassed.
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