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  1. Alright! Why is this roleplay complex? That's because it's the world where my book takes place! Yep, Silver's writing a book. But what's going on here? Well, I haven't gotten a feel for the characters just yet, and that's got me stuck. :/ So I was wondering if anyone would want to help me out with that with a little roleplay of situations that will...never happen in the actual book. Sorry, but I DO have a plot I want to stick to, and frankly, I don't want to be taking anyone's characters or ideas. This is my shit, bro, I wanna do the story myself. I just need a little help getting a feel for things.

    So! Lets get started, ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be quite a bit, so hold on to your seats.

    Order of appearance:

    Plot! (Friggin' sweet, bros)
    Rules! (What's a fun roleplay without them?)
    Character claim? (I'll let you play with one of my babies, if you're nice to them)
    Character sheets! (If you haven't made a claim, of course)
    World details (By loving request!)
    Nurine map (Woohoo!)


    In the beginning of time, when the inhabitants of the world shared the same skin and wandered in their meager tribes, the great animal gods descended from the heavens, and asked help from the beings to shape the world. In exchange, the creatures would devote themselves to their gods, and obtain their traits for their own. As such, the people now shared varying skins, some with the tails of cats, others the beaks of birds, and every creature in between soon decorated the bodies of the people. Only then did they see each other as different, and the gods regretted their decision. But it was too late, and they were forced back in to the heavens, to wait out the chaos they had created.

    Two groups in particular created the most violence. The children of foxes and of wolves became bitter enemies, attacking and stealing and pillaging from one another for generations. However, the gods grew tired of the feud, and did something to change the tides - helped a fox and a wolf fall in love.

    The romance lasted only a short time, but it was all the gods needed, and the wolf princess gave birth to a pair of twins, the likes none had ever seen before. Hybrid creatures, a prince and princess, both wolf and fox in their blood. For fear of the prosecution of their children, their parents would send them away to Nurine, a country filled with people of all kinds, where perhaps their children could grow strong...

    And love bloomed again between fox and wolf, this time with the caretakers charged with escorting the prince and princess across treacherous lands, but alas, it would be brief once more, as calamity separates not only the couple, but the children as well. Believing the others dead and gone, each "parent" raised the children apart, never telling them of the other.

    But one fateful day, the gods would play their hand again, and bring the twins back together in the land of Nurine, tied together by fate, family, love, and a mysterious, golden locket they both share...

    And this, my friends, is where our story begins...
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  2. Rule time~ We should all know this, kiddies, but lets go over it one more time, shall we?

    1. No godmoding or powerplaying. Lets be fair, now.
    2. I love drama...but not between the players. Kindly settle your disputes between each other. If you can't get along, I'll be forced to boot you. Sorry!
    3. Now, I don't mind some nice smut going on. But this isn't the place for it right now. Play with that between yourselves, alrighty? Thanks!
    4. Try not to let romance dominate the roleplay, please. I'm a hopeless romantic myself, but that isn't the main goal of this plot, so just let it be a side thing, kay?
    5. Just have fun! I like to think this is a great world to get creative with! So have fun, everyone!

    Character claim!

    Alright, this is a biiig stretch for me. But I can't play ALL of the characters - what would be the point of roleplaying? - so I'll be giving you the chance to play with some of my babies. I haven't drawn the pictures for all of them, so I'm using some pictures online, or just plain describing them if I can't find anything suitable. -shrugggggg- But this doesn't mean you can't make a character of your own! Again, this is for fun!

    (Claimed by me!)

    Name: Sylyett

    Age: 18

    Species: Hybrid


    When not in disguise, Sylett has bright red hair that drapes just past her shoulders, framing a round face which holds a pair of dark brown eyes. Like her twin brother, Sylyett possesses brown wolf ears, and a red fox tail, depicting her odd heritage. She stands at five feet and seven inches, with a lithe, slim body, trained from years of training amongst the gypsy troupe. Well, among other things...She wears the right half of the heart-shaped locket she and her brother share.


    Believing her father dead, and never knowing of her twin brother for the past eighteen years, Sylyett has spent her life traveling the world with the gypsy troupe that saved her mother long ago. Since then, Sylyett has been trained as a renowned performer, doing everything from dances to acrobatics, often under the guise of a pretty young fox. However, she leads another life, one she hides from her mother.

