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  1. Ello foolish humans, if you want to join this roleplay, listen up. No supernatural/fantasy characters, no animated corpse characters. Got it? Good. Also, no killer kiddies. Children are not killers. And my final request, put a picture of your character above your starting post. Thank you! Have fun!


    The OOC is right here....


    "To be an assassin means to be death itself, and live with the consequences."
    ~ The Ghost, master assassin and Guild Master.


    Sometimes it felt like this job would be the death of him. Not that he would get killed on the job, but that eventually his own body would quit on him. Alas, he would try not to let that happen whilst he led his guild, the best assassin's guild known to the criminal underworld. The Ghost sat alone at the bar of his guild, his posture relaxed as he nursed his beer. There were missions posted on the job board, though the assassin didn't feel all that motivated to head out on a mission so soon after his return. It felt like he was still thawing out from his trip to Siberia.
    The guild building itself was in the middle of nowhere, technically the highlands of dreary ol' Scotland. It was a large wood and stone structure that blended with its landscape. Moss grew on the exterior stone and wood. Inside were rooms for those who worked in the guild, as well as a bar and dining hall, and a large library/study area. This was Nocture Guild.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Gwendolyn felt sore and tired, pushing the bar door open with a light hand, she sauntered in. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. Seats, empty. Tables, empty. Counter... Not as empty. There was some figure she didn't recognize. This stopped her stride, her footing hesitating. Should she interact with this stranger? She was in this new and improved Nocturne guild thing. Having allies and whatnot would be very useful. Gwen felt and seemed troubled as she stepped forward, standing around like an idiot would undoubtedly arouse suspicion- the last thing she needed whilst being in a new guild.

    You could say she was a tad bit of a 'newb', she was fairly new to... This. It was all new material, new things for her, and so far people here have been somewhat friendly. Lots to offer. The rural, commoner look of the guild was cute, just to say. She felt out of place, causing her usual attitude to shrink from a grand formal 'goddess' as she considered herself, to a bumbling shy newbie. She didn't very much take a liking to it.

    Gwendolyn found herself seated a pace away from the figure, it was a guy. Sinking into the stool, she sighed. Muscles were aching, but not the complete screaming they were doing yesterday. It wasn't the good ache, it was the 'this-exercise-wasnt-for-my-pace-therefore-i-was-super-overworked-and-now-im-dying' type of ache. She had the pouty look on her face, clearing her throat and fixing her skirt awkwardly. Her eyebrows were furrowed as she flipped her hair over her shoulders. "Evening." She murmured, eyes down at her lap. Good to be polite n'all. Now, time for some water.
  3. The Ghost glanced over at the young woman who came to sit near him at the counter. His posture remained relaxed despite the fact that this person was unfamiliar to him. "Evening." He replied, his British accent shining through. "You're new around here, I take it?" He asked curiously as he looked over her slumped figure and the pout on her face. He was merely trying to spark up a little conversation as they both sat there.
  4. [​IMG]

    Elizabeth and her brother Arnold walked towards the guilds building quietly. They never used their real names there. They were given nicknames. Zero for Elizabeth, due to her ability to finish the job quickly, ans Lucifer for Arnold, due to his rather sadistic ways.

    Truthfully, Arnold and Elizabeth worked together all the time when they left on a job. Zero, the oldest, had been by her you get brothers side his whole life. Since their mother couldn't provide, Elizabeth did and when her mother died she had taken up assassin jobs, teaching her brother along the way. A few years later, they found their way to joining this guild. And whenever they do happen to work separately, Zero took more of the assassin roles why Lucifer was often used for gathering information or torture.

    The two entered the building side by side. They weren't new, they had been here for two years. Zero's eyes went towards counter where she spot Ghost and someone else already there. "Lizzy, I'm kinda thirsty." Her brother said. Only her brother called her Lizzy.

    "Alright, go sit down. I'll bring a drink, okay?" Zero said. Lucifer nodded and walked away to a table, sitting in one of the chairs. Zero quietly walked towards the drinks, glancing to the job board. Even though the two just got back from a job, they needed the money. She watched it for a moment longer before walking past the two others, nodding a hello to them ans grabbing a drink.
  5. [​IMG]

    It's a pickle being an assassin guild's primary medic. Haze, although known to be powerful in his own right, prefers the simplistic peace of the moss-encrusted hovel that all the assassins share. He had been part of this guild as one of its first few members, but only a few know what happened that caused Haze to switch from being an assassin to a mere medic. As always, he was in the library because the guild didn't have a proper medic room. There was a strong belief that if an assassin failed in his mission, before he would go back, he needed to be undetected-- never put the guild at risk because of your recklessness. That was a golden rule.

