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  1. What if, in the middle of the night, as a group, a group of teenagers [possibly friends] decided to runaway together. It might be for big or petty reasons. Maybe they just want to run away from their life, their family, school life, chase their dream even though they might be too young or inexperienced for it. During their journey away from home, they'll face many difficulties; regret, friendship, the fear of being caught, love, and survival.

    Of course, they're teenagers... they're fools thinking they're already adults.

    For now, this rp will just go with the flow since I don't have a plot for it yet, other than the one above.

    • I don't know about you but if I were to run away, I would run away with a group of friends and/or people I'm familiar with. So, characters have to be friends.

    Character sheet:

    Age: [Around 17~18/19]
    Appearance: [Anime only.]
    Personality: [1 paragraph]
    Bio: [At least a paragraph, and MUST have the reason why he/she decided to run away with group of friends]
    Can she/he drive: [Important]

    ****I need at least one or a few characters that know how to drive. I don't know what's the driving age in the States or wherever you're from, but we'll make it around the age I just stated, ok? ^^

    ****I'm not looking for a group of ten people. I'm looking for a group of six characters. Minus me, five! Because, if there's a group of eight to ten people, it'll be like a mini class field trip and I doubt there's a car big enough to fit that amount of people.

    ****I'd prefer a balance between male and female characters.

    ****Characters in this rp are close friends in school, known each other since middle school or might be neighbors.

    ****When we get all six characters ready, we'll see who'll start driving first and stuff. There will only be one car and drivers will be rotating. Meet up point will be at the park.

    xXx Rules xXx
    • Please be respectful towards each other.
    • No Godmodding, or killing off other people's characters unless you have permission to.
    • No magical power shit.
    • No weapons [for now] but we're like running away not on a killing spree..
    • And, I always emphasize this! Please have decent grammar! A few mistakes here and there is understandable but the whole paragraph is a big no for me.
    • When you post, please post at least a paragraph or two, I hate, HATE one liners.
    • Please be active! Don't just sign up for this rp and not post anything in the IC thread.
    • Following up my previous rule, don't be overly active and not let the others post. Example, you and person A goes back and forth. No. That's because not all of us are from the same timezone/area/country/continent.
    • If you're gonna be offline for a long time, please PM me or inform us in the OOC thread here. Because if you don't, we might leave your character at the petrol station, stranded or something.
    • If you read this, put something about tacos in the Extra.
    • Finally, have fun!~
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  2. Name: Nikolai Vargas

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Stands at 5'11 (180cm)

    Always determine and stubborn. He doesn't know when to give up. Sometimes, he can be clueless and naive towards matters around him. He is protective of his friends. After being neglected by his mother [possibly his step-father as well], Nikolai started to rebel but it was for a certain period of time. Despite having a gloomy and intimidating aura, not to mention the natural scowl on his face, he is kind at heart and has a soft spot for cute things. For example; his younger step-sister. He has a love for animals but animals doesn't love him. He'll always try to crack a joke to make everyone smile though it fails most of the time. He hasn't always been a good joker.

    Nikolai was raised by a single mother. He was only told that his father left him and his mother when he was a month old. At age 13, his mother remarried a businessman. He didn't have an opinion of his new father since he always kept his mother smiling. If she was happy, Nikolai was happy. A few months after their marriage, he found out his mother was pregnant with a baby girl. Like any older brother, he was excited for his new sibling to arrive. After the birth of his new younger sister, Anya, he felt neglected by his mother since she has already gotten that 'perfect family' she has always wanted. It was as if, he was the stranger in the family of four. Of course, this irritated him a lot. Nevertheless, he still acted like how an older brother would to his younger sister, not showing an ounce of hatred towards any of his family members. As he always say, if his mother is happy, he is happy.

    Other than that, he was the guitarist of a rock band that wants to make it big and spread their music. One day, he came into practice like usual, only to find another guy taking his place. He was kicked out of the band without being told. To make things worse, his music teacher in school once told him that he couldn't make it into the music scene. His step-father told him it was a waste of time while his mother just agreed with him. Determined, he will prove to them that he can do it.

