At Death's Doorstep

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  1. Blood. There was so much blood. He felt the wetness lapping against his feet. He felt it drip from the ceiling. He didn't know that a person could contain so much of it. Something within him twisted and finally broke. Its not like he wanted to do it. He had no choice. That was what he would say to himself. It was the only thing he could do. He stared down at his hands. Once again that slick crimson was revealed to him. A distinct chime sounded and speakers thrummed, "29 more to go." The voice was female, stale, and utterly emotionless as if she was merely stating some boring trivia. He remembered why he was here, covered in blood. The corpse lying in front of him stared. Her unmoving eyes seem to mirror his own. He was in some kind of death game. A sick twisted game concocted by monsters.

    He tried to remember further. His head pulsed with pain. He was drugged at some point. He finally noticed his hands were not only bloody, but was holding something. It was a combat knife soaked with the now familiar color. The room seemed so small. So red. So utterly silent except for his rapidly increasing heart. He felt a sharp pain and a pressure. He looked down. A long slender blade was protruding from his chest. He wanted to laugh. He wanted to cry. There was so much he wanted to do. He could not see light. There was no flashback. The pressure was quickly relieved and he fell and twisted. A figure stood above him with a doorway bordering it. He remembered. The woman was surprised when he opened the door. He panicked and stabbed her over and over. Perhaps he truly was just as the despicable monsters that created this game. Blood gurgled from his mouth as he tried to voice some kind of last words. It was pointless. The room finally dimmed. The artificial lights seemed like distant stars. The distinct chime was heard again, followed by that familiar message, "28 more to go." The figure seemed to be whistling, skipping across the hard concrete like a kid. It was swinging the long blade with it's wrists as if jumping rope. There was a mask on top of it's face. The mask had no features. It was utterly blank white except for the blood splatter. For now it was only specked with blood.

    Be prepared to kill or be killed within this shifting concrete labyrinth with a multitude of death traps and vicious weaponry. Respite will be few. Death lurks at every corner. Gather what aid you can through tools or even allies. But beware the knife in the back, the slit throat, or the poisoned needle. You have no friends, only future enemies. Be merry, be content, for you shall etch the souls of other's within your eyes and bathe yourself in their lifeblood. Welcome to the precipice of your life. Welcome to Death's Door. We'll be waiting for you to cross.
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  2. (mind if i jump in?)
    16 year old Yuuki Hanako heard the announcer call out, "28 more go out." Leaning her head back for a moment her face became full of pain. She didn't understand at all what had happened let alone how she got in this mess, but the message was clear kill or be killed. Yuuki had already suffered from a few encounters with the other players and had barely made it out alive. Though now she must deal with the wounds forced onto her. Quickly tearing off a piece of cloth she created a bandage around her arm, looking at it she noted that it wouldn't hold for long and it would need replacing later on. As she began to inspect the rest of her injuries she heard the sound of footsteps nearing. Her breath caught in her lungs, Yuuki stood up quickly fighting off the stars in her eyes and readied herself for an attack, quietly cocking the 9mm Luger pistol she had found earlier.