    Haze, as always, studied various books about medicine, and although he has already gained a doctorate in medicine, he dissuades anyone from calling him a doctor. Still, he does his best to contribute whenever possible. He had just read a book about the anatomy of the human nervous system, and although he knows the book from cover to cover, it never hurts to review.

    Haze was now heading towards the bar of the guild where a lot of assassins waste their time. It wasn't much, but it was all they had. The doctor arrived at the bar, noticing a few members here and there as well as familiar and new faces. Haze passed by Zero, a steadfast young woman who had the reputation to boot. Haze was always friendly with everyone, because what's the point of a guild if there's no family?

    "Good day, Zero-dear. I trust your mission was a success as always? Then, again, I'd expect nothing less from you and your brother. Speaking of brother, you sure you don't want me to check him for any psychological problems? Perhaps neurological? Those dark circles under his eyes could be terrible, you know? Ah, but then again... you never do allow me, dear." Haze spoke with a smile, adjusting his headphones so he could properly listen to the surroundings.

    There... he found the leader of the guild: Ghost. Haze sighed with a grin, and went over to Ghost. The leader wasn't the most talkative of people, but he knew how to get things done.

    "Good day, Ghost. It's good that you're resting. Your... erm... body ain't the same as the time I joined the guild which was what? Many years ago?" Haze bowed to the leader before observing that the man had slight symptoms of shivers. "Hot chamomile tea will help, friend." the doctor chuckled as his eye noticed a new face. "Ah, you must be new, dear? Pray tell, what might your name be?"
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  6. [​IMG]

    This was where the guild basically hung out, and Sebastiano knew them all. He's known the Guild Master for a long time and has been working as an informant since his late teens, but he stubbornly pursued his love for drinks. Now he's a barista by day, brewing coffee for sleepy assassins and a bartender at night. It's the chemical effect of drinks on people that fascinate him, and when he's on the field, he's known as the Venom.

    He greeted them all as they came, busily serving the drinks. He gave the Ghost another beer, letting him brood. He smiled at Gwendolyn and offered her some snacks or juice, telling her to name whatever she can eat or drink to make her smile.

    "What are you and Lucifer having, Zero?" He asked when Zero came. Then he greeted Haze. "Look who's out of the library!"

    "If anyone's up for some chow, make yourself heard." He said. He turned to the shelf behind him and played some bossa nova and jazz instrumentals and went on his work, humming.
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  7. The Ghost smiled a bit as he heard Haze enter the room, knowing all to well that his age would be mentioned when the young man approached. It was good to see that at least someone read the books he had stocked in the library, though sometimes the guild master feared that the medic would get lost in there. "Hello Haze." He spoke warmly to his friend. "I think I'm done heading to cold places." He admitted with a small laugh. "When the glasses start fogging up, you know it's time to reevaluate things." He nodded with his advice for tea, and would switch over to it after this last beer, which Sebastiano kindly delivered.
  8. Gwen couldn't lie, once unfamiliar faces and differing intimidating auras fluttered into the bar, she began to lose some of her natural cool. However, the pout on her face didn't diminish. The male next to her she wasn't aware was the leader, and if she did know prior to this meeting, she'd probably find an excuse for herself to go elsewhere.

    She nodded shortly, raising her head. "Yes, I am." He could tell? Well, no, that's dumb. He probably hasn't seen her before, that's why he assumed she was new.

    She seemed stiff, and she was. Her fingers laced together tighter. Another person with long violet hair greeted them silently before taking a hold onto a glass. She nodded back, not sure if she should say something? Gwendolyn decided against it, seeing as she was just going to get a drink. No need to keep her around if she had other things to attend to.

    A friendly looking guy with headphones proceeded to talk to the straight backed woman, chattering long about something she probably shouldn't poke her business into. She quickly averted her head, hair swaying, not very certain why she was dodging everyone's immediate attention. The headphone-guy sighed with ease, eyes passed her as he grinned at the one she had just met. He strides to him, speaking some more. He had a kind air to him.

