Anyone up for an epic, expansive ORIGINAL superhero universe, created by YOU?

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  1. Hello all!!! So I got to thinking, everyone has craze over Marvel and DC (TeamDC!!) All day, but I KNOW that there are others like me out there...that has that internal nagging at wondering what it'd be like if you created your OWN superhero/villain/anti-hero and established that character in a new and original universe! Well, the time has come, and I'm looking for only the most interested and dedicated rpers to help me build this new and massive universe! I'm thinking expansive in every sense of the word. Originality, Creativity, Wow factor, etc. You have the power to create your own storyline with an all new character! If anyone is excited about this as I am, PLEASE feel free to respond! :D

    ~ And yes, I DO plan on forming a main universe team to rival that of the Avengers and JLA from Marvel and DC....haven't got a name for them yet, but that's because I need characters!

    I NEED YOU!!!





    ***LASTLY, HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Sure, I'm interested. To be honest I always think up new superheroes after I watch a marvel movie or a DC animated one. (DC animation is better than their live action)
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  3. --------MY CHARACTER---------
    (Try to follow my theme)

    Name: Grace Aria White
    Age: 17
    Blood Type: N/a
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Occupation: Senior at Mecca City High School; Volleyball Player.
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Alignment: Good - Heroine
    Heroine/Villain/Anti-Hero name: Pure

    Traits: Loyal/Honest/Compassionate/Intelligent/Adaptable
    Flaws: Aloof/Reserved/Paranoid/Melodramatic/Pretentious
    Interests: Knowledge, Wisdom, Romance, Sports, Relaxation, Games, Beach.



    (Celestial Mode)


    Abilities -> Angel Soul; ability to access angelic powers via some angelic grace possessed in her soul.

    Pure is an angel among men, her spiritual essence is angelic. She is a hybrid of human and angel, and has supernatural abilities on an angelic level. Some powers might be dormant due to suppression of her human side, and may have to be unlocked.

    • Limited Biological Manipulation - Since Angels took part in the creation of the universe/everything, she can mildly manipulate her DNA to cellular variations. Healing, regeneration, code altering, etc.

    • Empathy- She can sense the feelings of any and everything, even the feelings of higher beings.
    • Elemental Manipulation- She can manipulate every single element, even dark matter. However this is limited to manipulation, the only element she can create and produce is light.
    • Celestial Transformation - She has the ability to channel her angelic soul to produce light based celestial quanta, capable of turning her hair color and eye color either white or crystal blue while radiating light, ethreal aura.

    • Ethereal Physiology- She can transform into a celestial angelic state (hybrid) with intense channeling.
    • Flight- With the soul of an Angel, the she can fly at varying speeds.
    • Limited Invulnerability- She is invulnerable to most harm that isn't done by her power.
    • Psionic Manipulation- She can utilize every single power of the mind.
    1. Telekinesis
    2. Telepathy
    3. Clairvoyancy
    4. Clairaudience
    5. Clairsentience
    6. Limited Pre and Postcognition


    Grace Aria White was born and raised in Mecca City, Kansas by her father, Marshall White. She was a peculiar child, having never cried as an infant but always smiling and seemingly perfectly healthy. She began walking at the age of 7 months, and began speaking at 1 year and 1 day old, doctors called it a "modern marvel of life". However she was a quiet child, only speaking to her father and no one else. She began to open up in Serenity Beach Elementary School where her teacher, Mrs. Marsden counciled with her and showed her kindness. Grace was always a straight A student, she had recieved a B in 8th grade and went on a rampage when she got home and even teared up. Many thinks she's a perfectionist, but really she's just critical of herself. It wasn't until that moment that her and her father both realized a shocking truth: she was special. In her abrupt emotions, an incident occurred that can't be explained by any expert on the planet, and it's something that the two have kept secret until current day. Grace is different. At 15, she began to put the pieces together; her not crying when little, her rarely getting tired or hungy, she all tied it to her mother. When she asked Marshall about her, he only refused her information and said "your mother isn't coming back, I don't even know if she's alive." This stared Grace's quest to find out as much as she could about her mother, it was the only way to know for sure if she had some disease or mental disorder. Now she's a senior in high school, and not so isolated anymore. She may be different, but she's still a human being...or, what she finds out in the near future will jump start a history that nothing could ever fathom.
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  4. I'm in. Behold the might of Monrovia!
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  5. (Here hope you like)

