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  1. You would all know that kind of place. It's not particularly dark, not particularly dangerous, not particularly dirty. But you never seem to go there. You see it every single day, but have never seen anyone go in, come out, or even look at it for long. Who knows what goes on inside those bland walls? Welcome to a place of mystery and deception, madness and... Inception? Anyway, this is:

    The Apartments of Anarchy

    It's easy enough to join, just put a short description of your character, your room number and you can jump right in! This doesn't have a set theme, so feel free to decide for me! However keep it limited to robots, vampires (Edward is banned), wizard, depressed girls who need someone special, wizards, aliens, secret agents, and once again, wizards. Wizards are cool. And, um... yeah... cool. I have run out of things to ramble about, so let it begin!
  2. [[Starter info - Room number: 13 / Short description: Read below]]

    Robyn jammed her keys into the door and swore. Wrong key. She pulled another from her belt and tried again. Not again. The house was forever changing the locks, but no landlord had ever been showing any signs of being remotely interested. She was of an average height and weight. Black hair and blood red lips made a stricking appearance - she wasn't overly pretty, but she definitely caught attention. Although not particularly talented at drawing or singing or being that much creative, she was quite intelligent, and hid this behind a tightly linked veil.
    "In magic I place my trust..." She hummed to herself. "Just not when it changes the damn lock every two seconds!"

  3. Name:Carly
    Her eyes are black as night and her hair is white as the moon. Her skin was beautiful pale brown. She get really shy and nervous with new people, but shes friendly. She has a dark past, as well as a dark secret. You must learn her past, but her secret...forced to turn into a blood sucking demon. If you would like to pass by she lives in room 226. But beware of her cat, Kagami, she will doesn't trust anyone but her master. Until she learns to trust you, she will hiss and scratch. And she barely likes anyone touching her master. Just to let you know you will know it is Kagami by the red collar with a golden bell.


    Carly is moving boxes in her new apartment with Kagami running in circles around her, as if taunting her. Finally getting all the boxes inside, she tosses herself on the plain tan couch. 'Now i have to get the t.v, coffee table and mattress' She thought to herself. She sees Kagami going through one of the boxes looking for her toys.
  4. Looking over the rent agreements, Mr. Carlson sighed. He was an middle-aged, balding man, and had been running the apartment complex for too many years. It had become a habit after a while, so he had forgotten how to do anything else. Trudging wearily around the room he filed away the rent agreements, checked how the bogart in his closet was doing, before opening his semi-mystical conduit. It was composed of several broken computers, a re-animated cat, two ghosts, and a toaster. He tried to concentrate on the swirling symbols, but it was too much for his sleep-deprived conscience. Shuffling slowly out, he went off to act the 'amiable' host.
  5. Robyn was still struggling with the door. She slammed her fist down. "Hello?" She called.
  6. Carly hears a door being banged on wondering whats going on. She looks down at her cat, seeing as she is hissing, thinking someone is going to hurt her master. Carly walks over to her picking her up, scratching her ear as well. "Its alright,"she say to the cat, Kagami. "no one is going to hurt us." She hears the cat mew as a paw touches her face. Carly hold the cat in hers and starts walking towards the door, opening it. Looking outside seeing a girl. Starting to feel nervous and shy, she gains her stregnth up. "E-Exscues me?"she says, hearing the cat start to hiss again at the unknown woman.
  7. Mr. Carlson oozed up, ever the perfect host. "Why hello there! Are you have some problems?" Reaching into his coat pocket, he pulled out a large pocket watch. Staring intently at the dial, he sighs, and tucks it away. "You are a few minutes early," he explains "Your key will be effective in 3...2...1..." With a click, the door swung open, silent and wary. "The doors are not very used to strangers. Give it a few days, and it even open itself for you!" Mr. Carlson's smile jumps up a few notches. "We haven't had many new residents lately, so they are a bit suspicious of new-comers."
  8. "I live here, but thank you very much for your kindness." Robyn replied hotly, pushing her way through through the open door before it locked herself out again. "I just need to check my kitchen. I fear someone may have left the toadstool on the boil again."