    Sylyett, along with a few of the younger members of the troupe, have gained an unfortunate habit of thievery within the past five years. This was initially fueled by her mother's constant pains, remnants of their tragic past. To take care of Samantha - and to gain freedom from her hiding - Sylyett sheds her disguise, and with her band, steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Well, the troupe, really, but they count. Of course, it's this very life that will lead her to her long lost brother...


    While she possesses a kind heart by nature, Sylyett is a temperamental young girl, believed by Samantha to be an amusing trait inherited from her birth father. She's quick to defend herself and her loved ones with sharp words, though she avoids physical conflict if she can help it. Like most traveling entertainers, though, Sylyett has a strong sense of humor, imagination, and is just a little bit quirky. Sadly for those who become close to her, this means a lot of pranks...

    (Claimed by me!)

    Name: Kaleb

    Age: 18

    Species: Hybrid


    Like his sister, Kaleb sports vibrant red hair, dark brown eyes, brown wolf ears, and a red fox tail. He stands at about six feet and three inches, towering over his sister in height, though by wolf standards, he's still pretty small. As a city guard, he's well trained, so there's some lean muscle on this boy. In addition, he wears the left half of the heart shaped locket, the opposite of his sister, Sylyett.


    For the last eighteen years, Kaleb was led to believe his mother had died, and never knew of his sister's existence. All he knew was a strange emptiness, and a mysterious locket piece he'd worn about his neck for as long as he could remember. In an attempt to fill the void, Kaleb disguised himself as a wolf, and like his adopted father, joined the guard, in the hopes that he would one day make captain. However, on his first day on duty, it just happens to be the long awaited Star Blossom Festival, and a famous gypsy troupe has come to perform! Between the fun and the attempts to keep the peace, Kaleb is startled when his attention is drawn to the trapeze act, and the young fox that walks the high wire. Around her neck rests the matching half of Kaleb's locket, and he won't rest until he gets answers...


    Kaleb is a dedicated, tenacious young man with a strong dedication to his aging father, who is retired thanks to a strained back from his youth. (How could he have gotten that, Kaleb often wonders) He's a loyal friend, son, and soon brother, and would never abandon his loved ones no matter what the danger. However, Kaleb still has a bit of shyness, brought about by hiding his true identity for most of his life. As such, it's much more difficult to get him to open up than it would be for most...


    Name: Jacobe

    Age: 49

    Species: Fox


    (These creatures age much more slowly, so imagine this image, just a touch older. Jacobe will still be around for a long while. He just has a bad back from the incident explained in his bio.)



    The cousin to Kaleb and Sylyett's birth father, for many years Jacobe worked as Captain of the Guard in his own country, and like most other foxes, Jacobe despised the wolves for many years, and when first charged with escorting his cousin's bastard children, Jacobe figured it would be better to let them drown rather than try to preserve their lives. However, during the long journey to get the twins to Nurine, Jacobe fell in love with the tough-yet-nurturing Samantha, and soon he would realize his hatred for her kind was due purely to influence. But, sadly, Jacobe wouldn't enjoy the romance for long. As they traveled through the Badlands, the group was attacked by a vicious Raven tribe, and in the midst of their escape, a landslide buried them alive. Jacobe managed to hold on to Kaleb and take most of the damage in the child's place, and even found the strength to dig the both of them out. But as much as he searched, he could not find Samantha or Sylyett, and with a heavy heart, trudged the rest of the way to Nurine, where he would raise Kaleb alone, believing Samantha and his adopted daughter gone forever. He's not loved another woman since.


    Like Kaleb, Jacobe is a loyal man to friends and family, and holds a courageous heart within him. However, Jacobe suffers a short temper, and will easily snap at anyone who happens to get on his nerves. This gives many the idea that he's hard-shelled, but at heart, Jacobe is actually a very kind and caring man.


    Name: Samantha

    Age: 47

    Species: Wolf


    (Like with Jacobe, imagine Samantha looking a bit older than this)



    In her youth, Samantha was married to a traveling merchant, Nicholai, when she met Sylyett and Kaleb's mother, Princess Kataline. Round with child at the time, Samantha found the group attacked by thieves. As her husband, alongside the guards, struggled to protect Samantha and the princess, a mysterious gypsy troupe jumped in to defend them, led by a valiant fox woman who called herself Sylyett, a legendary woman dedicated to protecting the weak. However, the midst of the fray, Nicholai was killed, and Samantha rammed through with a sword. She survived the attack with help from the troupe and the princess, but Samantha lost her unborn son. Mourning her loss, "Sylyett" promised Samantha that the troupe would always be there for her if ever she needed help.

