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    Asgard: a combination space colony and military base in geostationary orbit above the Earth, and the last line of defense against the Gauna. Created by the global organization Yggdrasil, it remains the most remarkable feat of human engineering to date. On Asgard, many of Yggdrasil's best and brightest live and work, enjoying all the amenities of home and city living, although in a condensed form, for space is at a premium. On the Earth's surface, the great city Bifrost stands as another major accomplishment, grown up around the orbital elevator which sees daily traffic bringing supplies, personnel, and even tourists to and from humanity's newest, greatest gateway to space.

    The einherjar, 40-meter mechanical giants, serve as the guardians defending Asgard, as their namesakes did in myth. By extension, they also defend the entirety of Earth, able to quickly deploy to intercept incoming threats from space, or anywhere on the planet's surface. Their pilots are a new generation of brave warriors, handpicked by their parent organization to defend the planet.

    In one of Asgard's large situation rooms, preparations to welcome the newest pilots and get the newest squad acquainted with one-another have been finished. A long table stands to one side, laden with snacks and other refreshments, welcome banners festoon the walls, and the entirety of the operations staff stand ready to greet friends new and old. Major Jaeger surveys the room with an awfully stern look for the man who insists on organizing these parties instead of a more formal briefing every time the squad organization changes. Those pilots should be showing up any minute now...
  2. Doctor Ludwig Fiedler burst into the situation room, as he opened his arms wildly, "Today! The multitude and brilliant secrets of the Heaven and Earth shall be learned! Whether it be the outward substance of things or the inner spirit of nature and the mysterious soul of man... MY INQUIRIES ARE DIRECTED TO THE METAPHYSICAL AND PHYSICAL SECRETS OF THE WORLD! I, LUDWIG FIEDLER, RELATIVE OF THE GREAT SWISS MASTER SCIENTIST, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN SHALL PRODUCE SOMETHING MASTERFUL THIS DAY!" Ludwig quickly adjusted the bow holding long strains of his hair, and rubbed his lab-coat down. He took a brief glance at his belt, checking to see if he still had his wrench and filled vials on him. Ludwig noticed he did, and grinned from ear to ear. He chuckled for a bit, then he saw Major Jaegar surveying the room.

    Ludwig nodded and smiled, "What a glorious day! I notice a disturbing lack of robotic parts... and not a single operating table! Nor a Fume-hood! ... I'm sure I can make-shift something if something chaotic happens he-.." Ludwig's eyes grew as he saw the table of refreshments, as he quickly ran over to the table, as he grabbed a large handful of chips and shoved them in his mouth, as he mumbled something incoherently, but enthusiastically.
  3. After Ludwig finally finished shoveling down the chips, he glanced over the operations staff, and Major Jaegar. He looked up, seeing the banners welcoming... Pilots. Ludwig squinted his eyes, starring at it for quite sometime, occasionally removing his glasses, and wiping them off, placing them back on his face and still staring at it.

    "Hnn... Is this celebration only for the pilots?" he muttered under his breath while wiggling his fingers around. He quickly lashed his back into a straight position, "AH the Pilots of the Einherjar! Defenders of Asgard against the foul Guana Menace! No wonder a celebration such as this is being conducted... Though I must say, parties with Scientists seem at least Sixty Two point Forty Nine more enjoyable. At least with the current qualitative evidence I have. I can not say whether or not the hypothesis of parties with scientists to be more enjoyable than parties lacking scientists is not empirically correct... as of yet. I have not found the time to perform such an experiment to guarantee those results."

    Ludwig searched the refreshment tables for anything else that would interest him, as he lowered his head towards the table investigating it for particularly yummy treats. "The Star Pilots should get here at any time. Yes, they should arrive at any moment. Though I can not be sure of when exactly they'll arrive, as I am unfamiliar with their particular breed of organic programming..."
  4. The Major nodded to the young scientist. "This is a welcoming party, not a lab," he explains in a friendly tone as he walks toward the refreshment table. "I'm sure you'll find our actual lab facilities quite sufficient." He casually watches Ludwig stuff his face, before he extends his hand toward Ludwig, offering it for a shake. "I suppose you're part of the research team? Major Leon Jaeger, nice to meet you."

    "I don't know if we'll be working together too closely, but it's not really my department to supervise you guys, just the kids out there fighting. Still, if you've ever got something new to test or otherwise need something from us, just send the word and I'll see what I can do." He pauses for a while. "...How's the food, by the way?"
  5. Elisa Hawke shows up slightly early, as always. Tardiness was something that she'd long ago had to get out of the habit of. It's not long until she's scanning the room, interested in seeing the kind of people she was going to be saving the world alongside.