    Off in the back ground the dreaded announcer's voice called out, "27 left to go."
  3. images.jpg "Wait! Don't go" Rae wanted to scream but his voice was stuck in his throat.
    Almost as if she had heard his silent plea she turned around as the blade caught her by the nave of neck, slicing through her chest, but not enough to sever it.
    Her screams were quickly followed by the announcement "27 to go" as the announcer's all to familiar voice rang out, coupled by the faint chime that ran through the labyrinth.
    Rae shakily picked himself up, trying to keep himself from vomiting. He stepped over the girl's mangled body and carried on. "At least now the path is safe."
    Rae continued to walk, his footsteps echoing in the distance.
    Suddenly behind him he heard the quiet but unmistakable sound of a gun being cocked. Rae reached in his pockets wishing that he had recieved a better weapon than the dull knife in his hands.
  4. Yuuki quickly popped out from her hiding place barely able to stand straight to see a boy she called out to him keeping her gun aimed, "please don't make me hurt you! I wont shoot if you don't attack." Her voice started to break as tears welled up in her eyes, but she knew that from this fucked up place he was just going to attack her like all the others. Lowering her gun slightly she added, "My name is Yuuki Hanako, I'm 16, and im looking for someone to help me get out of here!" She bit the lower corner of her lip as a tear slid down her face making her blue eyes stand out more even from a distance.
  5. Rae turned around at the sound of a girl's voice. She introduced herself as Yuuki and Rae felt a wave of relief as she identified herself as a friendly.
    "Yuuki... my name is Rae. Are you alone?", Rae asked "I was with some others before but they are gone now," Rae said on the verge of crying. " I...I could see them, the traps, and I tried to warn them but they didn't believe me. Now I am alone." Rae tried to tell her more but he started to choke on both of his words and his tears.
  6. "what the hell is this?" As Kei opened the door he saw two mangled bodies lying in a pool of blood, these were obviously they first kills of the twisted game. He reached up to adjust his glasses, his hands shaking. "This is insane, i can't believe people are actually killing eachother." He heard something behind him, he quickly pulled out the lead pipe he had found and faced the noise. 'i have to get out of here, these people are playing the game i have to get out of here before i get killed.'

    Kei started to run he heard a whirling noise follow him he turned the corner and saw little helicopters flying in a group. "toys?" one broke formation and headed right for Kei, he ducked and as soon as it hit the ground it exploded. The "death voice" as kei had been calling it started another announcemnt. "beware the drones." Kei turned and started running. "this is a nightmare!!!!!!" as he ran down the hall another person poked their head out only this one seemed different, he was covered in blood and smiling. "alright seconds" Kei was stuck in between a swarm of explosive toy helicopters and a psycho path. "somebody help!!!!"
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  7. Yuuki lowered her gun completely and rushed to him giving him a hug she said, "Rae im so sorry, and yea im alone." stepping back from the hug her voice was raw and scratchy from yelling and screaming earlier wiped away her tears and said, "Rae will come with me to escape this hell?" she asked looking up at him she realized that the boy was a few inches taller then her. Then hearing a man calling for help she grabbed rae and slipped back into the corner she was in shielding them from on comers holding her finger to her mouth hoping he'd get the hint to stay silent. she pressed herself against the wall and listened not realizing how close Rae was to her.
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  8. Despite his fear, Rae could not help but blush as his body pressed against Yukki's, but he returned to his senses as another scream for help reached his ears. Rae could hear the sound of a swarm of tiny propellers down the hall.
    "The drones again" Rae whispered to himself, then turning to Yuuki he frantically asked "What should we do? It's impossible to escape them alone!"
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  9. Biting her lip Yuuki peeked out the corner, "We go save them thats what." She smiled and checked her pistol before smiling at Rae and stated, "they dont seem to far from here if we stay close to the covered areas we should be fine until we can get to the person." Her eyes were full of fear and worry but her face looked cool and calm. Deep down inside Yuuki prayed that the player in trouble wouldn't try to kill them when they got there.
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  10. "All right... Let's do it!" Rae said trying to put on a brave face. Rae ran over to where the screams came from, staying low in order to avoid be seen by the drones. He waved Yukki over to show that it was safe and then peered over at the male figure who had called for help. He was fending off the drones but he seemed to be overwhelmed and Rae could see another man, out of the corner of his eyes, who seemed to be an aggressive player, making his way over to the man.
  11. Yuuki ran ove to rae seeing the man running for help she was unaware of the aggressive player she called out to the player in need, "if you want to be saved follow us!" And began to shoot at the drones giving him cover.
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  12. Kei found some nuts and bolts by his feet he threw a handful at the drones. They hit the mini drones but nothing happened. As kei was working on the drones the aggressive player drew his weapon. It looked like a hatchet soaked in blood. Kei didn't know what to do all he had was a pipe, he couldn't swing at the drones for fear of explosion, so his only option was the psycho. Kei turned his back on the drones held his pipe up high and pointed at the psycho. "I don't want to hurt you, but it seems as though that's my only choice if I wanna survive."

