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  1. It's been a few weeks since the female titan has been captured. It is a time of peace, for now, and the people are beginning to relax and return to their usual lives again.


    Emery Manson glanced around the survey corps. Everyone was just relaxing or training right now, but she wondered how they really felt. Were they really as happy and cheerful as they acted, or was the crystalized girl in the basement as heavy on their minds as it was on hers? She sighed. Maybe she just needed a break. Hopping up from the stairs, she pulled her white hair back, silently walking towards the wall. Maybe the Garrison has something I can do. She thought to herself.


    Alexander Laier looked over his uniform. He had just gotten it a week ago and he still wasn't used to it. He glanced around at the other recruits, shaking his head slightly. They all seemed so...cheerful. It didn't make that much sense to him, but whatever. He sat back in his chair, looking around curiously to see if anything caught his attention.
  2. Raymond was sitting in a sleazy bar inside wall Rose, having quite the chuckle. The newspapers were all talking about the most recent operation run by the Survey Corp. Some titan shifter, masquerading as a Military Police member, tore up half of Stohess before the Survey Corp pulled their asses out of the fire. At first the blame was on the Survey Corp Commander, but since he was vindicated, most of the egg was on the Military Police's face. Serves those bastards right. He thought. Maybe since they goofed this up so bad, they might actually start cracking down on their slackers and corrupt members. He sat back in his chair and waited for his contact.
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  3. Mathias was in training right now, after the female titan invaded his home he knew he had to take action, even against the wishes of his parent he joined the survey corps to ensure the mankind learns more about the titans and to ensure that mankind has a base outside the walls, Mathias practiced swinging his sword, the walls was his home, everyone's home that is now endangered even Sina "NO, i will not let that happen " He said to himself, not wanting to see his home to be destroyed and his family butchered by Titans, he furiously swing his sword effectively cutting the head of a dummy "Wow, i didn't know i could do that".

    "General, have you heard of the Female Titans rampage in Sina" asked a subordinate, " Why yes i have " Cornelius said as he takes a sip of his coffee, He and his team (With a bunch of new recruits ) where at the top of Wall Rose, ever watchful on those horizon for incoming titan attacks, "Were you deeply angered that a titan had invaded your home, Commander? " Cornelius looked at the recruit and said "Of course i was, i was deeply saddened that i wasn't there personally to join forces with Erwin, but fate has deem otherwise" He stops as he drinks his coffee "But the good thing is we got the titan " He said to his subordinates "What did the top brass do to the titan ?" asked Dwayne (His second in command) "I do not know Dwayne, i honestly do not know" He said as he inspects the cannons "Well at least it wasn't that gigantic titan that trashed wall Maria " said Yuan (One of his subordinate and close friends) "Enough talk, Men i want you to inspect and clean the cannons " ordered Cornelius "Yes Commander!" said everyone and they began to do what they were ordered to do as Cornelius was enjoying his coffee.
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  4. Jack sat slashing. Slashing, slicing, cutting. Just destroying dummy after dummy, a permanent smile on his face. Not that he could truly frown with the carving that was on his face. Not that it mattered. He rarely didn't smile anyways, well assuming the activity was fun. Such as slicing down dummies. Of course he was itching to be out on the field right now, slicing into titans. Maybe they'd let him interrogate the female titan. He would find a way through that crystal stuff. Couldn't be much harder to break than the walls that surrounded their city. Yes he could do it he thought. If they called him. For now though was just cutting up dummies while waiting for orders. Yes. Jack sat slashing. Slashing, slicing, cutting.
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  5. Kiara

    The young woman sat quietly on the roof of the servey corps hq, watching the members practice on the field. She couldn't practice, not today at least, to much on her mind. She couldn't refrain from think about the female Titan, how there was other Titan shifters besides that young boy. What if she was a shifter? No she wasn't, she knew for a fact. The day she found out they exist she gave herself a bite to test if she was a Titan shifter, and fortunately she wasn't.

    But what about the other members? They could be, and could be planning another attack. The thought sent shivers down her spine, so she lit herself a cigarette, something she did when she was stressed. The lithe girl took a puff from the tabaco stick, and blew out smoke from her nose. She sighed "I hope I see the day when all this ends..." She said quietly to herself.

    Her father was glad she was in the servey corps, he wanted her to do good for humanity. Her mom in the other hand, wanted her to be a doctor... She wasn't to thrilled about the servey corps. Kiara took another puff before she looked down at Mathias, He had a passion for killing Titans, always had. Kiara, just wanted to see the outside world...and to avoid those creatures. The thought brought her to take another puff before blowing out a circular smoke cloud. "Heh...still got it"
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  6. '56...57...5-Ahh-8! 5-59...'

