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      'A Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Heavenly Virtues Roleplay'
      Created by: "Ali"


      The Story

      Year X766 - the Great War of 15 now over, Nothingness destroyed; leaving the heads of each Sin and Virtue in a silent battle with one another. Each house reveres excellence in the city of Anarma; including both districts: Bramly and Pemby. The city itself is under constant social status war, each head trying to form a name for themselves. Before 'The Rift' was created due to the war, Anarma was thriving with beings of all races and species, a free area among the many closed off parts of the world, available to safe guard an individual whom didn't believe they ever belonged. Anarma was once known as New Orleans, along time ago, until the 15 most powerful individuals the world had ever seen, accumulated, drawn by the power of the others. Shortly after the 'Great War of 15', New Orleans was subsequently destroyed, separating the great chunk of land into two parts: Bramly and Pemby, the sins took to one side, and the virtues took to the other. The only think that now separates them is 'The Rift'.

      New Orleans, or what was now know as Anarma, had been destroyed by years of natural disasters, causing the once beautiful city to rot, decay, and become nothing but a distant memory. So a deal between the sins and the virtues was struck. All 15 took control of the rotting land, becoming what was known today as 'One of 14', a well known individual that had in-numerous amounts of influence towards the citizens who took shelter in Anarma.

      The deal made, an agreement to hold a monthly gathering of all heads of house was also initiated. This brought together the leaders to a discussion of the current state of Anarma. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Forgiveness, Kindness, Humility....and Nothingness. Each individual had something different to say about the state of the citizens, and the city itself, but after much debate, a conclusion was made that the city itself needed to be fixed, and liveable, if the Sins and Virtues themselves were to ever live in comfort. So this happened. Over the next 16 years - in fact. Sins took to the North of Anarma, Pemby as they had named it. Where as the Virtues took to the South - Bramly.

      Many blissful years of silent agreement went on between the 15, leading the citizens of Anarma to believe where they had chosen to call home, was what would remain their home, safe and sound for years to come.
      The Sins, however, had different ideas. Gluttony and Greed sought ownership of the entire city, coming to arms with one another on multiple occasions. Different members of the 15 noted this wasn't acceptable behavior from two of 15 who had signed an agreement to keep this city thriving and safe, so 13 of them issues an ultimatum - keep to terms, or perish.

      Now, something to pay attention to, Sins and Virtues cannot die ultimately. Their bodies can be destroyed, but as physical manifestations of human emotion, they are always re-incarnated. Knowing this, Greed and Gluttony fought against the 13 others, believing they were the only two who could rule everything around them perfectly, and with no qualms by others.
      This was the 'War of 15', a war that ended all too quickly, with an untimely death of one - Nothingness.
      This lead the Sins and Virtues to band together and murder the current incarnations of Gluttony and Greed. However, Nothingness, remained as that. A forgotten death among the greats, an emotion never reincarnated, much like the new bodies that played host to the brothers of the Pig.

      The Sins and Virtues saw what had become of the city in wake of this war, leaving a giant ugly scar that separated the two spectrum's of emotions,, most likely for the better. Today, the families are thriving and separated, each side rarely ever communicating with each other due to a law issues that the Sins may never enter Bramly, and the Virtues may never enter Pemby. The Rift is a neutral zone, a meeting place for all - though barren.

      Though each side is separated, not one side is different.

      Setting and Description of the Land

      Anarma was once a land known to previous generations as "New Orleans". A city set in what feels like perpetual night and celebration, filled to the brink with a manner of all allegorical individuals and creatures. On the North side, there is Pemby, a city wrought in iron statures, over grown trees, and dark corners. A city for the darker creatures of Anarma to call home. Pemby sits on the bank of Lake Borgne, and is known as a darker corner of Anarma. It shares traits of it's land with Bramly, as Bramly does it, constantly in celebration of a favorite and perpetual holiday - Mardi Gras

      On the other side of Anarma is Bramly, a much more lively and loved area that's celebration reaches no ends. Shops line the streets, filled with eager tourists and bright minded individuals. Old districts are still standing and show great culture of all New Orleans once had to offer.

      Overall, Anarma is filled with culture, a real celebration of what once was. New and old houses stand, bringing a sense of dignity and a new aged air to Anarma.

      Bramly and Pemby both share similar qualities in appearance and style, seeing as they were both derived from the same mass of land. Destroyed and then remade, due to years of corrosion. Much of Anarma's current style is based upon New Orleans old look when it still existed. Roads lined with fresh cut tree and shrubs, small privately owned stores with welcoming auras, as well as horse and carriage clopping along the cement laden roads.

      Night time brings around much more lively individuals in both sections of Anarma, for night, is when the people come to play. Mardi Gras is widely celebrated through Anarma as a whole, setting itself in a perpetual state of fun times. When the stars are high above Anarma, and the water reflects the shimmering street lamps, as party-goer's reflections; is when Pemby and Bramly are most alive.

      Everyone within a 10 mile radius of each cities center can always find themselves thrust into the celebrations of Mardi-Gras, finding themselves doused in beads, heavy jazz, and good times.

      Privately owned shops are largely frequented by tourists of Anarma. These shops range from holding souvenir antiquities, to things in the nature of Dark Craft. Whatever your need be, whether you be in Pemby or Bramly, Anarma and it's residents always have something new to offer.

      Character Bio Template


      (Place picture here - Can be real, anime, or drawn)

      Character Name: What does your character go by IC?
      Etymology: Does your characters name have any deeper meaning? If so, share it here.
      Alias: What do other people generally call your character?
      Sin/Virtue: Which Sin or Virtue does your character represent, and if none, please delete this line.
      Gender: Male, Female, Other?
      Species/Race: Human, Angel, Demon, Witch, Elf, Fairy, Siren, ect...?
      Age: How old is your character? If you are playing a Sin or Virtue, your characters lifespan restarts once they are reincarnated, so pick a normal age.
      Birth Date: When was your character born? MM/DD/YYYY (remember the years in this RP aren't like real life, they start with an X and go upwards from 000 - ask if you're confused.)
      Zodiac Sign: Which astrological symbol represents your character?
      Current Residence: Where does your character currently live? (Optional - With who?)
      Occupation: Does your character have a job? (If you are a Sin or a Virtue, you automatically must add "One of 14".)
      Family: Does your character have any close immediate family that will dent an impact in the RP?
      Gemstone: Relate it to your characters B-day.
      More: Anything else general you'd like to add?


      Height: How tall is your character? Realistic heights please.
      Hair: Hair style? Colour?
      Eyes: What colour are your characters eyes? Do they change? Contain symbols?
      Distinguishing Marks: Anything that makes your character out at first glance?
      General Appearance: Please be specific. I'd like to know in-depth what your character looks like, as I'm sure all others in this RP would too.
      Strengths: Any defining attributes that are accustomed to strengths?
      Weaknesses: Are there things that make your character go weak at the knees from fear? Sadness? Remember, no character is without weakness.
      More: Anything else physical you'd like to add?


      Allies: Who does your character trust? Is there anyone in their lives who they'd gladly lay down in front of a train for?
      Enemies: How about people they'd like to throw IN-FRONT of a train? (If you are a Sin or Virtue, you must automatically add your opposite to this list. Listed above.)
      Current Goal/Purpose: Does your character have a current goal or purpose? If not, please delete this line.
      Aspirations: What does your character aspire to do with their current circumstances and life?
      Hobbies: Any hobbies your character has on the side or in general?
      Likes: What do they like?
      Dislikes: Dislike?
      Talents: Any defining talents your character possesses?
      Inabilities: Anything your character can't do for the life of them?
      Fears: These can be linked and related to weaknesses.
      General Personality: What is your character generally like? (If you are a Sin/Virtue, be sure to add defining attributes of the Sin/Virtue)
      Inner Personality: What does your character act like behind closed doors?
      More: Anything else entirely?


      Special Items: Does your character have any special items they always carry on them? Anything of symbolic value?
      Weapons: What weapons does your character use, if any?
      Magics: Is your character skilled in the use of magics? Alchemy? Invocations? Remember not to over power your character.
      More: Anything else?


      General History: 20 sentences or less about your characters background.

      Present Life: What is your character currently up to?

      Special Historic Notes:Anything of mass importance that makes up your characters current entity? If you'd like to develop this over the course of the IC/RP, delete this section.

    • The Rules

      ex. If you have the Virtue of Patience, your character cannot have uncontrollable fits of rage.
      5. CREATURES MUST SUITE SIN/VIRTUE - ex. Sin creatures (Demon, Gorgon, ect...) Virtue Creatures (Angel, Fairy, ect...) Neutral creatures (Elves, Witches, ect...)
      6. YOU CAN CLAIM TWO MAIN PARTS IF YOU SO WISH - You can claim a vice and a virtue if you believe you can keep up with two characters, or, if you prefer, you may create a side character that isn't a sin or a virtue.