    Can she/he drive:
    He didn't bother to learn how to drive. He preferred walking or taking the bus.

    He has three piercings on his right ear and two on his left. He used to work part-time at the local taco shop, which gave really high pay. He enjoys reading and writing song and poetry. He kept his mother's family name (instead of changing it to his step-father's family name) because he thought it sounded cool. He is really good at sneaking around.
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  3. Name: Gemma Varner



    Her original hair color is pale blond, but she keeps it dyed a very light pink. It reaches her waist, and varies from curly to straight to wavy on a daily basis. (See sidebar picture.) She adores wearing sun hats or bandannas, really any hair accessory is a favorite of hers. She has very light green eyes that could pass for a yellow in bright light, and lightly tanned skin. She's on the shorter side at 5'2, but has quite the habit of wearing high heels or wedges to boost her height. You'll see her in tights or pantyhose everyday- whether it's summer or winter. Normally she pairs them with sundresses in summer or dark dresses in winter with a nice coat, but occasionally she'll wear a pair of jean shorts and a nice blouse as well. She also owns a large variety of raincoats and rain boots for her many adventures on rainy days.

    Gemma is very kind to everyone as long as they're kind to her. She's kind of clumsy and tends to crack weird jokes with new people to try and test her boundaries. She's super sensitive, and she's a big crier. She has a very dirty sense of humor and she isn't shy about it. She doesn't really like challenges, and will often shy away from competition. She's quite the talker and she has a hard time stopping once she's begun. She has a habit of letting small things really get her down, and once she's in a state like that it's very hard to cheer her up. She's generally very friendly, and it isn't hard for her to pick up new friends. She's an animal lover, but she also hates the outdoors and anything dirty. She likes to keep everything very clean and organized, and she stress out if everything isn't perfect. She also loves to make people happy, even if it means neglecting herself to do so. Her favorite thing is the rain- the smell and feel, and will often be seen running around outside when it's raining.

    Gemma's parents have been scientists since before she was born. They are a very well known duo for their work in medicine, and discovering various cures for diseases. Her father is American and her mother Japanese. Her parents refused to let her travel with them, so she didn't see very much of them. She grew up to be very self sufficient, finding comfort in her friends and little hobbies of hers, like singing and cooking. She always wanted a little sibling, but unfortunately has remained an only child. She finally decided, after much consideration, to go off with her friends. She doubted her parents would even notice her absence, and she considered her friends more like family to her, anyway.

    Can she/he drive:

    Since her parents were always away on work, they insisted that she learned to drive, as it would help keep her safe.


    Gemma always wears a white gold opal ring on her right hand, symbolizing her birth month. This is also the only object she's ever received from her parents. She's constantly cooking for her friends, and her favorite food to cook for them is tacos, even though she doesn't actually like to eat tacos.
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  4. Yay! Thank you :)
  5. Sounds interesting. I think I'll make a CS.
  6. Name: Raphaella Hoyle

    Age: 18


    Show Spoiler
    Also, she has a big scar in her abdomen, result of a club fight.

    Raphaella is a hot head, she is quick to act and rarely thinks twice before saying or doing anything. Her temper has put her in trouble countless times, more than once resulting in broken bones and/or bruises. She makes herself look as a cold person, when, actually, her heart is full of kindness. Raph is really passionate and determined, always fighting for what she believes is right. What she hates the most is when people try to control her, to give her orders, when someone try to tell her what to do she'll snap and, probably, punch the person in the face. One of the biggest qualities of Raphaella is that she's really protective of those she cares about, she'll always put other's life before her's.

