Applying for Iwaku Staff: A Q&A

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  1. Currently, Iwaku is fully staffed, but every now and then we lose people to real life obligations, dips in internet activity, and other such things. We have recently promoted a whole batch of our Interns to full Staff, which has left Intern positions available!

    Interns are there to help take the load of maintenance off of full Staff and to help us find people with the potential to become parts of the Community, Content, or Security teams. They are usually promoted when positions open up, but if someone is extra awesome they'll get bumped up anyway. Interns are not expected to do more than maintain threads, but are encouraged to participate in staff projects and to be a positive community face. They have all the same powers as regular Staff, but less obligation.

    Around mid-September (once the dust settles from open registration on the 1st), we will be hiring a new crop of Interns. If you would like to volunteer to help out Iwaku, you can apply today!

    And now for a few questions and answers about applying to Staff:

    If the Staff positions are all full, does that mean I can only apply to be an Intern?

    Go ahead and apply as one or both depending on your wishes. Even if we can't make you full Staff right away, it'll let us know whether that's something you want to pursue or if you'd rather just play with mod controls on your own time.

    What are the requirements for being an Intern/Staff?

    While your application and your activity on Iwaku as a whole will be reviewed, the only hard requirements are that you are an active member (your name isn't grey or yellow) of at least 4 months who isn't a complete dickhead.

    Do I have to wait the whole 4 months to apply?

    Nope! You can apply any time. Just make sure your circumstances four months down the road will be the same as they are at the time of your application.

    Note: There have been one or two exceptions to the 4 month requirement where people were hired early, but don't get your hopes up too much.

    I had an account before and deleted it. My new account is less than four months old. Do I still have to wait?

    If we remember you or at least can find your old posts and activity, probably not! We've had a few people take breaks and then return like this, especially if they were on Staff before.

    I've applied for Staff before and wasn't hired. Why should I apply again?

    A lot of factors go into why people aren't hired at any given time: your current activity levels, what positions are available and what is needed most at the time, whether you've been a member for four months or more yet, past behavior and if you've recently been smacked for something, whether you seem serious on your application. Putting in a second or third or even fourth application actually can show you've got the dedication to keep going for it and help convince Administration to hire you!

    Can I be Staff even if I've gotten warnings about stuff?

    That depends on what it was for and the context of the situation. Each candidate is considered individually. Sometimes people who've caused problems are given a shot to shine.

    I was on Staff before but was removed for inactivity or had to leave because of personal reasons. Can I be hired back?

    Probably! If you were removed recently, you might want to wait a few months to make sure you are in a good place and have time for volunteer work.

    I was on Staff before but was removed for bad behavior. Can I be hired back?

    Probably not. If you can show you've turned around, though, we'd love to see that and might consider rehiring.
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  2. Is there a spot somewhere in Iwaku's FAQ that explains what people in staff do/specialize in?
  3. We're in the process of updating the FAQs, so this is currently missing unfortunately. But I can clarify:

    Community Maintenance: Thread moderation, discussion topic generation, community events, chat moderation, forum maintenance.

    Content: Running roleplays, writing roleplay guides, challenges and writing-related contests, art and graphics shops.

    Security: Handling rules-breaking, settling member disputes, warning and banning problem members, technical problems.
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  4. Although Ozzy has already done a great job of answering this, the staff application form also clarifies some of the responsibilities of a staff member overall. My job at content is a lot of promoting a safe, pleasant, and friendly environment, while promoting new projects, helping write guides, and encouraging members to participate in group projects and events. :)
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  5. Or you can do what I do and pretend you know what you're doing :3
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  8. Interns are taken through the ISHTER machine: The Intern Screening, Testing, Evaluating and Research machine. Nobody has survived it yet. My job, as the newest Content Dev, does consistent of all the nice things about community morale, and promoting roleplays. However, my job is also a LOT of cleaning up after ISHTER. Bloodstains don't bleach themselves.
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  9. Since everyone else are shouting out their secret staff job, I'M THE NEWB TRAINER! I'M THE ONE THAT'S GONNA BREAK YOU IF YOU GET ON THE TEAM! :3
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  10. You guys are going to scare away all my potentials! D:<
  11. Pretty sure that was in the fine print of our contracts 8 )
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  12. If you're lucky, you also get to be swallowed alive by @IceQueen, future interns! 8D Maybe. It's either that or @Click This and I have you for hotpot~
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  13. All these violent freaks, man. I only beat interns if they deserve it for being bad at their job or ask nicely.
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  14. See as a content mod I try to get around to as many groups as possible and keep an eye on things, and just generally come up with ideas and do head shots n stuff. I also eat interns as the half snake resident of the staff team. Animu is my favorite
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  15. Wait, is there any time they aren't bad at their job during the first three months? And no, I don't just give them impossible tasks to make sure they do a bad job.... Okay I do, but you can't prove anything! :D
  16. These guys are just really excited about having new interns!
    Please don't run.
    Content is a warm and magical department - apply to come sacrifice yourself body and soul to the muses create beautiful content!
  17. Please ignore the maniacal laughter and screaming coming from our workshops and labs in Content.
  18. Apply for maintenance or you'll BURN IN MY ETERNAL FIRE! I mean... We have cookies. :D
  19. *See's Staff killing all these Interns with such potential*

  20. I only had to sacrifice my body-- sounds like you got cheated !
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