    • [​IMG]
      The Seven Deadly Sins

      Played By: FawnGoddess
      Lust, or lechery (carnal "luxuria") is an intense and uncontrolled desire. It is usually thought of as uncontrolled sexual wants, however the word was originally a general term for desire. Therefore lust could include the uncontrolled desire for money, food, fame, or power.

      Character Bio - "Viktor Kozlov"
      Played By: Ali
      Derived from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony (Latin, gula) is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste.

      Character Bio - "Nikolai Polzin"
      Played By: Vio
      Greed (Latin, avaritia), also known as avarice, cupidity or covetousness, is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess. However, greed (as seen by the church) is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions.

      Played By: Shinku
      Sloth (Latin,acedia) can entail different vices. While sloth is sometimes defined as physical laziness, spiritual laziness is emphasized. Failing to develop spiritually will lead to becoming guilty of sloth. In the Christian faith, sloth rejects grace and God.
      Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do. By this definition, evil exists when good men fail to act.

      Character Bio - "Mona Carlisle Adams"
      Played By: Ali
      Wrath (Latin, ira), also known as "rage", may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Wrath, in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead. Feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, including impatience, revenge and self-destructive behavior, such as drug abuse or suicide.

      Character Bio - "Ariana Anderson"
      Played By: Circe
      Like greed and lust, Envy (Latin, invidia) is characterized by an insatiable desire. Envy is similar to jealousy in that they both feel discontent towards someone's traits, status, abilities, or rewards. The difference is the envious also desire the entity and covet it.

      Played By: FawnGoddess
      In almost every list, pride (Latin, superbia), or hubris (Greek), is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. It is identified as believing that one is essentially better than others, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, and excessive admiration of the personal self; it also includes vainglory (Latin, vanagloria) which is unjustified boasting.


      The Seven Heavenly Virtues


      Discretion of sexual conduct according to one's state in life; the practice of courtly love. Cleanliness through cultivated good health and hygiene, and maintained by refraining from intoxicants. To be honest with oneself, one's family, one's friends, and to all of humanity. Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought-through education and betterment. The ability to refrain from being distracted and influenced by hostility, temptation or corruption.


      Restraint, temperance, justice. Constant mindfulness of others and one's surroundings; practicing self-control, abstention, moderation and deferred gratification. Prudence to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time. Proper moderation between self-interest, versus public-interest, and against the rights and needs of others.

      [URL='[URL="']"]As Above, So Below - 7 DEADLY SINS/7 HEAVENLY VIRTUES RP[/URL]Character Bio - "Lisette Elayna Anastasia Dragomir"[/URL]
      Played By: Gladis
      Generosity, charity, self-sacrifice; the term should not be confused with the more restricted modern use of the word charity to mean benevolent giving.
      Love, in the sense of an unlimited loving kindness towards all others, is held to be the ultimate perfection of the human spirit, because it is said to both glorify and reflect the nature of God. Such love is self-sacrificial. Confusion can arise from the multiple meanings of the English word "love". The love that is "caritas" is distinguished by its origin – being divinely infused into the soul – and by its residing in the will rather than emotions, regardless of what emotions it stirs up. This love is necessary for salvation, and with it no one can be lost.


      A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work; decisive work ethic, steadfastness in belief, fortitude, and the capability of not giving up. Budgeting one's time; monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness. Upholding one's convictions at all times, especially when no one else is watching (integrity).

      [URL='[URL="']"]As Above, So Below - 7 DEADLY SINS/7 HEAVENLY VIRTUES RP[/URL]Character Bio - "Meredith Amellia"[/URL]
      [I]Played By: Citrus[/I]
      Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity. Resolving conflicts and injustice peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. Accepting the grace to forgive; to show mercy to sinners. Creating a sense of peaceful stability and community rather than suffering, hostility, and antagonism.

      [SIZE=2][URL='[URL="']"]As Above, So Below - 7 DEADLY SINS/7 HEAVENLY VIRTUES RP[/URL]Character Bio - Felicity Kelly[/URL][/SIZE]
      [FONT=book antiqua][I]Played By: Citrus[/I][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3]Charity, [URL='[URL]'][/URL]compassion[/URL] and [URL='[URL]'][/URL]friendship[/URL] for its own sake. [URL='[URL]'][/URL]Empathy[/URL] and [URL='[URL]'][/URL]trust[/URL] without [URL='[URL]'][/URL]prejudice[/URL] or [URL='[URL]'][/URL]resentment[/URL]. Unselfish love and voluntary kindness without [URL='[URL]'][/URL]bias[/URL] or [URL='[URL]'][/URL]spite[/URL]. Having positive outlooks and cheerful demeanor; to inspire kindness in others.[/SIZE]

      [SIZE=2][URL='[URL="']"]As Above, So Below - 7 DEADLY SINS/7 HEAVENLY VIRTUES RP[/URL]Character Bio - "Sophie Belle LaRue"[/URL][/SIZE]
      [FONT=book antiqua][I]Played By: Little Sparrow[/I][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3] Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. It is a spirit of self-examination; a hermeneutic of suspicion toward yourself and charity toward people you disagree with. The courage of the heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved. Reverence for those who have wisdom and those who selflessly teach in love. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self. Being faithful to promises, no matter how big or small they may be. Refraining from despair. The ability to confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation.[/SIZE]

      [FONT=verdana][SIZE=3][solid=#FF0378]For Your Knowledge...[/solid][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [I][FONT=verdana][SIZE=3]As each Sin exists, there is also an opposite; so can be said for Virtues. In this roleplay, your character has a polar opposite, one you must realize is not compatible for your character in anyway and should be one of one or many conflicts in this roleplay.

      Lust [COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR] Chastity

      Gluttony [COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR] Temperance

      Greed [COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR] Charity

      Sloth[COLOR=#ff8c8c] ❥[/COLOR] Diligence

      Wrath [COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR] Patience

      Envy [COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR] Kindness

      Pride [COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR] Humility


      [B][U][I][FONT=verdana][SIZE=3][U][COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR][/U][/SIZE][/FONT][/I]Creation Note[I][FONT=verdana][SIZE=3][U][COLOR=#ff8c8c]❥[/COLOR][/U][/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/U][/B]
      [I][FONT=verdana][SIZE=3]A little note to help everyone out with creating a bio. The Sins and Virtues are beings outside of the physical realm of Earth, meaning, they are their own entities who own the ability of being able to either create a vessel or overtake a vessel. That being said, when you're creating a character, you can either have it that that character existed before the Sin/Virtue, or, that they simply were created the moment your Sin/Virtue was reincarnated. Completely up to you.[/SIZE][/FONT][/I]

      [FONT=verdana][SIZE=3][solid=#FF0378]Other Notable Characters[/solid][/SIZE][/FONT]

      [FONT=times new roman][I][B][SIZE=6][COLOR=#c24a4a][BCOLOR=transparent]Selene Eudokia Sapientia[/BCOLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/I][/FONT]
      [COLOR=#ffffff][SIZE=2][FONT=verdana][BCOLOR=transparent][URL='[URL="']"]As Above, So Below - 7 DEADLY SINS/7 HEAVENLY VIRTUES RP[/URL]♦Click Here For Bio♦[/URL][/BCOLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

      [FONT=times new roman][I][B][SIZE=6][COLOR=#c24a4a][BCOLOR=transparent][FONT=times new roman][SIZE=6]Arthur McWooly[/SIZE][/FONT][/BCOLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/I][/FONT]
      [COLOR=#ffffff][SIZE=2][FONT=verdana][BCOLOR=transparent][URL='[URL="']"]As Above, So Below - 7 DEADLY SINS/7 HEAVENLY VIRTUES RP[/URL]♦Click Here For Bio♦[/URL][/BCOLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/font]

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    I'm going to make anyone in this RP a banner if they so wish! Below are some examples~



    PM me if you'd like one ♥​
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  3. Can I reserve Pride and Patience. I can have chars up by tonight or tomorrow.
  4. You most definitely can ^-^
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  5. This is going to be fun.
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  6. Nice bio.
    I appreciate how you got it up so fast, thank you!
    Just a couple things I'd like to point out:
    You can give your character a real name aside from Diligence if you'd like - but if you prefer her just to be known as Diligence "Dill", that's totally cool too :)
    I'd relish a little more in-depth background as to how your character became Mayor of Bramly? Seeing as there are 6 others powerful individuals who live in that section of Anarma, and as most conflict arises, it's due to power and gaining said power. I'd like to know how Dill got appointed Mayor of Bramly.
    Other than that, good bio ♥
  7. [​IMG]
    "Tis' said that Wrath is the last thing to grow old in an individual, but the first to break free."

