GROUP RP PLOTTING Anyone willing to help come up with a Code Geass roleplay?

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  1. Okay this is mostly for code geass fans or people who would like to learn about the show. I really really wanna do a roleplay based on it and I have a few plot ideas but would like some help getting it out. I posted a jump in based on one of my different ideas but it hasn't started yet(though I thinkit is a great idea) and basically I would like you to pm me (or we could discuss it here) so we can come up with ideas for an awesome code geass rp.
  2. Hey, i don't mind joining you! ^-^ I love anime and i have heard a lot about Code Geass, though i have never got round to watching it, i will love to watch it! (Or just explain it to me, I don't mind really!) Its the anime with Lelouch, right?
    I'm sure it ill be fun to come up with a roleplay!
  3. Awesome! Well I have a plot set up in the jump in section right now. We could either do that or make up a different scenario more suitable to a one on one. (In case you don't feel like waiting for others to "jump in" >.<) But yeah its the one with Lelouch!
  4. If you'd like a one on one instead I mean.
  5. I really don't mind at all! Personally, Jump in is always irritating, because you have to wait for people to join, then again ill do whatever you want! :)
    (i just started watching it, TOTALLY AMAZING!)
  6. Yeah I get kind of impatient too. So we can make it a one on one instead. (I know right? I'm totally in love with it!) And I can wait for you to finish watching it if you'd like ^^
  7. We're gonna have some fun! (And i don't mind, really, i'm on like episode 5 already, lol- I really got into it!)
    And hey, What were your first initial ideas? I'm interested!
  8. Well my very first idea was a jump in that hasn't moved. (Its a lot to explain so it'd be easier if you could just read it. It should be on the first page sorry >.<) I think its awesome but its more suitable for a group of people.
    I haven't really hought of one on one idea but ill just brainstorm. For some of them I have to wait until you watch the second season cuz I wouldn't want to spoil it ^^!

    Ahh I can't really think of a plot without spoiling it for you. Ahhh help me brainstorm with what you know so far! >.<
  9. Umm...

    Well i have a quick question first.(Beware, i have a tendency to ask quite a number of questions) Is Lelouch any chance going o become a bad guy? The evil laugh kind of gives him a... bad guy feel.
    (Plus, the first thing i say when watching the anime. "Hey, why does Lelouch sound like Ichigo from Bleach?" >-<)
  10. Well it depends how you define a bad guy I guess. I mean he does do bad things. And I have no idea about the voice thing XD
  11. I LOVE CODE GEASS. I would love to help you on this roleplay. I can explain things most can't about this anime so if you are confused ask me. Anyways. I'd love to help.
  12. Omg!! That's awesome. I do kinda have a question but I'll ask you in pms so I don't ruin the story for Mayhem
  13. Sure fire away.
  14. YES. YES. AND YES. I'M IN!
  15. Hm.... i would love to, but im currently waiting for a few threads. Perhaps i could join if some of them dont reply too quickly
  16. Cool you guys have any plot ideas circlulating?
  17. Cool you guys have any plot ideas circlulating?
  18. Well. We know that Lelouch is still alive. So if we were going for a sequel to that, it would get rather confusing, knowing that they're making an R3 for Code Geass. Though, there's no other plot we could really do, unless you would do something complex and make it in a whole different timeline, or maybe have everything with different characters and different choices being made; changing the outcome of everything.
  19. No, i dont think it has to be that complex. Why dont we do a prequil, as in the battle between japan an brittania before it turned into area 11? It would give us a wider spread cuase of events that lead to the demise of a great country.
  20. Yeah. I agree with that. :)