    As he was getting ready to charge he heard a voice calling out to him. He turned and saw two normal looking people. He didn't know if he could trust them until he saw her shoot the drones, she used her bullets to save him. "Th...thank you." Kei ran under the drones tword the two. "Hurry there's a psycho there aswell. Come on."
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  13. (im assuming your talkin to the aggressive player not me)
    Yuuki finnally saw the aggressive player she looked at rae, "my bullets are going to run out here soon. I dont know how much I cant hold off the drones." She stated the worry in her voice plain as day and called out to the man needing saving, "dude forget about him I got your back its my gun versus his axe! I cant hold off the drones much longer!" She aimed her gun at the aggressive player. Fighting off the stars in her eyes from the sudden movement.
  14. Rae directed the escaping man towards the back of the chamber and picked up an iron pipe. The swarm of drones was not as heavy as before but they definitely still stood a threat and Yuuki was running out of ammo. As the psycho began to approach, fearless of the threat of Yuuki's weapon, Rae threw the pipe him, stunning him for but a moment, and called out.
    "Yuuki, Come on, we need to find someplace to hide! Its too dangerous to be fighting when the drones are still attacking us."
  15. Yuuki nodded and forced herself to run after Rae and the man with a pipe though he injuries were starting to get the back of her she still managed to keep up. We'll they were running she told Rae, "Theres an abandoned building around the corner or should be if the course hasn't changed again! I found it when i was escaping other players!" she informed him then looked at the man with a pipe wondering if he will be an ally or an enemy.
  16. Kei continued to run not even looking back at his attackers. "Anywhere is fine let's just go." He didn't know what to believe in or who to trust. He just wanted to live, he wanted to finish school, get a girlfriend, go to college, get a job, make a family. "This is so insane, why are we here, who the hell made this stupid death maze."

    As Kei was complaining several explosions went off. Then the psycho rounded the corner, his left arm looked as though it had been blown half off. "I'm gonna kill all three of you, then I'll use your pretty little fingers to make a necklace." He continued to scream and wave his hatchet around.
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  17. Yuuki looked to the man, "I dont know... none of us know how we got in here. I just want to go home again.." her eyes watered up when she heard the aggressive player and turned to him shooting the aggressive man multiple times in the chest before running to catch up with the guys. Reaching the abandoned house she slammed the door shut and punched the wall starting to cry over the fact she had to kill someone. Though she wasnt standing for long as her legs gave out and she cried out in pain landing in her shot arm.
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  18. Rae let out a sigh of relief tumbling down to the floor in exhaustion as he reached the inside of the abandoned building. They were safe for the moment, at least as safe as this death trap allowed them to be.
    " I guess we have some time for formal introductions" Rae said with a slight smile in his voice, "My name is Rae and I'm 15 years old, I was just starting high school , at least I was until I was put here. I know that we just met, but I hope we can help protect each other, at least for now."
  19. Kei was relieved to be safe, for the time being. fell to the floor, his voice was shaky as he replied. "i'm...I'm Kei. I'm a second year of Highschool." he walked over the the girl on the floor. "are, are you ok?." Kei patted her head. "thank you for helping me i, i really appreciate it." He tore the bottom of his shirt and made a make shift bandage. "if your ok with it." Kei wrapped the bandage around her arm.
  20. Yuuki gasped in pain as her makeshift bandaid was removed exposing a gun wound bullet still in place and replaced with another. Smiling through the pain, "i-im fine i was just attacked by a group of players before i met Rae and n-no problem i love helping people just never thought id be like this." She laughed a little then added, "as for introductions im Yuuki, im 16 a second year as well... or I was until this happened.." she looked away missing her old life. When kei was done with her arm she gave him a hug just the same as she did to Rae earlier, "im glad we were able to save you." She smiled then let him go sinking back into the wall and a tear fell as she cried out in pain again only this time from her leg that had a huge gash. "Sorry im a little torn up." She apologized.
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