    N a m e
    Mona Carlisle Adams
    Mona: (Pronounced MO-n-ah) fem. proper name, from Irish Muadhnait, diminutive of muadh "noble."
    Carlisle: (Pronounced CAR-lyle) Carleol (c. 1100), earlier Lugovalio (4c.), from a Celtic proper name *Luguvalos. The Celtic cair "fortified town" was added in the Middle Ages.
    Adams (rough resemblance): (Pronounced AH-du-hm-s) Old English wrað "angry" (literally "tormented, twisted"), from Proto-Germanic *wraith- (cognates: Old Frisian wreth "evil," Old Saxon wred, Middle Dutch wret, Dutch wreed "cruel," Old High German reid, Old Norse reiðr "angry, offended"), from PIE *wreit- "to turn". Rare or obsolete from early 16c. to mid-19c., but somewhat revived since, especially in dignified writing.

    "Monie"- A name rarely used in the presence of another individual, Mona's younger sister, Teressa, adopted this nickname when she was young.
    "Wrath" - A representation of her living incarnation of Sin. By formal status, people refer to Mona as Wrath.
    "Ms. Adams" - A formal name used by those who don't know the woman well enough, of those of the council who respect her enough to use her last name.

    T h e B a s i c s
    July 17th x746
    Cancer ♋
    Female ♀
    Ruby ♦


    One of 14.
    --W R A T H--
    Wrath/Anger (Latin: Ira): Desire for Harm. This is rage taken up a few dozen notches, combined with blood-thirstiness and a general appreciation of too much violence. It can be easily seen in a Blood Knight, during an Unstoppable Rage, and in general anyone with a Berserk Button. It's also a common problem of those who seek revenge. Hatred and racism (fantastic or otherwise) can also fall under this. The worst practitioners of Wrath are the Omnicidal Maniac and anyone who wants to Kill 'em All. Wrath is usually associated with bulls, bears and the color red. The punishment in Hell for committing this sin is to be dismembered while still alive. The patron demon of Wrath is either Satan, Amon, or Moloch, and its corresponding virtue is Patience.

    •• O r i g i n ••
    Current place of residence -- Anarma
    Adams Residence, Pemby
    Current Head of the Adams Household


    Council Member
    Vessel of Wrath

    P h y s i c a l • C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
    Impulsive & Respected

    Height: 6'3'
    Hair: Cold Blue
    Eyes: Burnt Gold

    •• G e n e r a l A p p e a r a n c e ••
    Mona Adams has never been the type to "dress casually".
    She lives by the motto "dress everyday like you're going to run into your worst enemy", giving her the mindset to always dress to impresses, albeit her dress choices falling under the rather scantly clad definition of clothing. She stands at a height of six feet, three inches, sporting an angular jaw, ice blue, incredibly long and beautiful tresses, and golden eyes that would revel that of a God. Her nose has never suited the sultry look of the rest of her face, where most every other feature plays host to some type of angle. Her hair is mixed with multi-tones of light blue, ranging from near white, to almost turquoise, giving off a gorgeous sheen in the sunlight. It is almost always pulled back into a high ponytail, with thick chunks framing Mona's face. With full lips in a constant state of questioning, Mona's face never seems to veer away from the idea she's plotting someones demise, or just overly thinking about absolutely everything around her. Her skin prefers to rest at a constant shade of light red, identifying that she is certainly not - nor has ever been, human. A preferred dress style of the Sin is leather, anything tight, black, and shimmery is a go-to; her favourite ensemble being a cropped leather top, connected to a short mini skirt by criss-crossed leather binds. She loves to wear stockings, feeling the need to accent her given body.. However, most people would just refer to that mindset, as being a 'whore'. Jewelry is sparse on the woman, with maybe the occasional earrings or ring, but never anything too flashy or noticeable. Mona sports a pair of square framed, black rimmed glasses, giving her the look of a sophisticated individual, which she tends to live up too. Her body is nude, in the sense she has no noticeable tattoos, or piercings - aside from her ears. Mona's shoe choice always stems from the ground up, literally; heels are her favourite things to wear and she can rarely be found without them. One outstanding feature no one could ever easily miss on Mona, is the horn sprouting from the center of her head. Other times, Mona finds herself with a completely different appearance, a personal decision to stand out from the rest. Due to her ability to manifest and shift her appearance (of-sorts), she is able to change her hair, clothes, and more. When she doesn't represent the Mona everyone see's - she sports thick, voluptuous green tresses, the same burnt golden eyes, no horn, but two large up-curved horns; she does acquire two relatively ample canines.

    •• G e n e r a l P e r s o n a l i t y ••
    "My mood changes with your intelligence.."
    An overall exciting individual, Mona Adams has never been one to keep to herself. She's a rather talkative person when given the chance to speak, and if rejected she tends to get just a little angry, and by just a little..well, she's an incarnation of the Sin: Wrath, saying that she gets "a little" angry, may be an understatement. She is prone to fits of rage, jealousy, self-harm, and outwards harm towards others - an expected trait. She is very used to getting what she wants, and believes she deserves everything in the world to keep her happy, however, she will never strive after it to such an extent that it jeopardizes her day to day life. Revered as a dangerous woman, Mona holds true to this statement whenever she invokes her inner Sin. In everyday scenarios, Mona can be found with something to occupy her time, whether it be another person, a book, or some type of music, drowning out the real world around her. Her brain is always working full speed, ensuring she is able to calculate any and all probabilities of situations around her, making her rather deadly to sneak up on, though there are always off-record possibilities. She boasts an heir of authority, though only 20 years have passed for the body she holds; in Anarma. When in her fits of rage, her general reasoning becomes blindsided, costing countless others to become hurt by her fits, and Mona herself to loose many people close to her, whether by separation, or death. Mona is an incredibly brash individual with no filter when it comes to saying what she wants, generally getting her into fights with those around her.


    H i s t o r y

    It Wasn't Easy
    "Growing up wasn't exactly my cup of tea..."

    Show Spoiler
    Growing up as a spoiled, rich, only child was never difficult. Obviously. However, Mona's childhood wasn't like the other children around her. Yes, she attended school like most, she stayed home when it was too cold to go, and she stuffed her face with junk food whenever her parents weren't looking. However, other things were at work inside the young girl, and little did she know, this event in her life would shape the way she would live forever. It also wasn't easy to be the only weird kid in a regular school. Mona took daily precautions to hide her red skin and horn, passing it off as "sun burn" and "just a headband".
    Growing up, Mona's mother was always her role model. Setting standards the young girl hoped to achieve as she grew older. Though her mother was always right by Mona's side with support, she was also her harshest critic, giving Mona insight into what she did right, and what she didn't. As a Demon, Mona's mother was naturally brash, impulsive, and harsh; though the support she showed for Mona always seemed to shine through the thick, black, aura Mona and her family had surrounding them.
    Brought up under the strange laws of supernatural beings, Mona found she was different from the rest, she realized early in her childhood, growing up really wasn't her cup of tea...
    But, it wasn't just because she was a demon. She found herself overwhelmed by the dark feelings of anger, daily. Originally, she related this to being of Demon origin, but as the emotions began to progress to sheer black-out rage, she knew something was up.

    The Rage Within
    "It was like everything inside me forgot who was in command."

    Show Spoiler
    Around the time Mona's father had passed from her and her mothers lives, Mona began to realize the dark feelings of hate inside her were becoming harder to handle and subdue. It was like a trapped animal in a cage, scratching at the locks with all it's might in attempts to escape and be free. There were days Mona could even remember some of the fits she had, but her mothers expression always told her the story in full, without her even needing to speak a single word. It was around this time Mona's mother decided they both would sleep easier if they knew what was occurring in Mona's body. Seeing as the two of them had been living on Earth since Mona's creation/birth, Mona's mother decided to take Mona to a supernatural specialist, one whom delved into the dark arts and other demonic things on a daily basis, but was strangely enough; human.
    Mona's worst fear was confirmed, she had heard tales of the seven sins and seven virtues, and never in her life thought she would amount to anything, aside from being the spawn of a demonic mother and father. Which, in it's own rights - to some humans she supposed - was rather impressive, but to her, it was baffling. The man told her, she had been chosen as the new body of Wrath, one of the seven deadly sins, and a rather uncontrollable one at that. His advice at the time was to let it happen. Mona's mother was outraged. She didn't believe her daughter deserved to have her very body taken over, and in this moment, Mona's mothers true demonic nature revealed itself; causing her to slaughter the man before the two out of her own inner rage. But Mona reacted differently, she stood there, with a neutral expression plastered on her face, clutching at her chest, feeling the need to rip her insides out. There was a burning sensation deep inside her chest, one that reminded her of the clawing animal, and all she wanted to do was open her chest cavity up to release the heat. Her mind swirled, and collapsed into an utter darkness, she felt helpless, like everything inside her forgot who was in control. When she would wake, Mona would be the vessel of Wrath, whether she liked it or not.

    What Have I Done?
    "Mom...I'm so sorry..."