    Gwendolyn swallowed as she was spoken to finally, eyes flickering up as she began touching her hair again. She had a feeling she'd be confirming that she is indeed new to lots of others. "Oh yes, I-I am. New." Stop fumbling. "Gwendolyn," She gave a small bow-nod. "I am good-day."



    That wasn't right.

    She coughed, face turning pink as she realized what she had just said. "I apologize! I'm not- I'm Gwendolyn. Good day. I am Gwendolyn." Okay, wow. She wanted a drink for that.

    Looking over to the Bartender whom seemed to greet the duo that just witnessed something rather embarrassing of her, she smiled faintly back. Pouting was more comfortable for her, her resting face. "Just some water would be quite alright." She sighed, shoulders slumping. She wanted to bury her face in her hands from what she said. The woman wasn't aware of how harsh she was being on herself. Ugh.

    She felt rather peckish, but well, she didn't want to bother the friendly looking male behind the counter.
  9. When Gwendolyn finally spoke to him, Sebastiano whirled about and leaned on the counter with a little warm smile that was always on his lips. "Well, Miss Gwendolyn, I'll get you a glass of water, sure. But since you're looking rather pouty, how about something to eat?"

    What kind of bartender offers food? Sebastiano. He's too excited to let the guild know he has learned to cook so they don't have to go out for meals. Needless to say, he enjoyed the company of just about anybody in the Guild.

    "I can toss you a salad, bake you some cookies, fry you some chips, anything." He added with a nod.
  10. Gwendolyn was very surprised by the twirling of the bartender, leaning back with wide eyes as he leaned in. This type of energy wasn't bad to have, but it was sure to sweep others and a certain blue eyed newbie off their feet. Like her, she had a feeling this guy very solemn had anything else than one expression on his face. His was a smile, while hers.... Was a pout.