    She hurried round the corner and inspected the pot. It was filled with a green ooze and was giving off an ultraviolet gas that seemed like a mixture of soap, tar, and rabbit droppings. She sighed and tipped it down the sink, covering her mouth as she walked from the room and switched on the air conditioning. "Best to stay out of there for a while, in case we have any teleporters who may feel like having a chat," She said to anyone who would listen. "And if anyone has some anti-fungi charms, they would be very useful."
  9. Carly sees the women finially get in her room and she just shrugs, hearing her cat still hissing. "Oh calm down." she tells the cat, going back inside. She set the cat down, as she is starting to put her things in place. She put the plates and cups in cabinets, put the cat food in the bottom cabinets, finishing everything else she back down on the couch, seeing Kagami play with her toy ball on the floor.
  10. Robyn ventured back into the kitchen, did the washing up, and fixed her hair in the mirror.
    "Come on, Ash." She began opening cupboards in an apparently random fashion. After a short while of searching, the imp appeared at her feet. "Stop doing that!" She scoulded, scooping it up and shoving the drawers closed. "What did I tell you about appearing randomly like that? You'll scare off the residents."
  11. ((Alt character, activate!))

    Slowly slinking down the darkened corridor, the shadow oozed through the cracks in the floorboards. As it past, insects and small rodents shuddered, and collapsed into a light dust. Reaching room 13, the shadow squeezed up into the key-hole before falling into a half-seen puddle on the floor. The room goes cold, and the lights dim. Slowly, the shadow rises up, creating a new form...
  12. Some parts of the halls looked discolored. A few of the lights flickered as others weren't even on. Kinda spooky really. She sighed as it all reminded her of one of her favorite video games. Her bright teal eyes squinted and her body stopped moving forward. "Please don't make that reality." The girl squealed. Serenity could handle the game but if it had happened in real life... She wouldn't know what to do. It was bad enough the girl had vivid dreams. Most were actually nightmares. Her hands reached behind her and tied back her auburn hair that had light honey brown higlights racing through it. Her body slowly moved forward again as she dragged her massive suitcase behind her.

    Her mind began to wander as she started regretting buying one of these apartments. The lack of known activity that happened with in these walls were creepy as it was. Why did she have to think of Silent Hill at a time like this. Shivers ran down her spine. Her pace to get to her room quiickened. The letter she received about acquiring the apartment stated her door knob never had a key. It was lucky on her part she had a little self taught skill. Room numbers went higher and higher. Luckily she only had to stop at room seven. She kneaded down as she arrived at her door. She rummaged through her bag to pull out a small file and a bobby pin. It took her only seconds for it to click then swing open.

    The room she walked into looked normal compared to the hallway she already traveled through. Her heart stopped the hastened pounding as her eyes settled on the neutral sand colored walls and cream tapestry. Her door slammed as she admired the room. Her body jumped quickly running to the door. Her hand trembled as it twisted the knob. A confused expression spread across her face as no one was there. She sighed remembering another passage in the letter. Draft in room causes door to shut. Her body shifted back in the room and onto the bed. Her average sized body fell on the fluffy and bouncy bed. Her mind went as ease. "Maybe won't be that bad. Besides things like The game don't normally happen." No way was this place to be actually creepy. Her eyes opened and her body pushed on the bed. It was time to unpack.
  13. [[Randomness..activate...]]
    Robyn screams at the sight of the shadows. "Getoutgetoutgetoutnow!" She shuffled through the items in her closet and then, brandishing a hair drier and torch, flicked all the lights on as high as they would go until little shadow remained.
    "OhgodohgodohgodI'mgoingtoDIE!" She was running around her apartment with her hands trailing in all directions. To anyone outside it would have seemed as though she were having a fit of some sort. R

    Running back into her bedroom, she pulled out her mage cloak and pulled it around her, then advanced back into the living room and sat on the chair, hair drier and torch beside her.
  14. Her packing was almost finished. The air dropped down to a low enough temperature that she couldn't handle. I've began to build up on the dressers and her bed became stiff. The room began to shake. The girl dropped to her knees. Her eyes squinted shut as her body held it self close together. The ground stopped shaking and all became silent. The young girls teal eyes fluttered open. Her eyes quickly shifted in wideness of fear. It began... The one thing that she hoped was not real. The room became a pit of her worse nightmares.

    The walls were faded white puffed out cushion while the floors were files cracked and covered in blood. Her heart quickly raced as her body soon trembled afterwards. The door to the room creaked open. She knew it would be stupid for her to press on but in reality... What choice did she have? Her legs quaked as they pressed her body up. Slowly her stepped grazed forward, coming inches to the exit. She carefully poked her head out and looked both ways. The halls looked clear but they were filthy and stained with blood. Room after room she passed. A few were clean as others had old hospital beds that smelled horrible. Maybe drenched in urine? Those were still the better rooms. A few she passed with out wanting to look inside. People worked on patients while laughing hysterically. Her body shivered.