    Raphaella grew up in a house with her two siblings, and her father: her twin, Leona, her little brother, Mike, and her father, Angus. She was always fighting with Leona, the reason of that is because her sister would always be telling her what to do, telling her how her temper would kill her one day, how she might put not only herself in dangerous, but her family as well. A long time ago, they used to sleep in the same room, but now they can't even stay under the same roof, otherwise, there would be an argument. Now, Raphaella's relationship with Mike was good, though he would be always pestering her around, and that caused some arguments, but they never lasted. Finally, Raph's relationship with her dad was one of respect, she respected him and he respected her, they didn't act like friends, only as father and daughter, nothing more, nothing less.
    Once, while fixing the car of the family in the garage, a fight happened between the twins, but that fight got out of control, Raph searched for the tool closer to her, and that happened to be a wench, she attacked her sister. But before the wench actually touched her sister, Mike hold her arm, trying to stop her. In her blinded rage, she attacked Mike instead, who got unconscious and had to be brought to the hospital. He almost died, but was able to make a full recovery. Since that day things were never the same, Leona never talked to her again, she was scared of her hot headed twin, Mike said he forgave her, but she never believed that. And so, one day, Raph decided to run away.

    Can she/he drive:
    Yes, Raphaella has always liked cars and bikes, so she learned how to drive by herself.

    She can fix cars and bikes. Also, taco is her favourite food.
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  7. Hmm well I wanted to do a female character but I'm worried we'll have too many of them...
  8. Aww well I'll make a male CS to balance things out a little :3
  9. @Lady Bernkastel there's two already. And there'll be 6 characters for this rp
  10. If I make a male character too, and Lady makes a female, we have perfect balance :3
  11. @TakedaXxXKaori Yes, that's why I was worried that if the others wanted to make female characters too it'd be too much.

    @Merry Berry @Adore Delano You girls always seem to have my back XD
  12. Yay I'm excited for this!
  13. Name: Rachel Cove (Nickname Rae)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Rae stands tall at 185cm (6'1'')

    Personality: Rachel is very down to earth and carefree. She loves video games and music, which she combines to make songs for indie games that have become increasingly popular over the last year. While she may come of as laid back, she is actually a hard worker, and studies to become a software engineer. She adores her friends and will do anything for them, never caring if they pay her back or not. She also tends to take on a 'motherly' role, acting like a shoulder to cry on but not being afraid of scolding when someone steps out of line.

    Bio: Her parents are rarely ever at home due to work, and for the mostpart of her life shes been raised by nannies or her grandmother. Due to feeling lonely and rather empty, she sought friends that would perhaps not normally be her type. She became acquainted with a couple of kids a bit younger than her, yet somehow much cooler, and the mixture of her upbringing and their wild, fun nature is how she developed the personality she has today. Her reason for running away is because she wants her parents to have a taste of their own medicine for once.

    Can she drive: Yes, and she has a lot of experience driving in the dark due to countless sleepless nights spent on the road.

    Extra: Rachel is a huge nerd, and will geek out around computers or other types of technology. She's installed a grade A soundsystem in the car the group is goin to ride in. She is also an extreme glutton, and loves nothing more than to chomp down on Gemma's tacos.
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  14. Actually it looks like I don't have time for this... I just got so damn excited when I saw the theme because it looks really cool, but it wouldn't be fair for me to take a spot since I don't have that much time and my posting would be less than frequent. Sorry if I caused any inconvenience :(
  15. Name: Joel Dreyfus

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He's 177cm long (5'8'')

    Despite his rather lanky appearance and the fact that he wears glasses, he's more of a jock than nerd. In fact, his grades are somewhat lousy, in contrast to what people would believe after taking a first look at him. Some of Joel's favourite activities include gymnastics, pole vaulting, swimming, and cross country running. He can tend to be a bit overly dramatic at times, having exaggerated reactions to most things. While being a hard worker who will never give up once he's set his mind on something, he actually has rather low self esteem.

    Bio: His parents always expected him to follow the academic path like them, so when it turned out he had a knack for sports rather than studying they were quite disappointed. Whenever he tells them of any progress he's made with his training, they will just ask him why he won't put as much effort into school. This has led to his poor self consciousness, and constantly doubting whether what he does is good enough or not. He wants to run away in order to escape from his smothering parents.

    Can he drive: No, he hasn't had much time to practice with all his training, and he's still a bit young to have a license.

    Extra: Strangely, Joel hates red meat, but one of his favourite dishes is fish tacos.​
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  16. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot to put that down XD
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