    Show Spoiler
    When Mona awoke from her sudden fainting spell, she felt very different, less human then before, which is funny coming from a Demon; though Mona always felt more connected with humans more than demons, before Wrath overtook her body. She came too, finding her mother hunched over her body, staring down with an incredibly concerned look plastered across her face. Mona smiled inwardly, though nothing but hatred radiated from the outside. She trying to command her body to move, to get up, all in vein of course, as her body just laid there, on the harsh wooden floor of the home she had passed out in. Her head fell to the left, noticing the dead body still occupying the space, then it fell to the right, seeing nothing but odd wares and different trinkets. Slowly, Mona's body began to respond to her internal commands, her hands finding their ways to her eyes, as she rubbed at them, causing the blurry vision to stop, then to her face, to feel it was all still normal. She felt arms around her back, pulling her nearly limp body into an embrace, but inside all she could see was red, her vision clouded by the same colour of her skin, and she wished nothing more but to be rid of it. Minutes passed, Mona listening to the soft weeping of her mother, sensing she was obviously scared, and at that very moment, the only thing running through the demons mind was to put the one holding her body, out of it's misery. Inwardly, this had Mona screaming, but outwardly, she was no longer in complete control of her body. The body she had owned for centuries before and grown up in, was now the body of WRATH, one of the seven deadly sins, and Mona could do little to cease it's needs. She watched with tears behind her dull, overtaken eyes, and her hand found it's way to the center of her mothers chest, and drove home a strike that ended the demons life right then and there. She screamed as loud as she could manage, though nothing registered on the outside, she was just a lifeless vessel at this point, trapped inside by Wrath, a body for it's entertainment. Mona's body looked down at the two dead bodies, and all she could feel was a small smile creeping onto her lips. She tried to turn away, unable to command her body anymore, only thinking to herself with invisible tears in her eyes "Mom..I'm so sorry..."
    This marked year 1 of Wrath's reincarnation.

    Thanks For The Name
    "It wasn't exactly difficult..."

    Show Spoiler
    Years went by after Mona's incident with her mother, and it took a long time for her to cope with what had actually happened. There were days where Mona would take her anger out on anybody within a 30cm vicinity, and those were her nice days. Over the years, Mona began regaining more and more control over her body, yet she always found Wrath knocking at the doors, and it's hold on her was relentless, never letting up. Mona's father, Blake Adams, was just that, a father. Not a dad. Mona never found solace, or assistance in the man, and she knew it was the same on his end. They rarely exchanged words or had a daily Father-Daughter encounter, and if they did, it was met with screaming, and ended with blood of one or the other. Encounters like these made Mona thankful she had power behind her. The wealth and name would come easily, once Mona murdered her father. Which wasn't exactly difficult, seeing as Mona loathed her father, and only ever found help by his money. She was his successor, seeing as Teressa had skipped out years ago, and wasn't the closest beneficiary to the Adams family wealth. Mona took the name, the wealth, and the head of her father. Mona moved on after this event, finding herself drawn to a city the residents called Anarma, and after being discovered as one of the 13 other vessels, she knew there was a reason she was drawn to this place. Immediately, she knew this was her new home. Setting up her residence, making a name for herself, and meeting the others would come later, but all in good time...

    R e l a t i o n S h i p s

    ||Tina Graham||
    Ally - Deceased
    Tina Graham, otherwise known as Mona's mother, was a strong, capable individual for most years of Mona's life. Raising her, and dealing with the fact that Wrath had chosen her daughters body as a vessel. Tina was tall, blonde, and averagely endowed, radiating beauty and elegance wherever she went. She has and always will be Mona's role model in this world, for what a woman should be seen as; a guide to what Mona see's herself as. Tina passed away two years ago, leaving Mona as a child without a mother, and soon to be without a father.

    ||Blake Adams||
    Neutral - Deceased
    Mona's father was whom she'd taken her last name from, and her title of "Head of the Adams Family", only after her Fathers untimely death. Mona was never truly close to her father, most days she could stand to be around him without falling into fits of rage and anger, and nearly attacking him without just cause. She watched him pass through her life as easily as a traveler abroad would, leaving only his name and wealth behind.

    ||Teressa Adams||
    Ally - Alive
    Teressa had always been Mona's "little T", keeping her happy and entertained as a child when she was still just innocent "Mona Adams", and not Wrath's Vessel. Mona spent most her time with Teressa, creating imaginary houses, playing with dolls, and living in her world of imagination. After she turned 7 and went through the ordeal that practically overtook her mind and body, Mona and Teressa drifted apart. Though she still see's her sister, Teressa keeps her distance, knowing all too well what lays in wait of her should she anger her older sister.

    Enemy - Alive
    Only having the pleasure of meeting once a month at the gathering of 14, Mona instantly despised Patience as an individual. They seemed too calm, all the time, never relishing in their inner emotions, always seeming like the most level headed individual at the gatherings. For most of the meeting, rather that contributing and paying attention to what was being said, Mona could be found starting down Patience, trying to unlock just what was going on "up there".

    C h a r i s m a
    "Lack of charisma can be fatal." -Jenny Holzer

    Goals and Aspirations
    Mona strives to accomplish all she can as head of the Adams household.
    Her ultimate goal is to subdue the rage inside herself, and try to understand the Sin that has taken control of her body without loosing herself in the process, yet remain as powerful as this feeling inside herself has allowed her to become.

    Currently, Mona indulges in the side hobby of running an online business.
    Aside from trying to keep her household in line, as well as the city of Anarma, and the district of Pemby, Mona runs an online business; dealing in extermination, of the most brutal type.
    She also enjoys swimming, playing badminton, and immersing herself in many different books of New Age Arts.

    L i k e s
    +Electronics +People +Talking +Drinking +Dancing+Reading +Sports +Friendship
    +Rage +Anger +Emotions+Dressing Up +Fire+Books+Animals+Chocolate +Sunshine


    D i s l i k e s
    -Patience -Overzealous -Individuals -Dramatics -Righteousness -Change -Angels
    -Bramly -Most of the Council -Monogamy


    S t r e n g t h s

    In one ear, and out the other
    Due to Wrath overtaking Mona's body, she found herself able to easily rid someone of their life, and exterminate them from hers. This came with the murder of her mother, a scaring incident that Mona will never forget. It's possible to be friends with the Demon, quite easily, however, one slip up, and you're as useful to Mona as yesterdays lunch.

    There's something about those rays..
    Though Mona is a creature of the night, she has always found herself more drawn to the sun. Perhaps this was due to her nature before Wrath took her as a vessel. Mona had never fully related to Demons, even though she had the desires and tendencies; as well as experience, to rip anothers head off and feel nothing. She finds power in the sun, allowing it to wash over her crimson skin and imbue her with great strength. The night is particularly a weakness for the Demon, for she also enjoys it to a degree, but much prefers the sun.

    And here I was hoping
    Intelligence has always been a massive strength in Mona's arsenal. Something she was born with, and something she intends to keep for along time. She uses her wits and brain to constantly out think her enemies, and even allies.

    At least I can thank him for one thing
    Mona's father left her with quite the boisterous sum of money, allowing the woman to live a life of luxury and power. A main contributor to the recreation of Anarma, Moan's wealth has been a massive power point and a wonderful strength throughout her life.

    It's amazing what can happen when I get angry
    Wrath has offered Mona powers she never knew she could possess, and to this day she will occasionally let loose, relishing in the overwhelming abilities this sin imbues her with.

    W e a k n e s s e s

    They caused her death
    There are times Mona wished that she had remained that ghost of herself after the overtaking of Wrath in her body. But, without emotions, she wouldn't be the strong, powerful individual she was today. These emotions however, cause her constant strife. Tearing open old wounds, and causing new ones with her constant outbursts towards those who don't necessarily deserve them.

    The Past
    Go away, memories
    Mona's past isn't one she likes to fondly remember. The only good times of her past were with her mother, however,
    her mothers life was cut short by a selfish decision. Mona cannot control emotions when they fall across her, so bringing up her past will unleash a whirl wind of pent up aggression and basic insanity. Any normal person would not want to be within a football
    fields vicinity of Mona when speaking to
    her about her past.

    Why choose me?
    Both a strength and weakness, Mona likes to think that most of the bad things that have occurred in her life were thanks to the Sin that overtook her all those years ago; Wrath. She relates her mothers death to Wrath more then anything, and would sacrifice everything she could to bring her back. She rarely confides in Wrath as a power source, though it is a great one, and will often try to ignore the clawing for freedom at her minds door.

    A b i l i t i e s

    Wrath's Resonance
    This ability was developed on complete and total accident. Mona had retired to 'The Rift' of Anarma after a day of mental anxiety she just couldn't handle. In this moment of emotional haze, Mona sat there and just screamed. Letting out all her pent up anger, aggression, and sadness for the day; feeding off of Wrath's love for the reactions it inflicted from it's vessel. When Mona finally calmed down, she opened her eyes, looking around and to her bewilderment, the trees, creatures and everything before her had been completely obliterated. It's a rare occurrence for this to happen, and Mona tries to keep herself and Wrath in check so this never happens again, though, she was overpowered once, who knows what could happen again.