    Footsteps echoed behind her. They sped up as her pace did too. Soon she was running from anything and everything through the tragic halls. She stopped and began crying late crocodile tears as the hall became a dead end. The figure was covered in blood and walked closer to her. One hand held a scalpel as the other held a needle that made her want to faint. Sadly, her fears did not cause her to pass out just cry like a baby. Her body slid down the wall as there was no means of escaping. She watched as the doctor figure was inches away from her. She screamed loudly and pursed her eyes shut.

    Minutes passed and her breathing was heavy. She felt no pain and everything was quiet again. Her eyes cautiously opened seeing a few people around her. Tears still streamed down her face. Her heart tried to slow but it was no use. What she just awoke from felt so real... She sighed and wiped her tears looking at the individuals. The tears kept coming. She reached to her feet and stood there speechless. She knew she must had seemed absolutely mental. She stood there like a scarecrow unable to do anything.
  15. [[Randomness: Accepted]]

    The tiny shadow, trapped under the lights, fled into the corner. With a small thump of displaced air, an extraordinarily pale, middle-aged man in black robes stood on the carpet. "Um... boo?" He suggested faintly. With a sigh, the vampire slid to the floor. "My name is Tomwell Oason, the mildly scary vampire. I live in the attic. I get lonely. Bye now." Standing up, the vampire tried to brush some dust of his robe, but it only made it fall to pieces further. With another sigh, Tomwell went back out into the corridor.
  16. Slowly moving towards the crying girl, Carlson held out a welcoming hand. "Hello there. Do you need any help?" He tried to keep his facial expression and tone neutral. He could imagine a smile making the girl think he was going for her neck...
  17. She straightened up. "Tomwell? Hey, come back!" She dropped her mage's cloak and dimmed the lights. "Come back!" Hey, I used to have a Vampire boyfriend... half vampire... still, they can't be that different... I know how to deal with the leeches. She took out a large steak and smacked it down on the table.
  18. Her teal eyes looked up at the person trying to help her up. The halls were normal and the lights weren't even flickering. It was strange compared to the things that just happened. It wasn't just her mind playing tricks was it? Serenity's head fell back down. Her hands balled and intensely rubbed her eyes dry. She looked back up with a smile on her face. Her hand reached out grabbing Carlson's hand then pulled the rest of her body up. Play it cool... "Thank you for helping me up." She pulled her ponty tail out. Auburn strands flowed loosely as the lights caught the honey highlights. She pulled her hair back up trying to make her self like normal not the scared her. Not the yet that could be taken as insane and psychotic. The video games just got to her. That was it, right? She sighed it quickly shook it off. "The names Serenity. I live at the other side of the hall. Thank you again..."
  19. Name: Sukai Kōtai

    Brown eyed, tan, asian male. He is easily scared ofothers. Whether it is true or not, he boasts that in his previous life, he was a fearless samurai by the name of Hanzo. In reality, however, his combat skills are severely lacking. Sukai is, however, a practitioner of magic, with knowledge of only 3 spells. He lives in room 77, where he spends the majority of his time training to hone his rather odd talents.

    Teleport- Teleports to any place on the planet, but Sukai can no longer cast this spell again once he has done so. It also requires a few moments of concentration to activate.

    Wind Run- Runs in the direction opposite an enemy, becoming powerful gusts of wind so as to escape. Expends equal amunts of energy as the Teleport, causing Sakai to be unable to cast it again for an hour.

    Summonings of Sukai Kotai!- A spell not taught to him by anyone else, this custom creation allows Sukai to bring a random creature into the area from another dimension. It does, however, have it's faults. He cannot fully control the creature and on many occasions, is attacked himself.

    White clothes and black sandles. In his room are a variety of weapons and other tools that he randomly makes use of.


    Hopping about with joy, Sakai could not contain himself. Today was his lucky day! Today, he would finally master his greatest technique! Exiting from room 77, it was time at last to use his spell in a real, life threatening adventure. "I am ready." Sakai said to himself, clenching his fist tightly.
  20. Name: Jay
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human/vampire/wolf/elf mix
    Age: 14
    Job: Secret Agent
    Room: 546
    Looks: Straight, Jet Black hair/deep ocean blue eyes/light olive tan/average height an weight
    Usual outfit: Black hat/blue mirrored sunglasses/dark camo green shorts or jeans/dark brown tank top or t-shirt/black biker gloves/black combat boots/midnight blue armed forces vest
    Skills: Teleports, super senses, fast, quiet, deadly, bad temper, good experience with most weapons

    Jay walks towards the door to her apartment, apartment number 546, and goes in. She puts up her stuff and collapses on the couch from another hard day. "Ocean, I don't know if I can do this much longer. I almost got shot 5 different times today!" she told her gray furred blue eyed husky. Jay then dimmed the lights and started to drift asleep on the couch.
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