    Years later, after falling in love with Jacobe and their inevitable separation, Samantha held the infant Sylyett in her arms protectively as she clawed and dug her way out of the landslide, a damaged leg preventing her from going any further. And, like a sign from the gods, the gypsy troupe appeared before her. The fox woman smiled down at her, and with gentle warmth, welcomed Samantha and her adopted daughter in to their group, where Sylyett would be raised. Samantha focused all of her energy on raising the girl, with sadness in her heart that she'd once again lost a lover and a son. Her injured leg serves as a lifelong reminder of that day...


    Samantha isn't the kind of woman to bow to the word of man, and she never raised Sylyett to be that way, either. She's a tough woman with a strong, nurturing heart, and will die to protect those she loves. However, her usual silence often leads people to believe her weaker than she really is.


    (Claimed by Relish!)

    Name: Arrik (Antaaaagoniiiiist!)

    Age: 23

    Species: Wolf




    A wolf, whose life has been torn apart by the ongoing war between his home country and that of the foxes, Arrik began traveling the world at a young age, forced in to servitude to countless tyrants along the way, and tortured by the darkest parts of the world. During this time, his mind became warped with the grief and torment he suffered, leading him to believe all light in the world would eventually be swallowed up by its people. Powered by the tales of how the people misused the gods gifts, and ultimately disgusted by the world, Arrik came under the delusion that it was his duty to restore balance. To do this, he seeks an ancient artifact, said to have been abandoned by the gods when they vanished from the world, now tainted by centures of hate and violence. By sneaking in to Nurine, he intends to re-ignite the rage between the wolves and foxes that have made hostile peace with one another, and this way, he will awaken the power of the artifact and create a new world. However, in the midst of his search, he discovers the secret of Kaleb and Sylyett, and becomes darkly obsessed with them. Arrik believes the gods gave them to Arrik's cause, and are the keys to a new world order. As such, he's determined to bring the twins on to his side, so they might rule the new world together, Kaleb as his right hand man, and Sylyett as his Queen...


    Arrik's background has left his mind completely distorted. It's difficult to reason with him once he's decided on something, regardless of how it might affect himself or those around him. As such, he is cold, distant, and unpredictable. However, he's unusually charismatic, and this has given him a fairly large following, whose people he rules over with a stern fist.

    Aaaand there's the selection choices! :D
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  3. Character sheet time!

    Name: (Who are you?)

    Age: (How OLD are you?)

    Species: (Wolf? Fox? Bird? What? It can be ANYTHING!)

    Appearance: (Some people had more dedicated ancestors than others, and thus have more animal features than most. How dedicated were YOUR ancestors to the gods?)

    Bio: (What's your story in this world? I forgot to mention that it's a bit of a steampunk-meets-medieval setting, so keep that in mind when you write this!)

    Personality: (What kind of person are they? Will they be the type to follow Arrik's preaching, or are they more likely to help the twins stop him?)


    The world! What kind of world do these lovely people reside in? Well, lets get started!

    As mentioned before in the plot, this world is inhabited by anthropomorphic people, who worship their respected animal gods. It is believed that those who bear stronger animal aspects than others - for example, the difference between a "raven" man who just sports the wings, and a raven who has a full beak and claws to go with them - descended from more dedicated followers, who gave over more of themselves in exchange for the gods' gifts. Most of these people still come from tribal backgrounds, and aren't seen very commonly in major cities, unless they're a part of traveling merchant groups or gypsy troupes. However, the most feared tribes remain in a large expanse of forest land just outside of Nurine known to all as the Badlands, where more feral people reside, many said to take their devotion to the gods to the next level, by actually hunting those people of "prey" heritage and devouring their flesh...

    Because of the diverse religion surrounding these gods, there is an incredibly deep respect for animals in this world. Unless necessary - like for meat, leather, etc. - most people do their utmost to avoid killing any kind of animal. Those who do are believed to be cursed by the gods for the rest of their days.

