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    Something about returning back to the guild building always lifted up the old assassin's spirits. He could never really put a finger on it, but he just enjoyed returning to a place he could call his home, filled with merry yet cold-hearted killers. While he typically lacked the merry bit of that description, he lobbed himself into the category as well. He hung up his rain-soaked jacket and set his briefcase into his cubby once he made it up to the armory floor. One more set of stairs to go before he finally got home.

    Ghost opened up the door and stepped inside, the warmth of the guild seeping into his travel-weary bones. The oh so familiar scent of alcohol and moss mixed in the air, easing the thoughts of the guild master. He did have a lot on his mind, though his sharp gaze never revealed it. Instead the faintest of smirks appeared on his face and he crossed the main hall. His destination? The bar.

    "Sebastiano, can I get a beer please?" He asked in a quiet, tired voice. He settled himself on one of the stools as he waited for his old friend to deliver his beverage.
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  2. Cat.
    The streets where almost empty, rain was falling down and colored the world more grey then it normally would be. Cat was sitting in a small pub, staring out of the window as if lost in thoughts. Truth was, that she kept a close eye on everyone who was passing by. Her drink was finished a while ago and it was already paid for as well. As if she was just tired of sitting there, she stood up, grabbed her leather jacket and walked out the door.

    Cat never looked as if she lived on the streets. Her clothing existed out of a tight jeans, leather high heeled boots, a bloodred sleeveless shirt and a black leather jacket. Her hair, matching the bloodred of her shirt rather then the normal fading red you saw on other people, was up in a ponytail with a fewl loose strands here and there. Her make-up was barely visible, but it was there. Cursing the weather she stepped outside and walked straight up to a man with an umbrella. The smile that lit up her face, didn't reach her eyes as she slipped under the umbrella with him, his arm sliding aroud her shoulders.

    'Hey Cat, still alive and kicking hm?' he spoke in a deep tone of voice. The man was dressed in a simple pair of jeans with a thick woolen jacket over it. The kind of guy you would forget easily about, even while just having laid eyes upon him. 'I need your network,' Cat spoke while they continued their stroll as two lovers in the rain. 'A true sunshine, as always,' she man snickered, 'what do you need it for?'

    Cat avoided stepping into a deep puddle that was in her way before she replied to him, 'I need to get into Noctrune, but these guys can't be found easily. I'd like to talk to one of them, preferably someone who can make the calls in the organisation. You know where to find me. I'll owe you.' Another fake smile up at him before she parted and left the shelter of his umbrella, leaving the guy continuing his path alone while shaking his head.
  3. [​IMG]

    Some vintage Jazz was set and Sebastiano was humming with it. He has a voice yes, but he loves the kind of music too much to drown it. He was busting about with a little groove in his step in time with the music, occasionally swaying about. He was polishing some of the bottles of his best drinks when he heard Ghost's footsteps so he turned about with a grin and turned the music down enough for it to be more ambient. "Lookie who's in and asking for a beer already! Where's my 'hi' or 'hello'?"

    "Actually, Ghost." Sebastiano said, grinning even more, "I'm in a good mood because we haven't had setbacks in the past week, giving me time to add to my menu." He did a flamboyant hand gesture to the menu that was plastered behind him in fancy designs, featuring some snacks and gourmet dishes. "I have main dishes now, so everyone can eat here."

    Sebastiano may have learned cooking through chemistry but it showed pretty good results. Before, his menu carried mostly pasta dishes, but he found time to explore some more at last. He rarely worked actual missions but he's the one to count on for follow-ups on finished tasks like witnesses and evidence.
  4. The Actress

    Watchful eyes scanned the streets of grey closely, careful not to miss anything. After a few minutes or so, a feminine shadow detached itself from where it had been hiding in a dark alleyway. With one last glance at the dead body, the women, or rather known as Arianna, walked off down the street. 'bout time I got that stupid lawyer alone. She thought to herself. A shiver of disgust passed through her as she remembered his suspicious gaze and perverted ways. Arianna wore dark blue skinny jeans, an Off White Piko Long Sleeve Top, black and white converse, and a Hollister denim jacket. Arianna was careful to stay under covers until she spotted her next victim. A man, around 30-31, with a blue umbrella held above him. Arianna stopped and got into character as a women who's interested in him. After a few minutes she was able to blush and smile slightly as she slowly walked up to him, acting nervous. Arianna knew this guy from the billboard. He was a child abuser and being the wicked saviour she is, Arianna needed to stop that from happening.