    "O-Oh... Well, thats..." Gwendolyn couldn't find her words, his personality was one you probably couldn't argue with, couldn't object to. "I always look like this, do not worry. But, I..." She paused. No use going against him any further. "Would like some cookies, please. I really do like chocolate chip, but anything else is fine." She sighed, letting a smile take over her features as she relaxed.
  11. The Ghost listened as the woman sitting near him stuttered out a few sentences. "Take it easy, miss. Nobody bites... Around here at least." Sebastiano was helping her feel a bit more welcome in the guild, and for that the guild master was glad. After all, while he tried to be as pleasant as possible, the Ghost was not a very social person. He was good with his work, but anything past that had him tiptoeing over thin ice.
  12. [​IMG]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]"How the fuck is it always raining matter when I come?..4 years...and shit still never fucking changes..." [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Dominic mused in mild frustration as he made his way down the soggy streets - if you could call mud filled dirt roads streets- of what he had come to call 'Middle of Fucking Nowhere, Scotland". A deep frown was set across the young man's face, who looked no older than in his early or mid-twenties. His hair, shaded by the large Navy umbrella, was raven black, a stark contrast against his peachy, slightly paled skin. His eyes, a slightly steely grey, were half-lidded as Dominic scanned the area with utter dislike. He hated Scotland, mainly because of the weather, which at this point was more abysmal that the male could remember. The sound of thunder struck in the background, only causing him to quicken his steps as he mumbled a line of curses under his breath. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Out of all the fucking places....ALL THE GOD DAMN PLACES...they want to put the Guild here...In the middle of bum-fuc-"[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dominic stumbled slightly as his brand new, Italian leather shoe was completely submerged in a puddle of shit-brown. He stopped, releasing a strained sigh as he he rubbed the bridge of his nose with his free hand. This was why he took as many missions as possible...So he did not have to come back to this piece of shit place and ruin his perfectly good clothes. He straightened after a moment, lightly rubbing his long neck before pulling loose his black tie and adjusting his charcoal jacket.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“You have to be fucking kidding me….” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]He groaned, stepping free of the puddle and shaking his leg to get rid of any excess water before he continued his lonely trek. It took a while before Dominic was able to see the Guild just beyond the next hill. It had not changed...just like the damn weather. It’s grey brick exterior, dotted with the dark green moss that was common to most of these parts. The dark brown oak posts held it in place, giving it the ol’ Scotland look that Dominic could only guess that Ghost had been going for. It was not much of Dominic’s style, but he could see where being in the middle of nowhere had its perks….even if all the pretty ladies and other attractions of the city were nowhere to be found.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As he mused in silence, Dominic soon found himself growing closer and closer to his destination, the scent of beer and moss filling his nostrils. It was the Scotland smell, a smell that Dominic was not particularly fond of, even if it did offer a mild amount of comfort. This Guild was his a certain extent. He rarely came back to it, and when he was here all he would do was complain of his boredom and rant about the lack of pretty girls...Well there was Zero, but she was more of a man than anything else, despite her good looks...And Dominic was not really into emotional baggage like her crazed sadist of a brother. It was not that Dominic personally had a problem with any of these people, but his own judgmental nature seemed to always seep through.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He came to a halt, his thoughts leaving as he realized that he was at his destination. The large, brown doors was just above his head, and he found himself staring at it for a long time, able to hear the chorus of voices inside. Dominic had half hoped that barely anyone would be there, so he would not have to deal with anyone’s bullshit; however, it seemed that it was the complete opposite. He sighed, closing his umbrella as he pushed the large doors opened and stepped inside.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]The moment Dominic was inside, he was greeted with the familiar voices of many of his fellow guild members. Zero was there, as well as her brother Lucifer -the name still caused him to involuntarily shiver-, Haze with his usual grey headphones...Even Sebastiano was his flamboyant self, his over exciting nature rather a good way. Dominic had missed this place, despite his complaints and usual pessimism.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]His eyes moved over the bar, momentarily falling of Ghost and causing a small frown to come to his face; however, the frown was quickly gone as he spotted what looked to be a newcomer...not only that, but it was a girl. His steely eyes traveled over her for a moment, a devilish grin coming to his lips as he leaned against one of the walls. He was not one to interrupt conversations, rather liking people to address him first in these kinds of situations...He did not want to steal the newbie’s spotlight, a visible grin of amusement coming to his lips as she tripped over her words.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After a few moments, he looked away, eyes travelling over the rest of the guild as he took notice of new missions...He would pick up those later, but for now he stayed against the wall, going unnoticed since his silence was usually one of his better skills. How long had it been since he was last here? Nearly a month, being that he had done back to back missions to gain extra cash...He would say that he had quite a few savings now, and was visibly relaxed by that.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He reached into his pocket, pulling out a cigarette and placing it between his thick lips. He reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a silver lighter, engraved with his alias, “Face”. He flipped it open, sparking the flame and lighting the end of his cigarette before taking a long draw. Ahhh...home sweet fucking home...[/BCOLOR]​
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  13. The smell of smoke brought the Ghost's attention to the fact that Face had just returned. The young man seemed not too fond of this place, or of him in general. It made him a tiny bit wary of the man, despite the fact that it had been four years now and nothing bad has happened yet.
  14. [​IMG]
    Wolf was in the basement crafting weapons like usual. She was the guilds master weapon smith and one it's top snipers only at the age of 20. The guild held wall of infamy to show record kills set by the members. Wolf held the longest confirmed kill and the smallest space kill of the guild. She was raised as a child soldier in Siberia after showing prowess in rifle marksmanship, she met ghost. Ghost had brought her into the guild 5 years ago. She wiped the sweat from her face as she made her way upstairs. Once upstairs she immediately spotted ghost and haze chatting. She wandered over them. "Hello sir. Hey haze."
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  15. The Ghost smiled as he heard Wolf make her way up from the basement, and nodded his head in greeting when she approached. "How are you doing on this fine day?" He asked with a small smile.
  16. Haze smiled at Ghost, giving him the thumbs up. "Don't abuse your body too much, friend." Haze chuckled as his eyes darted to the opening door; he saw a familiar face enter. It was another veteran of the guild: Face. Face was seldom seen in the guild, but Haze knew him quite well, and he knew what the blasted bastard would actually do next: smoke a freaking cigarette. Once the smoke radiated inside the room, Haze drew the line, and quietly approached the smoker. Upon standing a few feet away from the guy, Haze smiled... a dark smile. "Face, my friend, please do extinguish that cigarette. If you want to develop lung cancer, be my guest, but please, leave the others out of it. Second hand smoking kills, dear one. I'll just have you know... that I am the closest doctor you have a few hundred miles from this guild, and should you be sick... your life will on my hands." Haze grinned widely, now turning his back on the smoker, and proceeding back to Ghost who had now been joined by Wolf-- the guild's weapon master.

