Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer!

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  1. I think the Title explains things very well
    None the less

    You Answer the stupid question above you with a stupid answer,
    Then you ask your very own stupid question for someone else to answer.

    1.) Why isn't the Sun called something else?
    Cause Scientists are paid to discover these things, not to make up names like Namers.

    2.) Was the man who invented houses called Mr. Houses?
    No, his name was Mr. Home.
    Lets start shall we?​
    Why do Cats and Babies give me the same blank stare?
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  2. Because they are both testing out X-ray goggles.

    Why is water made out of water?
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  3. Because if it was made out of ice it would be too cold.

    Is there such a thing as whenwolves?
  4. Because they found themselves too classy for our world and thus absconded in the Tardis.

    How did fish aquire a taste for worms?
  5. Because fish really loved the book "How to eat Fried Worms," they took the books advice.

  6. Because if you don't yell I can't hear you from the other side of the internet.

    Why would a woodchuck chuck wood?
  7. Because they have a pathological hatred of trees.

    Why do they all eat cake!?
  8. Because the pie was a bomb.

    Why do we have to eat food?
  9. because the cake is a lie.

    why is the sky blue?
  10. It's not blue; it's sky-colored.

    Where are my pants?
  11. they're gone!

    where have they gone?
  12. With the wind!

  13. Because PONIES

    Why ponies?
  14. Because the logarithmic temperature of face equals the cosine of paragraphs.

    ...But really, why?
  15. because fire.

    Derp, what is it?
  16. Apparently it's clobbering time.

    Why are there no pineapples on my pine trees?
  17. Because you ate them all!

    What is love?
  18. Baby, don't hurt me!

    ...No more?
  19. no more!

    if a bad dream is called a Night Mare, what's a bad daydream?
  20. Celestia.

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