    The man must have noticed Arianna walking towards him with her little act cause he turned towards her as she got closer. Arianna stopped in the rain, only a step away from being under the umbrella. Shuffling her feet and biting her lip slightly, Arianna looked up at the man who seemed to have found her cute cause he was smiling. "Yes?" He asked in a cocky sort of way. Arianna forced herself to blush even more and it must have worked cause amusement flashed through the mans eyes. "Have you come to take an interest in me?" He asked, acting as though he already knew the answer. With a slight nod from Arianna, the man chuckled and put an arm around her waist. "Then how about we go to my place?" He added, holding the umbrella over her as well and leading her away from the shop they had been standing outside of.


    Arianna left the house quickly, the blood stained umbrella above her head. Easy enough. She thought to herself. That man had practically made his own death bed. Arianna just needed to be patient then strike at the right time. As usual. She rushed to the outskirts of the city then, looking around quickly, disappeared into the grass. She followed the familiar path to the Guild and soon enough, reached it. Tired from finishing off two jobs in one day and walking to the Guild, Arianna threw the now closed umbrella to the side of the entry way and staggered into the bar. She noticed Ghost and Venom were there and smiled to them both. "Hey you two." She greeted them both as she sat on a stall next to Ghost.
  5. "You've got to be kidding me" Yvonne muttered under her breath as she dashed through the streets, her long red hair soaking wet her body was pelted by rain. She just finished a mission a couple of hours ago, peacefully making her way to the bar when she felt something following her.

    Now she was running for her dear life, jumping, dashing, tumbling; she did everything she need to do just to lose it and yet, here she is still running away. With a frustrated sigh, she turned a quick left to a street and bumped into a girl, the two of them crashing down on the floor as mud puddles covered her entire body.

    "Fuck. I am so sorry!" she apologized, quickly scrambling to her feet. How can she be so stupid?! Even if she's running away from anything, she needed to be aware of her surroundings. "God, my mentor would be so proud of me" she thought sarcastically.

    Bark. Bark. Bark.

    She jolted back and clutched her chest out of surprise.
    "That goddamned dogs are still following me!" she snapped, looking behind her to see where the dogs are as her mismatched eyes burned with anger and fear. She hated dogs, end of discussion. She didn't even bother to utter a single goodbye at the girl before sprinting towards the guild, the barks getting even closer and louder with each minute.

    "HELP ME!!!" she shouted at the three, slamming the door shut and locking it and panting heavily. She is now finally safe from the evil paws of dogs and she couldn't help but smile and cheer her victory. "HAH. IN YOUR FACE, YOU GODDAMN SPAWN OF SATAN!!!"

    This was the first time she was chased by a freakin' pack of Rottweiler as if she's a chew toy that smells like bacon. Yvonne was quite baffled at the person who would let a pack of Rottweiler be walked by an old man in the middle of the rain and let them chase a poor girl. Seriously, who does that?

    She was clearly having a bad day; her hair's a mess and her clothes now soaking and muddy. Yvonne never let herself be seen like this whenever she's coming in the guild but she's making today an exception. Feeling the exhaustion all over her body and her muscles starting to ache, she called out to the only person who can take care of her.

    "Sebby~" she called out, tired and exhausted as she sat down the bar stool. "Can I please have some Darjeeling tea, scones, macaroons and cake? Pwetty pwease??~" she asked cutely and showed him her puppy eyes, hoping that he'll say yes to her huge amount of order.

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  6. Expertly crafted shoes clicked upon similarly crafted flooring as Morde entered the room with all the noise, tall body at a slow gait just behind Arianna by a half-hour or so. Within his right hand a cellular device whose screen glowed like a fire in the solidarity of night's embrace, gloved thumb padding through a few documents he'd saved almost a week prior to the current moment. Always one to plan until the letter, Morde was meticulous. But then at the ruckus his cranium lifted and hazel eyes warmed at the sight of his comrades.

    Click.. Click.. Click..

    Resonated the sound of his soles as he strode towards the bar counter, laughing softly at Yvonne's previous struggle. He'd deposited his cell-phone into his right pocket just seconds before deciding to use his voice, which slid against the air like silk slid against marvelous flesh - it was deep and on a whim contained a slightly English accent. A peculiar and altogether charming twist, if he would say so himself. "How is everyone this fine evening?" His fine jaw shifted about to formulate the words, tongue construing and moving eloquently against the soft roof of his mouth to maintain the desired accent. Legs clad in the darkness of slacks came to a halt beside Yvonne, and with a flourishing sweep of his gloved phalanges his coat's end slid up and into the waiting air for his rear to find bar stool.