    "Wolf, dear, it's good to see you. It's been what? 2 week since we last saw each other? Well, that is to be expected. I stay in the library, and you stay in the basement. It's quite unfair, though, for others to tease me about my library habits while no one bats an eye regarding your habit in the basement. Ah well! Life can be cruel, no?" Haze chuckled, looking at Wolf.

    Suddenly, his attention went back to the neophyte assassin, and pointed to the mission board. "Perhaps you'd like to embark on your very first mission, dearie? Pick the easy ones... like escort or delivery. Assassinations don't usually come easily. Still, if you get wounded, I'll always be here to patch you up." Haze nodded his head, now turning to Ghost. "Oh, by the way... there's been a decline in mission orders lately, Ghost. I wonder what has happened?"
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  17. "I'm not entirely sure. It'll probably be up again soon enough." Ghost replied simply when Haze returned. He would have talked to Face about his smoking, but as it would seem, Haze had it under control. "It could be anywhere between a world peace movement to people finally taking killing into their own hands."

    ((@ Cubix, Dominic's assassin name is Face, not Mask.))
  18. Wolf chuckled slightly at the thought of world peace. "That ones not likely and they've been killing each other with their own hands for years. That's why wars are waged." She took a seat at the table. She looked st haze. "The reason no one messes with is cause I create the weapons we use. Speaking of which, sir I finished the modifications on your pistol you asked for."
  19. [​IMG]

    @Cubix @AshenAngel @wolfs rain @spoopily

    Face's eyes slid back open, letting out a slow stream of white smoke as his left eye gave the smallest twitch. Someone was watching him and he gazed up to investigate....Only to find the Boss himself staring in his direction. The man looked rather wary and that was slightly confusing to Face, who had only just walked in...He had not even said anything...Maybe it was his expression? It was true that Face's expression was indeed cold, possibly callous as he stared around the room, but he was visibly calming, the smallest hint of a smirk making its way to his lips. He gave a tip of his head to Ghost, not wanting to interrupt since he was still in the middle of a conversation. He would talk to him in a moment.

    His attention was drawn to the woman appearing from the basement staircase: Wolf...That was more of an earned title than a friendly nickname. Her reputation did indeed proceed her...Then again...Face's was not much different. There was not much of a different between him and her; hard workers, came into the assassin game young and full of promise. Hell, when Face was actually present, he could always look at the few awards of hers. Face had his own, 4 to be exact, but...who was counting? He watched her with a dull stare as she made her way across the room, B-lining to Ghost and Haze...

    Haze...The guy had a reputation and a few rumors, mostly revolving around him hasty change from a seasoned assassin to the guild's medic. He had been one of the first people to join to guild, Face only knowing that because he always did his research. The change did not mean that Haze was in any sense a wimp...Face was smart enough to know that, but few had been dumb enough to think any lesser of the man...In fact, Face would call Haze's change just a vacation since Face had once or twice caught that deathly gleam...that silent sadism burning in the man's eyes, even if he tried to hide it. Others may not have noticed, but Face read people like an open book...and Haze's was filled with silent longing and denial.

    Face yawned, taking another draw of his cigarette as he eyes moved towards the library...He would probably have to head there soon...maybe catch up on some reading-

    His attention was drawn back as he heard footsteps approaching. Face turned, only to find Haze making his way over in silence. A visible smile made its way to Face's expression and he raised his hand, giving a slight wave before Haze was upon him, filled with the same venom that Face was use to dealing with when it came to this man. Haze hated smokers, and it was very likely that Face only did it just to get a rise out of the usually cheerful assassin. Face's smile did falter slightly, upon hearing Haze's hidden blatant threat. Most would take it as empty, but Face knew better...Assassin's never gave empty threats; however, Face was never one to step down in fear of others. Face's reputation proceeded him just as much as the other's. He had actually earned much infamy in his time with the guild...4 years, but he was already one of the top assassins.