    Mona can summon two different types of weapons, her preferred weapons, and her secondary weapons. This manifestation ability has been with her since creation, seeing as she was born as a demon. Her primary weapons are Scythes. Two, very large weapons that feel like air to Moan, but bricks to another. They are blood bound to her body, and are never to be used by another. Her secondary weapon manifestation ability are Guns, with the same blood bound rule applying. She can manifest smaller items as well, non-living, though rarely chooses to use this other half of the ability.

    Dark Element Manipulation
    Mona is able to control and create mystical dark elements, which ignore most of the limitations and weaknesses of the normal elements. These elements are manifestations of the dark, destructive and consuming aspects of their respective elements and are thus vastly more destructive than normal elements. Visually, dark elements are often somehow disturbing, even unnatural and somehow darker if not completely black, in addition they often act in ways that would be best described as both malicious and semi-sentient. Using this ability drains Mona of most, if not all her energy, giving her only small chances to use this ability at the right time.

    Human Disguise
    Mona can shift her body into a human form. Ridding herself of her fangs, abnormally long and sharp nails, horn(s), and red tinged skin.

    Rage Manipulation
    Mona can sense and manipulate the rage, aggression and anger of herself, people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling rage, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level. This comes from her connection with the Sin of Wrath, and one of the only abilities she has that only takes it's energy from Wrath and not Mona's body.

    Being born a demon has empowered Mona the ability to overpower any regular individual, easily. She likes to keep herself in peak physical condition on the sidelines, adding to this natural strength she already possesses.

    During her down time as a child, Mona practiced something earth called "gymnastics", which, as she observed, was girls and boys tumbling around, stretching their bodies and preforming amazing flips and twists in the air. Mona had been immediately attracted and had asked her mother to help her. Eventually -before her mothers departing- she had almost nearly mastered most aspects of "gymnastics" and was very flexible.

    Hand to Hand Combat
    Mona likes to keep herself ready for anything, and if that means she needs to be ready to punch someones lights out, so be it. During her moments of relaxation, if she finds herself falling to the rage inside her, she'll take her aggression out on one of the many punching bags and mats throughout her home.


    W e a p o n s


    Massive | Golden-Black | Serrated Edges


    Lengthy | Golden-Black | Matching Set

    Sharp | Serrated | Long

    M i s c.
    Mona's Main Theme
    Elfen Lied - Lilium

    Other Photo's
    Show Spoiler



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  8. [​IMG]
    Wars are not won by the power of brute force. It's won by knowledge and how you implement what you know into battle.


    Nikolai Polzin

    "Gress Schmut" - An alias he invented himself.
    "Nik" - The butchered version of his first name. Loathes it.
    "Boss" - A nickname given by his employees. It's endearing.
    "Mr. Polzin" - Is what he prefers to be called by most. He's a business man.
    "Keeper of Secrets" - A self dubbed title, he wouldn't be able to learn secrets if everyone knew that he hunts for them.
    "Hoarder of Knowledge" - A title given by his fellow sins of this cycle. They were surprised that he preferred to hoard books just as much as he does money.
    "Scrooge" - A nickname given to him during a christmas party, however he views it as an insult. It's generally used as an insult.

    Nikolai is a variant of Nicholas
    From the Greek name Νικολαος (Nikolaos) which meant "victory of the people" from Greek νικη (nike) "victory" and λαος(laos) "people"

    Polzin an Occupational name designating a merchant who engaged in transactions for profit in Russia.

    Gress is a variant of the word greedy in Germany.

    "Only an uninformed underachiever takes aim for the moon."


    (13 minutes older than Viktor)
    December 3rd X742
    Sagittarius ♐
    Male ♂
    Zircon ●

    • One of Fourteen •
    Greed (Latin, avaritia), also known as avarice, cupidity or covetousness, is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess. However, greed (as seen by the church) is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions.

    "By any means I get what I want, and I want it all."

    "If I don't get what I want, then I take it and blood. The heat and fuzz couldn't touch me, I'm outta reach because I'm eating lunch with a shady bunch about to meet the judge."


    Facial Structure : Angular, and princely face

    Body Structure : Muscular like a swimmer

    Eye Color : Green

    Hair Color : Blonde, Wavy

    Height : 6'0

    Weight : 153 lb

    Skin Tone : Average pale

    Scars : None

    Tattoos : Yes, right shoulder

    Piercings : Ear piercings

    Marks : None

    Style : Formal Casual

    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”


    Five Good Traits : Independent, Analytic/Rational, Clever, Active, Dedicated, Observant, Orderly

    Five Bad Traits : Arrogant, Calculating, Cold/Uncaring, Narcissistic/Egotsitical, Cynical, Demanding, Fickle

    Ideals/beliefs : Dream big, work hard, achieve dream and more, reap benefits. Things don't go your way, you make it work. Never give up. Everything is yours for the taking.

    Details : INTJ

    Quirks : Carries a large coin which he or she is always rolling over his or her knuckles.
    Counts the amount of steps it takes to get from point A to point B.
    Enjoys whistling while he walks to his destinations.
    Can calculate the total of any items put in a shopping cart and tax to within $0.05.
    Is always at least ten minutes early to any meeting or appointment.

    Hobbies : Over achieving, Chess, Reading, Puzzles, Strategy games, Exercise

    Interests : Knowledge, Power, Money, Health

    Likes : Salad shakes, Protein shakes, Swimming, Running, Strategy/Mind games, Reading, Rain, Spring, Fall, Working, Spicy food

    Dislikes : Sweets, Ignorance, Politics, Pets, People, Charity, Football, Mess, Wastefulness

    "He's corrupt, He couldn't care less, He's fearless, He'll give the reaper hugs."


    Father : Vladimir Polzin

    Mother : N/A

    Step Mother : Andromeda Polzin

    Sisters : None

    Brothers : None

    Grandparents : Marxwell Polzin & Jannette Polzin (deceased)

    Uncles : Alexander Polzin

    Aunts : Olivette Polzin, Katia Polzin

    Cousins : None

    Friends : None

    Lovers : None

    Enemies : Everyone

    "I can fund a small war, and start a recession."


    Arsenal : He does own a wide array of weapons, his mind

    Abilities : Can see ten minutes into the future. Dragon Physiology, Dermal Armour, Dragon Magic, Elemental Breath, Elemental Immunities, Body Shedding.
    Physical : He is muscular and in top condition

    Mental : Calculating, Cleverness gets him far, Always prepared.

    Quick, Imaginative and Strategic Mind – INTJs pride themselves on their minds, taking every opportunity to improve their knowledge, and this shows in the strength and flexibility of their strategic thinking. Insatiably curious and always up for an intellectual challenge, INTJs can see things from many perspectives. INTJs use their creativity and imagination not so much for artistry, but for planning contingencies and courses of action for all possible scenarios.

    High Self-Confidence – INTJs trust their rationalism above all else, so when they come to a conclusion, they have no reason to doubt their findings. This creates an honest, direct style of communication that isn't held back by perceived social roles or expectations. When INTJs are right, they're right, and no amount of politicking or hand-holding is going to change that fact – whether it's correcting a person, a process, or themselves, they'd have it no other way.

    Independent and Decisive – This creativity, logic and confidence come together to form individuals who stand on their own and take responsibility for their own actions. Authority figures do not impress INTJs, nor do social conventions or tradition, and no matter how popular something is, if they have a better idea, INTJs will stand against anyone they have to in a bid to have it changed. Either an idea is the most rational or it's wrong, and INTJs will apply this to their arguments as well as their own behavior, staying calm and detached from these sometimes emotionally charged conflicts. INTJs will only be swayed by those who follow suit.

    Hard-working and determined – If something piques their interest, INTJs can be astonishingly dedicated to their work, putting in long hours and intense effort to see an idea through. INTJs are incredibly efficient, and if tasks meet the criteria of furthering a goal, they will find a way to consolidate and accomplish those tasks. However, this drive for efficiency can also lead to a sort of elaborate laziness, wherein INTJs find ways to bypass seeming redundancies which don't seem to require a great deal of thought – this can be risky, as sometimes double-checking one's work is the standard for a reason.

    Open-minded – All this rationalism leads to a very intellectually receptive personality type, as INTJs stay open to new ideas, supported by logic, even if (and sometimes especially if) they prove INTJs' previous conceptions wrong. When presented with unfamiliar territory, such as alternate lifestyles, INTJs tend to apply their receptiveness and independence, and aversion to rules and traditions, to these new ideas as well, resulting in fairly liberal social senses.

    Jacks-of-all-Trades – INTJs' open-mindedness, determination, independence, confidence and strategic abilities create individuals who are capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Excelling at analyzing anything life throws their way, INTJs are able to reverse-engineer the underlying methodology of most any system and apply the concepts that are exposed wherever needed. INTJs tend to have their pick of professions, from IT architects to political masterminds.


    Fears : Being poor, falling in love, germaphobic

    Physical : Hearing impaired in the right ear.