    Tucked into the belt and waistline of his slacks was his firearm, though it would be invisible to the fellow guild-mates due to his overhanging coat. One gloved hand ascended and removed the hat sitting atop his skull, revealing midnight black hair styled into a pompadour fashion.
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  7. Ghost

    "Alright... Good thing I'm hungry. How 'bout you cook up your favorite new item?" The guild master had a hint of amusement in his voice. He glanced over his shoulder to see that Arianna had made her triumphant return. "Hey." He replied with ease, though it was clear that his social mood was quickly receding.

    The slamming and locking of the front door caused him to turn around with a small frown and the beginnings of a sharp question on his lips. This frown disappeared as he realized it was just Owl on her typical anti-dog tirade or triumph. His gaze travelled over the young assassin, taking in her mud-soaked attire and weariness to her steps. In all practicalities, it looked like she was having a bad day. He chose to remain silent on the matter.

    Ghost heard the click of expensive shoes across the wooden floor, and a deep voice tipped with a British accent. "I'm doing pretty good, considering that Seb here just gave us some good news, and yourself?" He asked politely. He wasn't one to completely forget his manners. It was just with certain people, certain manners just didn't compute.
  8. Cat
    While Cat was back roaming the near empty streets for new victims, her contact got to work on her request. He knew a guy who knew a guy who was friends with a girl that happened to know about the guild and it was just a matter of pulling the right strings.

    He knew that Cat wanted to meet on her own terms and in a spot she choose, but he doubted that the guild would be fine with that. Since he preferred to work with just spoken messages, he finally got to the last link in the chain.

    'I've a gal who wants in. I don't know the reason, but I know she's good. She requested a meeting with the guildleader to talk things through.' The man nodded and asked where she could be found in case they wanted to meet her on her terms. After giving the adres of a quiet backalley he left with a nod.

    Not too long after there was a deliveryguy knocking on the door of the Noctrune guild, carrying an empty pizzabox along with the message Cat hoped to get through.
  9. The Actress

    Arianna looked at Yvonne with disgust. Her act was disgraceful and not even good. Arianna turned as she heard the familiar click of expensive shoes and saw Morde enter the room. She greeted him with a mere smile, her social wants slipping away. Arianna stood up from her stool and was about to head to her room which resided in the Guild when there was a sudden knock on the door. Arianna glanced at Ghost then grabbed her dagger and walked to the door. Opening it, she hid the dagger behind her back. Seeing it was the pizza man she thanked him and took the pizza with one hand. Then, in a flash, she brought her dagger to the man's throat and slit it. Watching as he fell down dead on their porch, Arianna shut the door and walked back into the bar. She set the pizze in front of Ghost and grabbed a cloth to wipe the blood off her dagger. "Someone knows where we are." She announced, her tone and appearance making it clear that the matter was serious.
  10. Ghost

    "How the hell are we supposed to know who if you just killed our only source of information?"
    Ghost spoke coldly as he stood from his spot at the bar. "You'd better start cleaning up that mess." His words were sharp and his temper burned in his hazel eyes as he stared down Arianna. He closed his eyes and blew out a long sigh, forcing himself to calm down.

    His gaze flicked to the pizza box. "There had better be something in here..." He muttered as he opened up the box. He pulled out his reading glasses from one of the pockets of his shirt and put them on.

    A tiny note scrawled on the side of the box caught his eye then. He silently read the message and pulled out his indestructible flip phone. He dialed the number given and headed up to his room.
  11. The Actress