    Identity: Foxtrot
    Name: Tyson Martinez
    Age: 32
    Special Powers: Foxtrot has extra, Durability, Stamina, and strength, He can with stand more pain than the average human and can jump high, he sometimes can tur into a fox or sometimes gets some of the themes of a fox (Ex. Sharp claws, Fangs, Orange fur, and eyes turn orange) when he has the claws he can climb more faster
    Weapon: Foxtrot has his two silver and orange tomahawks as his main weapon, there is a secret chain inside the tomahawks that connects the hatchet piece and the end of the handle, so if he wants to capture the villains, he pulls his arms back and pulls them forward, releasing the hatchet piece that connects to the handle by the chain, the chain raps the villain up,it can also be good for getting high in the air
    Physical characteristics: He is a muscular Caucasian male, his height is 6;3 and weighs 160 pounds, his hair color is brown and brown eyes, He has white, Razor sharp teeth, and Claws

    Social Characteristics: Tyson mostly keeps his emotions inside, happiness, fear, sadness, but can’t hold in his rage, from everything he’s been through, I wouldn’t be surprised,

    Bio: Tyson was in a foster home for a while,the last memory of his parents was when his mom bring him to the house,he told him that whatever happens in life you can’t run for it, just face it.

    He met his best friend their named Porter, porter was really smart and they always got into trouble, when he was 13,a women adopted him named Afia, and had to say goodbye to porter, he was really upset for a while, the women was a part of a tribe, A spiritual tribe to be exact, he learned allot there, He met the women’s son Babajide (He called him Baba) and they became good friends, he met the rest of the tribe, Afia’s husband was head of the tribe, his name Abu and he became a father figure, he showed the both of them how to use a bow, and hunt with it, there was a spirit night every week, they did different dance rituals and songs, they family unit slept In different houses, they were small and the top was straw, and the houses were brown wood, there were a tribe council that decides bringing new members in and other things, whenthe council thinks you're ready, you would find your spirit animal, a couple years later, they found that Baba and Tyson were ready at age 16,they would sleep and the next day have the symbol of the animal on their chest, Tyson got one of the rarest one of them all, the Fox, from the couple years he got sharp Razor sharp teeth, his eyes flickered orange allot of times, but couldn’t find the way to transform into a fox, while baba got the grizzly bear, He found out easily how to transform into it easily, the two were out in the woods looking for prey, Tyson ran after it, he was getting slow as the deer got faster, he starts running on his feet and hands and starts becoming a fox, he reaches the deer and tackles it, Baba came to see him as a fox and was impressed, Tyson turned back to human and as happy for himself, he hears yelling and smoke coming from the villaige, they reach the inside and see’s that buildings were on fire,he sees a shadowy figure and blinks and he’s gone, Baba and Tyson ran through and found The mother, under a heavy piece of wood, she told them that the man killed the father and to leave her, Tyson told him they're not leaving here, she told them to go and they ran from the village, The two later split up, on his own, he made the two wood tomahawks and a costume representing the fox.
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  6. Ok here's the deal: We'll make our characters here and then when I get the group going, copy and paste your characters there. Lets do this! Making my char now.
  7. ik i love that site, best hero maker ever! i made a lot of heros and villains on there, there actually pretty unique
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  8. Name:
    Tulius Stross



    The vigilant

    He holds magical powers bound to life and death. While they may appear to be simple spells to the untrained eye, they are, in fact, manipulations of the energy that flows through the entire universe namely life and death, as such powers of life have no effect on the living and powers of death have no effect on the dead. He can also decide how well connected he is to either the physical or ethereal plane allowing him to be both living and dead.

    His order:
    The order of the vigilant has existed for as long as life has existed, they are expected to watch over the border of life and death, ensuring that the dead do not enter the realm of the living and vice versa. There is always only one vigilant who is neither living nor dead, these people wander the world as a unique being doing what they can to hold the balance of existence safe.
    Should the vigilant fail in maintaining this fragile balance, the consequences are most dire for both realms of existence. In the living world this would mean that death would run rampant by any means. Examples of this are: the second punic war, the black plague, the french revolution, both world wars, the Spanish flu,...