    Mental : Slight OCD

    Arrogant – INTJs are perfectly capable of carrying their confidence too far, falsely believing that they've resolved all the pertinent issues of a matter and closing themselves off to the opinions of those they believe to be intellectually inferior. Combined with their irreverence for social conventions, INTJs can be brutally insensitive in making their opinions of others all too clear.

    Judgmental – INTJs tend to have complete confidence in their thought process, because rational arguments are almost by definition correct – at least in theory. In practice, emotional considerations and history are hugely influential, and a weak point for INTJs is that they brand these factors and those who embrace them as illogical, dismissing them and considering their proponents to be stuck in some baser mode of thought, making it all but impossible to be heard.

    Overly analytical – A recurring theme with INTJs is their analytical prowess, but this strength can fall painfully short where logic doesn't rule – such as with human relationships. When their critical minds and sometimes neurotic level of perfectionism (often the case with Turbulent INTJs) are applied to other people, all but the steadiest of friends will likely need to make some distance, too often permanently.

    Loathe highly structured environments – Blindly following precedents and rules without understanding them is distasteful to INTJs, and they disdain even more authority figures who blindly uphold those laws and rules without understanding their intent. Anyone who prefers the status quo for its own sake, or who values stability and safety over self-determination, is likely to clash with INTJ personality types. Whether it's the law of the land or simple social convention, this aversion applies equally, often making life more difficult than it needs to be.

    Clueless in romance – This antipathy to rules and tendency to over-analyze and be judgmental, even arrogant, all adds up to a personality type that is often clueless in dating. Having a new relationship last long enough for INTJs to apply the full force of their analysis on their potential partner's thought processes and behaviors can be challenging. Trying harder in the ways that INTJs know best can only make things worse, and it's unfortunately common for them to simply give up the search. Ironically, this is when they're at their best, and most likely to attract a partner.

    "And as a kid he took crap from no one, mud on his face, such a disgrace cussin' at grown-ups."



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  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    V E S P E R T I N E


    "The devil tempts all other men, but slothful men tempt the devil."


    vespərˌtīn,-ˌtēn/ (adj.) c. 1500, "of the evening," from Latin vespertinus "of the evening," from vesper "evening".
    ;Vespertine behaviour is a special case of crepuscular behaviour; like crepuscular activity, vespertine activity is limited to dusk rather than full darkness. Unlike vespertine activity however, crepuscular activity may resume in dim pre-dawn twilight. A related term is matutinal, referring only to activity limited to dawn twilight.

    Alias ~ "the witch"

    S L O T H

    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Witch
    Age: 24
    Birth Date: ?/??/x021
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius [♒]
    Current Residence: Wanders the forests of Pemby, Anarma
    Occupation: One of 14
    Family: None
    Gemstone: Amethyst




    Height: 5'9

    Hair: Faded gray hair that tumbles past her hips & is typically left tangled.

    Eyes: A deep, dark ruby. Most people do not notice this and assume her eyes to be nearly black. One can only detect the red glint when close to her face, which seldom happens.

    General Appearance: Vespertine is a lovely looking lady of laziness. Her dark ruby eyes appear to be black to the average being, however, they are most definitely red. Oddly enough, they do not brighten in the sunlight, nor does the red entirely disappear in the dark. Rather, they emit a soft glow during her late and short hours of wake. Her eyes also are always only 3/4 open most of the time, especially when she grows tired, which is most of the time. Her eyelashes are quite long - to keep away the sands of Father Time. She looks as if she's eternally in some sort of trance. Her faded gray hair tumbles past her shoulders and thins out past her hips. It is typically unkempt as she does not really have to do much with it considering it's stick straight. Nevertheless, it's clearly unruly. Vespertine typically wears loose-fitting dresses of reds and royal blues in which the straps/shoulder bits lazily slip off her shoulders, giving off wrong vibes, albeit unintentional. Her dresses are usually accompanied by extravagant shawls that lay draped around her elbows. She never wears actual shoes either, just tattered cloth wrapped around her feet. Her build is thin and frail - probably because of her poor diet and lack of exercise. Lastly, Vespertine's nails are typically quite long at around two inches from the end of her finger. They are dull, full of ridges due to vitamin deficiency, and of a faded shade of light gray.

    Strengths: Manipulative, extremely intelligent, and calm.
    Weaknesses: Considering she's the embodiment of sloth, she is a very lazy woman. Bouts of intelligence yet seldom does anything with it. Anemic.

    More: Vespertine has a large, 5-inch crescent-shaped keloid scar on her inner right thigh & walks with a slight limp on that leg. She refuses to acknowledge what it is.



    Allies: Vespertine is flaky in terms of allies, generally. She's hard to read in terms of who she actually takes a liking to.
    Enemies: Diligence - Why waste life following moral obligations set in place by others' opinions?
    Hobbies: Vespertine dabbles in witchcraft during her hours of wake creating potions and testing spells.
    Likes: Open-hearted individuals, naïvety, nature, and alcohol.
    Dislikes: Mindless conversation, dawn, daylight, and technology.
    Talents: Vespertine possesses strong intelligence of various subjects, especially philosophical concepts. She is also quite advanced in her area of witchcraft.
    Inabilities: Stay awake for more than eight hours at a time.
    Fears: Falling into an eternal state of slumber.
    General Personality: Vespertine is a lazy, aloof woman. She does not seem to take life so seriously, and as a result of that, can be seen as quite frustrating to other. She is one to take her sweet time doing things at her own pace and tends to ramble about nonsensical things during conversation. Getting information out of her proves to be quite difficult considering she feels she has all the time in the world. Why rush life?
    Inner Personality: Behind closed doors, Vespertine is a curious person. Although she does not appear to be interested in the lives of others most times, she is constantly fascinated by her witchcraft and the fact that there is always a new cocktail of mystery to conjure into a potion bottle. Aside from this, Vespertine is a slothful woman who would almost always rather be asleep until dusk.



    Special Items: Small bottles of various potions/concoctions on a thin belt around her hips.
    Weapons: Typically does not wield weapons, unless she has a dangerous potion on her.
    Magics: Telekinesis, spells of witchcraft
    More: Vespertine typically uses her telekinesis powers on objects rather than others unless she's in a particularly playful or angry mood, which is rare. Considering how lazy she is, it's easier for her to use her power rather than get up and do things with her own two hands - her excuse is that her mind is always strong, but her body is not.




    General History: Vespertine does not disclose most of her past due to two different reasons. One being that she does not remember most of it herself, and two being that there is a darker twist in the tale that she would rather not ever have to speak about.

    The slothful witch was, for the most part, raised by an older witch in an unknown forest, far away from Anarma. Vespertine actually modeled her current home after it because she is not one who enjoys change. Ironic that she did considering a grim detail that will be left out for now. The older witch taught Vespertine numerous basic spells and got her foot in the door of witchcraft. The subject matter fascinated Vespertine greatly which was especially odd considering she never took any interest in anything else before. She was almost always tired during the day and would not wake until dusk due to anemia, a disorder in which blood does not have as many healthy blood cells as it should, hence her chronic fatigue. The old witch would often find the young Vespertine sleeping in a tree outside, nicknaming her "Slothtine." Considering Vespertine was the embodiment of Sloth, there could not have been a more fitting nickname.

    After various events and some years later, Vespertine found her way in the forest of Pemby and created her home there. There she could be away from the quick-paced nature of the rest of the world, and perhaps finally find peace within herself and sleep without being bothered. As ironic as it is, she would rather be awake most of the time considering that in slumber, she experiences the most hellish of nightmares surrounding what could possibly be her past.

    Present Life: Vespertine can be found lazing about her small cottage towards the south of Pemby, nearing The Ridge. Near dusk, she is usually reading old spell books and conjuring potions. She enjoys creating potions with silly, useless effects for the most part - not to say that she does not also enjoy dabbling in darker magic.

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  11. I cant wait to start IC. This is gonna be Awesome.
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  12. Absoloutely ^-^ It's yours.

    Definitely ^_^ I can't wait to see what you make of this one.

    Alright, Humility, Charity, and Temperance are the only main parts of this roleplay left! Everyone in this RP is more than free to create side characters that compliment your own, or anothers character! This RP will be starting without all positions filled, so no need to worry on me waiting for those last three to be scooped up, I'm sure it will happen eventually. Plus, it only adds an integration technique of more story development, if not every Sin/Virtue starts out right away with us!

    I appreciate everyone getting their bio's made, so thank you! I'm really looking forward to starting this RP!
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  13. [​IMG]
    “Everything in this room is edible. Even I'm edible. But, that would be called cannibalism. It is looked down upon in most societies.”