    Personally, Elisa is a physically fit girl dressed in simple clothes: just a white t-shirt and blue jeans. But the way she carries herself is enough to set her apart from most girls her age. Namely that she always stands straight, and has a hint of seriousness and responsibility to her expression that most lack. That said, she isn't anywhere near as uptight looking as that may imply.

    "So, we're finally assembling the team? It'll be nice to meet the other pilots. I wonder what they're going to be like..." She's almost more thinking aloud than speaking to anyone in specific.

    She does glance at Dr. Ludwig, though. Not that she seems to have any clue what he's talking about.
  6. Ludwig beamed with great joy, "Oh yes, the labs of Asgard are an amazing feat of Scientific Wonder!" he extends his hand to shake the Major's hand, in a solid handshake, keeping a close eye on the food for a moment, before staring back at the Major, finishing the handshake. "And yes, I am part of the Research Team. Though we may not be working closely together, it is still good for us to exchange such introductions. AND.." he raised his right index finger to the sky, "I will be sure to get to you concerning relevant scientific achievements, for you and the pilots to test... And if you find anything that looks to be of scientific interest, please inform! I shall ponder upon materials that may be needed from your particular department! And as for the food, I can tell you of my qualitative data I have collected. First off, it has a nice quantity of sodium chloride, not too salty, but salty enough to engage the taste-buds in a wonderful chemical reaction! The tongue sent an approving neural signal to the brain to continue eating the chips! I must try the rest of the food to confirm all of it being a pleasing taste..."

    Ludwig glances around the room, noticing a new individual has entered. "Greetings to you individual!"
  7. Tromping through the corridors following the instructions she'd been given earlier, Chloe stifled another slight shiver. The station's temperature was colder than she was traditionally used to, along with the baggy pair of shorts she had wasn't helping anything. Although the oversized grey hoody helped some, the faded green lettering on it spelled out Orbital Dew hinted that it was from one of her old sponsors. She always considered it lucky since the first time she wore it she got a triple kill with a single grenade during an elimination round for one of the national matches. It seen her through the rest of her career, so Chloe had seen no reason to abandon it on earth like most of her possessions that had entered storage.

    The clomping of her boots stopped when she reached the room where the directions had led her. She was surprised to see just how many people were present after the relatively quiet trip here. Not just that, but the place looked like it was decked out for a party more than some kind of a meeting.

    One of the staff members walked up to Chloe when he seen her looking around the room from the entryway. He extended out his hand in greeting, not quite used to the motion her handshake was considerably less firm than his. Though his cheerful demeanor meant no offense, it left her feeling a bit awkward. She genuinely couldn't remember the last time she had physically shaken hands.

    "You must be Taylor, right?"

    The more relaxed atmosphere and his disposition put her uneasiness to rest. She responded to his question with a grin.

    "The one n' only!"

    "Good, good. Made it here without any issues I hope?"

    She nodded once, her gaze following his subsequent pointing to a particularly...grumpy looking man who was in the middle of a conversation with a very excited individual.

    "Over there is Major Jaeger, he's the guy who will be running the show for your squad. Speaking of which, one of them is already here. I'm sure the others will arrive soon enough, be sure to introduce yourself."

    Taking the not so subtle hint, Chloe made her way over to the table full of refreshments and caught the tail end of Ludwig explaining the science of eating. Or something. It honestly sounded like a really over complicated way to say "The shit tastes good."

    " 'Sup?"
  8. "Greetings." She regards the slightly eccentric Doctor. "Elisa Hawke, I'm one of the Einherjar pilots. I don't believe I've met you before...?" Probably waiting for him to introduce himself.
  9. He turned to the individual who walked over to the refreshment table. Clearly someone who is interested in the field of gastronomy. "Greetings to you!" He turned over to the person who introduced her as Elisa Hawke, as he threw his right hand pointing in her direction, "GREETINGS! I, AM DOCTOR LUDWIG FIELDLER! RELATIVE OF THE GREAT DOCTOR VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN!"