    Stross was a nobody, he was born in an unimportant family and would have been unrecorded by history were it not for a fateful day where he would be the victim of a traffic accident. In his comatose state, his spirit left his body. Where most people would freak out at such a sight and return as quickly as possible, Tulius merely went for a walk. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years, but Tulius kept walking until before him another spirit was shown.
    This was the previous vigilant, the one who had been the watcher of the living and the dead for decades before Tulius. They sat and they talked and the question arose whether or not he would become the next vigilant. The choice was entirely his, but his predecessor noted that because he had been gone from his body for so long, Tulius would have problems returning and even if he succeeded in waking up, he would never be the same.
    As such Tulius accepted, and on that day Tulius Stross died and the latest Vigilant was born.

    Side note:
    depending on which plane he resides in, he must be of the same matter as that plane or otherwise he cannot do anything. For example; should he be Ethereal while in the physical world all his actions would do less than nothing. The same is true the other way around. He can be part ethereal and part physical, but that would make him useless in both worlds.
    As such, when he is physical, simple things as bullets of knives can kill him as easy as any other human.

    Show Spoiler
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  9. Okay my character is posted at the top of page!
  10. @justice hunt all you need is a pic of Ty's alter ego and you're good
  11. thanks will do
  12. okay done :)
  13. AWESOME :)
  14. you know, if you press "prt sc" on your keyboard (or "ctrl + prt sc" on some computers) you can take screenshots of your character instead of using a camera to take a picture of your computer screen. It provides better quality.
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  15. Yush! I want in! :D

    I think I have a fabulous character in mind, I just need to get off my lazy ass and get typing a CS. :p
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  16. FINNNN!!! Long time no speak <3
  17. Yeah i know but it doesn't work on my laptop
  18. Hehe, great to see you too. :3

    Gosh, I'm such a slow typer... But anyway, I present you the most epic character ever! Or not.

    Name: Jonathan "Johnny-boy" Lee
    Age: 23
    Blood Type: B-
    Height: 5'8''
    Weight: 151 lbs
    Occupation: A cashier
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Alignment: Hero [Though at times it can be slightly questionable]
    Heroine/Villain/Anti-Hero name: Leech

    Traits: Energetic, talkative, trusting, Does what he promises
    Flaws: Selfish at times, easily deceived, not the sharpest tool in the box, has a tendency of not listening to others
    Interests: Video games, snakes and various reptiles, soccer, action movies, cop shows

    Everyday dork (open)

    Hero-mode (open)

    He's lazy so he just puts on that balaclava and sunglasses (if he didn't forget them at home) when people aren't supposed to recognize him.

    He usually wears simple black jeans, a T-shirt of some sort and a hoodie or a jacket. He doesn't pay much attention to his clothing choices and goes with simple and easy to wear kind of stuff.

    Abilities: Feeding on life energy
    - He can drain life energy from other humans, animals or plants for his own usage. However, he has to touch the target to do so (really touch, skin to skin kind of contact) and the more he wishes to take, the longer it takes so he has to maintain that contact as well. He can kill his victims if he takes too much from a single target.
    - Basically, all the living creatures around him are his batteries. If he keeps stealing other people's life energy, he can go on with no rest or sleep for long periods of time.
    - Using his ability also has a small healing effect on him. Though it only works on small bruises and scrapes.
    - The ability has a downside as well, it's pretty much like a drug. The more you use it, the more you need to use it.

    Bio: Jonathan was always the kid his parents had to worry about, he never listened and had to learn everything the hard way. Such as playing spiderman on the roof or wandering off in an unfamiliar place is not a good idea. He was never good at school either, the boy simply had problems understanding even the simplest thing, which got him bullied on few occasions but he was never without friends who defended him either. Said friends got him into playing soccer as well and Jonathan was surprisingly good at it. Not the best of his team kind of good but slightly above average nonetheless and he started putting his energy in the sport instead of pulling off stupid stunts. Not that the boy himself noticed his change in behavior but his family and friends had less things to worry about from that point onwards.

    One day when Jonathan was 14, he was exhausted after a soccer practice, partly because he had spent the previous night watching Criminal Minds, and noticed he became more awake when he had his arm slung around his friend's, Brian's, neck. In turn, Brian started complaining how he was suddenly becoming weary. Now, Jonathan might not be a brainiac but even he can put two and two together. As soon as he removed his arm, the movement of energy between the two boys stopped. From then on, it was pretty obvious how his weird power worked and he tested it on few other people as well and naturally the teen became excited. However, problems arose as he didn't seem to know how to turn it off. Everytime he touched someone, he automatically began stealing their life energy. It took him almost six months to learn how to control it. As time passed, he noticed it worked on animals and even plants as well.

