Assassination Classroom Roleplay Anyone?

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  1. So, I may not look like it, but I am a fan of the manga/anime "Assassination Classroom". If anyone needs any explanation, it is as follows:

    At first, all was peaceful. One day, the moon exploded, and a crescent shaped moon was all that remained. Less than 24 hours later, a weird, yellow octopus kind of creature came and explained it was responsible for blowing up the moon. It explained it can move at Mach 20 speed, and cannot be harmed by any conventional means. The creature, which did not have a name at that point, told the governments of the world they must obey his will or he will blow up the world in one year. He has one request...

    To teach a certain class. Class E3, the Dead End Class in the Kunugigaoka Junior High School. His reasons behind the request are unknown, but the request is answered with acceptance as the governments will have a way to monitor the creature as they try to figure out a way to defeat it, and at the same it they announce to the classroom, now at the beginning of a new year, that they are now an Assassination Classroom, and they have a task of attempting to come up with a way to assassinate the creature, who was now dubbed "Koro-Sensei" due to the creature's reasoning of being unkillable yet wanting to be a sensei. The class has a year to kill the creature before the year is up.

    Now, my roleplay idea will follow the same base idea. But certain details in the background will be different, along with who the students are.

    YOU will be making the students. You will be taking up on the role of Class E and attempt to assassinate the yellow Octopus that is Koro-sensei.

    How will you go about it? That's completely up to you.

    Now that the explanation is done, Who's interested?
  2. Single attempt at catchin attention with a better title.

    Heres Koro-sensei being silly.

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