    Most countries dedicate themselves most prominently to the god whose people make up most of the population. For example, those from the wolf country, Miad, will find many statues and temples dedicated to the wolf god. As for Nurine, however, the diverse people allow for multiple temples, shrines, and statues dedicated to the gods, so it isn't difficult for the people to find a place to go if they wish to pray. The universal symbol for the gods as a whole is two circles - a small circle to represent the "prey" gods, encased by a larger circle to represent the "predators." The people of this world will often draw this symbol over their chests in the same way one of the Christian faith would draw a cross.

    Aside from religion, the world these characters live in still has an evolving knowledge of technology. They've only recently gotten an idea of how to work steam powered machinery, but these devices are usually only found in the more wealthy areas of most cities, while those below the upper class still ride horses and ride in cattle-drawn carts, using basic technology to live their lives. As such, most people still use swords, daggers, other melee weapons, and hand-to-hand if engaged in combat. The most advanced weaponry thus far is basic cannons.

    I can't believe I forgot this, but magic plays a big part in this world as well. Many people born with the gift of magic are allowed special training in government funded universities, so their powers may be trained without harm. Magic users can find all kinds of work, from military to simple merchant work, selling potions and charms to those interested.

    As for Nurine itself, the country was built upon the legend of a brother and sister, separated by war. While the sister is left behind, she cares for and helps build a life for the poor, down-trodden refugees forced from their homes, praying for her brother's eventual return. However, war reaches the refugees, and just as the brother rushes in to save them and his sister, he watches as she is slain. It is said that the gods granted him the ability to destroy the armies if he so chose, but instead of using his power to kill, he stood up to the warring nations, and with tears in his eyes, managed to convince them of their foolish actions, and to lay down their weapons. With the war ended, the brother buried his beloved sister, and when his tears fell upon the grave, the gods rewarded the siblings' efforts, kind hearts, and wise minds with a beautiful tree that grew upon the sight. This tree is said to be the very giant that stands in the middle of Nurine's capitol, Yula, its seeds having been sewn across the country, and every year the people celebrate this legend with the Star Blossom Festival. This name was given due to the peculiar trees giving off star shaped blossoms every spring, which bloom only during the night, and glow with a pure, white light. During the summer, the trees bear sweet, nutritious, tear-shaped fruit. Thus far, the trees only grow in Nurine soils.

    For the moment, I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, so anything else that's REALLY necessary will likely be revealed in the roleplay itself.

    Nurine map! Er, kind of...

    Nurine is a large country whose government is similar to a democracy, separating them significantly from the rest of the countries in the world, most of which still operate under the rule of kings and queens. At the start of this plot, we'll find the characters in Nurine's capitol, Yula, a bustling city with a booming economy, and the center of all government operations. However, there are a few more - major, anyway, lets not list EVERYTHING - cities you might consider when building your characters!

    Jitha - If you're an ambitious magic user or scholar, Jitha may be the place for you. This city takes pride in possessing the best universities in all of Nurine. The people here were the first to introduce public schooling to the country, and spread their influence far and wide. Even those outside of Nurine find themselves flocking to this city in the hopes of receiving the best education.

    Kitchuda - The trading capitol of Nurine, this city is nestled happily upon coastal cliffs, where below their ships run back and forth with valuable goods to be bought and sold by the merchant guilds that reside there. Kitchuda has a booming, vibrant economy, however this has also breathed life in to the Circle of Rogues, where the "king" still reigns strong, keeping a tight grip on the local community.

    Halok - While at first one might not see the benefit of a city centered around farming, one might be interested to know that it is these people who specialize in growing Nurine's famous star blossom trees. The famous trees require a delicate hand that the people of Halok have developed for centuries, and Nurine is highly dependent on these farmers to continue to ensure production of these fruit bearing trees.

    If your character comes from a smaller, lesser known town...well, lets face it, I can't come up with that many names, but these are the more well known cities residing in Nurine, so they'll likely play at least a small part in both plot and your characters. :D

    Aaaaaand there we are! Now, I'll be playing Sylyett, but I'll post her character sheet as soon as people start joining, and I surely hope they do! Lets have fun, guys!

    Our Cast thus far:



    Akamya (Mya) Lornetta
    Xatikina (Kina) Cornyria
    Aardanos (Nosy) Garnitian

    Alijah O'Hanta

    Tate Waya
    Kaan Colby
    Paul Snooper
    -Ritual Lobotomy-​
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  4. Well you have my interest.