    Everything was going great, he had an unique epic ability and he wasn't failing all of his classes in high school. He kept taking life energy where he could simply because it was 'fun', Jonathan didn't think there would be any harm done if he just took small amounts from one person, they hardly even noticed it. However, he started craving more every passing day but that still didn't raise the alarms in the teens head. Not until one faithful day when he was watching movies at his boyfriend's house and almost ended up killing him. The unfortunate boyfriend just assumed he had fallen asleep and couldn't understand why the other male dumped him out of the blue the next day. Jonathan simply couldn't look him in the eyes anymore and spent the rest of high school avoiding everyone and trying control his need to use his ability. Some teachers and his parents assumed he was using drugs, which was true in a way, but nothing was ever found from his possession and every test turned out clean.

    He didn't apply for any universities. With his grades, he had no changes of getting into any schools anyway. Instead, he got a job as a cashier and moved into an apartment of his own a while later. He had efficiently removed everyone close to him from his life but his little 'problem' was still there. He didn't know what to do with it until someone tried to rob the store he worked for. He managed to render the man harmless after he grabbed his gun arm, pushed the sleeve away and kept his hold until the man grew too tired to continue fighting back. After that, Jonathan got an idea. He needed to use his ability and the best way to do it was to use it to someone who deserved it, criminals. He bought a black balaclava and sunglasses and begin to pose as a hero of some sort during his free time. Even though he has a habit of forgetting the sunglasses at his apartment and he seems like a douche for wearing them at night anyway. Pulling all-nighters wasn't a problem either as the petty thieves he defeated provided him the means to stay alert with no sleep.

    The crime fighting provided Jonathan a decent way to deal with his ability but he still struggles with it sometimes. Like any drug addicts, he's prone to relapses.
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  19. Name: Jeremy Monroe
    Age: Ancient
    Blood Type: Yellow Electricity
    Height: 7'2"
    Weight: 280
    Occupation: Variable
    Sexuality: Celibate
    Alignment: Variable (Hero to Monrovia)
    Heroine/Villain/Anti-Hero name: Monrovia, Champion of the Monrovian Peoples

    Traits: Honorable, Protective, Loyal to Monrovia, Iron-Will, Determined to Accomplish His Goals, and The Goals of Monrovia
    Flaws: Emotionless, Unreasonable, Obsessed with Monrovian Security and Reputation, and Changes to Monrovian Needs, No Matter the Cost
    Interests: Upholding Monrovian Values and Reputation, and Protecting and Championing Monrovia


    Hype Lightning:

    He is composed entirely of yellow electricity, and he only has the guise of a normal human.

    Travels through thunderclouds, and enters as a bolt of lightning hitting the Earth.

    Has super-strength, and is invulnerable to normal human attacks, though super-powered attacks can hurt him, and conductive materials makes his powers less effective.

    Can lightning dash, and can call down and throw out lightning bolts.

    Bio: He was a normal shepherd near the City-State of Monrovia. There was a great event taking place, a great circus, showcasing many events, including the choosing of the next Champion of Monrovia. The previous one was mortally wounded after a cataclysmic battle in the Mediterranean Isles, against the invading forces of Greece, led by Alexander the Great. It caused Greece to fall from glory, with the death of their great emperor, and Monrovia to drift into sea, separated from the mainland by the clashing of Monrovia and Alexander.

    He went to the circus, to partake in it's events, particularly to showcase his sheep with the whitest wool. However, things took a turn for the worse. Greece sent a great statue to them as a peace treaty, like they did in Troy. And like Troy, it was a trap. It came to life, and began to destroy Monrovia from the inside out.

    In his panic, he ran to the nearest tent, and hid. The tent he hid in though, was Monrovia's tent. The great Monrovia, with the last of his power, bestowed his almighty power to the shepherd, and from then on, the shepherd was known as Monrovia, champion of the Monrovian Peoples. He defeated the statue easily, and saved the people. They then rebuilt themselves, and were forgotten from time...

    Until now.
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