    Arianna puffed up her cheeks and narrowed her eyes. Turning her back to him, she crossed her arms over her chest. "Because unlike you, Ghost, I have enough sense to know none of you idiots would call a pizza place here." She retorted, then glancing at him from the side of her eyes added. "But your probably just to stupid to realize this." Arianna shoved past him and opened the front door. Walking out, she slammed the door hard, making a very loud sound that echoed throughout the house for a few minutes. Bending down, Arianna grabbed the dead man and dragged him away into the forest. She went deeper and deeper until she found an abandoned fox hole. Arianna dropped the dead body and started digging to make the hole bigger. Once finished, she slid his body into the hole and covered it up. With that finished, Arianna made her way back to the Guild. Looking down at the blood stained porch, she went around it and went to the side of the house. Grabbing the metal ladder, Arianna leaned it against the side of the house and climbed up until she reached the roof. Arianan climbed onto the roof then kicked the ladder away with her foot. She watched as it fell onto the ground then positioned herself comfortably. Laying down on her back, Arianna put her hands behind her head and stared up at the sky. "I'm starting to hate this Guild more and more." She muttered to herself.
  12. Cat was just bumping into someone on the streets to get her fourth wallet of the day when her Phone vibrated. She excused herself, tugged the wallet into her backpocket and with a smile she vanished in one of the alleys. The weather was much better at the moment and she just rested against a wall while picking up. 'Yes?' was the only thing she asked. On the other side, there was a male talking. Appearantly her message had gotten through and Cat made a mental note to thank her contact for arranging things so quickly. 'I'll be at Burkley's at 2300,' Cat gave him the name of a local pub, ending the call after she got a confirmation on the other side. She wasn't fond of the new technologies, people could easily get caught with them, hence why she'd send her contact out to arrange things, rather then making phonecalls. Next time she would tell him not to pass on her phonenumber and she had to get a new one soon. Turning her wrist once more to check the time, she started a casual stroll to the pub, having plenty of time to arrive there.

    Burkley's was a busy pub, a lot of people hanging around and drinking beer, but Cat managed to get herself a stool in the far corner. She could see who entered and left the building from where she was seated and had little doubts that whomever was going to meet her, would have no difficulties finding her. Not that he knew what she looked like, but at a young age Cat had learned to spot the 'outsiders' and she simply assumed that a well trained assassin would be able to do the same. Being there early, she had to politely wave off some attempt from guys to have a chat or a drink with her and once she was fed up with the attempts, she took out her Phone and pretended to be busy reading and sending messages, meanwhile her gaze roamed the place continuously, especially the door.
  13. The Boxer | Jessica Jaine
    Jessica sighed, looking down at the man with disgust. His name was Jason Ulmer, and was one of her favorite targets out of the many she had gone for. True, her client was a less than good citizen but this 'man' had made the mistake of raping her client's daughter. Also true, he was some lowlife crook that had only been looking to mug someone when he had come across her client's daughter, but the point remained. Though it was her policy to never reveal who she was, why she was doing anything, or to even utter a word if at all avoidable, she had almost spit on him and exclaimed that this was for the innocent woman he had attacked.

    When she got back home, to the guild, she had immediately gone to her room. She felt the yuck of the disgusting excuse of the man all over her. She prefered physically attacking people, it was more in her control, but it also meant she nearly always needed a shower right after a job. She scrubbed herself down, her skin pink and clean when she stepped out of the shower and got dressed into her usual jeans. She looked for a bra, and frowned when the only one she could find was black. Fuck it, this is home anyway, she grabbed a white t shirt and headed down stairs. Feeling clean and refreshed she went downstairs in a good mood.

    SLAM! She watched as Arianna left in a huff and tilted her head to the side, "'The fuck's her problem?" She asked, going to sit down and watching as Ghost left, dialing his phone. She gave him a quizzical look and turned to Sebastian (@Mippu), "And him?"
  14. "Not gooood" Yvonne answered, looking towards Morde or rather the Dominator. Yvonne really can't understand why Morde was called like that. Sure, she's called an owl because of her ability but why Dominator? It's one of the mind boggling questions she had about this guild but didn't dare to ask.

    Another question is why Arianna seems to be always on edge and pissed off? Killing a pizza guy just because he knocked on the door. Really? Yvonne can't understand the actress' behavior sometimes.

    As Yvonne watched Ghost heading to his room and Arianna leaving, she sighed. "And I thought I was the only one having a bad day. Oh hey Jessica~" she greeted the boxer and noticed that she's wearing a white shirt.
    "Please have my tea and snacks when I get back, okay?" she whispered to Sebastian with a wink, formulating a quick escape plan.

    She quickly hug Jessica and glomped her, burying her muddy and soggy face in the girl's chest to wipe it off. Yvonne then immediately rushed to her room to shower and change, shouting "Thank you, Jess!" before slamming the door and opening it once again to shout "Oh, and you're black bra is showing through your shirt!!"
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  15. Ghost

    As it seemed, the guild master was off again. He was changed into some dry clothes and had the slightest of frowns on his face as he headed down to the garage. Bypassing his convertible from hell, whose roof failed to go up yet again when the skies opened up on his return home, he went for his trusted old red pickup truck.