    I would like more info on the general world though. I mean it's difficult to create a character based on a world you don't know a lot about right? It'd help if you could give me more info on this Nurine country (Things like regions / major cities / noteable geography) I assume the majority of the RP will take place there right?

    More information on Arrik would be nice also (I do quite enjoy antagonists :3) , like what is the artifact he's looking for/how does he know what it is? How big is his following? Is he more of a demented maniac or the type who puts on a calm and collected facade unless he gets riled up? Stuff like that. I'm only asking because I may consider playing him and another character of my own.
  5. @Relish

    I'm glad to see you're interested! Sorry if there isn't as much information. I've unfortunately stopped giving out too much about my worlds, if only because when I make roleplays like this, I suppose I tend to intimidate people??? And so I rarely get any takers. Even now I was worrying I may have put in too much, but if you're interested in the world, I'll definitely put up the more final details as soon as I get the chance! I've spent the last couple of years working on it, so I'm really very proud of it.
  6. Oh, I forgot to say if Arrik's goals/backstory with the relic thingy is something you don't want spoiled (in the event more people show up), you can PM it to me if ya like.

    As for my character, it'll probably be a day or two before I get around to writing him. Exams, ugh!
  7. @Relish

    I've updated the world information, and gave a bit of info on the major cities in Nurine. :D I hope it helps with the creation of your character!
  8. -le bump? -paws sadly at the rest of iwaku-
  9. Posting to say I formally claim Arrik.

    I'll try and get my own character cranked out tonight.
  10. Here we go, sorry for the delay. Stuff came up :s

    Feedback is welcome. It's late here so I'll re-re-proof read it tomorrow >_>


    Meredeth Larcrest, although he prefers his child nickname "Flich" which he has adopted as his stage name.






    Flich stands firm at six feet tall, he isn't exactly the tallest bird on the block but he doesn't really mind. His build type is lithe yet rugged and slightly from his life of traveling. From what one can gather through his extravagant garb, while he isn't particularly muscular, he is undoubtedly in shape and very well fit. Flich's hair is a dark, dim grey similar to that of the Northern Mockingbird. He prefers to keep it slightly wild and unkept looking (he always keeps it clean!) as he feels it makes him look more the "dashing rouge" type. On the outside, he doesn't have any distinctly animalistic features save his hair. At one point, he did in fact have wings but he actively avoids talking about them. He is slightly ashamed of this and often wears clothes that maximize coverage to hide that fact. It doesn't get him too down though, after all he did inherit the most important trait of his kind: the voice.

    A showman, a story teller and performer by trade, he always wears something to set him apart from the crowd. The most prominent article is the hat he always wears. His hat of sturdy, brown-stained leather with its wide brim was treated and made for the simple intention of looking fashionable while still offering protection from the elements. He adorns it with feathers of all colors that he can find and never goes anywhere without it.


    A master minstrel, a superb story smith, a galavanting gleeman and entertainer extraordinaire. A man of many talents, Flich takes pride in being true-as-blue renaissance man. Ever filled with a pratically unending enthusiasm and an oddly childish sense of amusement, he's always as giddy as a songbird and near impossible to put in a mood. Flich likes to think of himself as a bit of a joker, and is indeed a little bit of a trouble maker at heart. He gets a rise out of one-upping or otherwise outsmarting someone else, while some of the things he say are shrewd and at times offensive, he believes it all to be in good fun. Like all other mockingbirds, he has the ability to mimic sounds, but unlike normal birds his mimicry isn't nearly as limited. With the mockingbird's voice, provided he has heard it enough, Flich is able to fully emulate another's voice to near perfection.

    As a well seasoned traveler, he is very adaptable when it comes new situations and that does tend to give the illusion that he's always in his element. Due to the nature of being a traveling gleeman, normally he travels from town to town alone but when he can get it he absolutely adores company. He absolutely loves festivities of any sorts.

    Of all the things in the world he loves, arts of all types are his true delight. Nary a thing he enjoys more than telling or hearing new stories. His favorite types of stories to tell are the ones that typically involve a hero embarking on some epic quest. Occasionally he does a bit of self insertion with his stories and when he talks of his past experiences one must take caution as he does have a very heavy tendency to -greatly- exaggerate.