    "Come on Maderra, just one more to sixty!" Nathaniel said as his words of encouragement, holding his sister's feet as she was doing sit ups. The both of them had just finished their push ups and dummy exercises, and had moved on to strengthen their core. They weren't perfect, but the both of them did do better than some if not most when it came to cutting the napes of the dummies. It was difficult at first, and needing to do so with the 3D maneuver gear it just made it all the more difficult... They could slice neck good and deep, but their timing would make things critical.

    Maderra grunted then held her breath, pushing herself until she completed the sit up... She still had forty more to go, just like her brother had already done... Her core was aching with each sit up, but she pushed herself to continue. The two of them were both filled with determination to kill the Titans and protect their teammates. If the pain of getting stronger meant becoming better soldiers, then so be it.

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  7. It was the same routine over and over ever since Eren Jaeger had plugged the wall in Trost. Wake up, pull on her uniform and make her way to the sealed gate where crews were busy making more repairs on the walls, fixing the now permanent seal. Today she was assigned to the assembly line where she would move bricks and cement along with her fellow soldiers. It was arduous work, but it was now her turn to protect the citizens of these walls. On the very tops of the walls stood the Garrisons' finest, or what was left of it. They patrolled the walls, frequently jumping over to eliminate titans who tried to tear through all their hard work.

    "I'm here to relieve you," she said to a soldier who had been here for a long time. "Go home and rest."

    The soldier thanked her, and she took his place in the assembly line. From her position she could see Hannah, a fellow soldier from their time as trainees. She waved at Hannah and tried to make conversation with the girl, but Hannah didn't seem up to it, her once bubbly demeanor lost after the loss of Franz in Trost.

    With a sigh, Micah slid the next brick over, resigning herself to another silent, routine filled day.
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  8. Emery walked along until she saw Cornelius. Waving, she paused beside him. She was wearing her normal uniform, green cape left behind.
    "Good morning." She said calmly, looking at all the buzzing soldiers at work.


    Alexander stood, calmly starting to work as he saw another officer walk up to Cornelius. He didnt want to work, but he wasn't getting in trouble either.
  9. Mathias then notice someone up in the roof looking down at him and saw a woman, he smiled and waved at her "HEY, MISS" He shouted to the girl hoping to get her attention.


    "Good morning to you too, miss Manson" He formally address Emery who standing beside him "So when will the next expedition to Wall Maria occur?" he asks the squad leader.
  10. Emery sifhed softly, looking out. "I'm not sure... We haven't got any plans or anything since we caught the female. We we're told to train some, so I'm assuming soon." She said with a soft sigh.
  11. "Ah, so you guys are on the day off i see" Cornelius chuckled, he then sits down in the edge whiling drinking coffee "Want some coffee, miss Emery ?" he asks the squad leader.
  12. "No thank you, coffee makes me jumpy." She said softly, sitting down. "How has everything been going here?" Emery asked, looking around.
  13. Cornelius took a sip from his coffee before speaking "Ever since we heard that a Titan, a female one attacked Sina we've been more Alert and have been preparing our defenses in case that huge comes " He said to the squad leader " How is everyone on the survey corps ?"
  14. Emery nodded. "Have to be prepared." She said calmly. "They were a little shaken at first, but mostly everyone has recovered." She said with a shrug. "They're all training in case anything happens."
  15. "Very good" Cornelius drank again before he said anything "You too should train miss Emery, you are mankind's shining beacon and strength against the titans, we need you all at your very best against them, do you understand miss Emery?" He said with a stern tone to Emery.
  16. Emery nodded. "I train." She said simply. "I just don't train with the others." She shrugged. "I do understand." She sighed, rubbing her neck a little. "I know all too well what being a member of the survey corps means."
  17. Cornelius laughs "Of course miss Emery, of course!" he drinks his coffee "May i ask you a question, what do you fight for?" He said to her in a questioningly tone.
  18. Emery was quiet for a few moments before she spoke. "At first... It was just to live... But now.. Now I think we have a chance to fight back. I think we can move out of the confines of the walls... Explore... Be free again." She sighed softly, looking out over the wall.
  19. Cornelius smirked "A dangerous dream to have miss Emery, a dangerous one indeed " He sips his coffee "But also admirable, i too dreamed of a mankind's exodus outside this walls " He stayed quiet for the moment "And now we have that chance, to see the outside world" He looks at the horizon, visioning people laying and being happy outside the walls without the fear of titans in their hearts "But, we still have 0% chances to take at least 1% of the outside world" He said to her
  20. "As of right now, that is true... But I think we can change that. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... But someday." Emery sighed softly at the thought, stretching her back.
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