    He paused for a moment before adjusting his glasses. "You are one of the Star Pilots eh? GLORIOUS DEFENDER OF HUMANITY! I thank you for your work, and I hope you thank me, and the vast legion of tireless scientists working to provide great technology!" He turned to the individual standing near the refreshment table, "You there! Try the chips, if enough people taste it, I can compose empirical evidence concerning it's taste... and that would be fun." Ludwig smiled ear from ear, "If you did not hear my introduction that I gave to Pilot Hawke... I AM DOCTOR LUDWIG FIELDER! RELATIVE OF THE GREAT DOCTOR VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN" He offered his left hand to Chloe for a handshake.
  10. Elisa shakes his hand, firmly but not too firmly, using the precious few seconds it afforded her to think up a response to the man. "Pleased to meet you, Doctor. And I certainly appreciate that we wouldn't be here today without the efforts of the science team. And..." She pauses slightly. Being thanked like that set her slightly off center. On one hand, she hadn't actually done any defending of humanity yet, hadn't gone to pilot the Einherjar in combat. But on the other hand, hadn't she dedicated most of her life to that end...? "... You're welcome. It's good to hear people appreciate it." Either way, not something that she should get caught up in thinking about right now.

    But that said... She turns to regard Chloe. "And, greetings to you too."
  11. She was taken back a little by the pointing and shouting man, Ludwig he called himself. He reminded her a lot of one of those voice-in-the-ear NPCs that gave you whatever thinly reasonable storyline was in the game. Go shoot these people for this, watch these explosions occur at these triggered moments, blah blah blah.

    Still he was really energetic about it, enough so that Chloe flinched when he pointed at her and started going on about the chips and introducing himself with an outdoor voice a second time.

    And again with the hand shaking. Formal greetings were just awkward.

    Taking his hand with her unsure grip, the question that had been bouncing around in the back of her head ever since he had introduced himself. "...who's Victor Frankenstein?"

    Her attention was pulled away to another girl talking to her, plainly dressed but her posture was more like the staff here than that of a kid. Caught a bit off balance between the greeting and Ludwig, her own reply wasn't as composed.

    "Uh, Hey...Hawke?"
  12. Elisa doesn't offer a handshake, possibly picking up on Chole's feeling of awkwardness. She does look over the other girl, though... Around the same age, and she didn't look military. That didn't leave many different things that she could be. "That's me, Elisa Hawke. I'm an Einherjar pilot. I don't believe I've met you before, either. Would you be one of the other pilots?" A newly recruited pilot, in all likelyhood.

    Elisa doesn't seem unfriendly, at the least. Neither does her demenour feel forced. She is pretty interested in meeting the other pilots, after all.
  13. Doctor Ludwig retracted his right hand as soon as his handshake with Elisa was finished. He shook Chloe's hand with a tight grip, moving it down once and up once before retracting it. He smiles for a moment before a thought occurred to him.

    "Who's Doctor Frankenstein?" She said... Ludwig stared blankly at her for a moment, hunching his back. He moved closer to her, staring her square in the pupil as he breathed deeply and adjusted his glasses.

    He waited a couple more seconds before he threw both of his hands at an extreme speed as he exclaimed even louder than he was speaking before. "WHO'S DOCTOR FRANKENSTEIN!?! HE IS THE GREATEST SWISS SCIENTIST. EVER. KNOWN! He brought the dead to life through galvanization! And thus he created his glorious project Adam! While Mary Shelly did not know the full story she knew of his greatness!"

    "Adam the monster of Frankenstein did in fact live!" He boldly exclaimed gesturing wildly. "And he made Adam his female mate, Eve! They continue to exist in the Wildnerness of Brazil! Local townsfolk tell tales of mishapened pale apparitions that rise from death's icy talons! THE LINEAGE OF FRANKENSTEIN WILL BE UPHELD! I shall not fail him! I swear it upon the very light of Prometheus" He gasped deeply, needing more oxygen after his wild demonstration, as he returned his focus to the Refreshment Table.

    "I hope there is chocola- Eureka!" He took a chocolate bar unwrapping it quickly and disposing the tin remains in his pants pockets. Ludwig eagerly chomped on the chocolate bar.

    "Fun fact. The brain uses glucose as its primary source of energy."
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  14. "Through aerobic respiration one gram of glucose can produce Sixteen Kilojoules of food energy for the body..." Ludwig raved on, as he took another bite of chocolate. He licked his lips as he spoke again. "I thank you Theobroma cacao trees for producing such a seed to allow for this delicacy to be made". Ludwig seemed blissfully unaware of the situation around him, most likely as he was engrossed in a myriad of thoughts.

    He glanced around before snapping, "Oh yes! This is for the pilots! I must create a fantastical weapon for them to use against the Guana menace..." Ludwig cupped his chin in thought.

    "Perhaps I shall work on a kinetic energy warhead for a missile, but I'm not sure if the labs have enough depleted uranium for it..."

    Ludwig reached into his pants pockets first pulling out the remnants of his chocolate bar. He quickly placed it back as he pulled out a pen. He lunged his hand as he grabbed a napkin and began scrawling formulas.