    Contrary to what he might lead you to believe, the origin story of one-man songbird spectacular really isn't all that exciting or dramatic. He was born in a very small village of by the name of Tarye nestled far away from any major city. There wasn't really any special circumstances surrounding the town, it was just your average everyday forestry community. Visitors are rare in Tarye, so whenever one would pass through everyone would flock hoping to catch some news of the happenings in the more civilized world. Even at his young age, little Flich always beamed with excitement whenever a traveler would tell him any sort of story, sing any sort of song or show him any sort of dance.

    At an early age, Flich claimed he wanted to be a hero and do things from slaying dragons, saving princesses and winning wars. This caused some concern among the community, as rare as visitors were it was even more seldom did people leave Tarye. But leave he did, Young, ambitious with hardly anything but a heart full of hope and a head full of dreams, he left Tarye as soon as he was old enough. Traveling was amazing, he never stayed in one place too long, always hoping from place to place, town to town and city to city. By this time, he had sort of grown out of his childhood goals of being some legendary epoch, it was far easier to tell stories about others deeds!

    He made his start with just that: telling stories. He'd hear a tale from one town and bring it to the next after giving it "a little polish." Over time, he learned how to play the guitar and music or song quickly became part of his routine. And just like that, he became a venerable one-man show. His presence at both inns and taverns made even the slowest nights bustling burst to life much to the delight of the proprietors. That is the way he lives, traveling, singing songs and spinning stories wherever anyone will listen. He may not be excessively wealthy, but he certainly receives a hero's treatment when it comes to drinks or inn rates just so long as he puts on a show!

    He's been to Yula a great number of times, but this is the first time he has been there during the famous Star Blossom Festival.
  11. YUSH!!!!!

    I'll have to be very unique in this....*thinks*
  12. @Relish

    Oh my god I LOVE Filch! He will DEFINITELY get some looks for the lack of wings, though. To the inhabitants of this world, a person without visible animal features is the strangest sight in the universe, but I think that makes him that much more interesting. <3


    Yayyy~ I'm glad you're interested in joining. :D

  13. Luckily he's quite skilled at playing that off ^_^.

    If he's forced to explain himself, he'll tell you a 100% totally legit story ranging from him protecting an entire village from some savage predatory tribe to slaying a dragon and saving a princess. Naturally, he'll make whoever asks buy him a few rounds of drinks first...

    Anyways, if I made another character at some point they will be much more anthro.
  14. @Relish

    lol that's fine. I really enjoy Filch as he is, and I know Sylyett will, as well. Kaleb...might find him a little odd, admittedly. But he isn't used to Filch's type like Sylyett is.
  15. I'll hopefully have the time to start creating tonight. Right now, I gotta get my two Betas up in Changelings as well as an IC post for dad is home this weekend, and I have to keep a close eye on my kitten, whose tummy doesn't look so good...but hopefully tonight I'll get things going here. One or two chars. *nods nods*

    You should make a banner for this. Advertise!!!
  16. @Mowkie

    I did make a banner, actually! I'm just not sure if it's gone in circulation, yet?? I can't always tell, there are always so many banners popping up.

    And I hope your kitten is alright. D: Poor baby.
  17. I hasn't seen it yet. When did you give it to Diana? If it's been more than three days, and you haven't seen it, bug her. I actually just got onto a page and kept hitting reload until I saw mine.

    Eh, she's doing okay, but the incision on her tummy is oozing and swollen...she's not comfy...And of course this leaves me with heaps of worry. >.<'
  18. Oh man!

    I forgot to even ask what the title will be!
  19. @Mowkie

    I sent it in yesterday, so if I don't see it tomorrow, I'll ask her about it. And do you have any neosporan, perhaps? You can buy it very cheap, and it helps fight bacteria that could be causing her trouble. My cat, Baron, has a missing eye, and I can't afford to get it stitched closed, so I use neosporan to prevent his eye from getting infections. Also, if you try and feed her chicken broth - actually boiling a whole chicken is best, but even if it's just some chicken thighs or whatever, it helps - the enzymes in the broth will help her build her immune system, and get food in to her system that isn't too heavy.


    lol I haven't figured out a title just yet, so I'll get back to you on that one, I promise.
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