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  1. I am a weirdo who gets attached to avatars and never wants to change them, but this also comes with me picking an avatar that I like having represent me :D So fellow members, what drives you to pick a specific image as your avatar on websites? And are you one to change avatars like clothes, or do you and your image companion get too attached to go separate ways?
  2. I've used the same avatar for 10+ years since Iwaku started.

    In fact, my ORIGINAL avatar as a shadowed variant of the one I'm currently using.

    I only changed to this current version because I couldn't find the old one anymore.

    other than that, i've always had a DCAU Batman avatar
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  3. I'm kinda attached to this one. While I don't think I'm against the idea of changing it, I'm hard pressed to find something I like better.
  4. I don't get attached to these pictures. I change it once I see something I like a ton better. My current one is an excellent example. My manfriend was showing me some images on Google and when I spotted it, I knew we were destined to be together. :D (Also I just have a huge weak spot for the Hank Hill memes.)
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  5. Oooh I get attached to my avatars too. That's why it takes a lot of time for me to change my avatar in any site. This includes my profile photo in facebook. The avatar I'm using right now is a drawing I made that I'm really happy with, that's why I'm so attached to it. n.n
  6. I change mine every month, and probably will continue doing so until I get sick of it and just make one that I'd be fine sticking to forever.
  7. I change avatars roughly every two months unless I find/make one I like a lot. I rarely get attached to pictures.

    My current is amusing enough, so unless I make a better version or come up with something new, it stays. There's also that thing about the avatar reflecting the username, something that plays a part in what I use as an avatar. Seasonal versions is also a thing, so for Christmas or Easter I add wee things to the current one, like snow or Easter eggs or other stuff to reflect the season/holiday.

    More often than not I'm just extremely bored when I change avatars. That's basically it.
  8. I usually stick to one avatar and signature, but I try to see if anything looks better from time to time. If it doesn't? I go back to the old one. If it does? I stick to it, then try to change it up again. I try to switch it up every few months or so? It ain't that important to me though. I like the one I have now.
  9. I try an avatar for a day, then I change it if I don't feel it. If I do, I keep until I don't feel it any longer.
  10. I just pick the avatar I feel and stick with it until I get bored or find something better. If I like it, I'm using it.
  11. I've been using this once since 2008, I think. Used to regularly change avatars (mostly angry faces or site-wide themes) but I felt a strong connection with this one. IT'S JUST SO ANGRY AND YELL-Y. Like it was made for me. Soon people would recognize me from other places on the internet because of this avatar. So I just stuck with it.

    But really, the truth is, I stopped changing avatars because:
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    I AM LAZY.
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  12. YOU AND ME, ORO!

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  13. I'm attached to googly eyes. They be my thing dude.
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  14. When I sign up to a site, I tend to change my avatar a few times during a short period of time before I settle for one that just feels right. After that, I'll only change my avatar after some serious consideration and even then I have a habit of switching back to the chosen one eventually anyway.
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  15. When I think of something that would make a great avatar, I go for it. I tend to grow rather fond of my choices and don't change them too soon after that. Once I've had one for a while, though, I start to get bored of it, which is when a new one might replace it. I rarely go out of my way to look for new avatars, though, it's just that I grab things when I see them. Whether or not a potentially avatar-worthy image gets chosen at any given time depends mostly on how long I've had the other one for, and whether or not my liking of the new one outweighs how much I still like the old one.
  16. I have changed it out from time to time, had some interesting characters, but in the end, I will always choose a picture of Rommel.

    Look up Erwin Rommel for those of you unfamiliar, he's my favorite person in history and I consider him somewhat of a model for anyone seeking a career in the military. Amongst the evil and darkness of Nazi Germany, this man was a symbol that to be a German, was different from being a Nazi. And rarely in history do you see a man so respected by his enemies.

    Something you will find, is that most "gentlemen tactician" characters in fiction are based off of him.
  17. I chose this avatar because ya know. Darth Vadar riding a Uricorn is just plain epic.

    It also shows my love for strange and crazy things like flaming robotic zombie cat people.
  18. I get semi-attached to avatars/sigs. I tend to keep the theme for a couple of months minimum. Occasionally I'll hold onto one for way longer than that because I continue to feel it's representative of me and my general mood at that time in my life. Sometimes I'll change again very quickly because for whatever reason the new one isn't suiting me as well as I thought it would.
  19. Mine is simply the eye of my online namesake... a character-critter of my own creation, created to represent me on the Internet. Though the avatar I use is labeled "RatchetsEye." Just turned out that my character Roose has green eyes. And fur. So the image fit.

    Well, actually, it would fit if I'd been able to use it here, but so far, no dice.

    This is quite similar to my avatar, though not exact: http://i12.tinypic.com/2e16hrs.jpg

    Edit: Oh... my avatar will never change, if I have anything to say about it. Then again, it could, if I'm ever able to commission a custom made image.
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  20. I change my avatar decently often usually to whatever joke/shtick I plan on going with at the time.

    Iwaku was a bit of an exception where I originally used the Master as another joke of "I am so masterful!", but then a lot of people seemed to like it.
    Some actually went out of their way to message me and let me know how happy seeing the Master made them feel, so I decided to keep the Master theme going.

    But even when I stick with that theme I still change between different pictures of the Master.
    Usually with some lazy outright amazing snagit photoshop to make a certain joke, shtick or theme at the time.
    Which for this current moment is SS Iwaku.
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