    N a m e
    Viktor Kozlov
    Viktor: mid-14c., from Anglo-French, Old French victor "conqueror," and directly from Latin victorem (nominative victor) "a conqueror," agent noun from past participle stem of vincere "to conquer, overcome, defeat," from PIE root *weik- (5) "to fight, conquer" (cognates: Lithuanian apveikiu "to subdue, overcome," Old Church Slavonic veku "strength, power, age," Old Norse vigr "able in battle," Old English wigan "fight," Welsh gwych "brave, energetic," Old Irish fichim "I fight," second element in Celtic Ordovices "those who fight with hammers"). Fem. formations include victrice (late 14c.), victress (c. 1600), victrix (1650s).
    Kozlov: Patronymic from the Slavic word kozel "goat", probably used to denote a goatherd.

    "V"- Used by close, personal friends. Viktor's name shortened to one letter.
    "Vic/Vik" - Others began to assume the Sin enjoyed having his name butchered into that of shorter origin, and he hasn't complained yet.
    "Gluts" - A name his brother, and only his brother refers to Viktor as.

    T h e B a s i c s
    December 3rd X742

    (13 minutes younger than Nikolai)
    Sagittarius ♐
    Male ♂
    Tanzanite ●


    One of 14.
    --G L U T T O N Y--
    Gluttony, derived from the Latin gluttire meaning to gulp down or swallow, means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste. In some Christian denominations, it is considered one of the seven deadly sins—a misplaced desire of food or its withholding from the needy.

    •• O r i g i n ••
    Current place of residence -- Anarma
    Kozlov Manor, Pemby


    Council Member
    Vessel of Gluttony



    P h y s i c a l • C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
    Shy & Timid

    Height: 5'11"
    Hair: Dyed Rose Pink (Natural Blonde)
    Eyes: Soft Red

    •• G e n e r a l • A p p e a r a n c e ••
    Viktor has never appreciated the fact he was so short.
    As a boy, Viktor always wanted to stand tall, but was never offered that option. The top point of his head reaches exactly five feet, eleven inches, and though that is decently above a woman's average, Gluttony hadn't been reincarnated as a woman for nearly 6 cycles. Gluttony's current vessel sports cool pink hair, highlighted throughout with different tones and tipped with a pastel rose red, seemingly red, but a shade lighter than a regular dark red. His eyes are a blush crimson, soft and sweet looking, mostly matte under lighting of any kind. Viktor has a rather angular face, with a cute angled nose and thin, peckish, dry lips. He is a rather skinny individual, no muscle tone to speak of, but no fat either, unlike 3 cycles ago when Gluttony's vessel was a grotesquely large individual, rolling in the happiness that is this over-indulgent Sin. Viktor bares a strong, Russian name, which completely contradicts his appearance and personality entirely. He likes to wear soft cotton T-shirts, jeans, sweat pants, and anything comforting. One of Viktors' guilty pleasures is nudity, but only in the comfort of his own home. On occasion, Viktor sports a very large and baggy sweater, hooded and un-flattering in every sense of the way. Even though he is physically and mentally a boy, Viktor enjoys the finer and more feminine colours of the world, and of his dress attire. Light orange, green, and different shades of pink and red are his favourites' and can often be seen on him. He tends to have a very high up-keep regime in accordance with his skin, keeping it soft and sheen; always. Last but not least, Viktor carries a close personal affect with him; a Katana, 32 inches in length, sheathed in pink and laced with good luck charms.

    •• G e n e r a l P e r s o n a l i t y ••
    "Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, but what happened to you?!"
    Though Viktor is the vessel of a Sin, he doesn't portray the name as one would expect; evil, guttural, and malicious. He is a rather sweet individual, though he tends to keep to himself instead of expressing his inner personality to the world. He is incredibly intelligent and cunning, this causes him to undermine most people he first meets, even if he doesn't mean it in a personal way. He is a kind boy who gives to those around him, though he tends to waste what is given back, a typical trait of one known as Gluttony. He doesn't enjoy sharing his title to people he meets, in the hopes the base him off his real self, rather than his Sin-driven self. Most of the time, Viktor can be caught reading, writing, dancing, or even exercising, to keep himself occupied and not have to deal with those around him. He is very quiet, and not too approachable; finding friends more in animals then other humans. He dreads the monthly meetings him and the other 13 Sins and Virtues have to attend, but always seems to be able to hide himself in a corner, and become utterly unnoticeable to the rest -- at least that's what he thinks. His personality has never been boisterous in past lives either, the need to indulge in things around him to such an extent is merely a trait of Viktors' Sin, and not a reflection of his vessel; though being one in the same, it's become a flaw of his. Viktor has always believe he should have been chosen as a vessel of a Virtue, rather than a Sin, but such is life, and Viktor chooses to live with it. On rare occasions, you can merit eye contact from the boy, but that only ever happens once in a blue moon.


    H i s t o r y

    Hello World, I am Viktor Kozlov
    "Eventually, the bird has to leave the nest."

    Confusion Galore
    "What am I supposed to do now?"

    Viktor's Past
    "It's a question that's always been on my mind."


    R e l a t i o n S h i p s

    ||Anna Kozlov||
    Mother - Alive
    Anna Kozlov, better known as Viktor's mother is a sweet, caring, maternal individual. Due to the fact that Anna is not Viktor's birth mother, or blood related in any way, she seems to spoil the boy with presents, treats, and pretty much any form of care she can muster that doesn't smother the boy. Anna was born in Russia and later moved to Canada with her husband to adopt Viktor, who had been placed in a Northern boarding school/home for foster children. To this day, Anna is an aging woman, who dearly misses her little Viktor. She and Vlad (Viktor's father), live happily in a small 2 bedroom town house in Nunavut.

    ||Vlad Kozlov||
    Father - Alive
    Vlad Kozlov is Viktor's adoptive father. A strong, tough and brutish Russian male, always with the last word in a conversation, and definitely in an argument. Vlad had originally been against adopting a son, but after many years of convincing, begging and pleading, Anna had persuaded him to accept the offer. Originally, he was distant from Viktor, unsure of how to actually be a father, let alone how to be a Dad. But over the years, regardless of his brash, unrelenting personality, Viktor grew on Vlad, and to this day, the old man supports his son with every ounce of energy he has.

    ||Nikolai Polzin||
    Brother - Alive
    *Note: This relationship is to be created and developed throughout the RP*

    ||Áedán Brandr||
    Enemy - Alive
    *Relationship to be developed*
    Though Viktor is a rather aloof and disinterested individual, he has always found himself interested in this man who seems to be quite opposite of the Dragon.

    C h a r i s m a
    "I think you're suffering from a lack of vitamin me."


    Goals and Aspirations
    Viktor's current goal in life is to taste every single candy he can possibly stomach.

    Though the man is 24 years of age, Viktor has always acted like a kid, and with current circumstances as they are, it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon. Viktor's current goals relate around self indulgence of the utter most kind. He find this goal a little dangerous towards his figure, but seems to be able to keep himself toned and skinny.

    Viktor is a very talented artist and chooses to sell his drawings for profit.
    Over his short few years in Anarma, Viktor has taken up the hobby of drawing. This was after accumulating his wealth through extortion, and putting those dark days behind him. He enjoys drawing mostly animals, and will sell these pieces for cash to any buyer interested in his works. He also enjoys eating candy, and anything sugar laden and sweet; a lot. Online shopping is another of his hobbies, though, most everything the blonde orders, ends up stored away in boxes, somewhere in his home.

    L i k e s
    +Candy +Drawing +Tea +Coffee +Energy Drinks +Quiet +Animals +Swordplay +Laughing +Traveling
    +Music +Online Shopping +Art +Reading +Shifting Weather +Rain +Thunderstorms +Cuddling +Witches/Warlocks


    D i s l i k e s
    -Obnoxious People -Loud Sounds -Boredom -Temperance -Tricks -Pranks -Public Humiliation
    -Humbling Experiences
    -Demons -Cold Things


    S t r e n g t h s

    I can't help but want to hug you.
    Though Viktor is rather quiet and timid, if you get to know the man, he will open up to extremes, sharing basically everything you'd ever want to know about the young dragon. His friendly personality makes it easy for him to get along with basically anyone. Even his enemies, are basically just enemies by opposite; not real enemies in the eyes of Viktor Kozlov.
    I'm here for you, and will never leave.
    It could be due to the heritage of being born half-dragon, but Viktor has always been an incredibly caring individual. He is the type of person who would happily wake up at 3am for his closest friends, and rush on over to their place with a box of cookies, and his netflix password.
    I'm a big boy
    Viktor has always been a 'keep to yourself' individual. Quiet, aloof, and always chewing on some type of candy, Viktor has learned to take care of himself and fend for his own. Heckled as a child by his mother and father to be safe, Viktor has never gone a day without remembering his lessons as a child.

    Definitely not as hard as I thought
    All Viktor's life, he has moved from place to place, with different things coming and going. Each time Viktor moved, he always had to adapt to new situations, ready to face whatever was coming his way head on. This has made the boy very versatile in life and given him the strength to easily change directions whenever he pleases.

