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Hello! Before anything, this is an incomplete and therefore OPEN for developing plot based on the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. Here's the original plot synopsis.

For ten thousand years, the spirits have once again be free to wander our mortal realm. And for ten thousand years, we have generally lived in peace. There have been some struggles, but nothing quite as horrible as what the history books have told us happened before. Now, we live in a golden age. An age of technology and science. Even the bending from the days of old has been all but replaced. Even though some groups still practice the art in areas where our vast cityscapes have yet to reach, they are still all but considered just a myth by the general populace. Even the spirits that roam the earth are considered but regular animals, and people where it applies.

With our technology, we have done things that even the benders would think impossible. Our towers reach into the clouds themselves. Poverty has almost been completely eradicated, and everyone is happy with their lives. This is the age that could never have been imagined before.


Yet there is some talk now of a cycle that shall forever repeat. An eternal struggle of light and dark. The Harmonic Convergence -- the day in which the planets are to align -- is nigh upon us, which has now inspired superstitious protesters across the nations of the world to rise up, heralding a doomsday prophecy. They are calling for the Avatar to be found once again. To fight off the darkness so that our golden age may continue.

We have tried to tell them that we have no need for the avatar. We haven't had a use for one for at least a few hundred years; we have not recorded such since then. If there is indeed an avatar alive, even we have no idea where he or she might be..

As for plot specifics outside of "Everyone's panicking lets find the Avatar we forgot we had!", there are things I'd love for potential players to toss some ideas in. A collaborative atmosphere is recommended, one paragraph minimum posting length, basic knowledge of the Avatar Universe, and some passion for RPing :)

Post your interest bellow, please~
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