    "One half of the mass of the warhead times the velocity squared... Mus- No! I should work on the impact radius first...Pi times Radius sqaured..." Ludwig chomped on his chocolate bar with his free hand and scrawled with his pen in the other.
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  15. She actually took several steps back from Ludwig, not that he seemed to notice in the his excessive ranting. Chloe had absolutely no clue who Frankenstein was beyond having monster children? Or something. Before she could even try to ask another question to get a little more clear explanation, one that didn't sound like a scifi game, he was going on another tangent about chocolate...and shields.

    Despite this, he was still several leagues more pleasant than the average player she ended up squaring off against. The other girl though seemed very quiet, more because of the near point blank shouting that had occurred than Elisa's actual voice.

    Tugging a little on one of her ears she gave Elisa a mock salute with a couple fingers.

    "Yuup, just got up here a little bit ago. Names Chloe."

    She gestured over to Ludwig. "That fairly normal for the engineers?"
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  16. "Well, I can't say I've met all of the engineers, but they don't tend to be quite that enthusiastic. So no, not really. Though we are thankfully less than completely formal around here." Her expression, while still somewhat diplomatic, shows that she doesn't really know what is going on with him either.

    "How are you finding Asgard, by the way?"
  17. Ludwig taps his pen against his nose. "Ah, the rest of the Scientific Research team... Many don't share my particular breed of scientific inquiry!" He addresses no one in particular, still focused on his formulas, as he grabbed several napkins, and opened them up.

    He took the last bite of his chocolate bar, as he began scrawling more scientific formulas. "BUT! While they may not share my particular brand of wonder, they take their jobs as seriously as I do. If you wish for me to develop any sort of "interesting" weaponry for you... Feel free to ask!" Ludwig chuckled a bit, before shoving his nose straight against his napkins with formulas. He stared at it, tapping his pen a few times, before he returned to work.

    "Asgard is a fine place. Yes, it is a place with scientific wonder..." Ludwig whipped back up, as he began scrawling more furiously on the napkins. "YES! EUREKA!"
  18. "Cold. Air conditioning is nice n' all, but crankin' up the heat a bit wouldn't be a bad idea. Otherwise, haven't been here long enough to really get settled in. Looks cool n' all. Totally Twitter'd the view of earth from up here. Where abouts are you from down there anyways?"

    Idly she grabbed a few of the chips Ludwig had been analyzing earlier, munching on a few of them Chloe noticed that he was once again pouring out information like it was the only thing keeping humanity alive. It was actually when he burst out with EUREKA! that she herself reached the end of her own little scientific investigation.

    "Hey, doctor! Chips're okay, corn chips are better though."
  19. "I was living in Bifrost City before they moved me up here." She explains simply. "What about you?"

    Elisa does stop to ponder over what the eccentric Doctor had proposed, though. She'd already had her last 'interesting' idea implemented with rather nice results, but it couldn't hurt to ponder over further. "Well, I've currently got zero one outfitted with a monomolecular sword and a shoulder integrated rail rifle. I'll have to think about that, though."

    Also she doesn't seem to have sampled any of the snacks.
  20. Ludwig turned to Chole, beaming with the uptmost joy. He beamed ear to ear, "It is still qualitative evidence on the tastiness of the chips! Soon enough I can forge empirical evidence concerning this matter! I thank you for participating in this gastronomical study!" Ludwig beams as he turns away from his notes, giving Chloe a thumbs up. He quickly returned to his notes, and analyzed all of his formula scrawlings, as he carefully picked up his notes. He folded them several times, as he placed them in his other pants pocket, along with his new pen.

    Ludwig focused on the refreshment table again, eyeing each treat, with the precision of a hawk. He glanced at Chole again, specifically looking at her hooding, making out in faded letters "Orbital Dew". "Hey Orbital Dew! That sugary concoction is delicious... Fan of it yourself?" Ludwig then returned his focus back around the table, then looking at the staff, then back at the refreshment table. He pulled out his napkin formula notes, giving them the good once over. He nodded, "Yes that'll do... Hm, perhaps later today I shall work on a nerve agent! You can never run out of Cyclosarin in the labratory... well you can but you'd need to make it again. Hm, but I already know what it does... Hm, to work on a biological agent to test on things... Nah, I should keep today focused on robotics! Ye-" Ludwig swiftly glanced at Elisa, realizing that she commented on her weaponry.

    Ludwig beamed, "AH! THOSE ARE FUN TOYS... If they aren't enough firepower... I'll hook you up with some QUALITY WEAPONRY! FITTING FOR EVEN THE MIGHTY PROMETHEUS!"