    About halfway to the bar, one of the tires blew out. This was why he had trust issues. "Can't even trust a good piece of fucking machinery these days..." He muttered as he began replacing the tire with the one he had in the back. He blew out a long sigh of frustration before he got back behind the wheel. He arrived at the bar at 11:07, late. He was mad at himself for that, but there wasn't anything he could do.

    He entered the bar, his gaze searching for the woman he'd been on the phone with. Spotting a young woman in the corner, he gave her a slight nod before heading off to the men's room to clean up. He returned to where she was seated with an apologetic smile on his face. "Sorry I'm late, my truck blew a tire on the way here." He spoke as he sat across from her.

    "Now, why do you wish to join my guild?" He asked, his hazel eyes taking a darker brown color in the dim light of the bar.
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  16. Cat
    Cat looked up when another man entered the bar and she had a feeling that this was supposed to be the one she needed. With a nod he made her wait a little longer before finally sitting down. She resisted the urge to ask him why it was her problem that he was late, but had to give it to him that their appointment was rather last minute. However, she had a slight frown on her face that indicated the fact she disliked waiting around.

    Shifting on her seat she placed both elbows on the table while looking at him. She liked how he skipped the introduction and chitchat. Right down to business. 'I'm done living off the streets, it's time I get my revenge and do more with my skills.' she spoke, her tone of voice business-like. 'The word goes that you are good for your people and the guild is solid. I have good skills and I'm trustworthy,' Cat never made a secret off the things she thought she was good at. False modesty was something she didn't like, on the other hand she gave him the credits for his guild and the fact that it would be a big deal to her to be part of it. It was all a matter of give and take and one could hear in her tone of voice that she spoke only based on logics and rationality.

    Casting a glance around to keep an eye on their surroundings she resisted the urge to fake a smile, doubting he was the kind of guy who would either fall for it or appreaciate it. 'You could ask around about me, but very little people know my name and even less know what I'm capable off.' she said while leaning back. He would have to take her word on it for now andd it was up to him whether he would do so or walk away.
  17. The Boxer | Jessica Jaine
    Jessica sighed, looking down at her utterly ruined shirt after Yvonne (@DANAsaur) rubbed her muddy (literally!) face in it. She considered just taking it off there, but decided to save some modesty. What did it matter though? They were assassins why would nudity, or even less the color of a bra, bother any of them more than the dead bodies they caused on a day to day basis? She was sure some of the others had done a 'honeypot' or two in their time, she knew she had. It was such a silly thing to be bothered over. True, they were humans. Men and women with all of the hormonal weaknesses that defined their species. The matter was very simple then, once she considered that, and she stood up with a decided mind.

    She, once standing, gave Sebastian (@Mippu) an exhausted sigh in reference to the sheer bother that Yvonne was capable of and headed to her room. To get changed. Again. This time, picking up her old clothes and throwing them in a hamper while she was at it, she grabbed another white shirt. No, no need to bother Yvonne unnecessarily. She traded it out for a black three quarter sleeve length sweater. Looking in the mirror and determining that her bra was 'properly' hidden, she headed back to the main area she had left.

    "Seriously though, Sebastian, what's up with our most valued leader and Arianna?" She asked, sitting down on the bar stool.
  18. Ghost

    "What kind of skills do you have to offer?" The guild master asked simply. He retrieved his reading glasses and looked over the scant menu offered. "My guild isn't just some hobby to fool around with. You need the proper skills, or at least the potential to gain these skills." He spoke in the same businesslike manner as she did. His eyes never left hers as he looked for any spark of doubt. Any uncertainty.

    His gaze suddenly drifted to the menu before him. He glanced it over, none of the items exactly screaming 'eat me' to the assassin. Perhaps Sebastiano could make him some chicken parmesan when he got back to the guild. He shrugged his shoulders slightly before returning his gaze to the woman before him.

