Anyone up for a Harry Potter RP?

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  1. Title basically says it all ;p Other than people who are interested I'm looking for some plot input (i.e. what time period we're starting at and if some type of 'new evil' is rising). So comment down below if you're up for it (I'm looking for about 5-6 people at most before moving onto story planning).
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  2. @☆StarryNIGHT☆ Of course~ I am always up for some Harry Potter role plays. Not quite sure at the moment what time period we should start in, just know I would like to be involved.
  3. Great welcome aboard ^^ and thats okay we'll be getting into that stuff after we get enough RPer's to have a full blown discussion ;p
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  4. Hello, I’d love to participate in a Harry Potter roleplay. Sadly, I haven’t read the books (I really should), but Wikia pages are a role player’s best friend, right? I think a modern setting, or one that takes place a few years before Harry arrives at Hogwarts would be fun. Anything works for me though. In the mean time, I should look up Harry Potter/Hogwarts history. Hahaha, I have a feeling that will take a while.
  5. Thats alright take your time ^^ And if you've at least watched one or two movies I'd say thats enough information to make it through this RP ;p Just 3-4 more people than we'll see what type of time setting we all agree on. Welcome aboard ;)
  6. Harry Potter! -fangirls.-

    Okay, I really want to be involved as well.

    Also, whatever time period we all decide on is perfectly fine with me.
  7. Ah that sounds great and welcome aboard fellow HP fanatic :)
  8. I'm interested, I could even take the place of the villain if you want, because either side works for me. Only thing I am wondering is if it would be based after (how far after?), or during, or even if it will be a different school based from the build of Hogwarts... these are my questions. *Pulls chair to a dark corner and sits in anticipation*
  9. Another interested person here! Haven't yet had this kind of RP, but I am a fan of the world as well.

    Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus ;)
  10. Cool, maybe this RP needs a new dark lord somewhere along the line ;p As for the current setting we can all agree on something later after we have a story plot discussion about it ^^

    Wow it took me a second to recognize what that was ;P Well we've got our official school motto down xD
  11. Ah, there are too many options! Hahaha, I say we roll a pair of dice to decide on some of these things.
    @Cahill: I like your avatar. It has tons of angles and colors.
  12. Alright sounds like a plan~ I like how we're already having ideas about how to decide on making ideas xD
  13. Ooh, I just logged back on! That sounds fun to me. You’re the leader, did you have any ideas before posting this request thread?
  14. Welcome back then :) I was thinking maybe just a free plot RP where we all do our thing but my main concern with that is it will get boring quickly with no goal to really meet. Then there's the option of making the original Harry Potter our own. We could all band together to Lord Voldemort our own way. Then theres the 'new evil' idea where either another dark lord arises, some type of otherworldly being threatens the peace of Wizards and humans. Anything that basically seems 'bad'.
  15. i'd be into it :)
  16. Oh welcome aboard then~ Well that just filled up our last space so we really can just start talking about the plot then xP
  17. Hmm, I’d rather create a new enemy/enemies. Reworking the original feels wrong for some reason. I imagine the wizarding world would encounter economic issues with so many purebloods being arrested or going into hiding (due to being death eaters). I'm trying to think about the after effects of the war and what it might stir up.
  18. We could have it be set during the new generation? The dark lord having a loyal follower who wants to avenge his death and wreck havoc across the wizarding world, vying to become the ultimate power? We could have it so that there is a wizard protection program in place, the idea that having wizarding powers could lead to your ultimate demise? Not only is the school for education but it's one of their only safe places, as the goverment has found out about them through one of the students naive actions?? I don't know, those are some ideas that come to mind!
  19. I like the idea of Hogwarts/other wizardry schools being safe houses. That’s interesting. Plus, a modern setting would be nice. Foreign wizard politics has always interested me as well since it wasn’t touched upon much.
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