    W e a k n e s s e s

    Eh, who needs it.
    All Viktor's life has been consumed by waste. Waste of material things, waste of emotional things, and even waste of people; though, not in the unsanitary way. The young dragon, being the embodiment of Gluttony, has always had an issue with saving, or holding himself back from wasteful tendencies.
    . . .
    Though Viktor is quite the introvert, expect to his closest friends, he has always had issues with silence. Born with hearing impairment in his left ear, the boys silent world is a constant, and thus fills his senses with worry. He enjoys knowing there is always something or someone around/near him, just so he can hear.
    That looks...delicious.
    A favourite indulgent treat, Viktor finds a weakness is candy, seeing as no matter where he is or what he's doing, he will stop and admire the glistening hard shells of lollipop's, or wonder what it would taste like to chew on one of those extra sour ring candies. Either way, if candy is used as leverage against the boy, or just as a bribe in general, it's the guaranteed way Viktor is bound to go.
    Oh..hi o//o
    Viktor is prone to accepting a challenge, so, whenever another attempts to flirt with him, he will try his utmost hardest to win with retorts. He is quite awful at flirting, shy, quiet, and will tend to hide behind his clothes or books when in the process of flirting. Some find it adorable, others find it rather annoying.


    A b i l i t i e s

    Draconian Transformation
    Viktor has the ability to transform different parts of his body into dragon appendages. Transforming one body part alone take a tremendous amount of energy, so Viktor rarely attempts it. He has never been able to fully manifest himself into a full dragon.

    Weather Manipulation
    Viktor can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather, i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.

    Enhanced Durability
    Viktors' physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing him to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. (Amplified with Draconian Transformation)

    Flight (Dragon Form)
    Viktor can fly or otherwise move through the air using varying methods. Some possibilities include using one or more forms of energy, wings or similar structures, or even mimicking or becoming an animal that can fly. Viktor is able to Levitate in human form, but can fully manifest dragon wings, allowing him to glide and fly.

    Viktor can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language including computer codes, languages they have never been heard before, sign language (even lip-reading), illegible words, and backwards speech and writing with little or no training. Viktor can also somewhat communicate with animals and read body language. This skill comes from the ancient birth of dragons.

    Regenerative Healing
    Viktor can rapidly regenerate, in other words, he can recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely, depending on the amount of energy has has to spare towards the ability. He is in no means invulnerable and if hit enough times, will go down.

    Thermal Resistance
    Viktor is able to survive extreme heat, due to the outer layer of a dragon's skin being heat-resistant. This ability is a shadow of what it can be when Viktor is in human form.

    Skilled Swordsman
    Viktor has taken it upon himself to find a natural defense in his human form. He came across the world of swordsmanship, and was drawn instantly. Today, he trains constantly, peaking his skills and now considers himself a rather skilled swordsman.


    W e a p o n s

    ◖Natural Weaponry (Dragon Form)◗

    Claw Retraction|Enhanced Bite|Prehensile Tail|Prehensile Tongue|

    32" inches|Embellished Blade|Poisoned Tip


    M i s c.
    Viktor's Main Theme
    Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner
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  14. @Ali my Pride and Patience characters are going to be up tonight, after I get home from work. I hope you love them lol.

    Pride & Patience that sounds like a great book or show xD.
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  15. It definitely reminds me of Pride & Predujuice haha, I'm excited to see them! Especially Pride. I'm very curious to see what you're going to do with him/her :D
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  16. Cyrus Marin
    |The Prideful One|
    "Is it wrong to be this beautiful? I think not!"

    Character Name:
    Cyrus Marin

    |Pride|Mr. Marin|

    The Best Of Them All, Pride.


    Shapeshifting Demon


    Birth Date:

    Zodiac Sign:
    Capricorn(Charming Yet Conceited)

    Current Residence:
    His mansion in Pemby, Anarma.

    One of 14(Head Of The Council).
    CEO of Marin Modeling Agency.
    Vessel Of Pride.

    Has a four year old daughter named Lulu.
    Lulu's mother died giving birth.



    Cyrus may be controlled by Pride, but he still treats Lulu like a Princess.


    Blonde and styled to Perfection, like always.

    Beautiful Green. Cyrus/Pride can change his eye color to blue, hazel, purple, whenever he feels like it.

    Distinguishing Marks:
    His chiseled features, and his amazing body.

    General Appearance:
    Cyrus is usually in a nice tailored suit, the suit is always to perfection without any wrinkles or snags. Cyrus' skin is beautiful and soft, with no scars or blemishes. You can always spot Cyrus wearing the newest fashions and in the grandest accessories. When he's not at work, Cyrus is usually wearing something casual...well his form of casual is a custom made suit and custom shoes. Everything on Cyrus is always in place, there is never something out of place on him. Cyrus has beautiful features, they're strong but soft at the same time. He puts all the models he represents to shame, when they see him they know they'll never look as good as him. Cyrus is always dressed to the Nines...No to the Tens. He knows that everyone wishes they had his style and grand beauty. Cyrus loves to have all types of jewelry on, be it watches, rings, or a statement necklace. His hair is beautiful and conditioned, he washes every day and night. He keeps his skin condition and he rarely says out in the sun for too long. Over all Cyrus/Pride is a very sexy man, if only he wasn't such a conceited asshole.

    |A Leader|Devilishly Handsome|Smart|Charming|Creative|Has A Way With Words|

    Pride would never admit it, but his vessel, Cyrus' connection with his daughter Lulu makes Pride very vulnerable at times. He is known to drop everything if Lulu is in trouble. He can also be super cocky and conceited, never backing down from anything almost always putting himself in danger.

    Pride has made sure that Cyrus works out at the gym everyday, keeping his vessel's body toned and amazing.

    |Lulu|The other sins(Except Greed and Gluttony, for obvious reasons. He still doesn't trust them two.)|Diligence|

    Humility(Just ugh. Who would really make themself feel worthless? An idiot for sure).

    Stay the Leader of the Council, and show everyone who's the boss.

    |Swimming|Exercising|Going On His Yacht|Partying|Being Beautiful|

    |Himself|Lulu|Staying Fit|Moisturizing|

    |Fat People|Unhealthy Things|Gross Things|Selfless People|Idiots|Reckless Idiots|

    He's Pride, what the hell can't he do?

    Being selfless.


    General Personality:
    Cyrus is a cocky bastard, he makes others fill horrible about themselves just by having them in his presence. When he's not busy making others miserable he's taking care of his beautiful body and his daughter Lulu. Cyrus does have a charming side, most of the other sins and some unlucky virtues have been enchanted by his charisma, which is exactly why he is the Head of The Council. Before Pride took him over Cyrus was already a devilish charmer and leader and now he's better. It's best to to stay on his nice side...If he has one, you'll regret getting him annoyed.

    Special Items:
    One of Lulu's Stuffed Purple Bunny Key chains.
    A photo of himself, which he called "The Best There Ever Was!"

    His Purple and Gold sword he named "The Perfector." He uses the sword to cut off the imperfections of others.

    Telekinesis: The ability to move things and others with mental power.
    Mirroring: The ability to mirror or copy someone's movement or speech.
    Shapeshifting: The ability to turn into anyone or anything, you don'the have their powers or anything, you just look like them.
    Perfection: The ability to never have a hair or stitch out of place, looking gorgeous from Dusk to Dawn and back again.
    Serenity: The ability to make everyone around you to feel a fake sense of comfort, only to get your way.
    Supernatural Beauty: The ability to always look beautiful and better looking then anyone in the room.
    Speed: The ability to be quick on your toes and to almost always be ahead of your opponent or opponents.
    Finesse: The ability to be graceful and precise with everything one does.

    Cyrus usually uses his Shapeshifting and Mirroring abilities together, since one gives him the look of a person and the other gives him the dialect and movement of a person.

    General History:
    Before Pride took over Cyrus' body, Cyrus was a smart and charming young man. He was an up and coming Model, he had the look and the walk...but he didn't have the confidence to make his dreams come true. When the old vessel of Pride came to him, Pride offered Cyrus a "better" life and a career in the modeling world. Cyrus didn't know what it meant but he was out of options, so he agreed to be Pride's new Vessel. At the same time Cyrus/Pride found out that his former girlfriend was pregnant with his child. Cyrus was excited...Pride wasn't so thrilled. The day she gave birth, was the same day she died. Cyrus/Pride was now a single father to a baby girl, he named her Lulu, after Honolulu, Hawaii, the place he met her mother.

    Present Life:
    Now at the age of 30 with a 4 year old to take care of Cyrus/Pride has his own Modeling Agency and is the leader on the new council of the sins and the virtues. He is and will always be that cocky bastard you can't help but love.

    Theme Song

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  17. Still working on Pride and after that I will work of Patience. I want them to be great chars so takes a bit of time. Have Patience for Patience and don;t be to Prideful for Pride XD.
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  18. I love that you've made Pride a man.
    For some reason, I can't see Pride as anything else than a conceited male individual, which is perfect~
    Everyone's "in process" bio's are excellent so far! You guys are all super creative!
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