    "If you were... Injured, while out on a mission, and failed to complete it, what would you do? Assuming authorities were on your trail, of course. Would you die with a failed mission, or would you return to the guild for help?" His voice was suddenly soft and quiet, lulling, almost. Trying to ease some of the tension, maybe? Though his gaze kept the sharpness of a knife, still looking for that hesitancy, that doubt.
  19. Cat
    With a slight shrug Cat answered his question, 'anything can be learned if one actually wants to learn. I'm fast, skilled when it comes to close combats, a survivor and I thrive on logics and rationality.' Those last two she valued the most, having saved her ass a lot of times already. 'Which means I've nothing to do with emotions or feelings... I'm convinced that those are a pain in the ass anyway.'

    Cat watched him looking over the menu. She herself could use a good meal, but she would wait till he was gone or till she could prepare something herself, eating with others around wasn't something she was fond of.

    A brief smile was shown though her eyes remained untouched, 'sounds like a simple question, Sir, though in order to make the right desicion, I need more information,' Cat replied in a calm way. 'Are the authorities close? What do they know? Are there witnesses? What kind of priority does the target have? What is the Guild policy and last but not least.... do I want to die trying or face the humiliation and ask for help?' Cat sums up the facts that where missing in this question. 'Know all these and I'll get you a desicion in a split second, without them it's rather hard to make it.'
  20. ”Pat pat, slik slik” the dry sound broke the silence of the night. Reasoned footsteps were heard ”Tap tap… tap tap tap… taptaptaptaptap”, obviously, someone was running. He thought he was able to escape, to save his life from the various men that pursuited him, but little did he know about the one with the “job” at the moment, he had killed all the ones sent before, but this one was different. A young man with a dead look in his eyes, pronounced no words as he walked, the sound of his footsteps was almost non-existent ”From what hole did this hell spawn come from?!”, the man thought as ran throughout a dark, slippery building; the floor was wet, there were no lightbulbs to show him the right path.

    He suddenly felt a pointing pain on his ankle, thus he lost control over his run and fell over the slippery floor. The man turned his head back just to realize that he had been captured, a grey dog was biting his leg, this was the source of his pain, suddenly another dog appeared and bit his hand, the man, despaired, trying to spare his life used his other hand and took a gun out of his pocket, aimed at the dog biting his hand, but didn’t manage to pull the trigger, why? Simple, there was a shadow, standing right behind the dog. "What?!" the man thought scared. “AAH! GO TO HELL!!” the man yelled, then lifted his gun and aiming at the shadow before pulling the trigger, the boom! sound of the gunpowder inside the bullet being ignited by the hammer hommed on the man’s ears. But it was just a shadow, nothing more, nothing less.

    ”What are you shooting at?” A silhouette appeared right behind the other dog, suddenly, both dogs leaved the man and sat at the silhouette side. The man’s eyes opened wide before him, once again he tried to use his gun, one of the dogs growled at him. The young silhouette kneel before the man, stared at him for a second as teardrops spilled out of the man’s eyes as he hold the gun. The young man (Done with calling him a “silhouette”), put his hand over the gun, lowering it to the point of taking it from the man. “WHO ARE YOU?!” once again, the man yelled.

    BLAM! another flooding sound killed the silence, the man had now a hole on his forehead. The young one however, raised from his knees and walked outside the building along his pets, he mounted on a motorcycle waiting for him outside the building. ”You know the path” he said to his dogs before they disappeared running in the night. The youngster proceeded to start the engine and drive to his new destination. THe job was done so it was time to hold get his reward.

    “The fact that you are here tells me that you did the job” An elder man waiting for Van in an alley spoke as he saw him coming through.
    ”Clean, uncovered as suicide, the gun only has his handprints” Van responded with a soft but still alarming tone.
    “Perfect, let the rest to me… good job… Wolf” the man, which had his eyes closed, now opened to his last word, threw Van a packet; he catched it with his left hand and walked out the alley.

    Van, now with money and a well done job on his bag, took the motorcycle to a dumpyard, no evidence could be leaved, so he proceeded to take the moto to a wide metal plank. Then, the sound of engine starting was heard, slowly, other two metal planks coming from both sides each. Compressed the moto until it was just a can of garbage. From there, Van proceeded to go on foot to the Guild’s whereabouts.

    Reaching the Guild’s place, he found his dogs Teros and Lamu, lained before the door waiting for him, when he was at three~ meters from it, the dogs wildly got up and ran to their master’s side. Alongside Teros and Lamu, Van opened the door and entered to the room. Everyone -excepting Ghost and Actress- was there, Van, with dead look but head down walked into the room. ”Good evening” he spoke before taking a book and sitting along his dogs in the couch to read.
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