Avatar: The First Fires, Book 2

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    The Avatar Roku has disappeared two years ago and the Fire Nation has began to invade the other kingdoms, destroying the previous era of peace. Without the hope of the Avatar's rescue small factions of warriors have come together to try and fight the war against the fire nation on their own. A group of warriors have come together in the city of Xiu Ying Tse just before an attack from the Fire Nation.

    The attack was mostly successful led by the crazed Firebending general Asuka of the Sun and her pet Earthbender Ts'ao, using their conjoined force to create volcanic powers. The fleet was wiped out thanks in part to a group of water tribe refugees creating a giant wave and the king of Xiu Ying Tse defending the city in his labyrinthine palace.

    A few days have passed and the majority of the city has began to repair itself and reinforce its walls once again. A small group of refugees have decided to take a caravan to a supposed Fire Nation record station out in the desert to the north of the city walls.

    Each member of the caravan have a reason to go, whether it's to search the records to save someone, hunt someone or just burn all traces. The desert itself is still fraught with dangers in its own by bandits and the remains of Asuka and Ts'ao's troops and nobody did see what had happened to the General and her pet...

    Notes: Fire benders are almost exclusively evil still but there are rare exceptions for rogues. However: Air Benders are still around though their numbers are thinning!

    If you have time to read this is Book One

    Cast List

    Suzumi Kiyomizu (Waterbender) - Zypher

    Hikari Kyoraku (Waterbender) - Elanora

    Yokadu Minoru (Firebender) - Vay

    Kurai (Fire Nation) - Alarice

    Shao (Earthbender) - Kaze

    Apto Annoski (Waterbender) - Okami

    ??? (Airbender) - Jack Shade

    Zhang (Earth Kingdom) - Darkness

    Zhen Xiu (Earthbender) - Fluffy

    Kiyo (Airbender)/Risa Aran (Earth Kingdom) - Tux

    Lian Hua (Earth Kindgom) - Ramses
  2. Bio Template


    Character Name:
    Place of Birth/Tribe:
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Special Items/Weapons:
    Bending Abilities: (You don't have to be a bender! It's just as fun being a normal, look at Azula's friends!)
    General History:

    Character Name: Suzumi Kiyomizu

    Gender: Female

    Place of Birth/Tribe: North Pole/Water Tribe

    Job/Role: Water Bender

    Age: 17

    General Appearance: Suzumi stands at a short 5'4" tall, with dark brown almost black hair which she keeps tied back into a low ponytail that hangs down to about the middle of her back secured with a white porcelain tie. Suzumi's eyes are a piercing glacial blue reminiscent of her home at the north pole. Suzumi wears clothing from her homeland, thick blue woven outfits, her typical warm weather outfit consists of a blue tunic with a white furry hood and a thick brown belt around the waist holding a jug of water. Her legs are covered in flowing black pants and thick brown boots with white fur on the inside.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Suzumi is actively looking for her family while avoiding the Fire Nation.

    General Personality: Suzumi is usually the caretaker/motherly type and is constantly looking after other's needs as opposed to her own. She is completely silent around fire nation soldiers and is defiant towards them. Suzumi is usually the caretaker/motherly type and is constantly looking after other's needs as opposed to her own.

    Special Items/Weapons: Suzumi has a flask decorated in northern water tribe designs that she recieved from her teacher that carries water for her to use when there isn't open sources around.

    Bending Abilities: Water bending, focused on defensive measures and healing. She can also use blood bending to a minor extent but she refuses to use it.

    General History: Suzumi grew up in a quiet town outside the Northern Water Tribe's main city rather peacefully. She grew up with her mother and younger brother. Her father went missing just after her brother was born and was pronounced dead a year later. She began training under a water bending master at the age of 7 and quickly took to it, thirsting for more and more knowledge but tempering it with the patience to not become a meglomaniac. Years later Sozin's comet came and the fire nation attacked her small village, capturing her mother and younger brother and killing her teacher who had hidden her behind a wall of ice. Suzumi swore revenge against the fire nation nobility for taking her family. Suzumi has begun life on the run from the fire nation, even though they probably weren't looking for her. She has somehow found her way to Xiu Ying Tse as part of a refugee movement, seeking safety in the earth benders.

    During the attack on the city Suzumi stood beside her newfound friend Kurai and helped her hunt down one of her marks, a Firebender by the name of Minoru. She didn't witness the destruction of the main city nor encounter Asuka or Ts'ao instead seeking refuge in the labyrinth Palace. When Kurai had found out about the records she decided to go to find the records of her mother and brother's prison whereabouts.