    Face listened, his smile returning until it was nearly the size of a Cheshire grin...disturbing, but there was a light-hearted sarcasm as he greeted Haze in return. "Nice to see you too, Haze." Most would have taken Haze's dark smile and creepy or unsettling, but Face was completely opposite. It was the usual greeting between the two, knowing that Haze was nearly fed up with Face's horrible habit....Face could stop whenever he wanted, but if that meant missing out on ruffling the Medic's feathers...then Face was less than willing to quit. His own greeting went unanswered as Haze returned across the room to join the other's in conversation. Face took another draw of his cigarette before turning to the door, opening it, and tossing the unfinished cigarette out the door and into the rain. With that out the way, Face turned back, closing the door with his foot as he slid his hand into his pocket and slowly made his way over to the missions board. He gazed silently over the board, his smile slowly fading back into the usual frown as he glanced over the new missions.

    He listened to the other's conversation, nodding in mild agreement at the mention of weapons; however, that was not the only reason they were efficient. Each assassin in this guild had their own set of skills...Face having analyzed a majority of everyone's since the day he arrived here. He glanced over his shoulder, eyes falling back on the Newbie for a moment before he flicked his gaze back to Ghost, gesturing towards the new girl with his head. "Oi, Ghost. Who's the new kid?"

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  20. Thank the handsome blonde bartender, for being so friendly and free towards her as helping her settle in. She compared herself to an Ordinary Joe just walking into a world of cold blooded killers, stealthy and well trained people bred to steal and murder without a second thought. Gwendolyn pursed her lips. She was just some fresh out the water newbie, probably not even able to kill someone without slight hesitation. It wasn't in her blood, being stuck up and flipping her hair all pretty-like was in her blood. She had her own talent that would be helpful, but that was for later.

    Waiting for her lovely delicious cookies, she felt herself play with her well cared for hair. Nervous habit, or just something she did to pass the time. She had noticed the guild veterans so to say enter and take their places in the bar, she just didn't look up to greet them with her eyes. She glanced over at Ghost try to stiffly reassure her, and something told her that socializing wasn't all his thing. She had some complications with being social and well liked as well, so she didn't take any offense whatsoever. However, the feeling of being kind of scolded by him did arise. Gwendolyn decided to step up her game, try a little harder.

    She didn't know, that she was destined to fail at this.

    Gwendolyn did have some spotlight shone on her for a while, after it was stripped away from her with little hassle, she felt kind of ... Left out. It was an old saying, kind of a type of thing you'd say to a child whom having trouble at class. Thankfully, she knew the reason why. They all had some type of history together one way or another, connections. Probably deeper than she'd understand. Hardships, tragedies maybe. Good times, memories they could share, gathering in this cheap looking building. Commoners were much different than the usual people she'd frequent or have to deal with from a high status. They were humble, of course.


    She murmured to Ghost in response absentmindedly, breathing in through her nose as the cool air brought her mind back to life. Her shoulders rose and relaxed, eyes batting a second before she fully broke from her day dreaming. Good thing Haze, the really friendly guy whom she was taking a big interest in, made in it time here to talk to her and assure her much better than most people have. She had a feeling she'd hang around him some more in the future, the positivist does her well.

    Gwendolyn smiled half halfheartedly at his suggestions, nodding. Assassinations? By herself? She feared that these missions would mostly be fit for solos, which she felt so-so on. It'd be better for her to be as ungraceful as she'd like, but susceptible to making mistakes or getting snatched up. She liked impressing people anyhow.

    "Thank you," She found that she didn't really remember his name. "Doc." Gwendolyn patted herself on the back mentally for that. Smooth save. She wanted to nod and smirk.

    Gwendolyn eyed the mission board, a new presence nearing her. Hell, there was a lot of people here, so she didn't mind it too much until a new voice peaked her interest. Seeing some man with dark hair wave his head towards her and call her a kid, her pout unconsciously intensified, blue eyes narrowing. She scoffed, flipping her silk hair and giving him an upturn of the nose. "Kid?" What a rude commoner! The clothes did say otherwise to his social status, though.

    Shut up, Gwen. Don't do it.

    "I'm a grown woman, boy." Another flip of the hair, and a harsher pout.

    Oh my god.