    Character Name: Hikari Kyoraku

    Gender: Female

    Place of Birth/Tribe: Southern Water Tribe

    Job/Role: Water bender

    Age: 16

    General Appearance: Tall and slender, but with definite curves, Hikari is almost done growing. White-blonde hair, shoulder length and very deliberately messy. Her fringe is pinned out of her face. Bright blue eyes are framed by thick white-blonde lashes, a light blush stains the cheeks below. Her neck is encased in a dark blue band, leading into an expanse of pale skin. She wears a Water Tribe outfit that was originally akin to that of Katara from the series, although it has over the years been ripped nearly to shreds. A pair of thin straps are all that is left of the sleeves, the top ripped to expose her stomach. The trousers are ripped out all but entirely, just the lower part of the tunic left to cover her. Her feet are covered by blue boots, knee-high. Her pale skin often is covered in bruises, welts and cuts, the result of her defiance to the Fire Nation soldiers she once made a point of engaging. She doesn't hide them, proud of them.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Generally aims to fight against the Fire Nation.

    General Personality: Hikari is equipped with a quick temper and a knack for getting into all sorts of trouble. She's incredibly defiant towards the Fire Nation, and doesn't tend to think before she acts; makes a lot of rash decisions. She takes joy in engaging solitary Fire Nation fighters, getting herself and them hurt, and somehow escaping with her life. Conversely, she is very dedicated to any friends she makes and below the angry teenager is a friendly - and at times rather immature - young girl.

    Special Items/Weapons: Ornamental "sword", in reality a hilt and enough metal to hold it in a waterproof sheathe that houses her water for bending. It's normally belted round her hips tightly, her fingers playing round the hilt.

    Bending Abilities: Heavily offensive water bending.

    General History: Hikari's parents were travellers. They took her round the world as an infant and generally introduced her to most of the nations and tribes. They believed the nations should harmonise with one another, and taught her to be accepting of all peoples regardless of their birthplace. They attempted to have her educated in the ways of all the different bendings, but only succeeded with Water, although it was hardly surprising, given the Avatar was the only being to bend all elements.

    When the war blazed to life, Hikari's parents were lost. To this day, she doesn't know if they're alive or not, but the loss effectively obliterated their teachings of acceptance. She now despises the Fire Nation with her whole being and lives only to defy it. Of recent times, following a particularly bad run-in with a Fire Nation soldier, she sought refuge among the Earthbenders, allowing herself to recover.
  5. I think you know who I want to use, so may I?
  6. 100% YES VAY!
  7. May I use Kurai? XD I can find the bio and paste it again if you like.
  8. Character Name: Yokadu Minoru
    Gender: Male
    Place of Birth/Tribe: Fire Nation Palace City
    Job/Role: Ex Fire Navy Captain, Nefiew to the firelord.
    Age: 26
    General Appearance:His long hair is unevenly cut and though still we-toned he has the unmistakable appearance of someone whose lost weight quickly. His bearing is proud and obviously acquired from court training and the birthmark of the side of his neck hints at his identity.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Return to the firenation with Kurai as a a companion, or prisoner.
    General Personality:an, Fire Nation
    General Personality: At a loss is where to go from now and coming to terms with the way his nation is plunging the world into conflict. Most of his life hes followed his father's dictates albeit begrudgingly and according to his father hes inherited his dead mothers rebellious nature. He has an explosive temper with anything involving his wife or the fire navy.
    Special Items/Weapons: Hes held onto his battered firenavy uniform and wears it under his coat.
    Bending Abilities: Master Firebender.
    General History:Born into the courts of the fire nation and growing up an the son of an admiral it was no surprise when he graduated and immediately stepped into his own command, a fast destroyer in his fathers' fleet. Leaving behind his wife from an arranged marriage and tasked with a milk run reconnaissance mission to sight landing zones along the coast of the earth kingdom the ship and all hands was caught in a sudden storm and thrown against a cliff which tore a breach on the engine room. Cold water flooded in and when reaching the boiler caused it to explode ripping most of the stern section free of the bows. Most of the crew sent to control the fires below decks were killed instantly while the rest were washed out to sea. Only the ship's captain was found on the shoreline by earth kingdom peasantry who despite the hostility of the firenation tended to the badly wounded man who came to see the war through their eyes.
  9. Of course Miss Alarice! We can't have one of the powerhouses without the other~
  10. Well, I managed to dig up my old profile of Shao, if you don't mind Zy ^^
  11. All returning characters welcome~
  12. I am interested. I will need a day or two to think up a character idea though.
  13. Looking to join....but if I do, It'll be with some off the wall bending or some other idea...may experiment with other forms of earth bending (sand, mud, etc)

    Or a fire bender (Smokebender, sparkbender)

    Any and all ideas welcome.
  14. Sure thing Okami!

    Be glad to have you join Jack! Feel free to be creative with your bending skills!
  15. A friend of mine and I thought of some new bending styles, a while back. We came up with bending styles similar to blood bending. They were bone bending, ( Since bones are made mostly of a kind of metal it would be akin to metalbending.) and fever bending, (The manipulation of the temputure of an organism. We couldn't think of any other names for it.) and breath bending. (honestly we couldn't thin k of any actual applications for it, hell this was the only thing we could think of at all for air bending.) We had also thought of styles of firebending that focused on lightning, as well as one that manipulated molten earth. That's all I can think of right now. If I think of more I will post it.
  16. We had lavabending in the last run. The two antagonists worked together for it.
  17. Good Ideas Okami, as far as most of those work:

    Metalbending wouldn't be invented for at least 100 years (by Toph) so I wouldn't know if they could do that quite yet, but if you can figure it out I think that's a cool concept.

    Fever bending would be interesting, again you'd have to figure out how it really worked since they all have to tie into the elements somehow.

    Breath Bending I was pretty sure Zuko used against Katara when they fought in the North Pole to escape her ice? As well as I think Aang used something similar a few times?

    The Molten Earth I've covered with Asuka and Ts'ao, between his earthbending and her firebending they make volcanic/molten bending but only in conjunction with one another.
  18. Zuko used Fire Breath. I thing Okamis walking about an airbender bending someone else's breath t suffocate them (bit cruel/sadistic for an airhead but could be used as a non-lethal takedown)
  19. Character Name: Apto Annoski
    Gender: Male
    Place of Birth/Tribe: Born in the south pole, His parents were both waterbenders from the southern water tribe.
    Job/Role: Soldier/Waterbender
    Age: 24
    General Appearance: Annoski is tall and well built, his skin is Very light compared to others of the tribe (or even members of the other nations) His hair is dark brown, and his eyes dark green. He has a pronounced scar that goes from the center of his chin up across his mouth and left eye and ends at his hair line.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Fight the fire nation
    General Personality: He seems distant at first. He opens up to people very slowly. He is very kind hearted and cares deeply for the wellfare of others. he has a vendetta against the fire nation for what they did to him. He is a protector he can't stand injustice, especially from those who are supposed to protect others.
    Special Items/Weapons: Annoski carries a blue hilted katana, shortspear, and several harpoons. he wears southern water tribe armor. He covers his face in battle, like northern water tribe warriors. ( Here are some better pictures of the armor.)
    Bending Abilities: Annoski is not a particularly powerful bender. He is inacpable of bending more than a couple of gallons (8 liters) at once. What he lacks in power though he makes up for in skill. He has develpoed several styles of water bending that incorpurate he different aspects of water. For instance he mostly uses a style he calls river bending. River bending does not have the ebb an flow of traditional water bending. River bending focuses on a constant offesnive, never backing down, never retreating, contantly movng foreward, pushing, and advancing. He has self taught himself healing.
    General History: Annoski's parents were envoys between the northern and southern tribes. Annoski spent most of his life traveling between thetwo. He was raised a warrior. He was trained by both northern and southern tribe warriors, and he showed a great apptitude for combat. He was expected to becom a person of great prominance within the tribe. When the war first started he and hios parents were returning from the north pole when their ship was attacked by the fire nation navy. His entire family were either captured or killed. he narrowly escaped and was able to return to the south pole. After he arrived he gathered a group of warriors and set off to seek revenge. for a year he and the young warriors that followed him mercilessly hunted down those who had attacke Annoski's family. They eventually recovered all that had survived and brought them to Xiu Ying Tse shortly before the city was besieged. During the battle Annoski and his men fought valiently. After the battle Annoski's followers and his family returned to the south pole. He however still felt the need to fight, he remained in the city and began to plan his next move.
  20. breath bending would be an offensive form of air bending, literally bending breath out of lungs...or controlling the oxygen within someone's body.

    Kinda crazy though...like assassin air benders.

    Kinda rad.

    Still...leaning more toward earth bending...or smoke bending, which would be a form of fire bending.

    Or...spark and smoke bending. Spark bending utilizes the sparks created of drawing a sword Iajutsu style and bending the sparks and smoke bending is...smoke bending.


    Fever bending would be a form of fire bending, controlling the heat of bodies.

    Up for creative earth bending...