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  1. Main thread up

    Also if you want to join message here Im sure we can get you in

    Hey up people thinking of a roleplay as you do on iwaku and I don’t want to go into so much detail for it to flop.

    Basic story is you are normal humans and has been granted a super ability for wearing my family crest. The crest is a tattoo which will be placed wherever on your body you will like.

    The place will be Earth of today’s date ish

    My ability will be copies of whatever anyone picks more people join the more powers I have. The thing is my character will be clumsy like hell.

    The reason for me giving you the family crest is that my sister has been kidnapped by whomever for whatever reasons. Now we have to go save her and it can lead on from there to whatever everyone decides throughout.

    The only rule I would like to put in place is for everyone to take in turns to post in order but after 24 hours if the next person hasn’t post we work round it and expect that person not to show up again. If that person was busy they can still post but that persons sequence has changed to that spot.

    Also throughout travels we might find vampires/werewolf’s so if people want end up getting stronger by becoming one it will happen. We’ll discuss what we might end up fighting

    Only one character per person
    People can put many NPC in which anyone can decide what they do.

    I’d like people to put in as much description as they can. If you have problems just try, it will give good practice for anyone.

    If we have good communication on here we can work around a lot and put in everything what people want to do with their character. I would like at least 3 other people before I get this started

    Any interest just post up
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  2. Hmm... Sounds interesting, I'm in!
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  3. I'm interested if your still looking. Haven't had much luck starting roleplays.
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  4. awesome just one more at least... I better start typing up on word

    Thanks you 2
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  5. I might need help for a Title... any recomedations
  6. "A Crest for a missing daughter" "The Crest for Power" Idk :P these are pretty cheesy but I'll try and come up with better ones (these are just simple ideas/really bad puns for now o-o)
  7. I'm in!
    Crest fighter, Crest master, Crest Quest ... (<--- lame title lol)

    The Crest: Emblem of the Future (<---doesn't work that much isn't it?)
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  8. This sounds pretty cool. What if there was another family with powered crests who carried out the kidnapping because the two families have some sort of rivalry going on?

    I dunno, regardless, I'd like to join too. I know your feels, lol, I got like 3 thoght ot roleplays that flopped pretty hard
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  9. brilliant I have started working on it I hope to be finished today. Also Crest Quest that's a tongue twister and a half say that 3 times fast

    Also so far Im liking A Crest for missing daughter but change words and A Crest to find My sister...... ok I don't like that
  10. I think Crest Quest sounds fine, but we should focus alot more about the story than the title :P

  11. To be honest dude I was thinking another crest family but now its just me and sister left of our family its why Im asking for recuitments. but it could be just a few left of them as well
  12. I know people are putting names out. Ive done part of it, gonna get back to it now while I have thwe chance
  13. I'll post up and see what people think people we propaply get started
  14. cool beans, we should start getting out them character sheets soon
  15. Yea I'll put character sheets out soon on here now we have enough people gives people time
  16. To be honest the character page will be short i want people to find out there background and personallity as they progress through the rp only thing we need is

    Place of birth:
    How do you know Nick:
    Super Power Ability:
    Looks like:
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  17. Ive added to character sheet
  18. Nicholas and Patricia are brother and sister and live on their own tropical island. Nicholas is 20 while his sister is 10 On the top of the highest point of the island is a mansion.

    Details of Mansion (open)

    Everywhere below the mansion is covered by a jungle with sandy white beaches around the entire edge of the island, this is also home too many different types of wildlife.

    The mansion consists of a large hall way with stairs on either end leading upwards. The entire floor and stairs are black carpet with a nice spring in it. The walls are painted red with portraits of a few older people. The handrails of the stairs are white and made of Ivory. Above is a black chandelier

    To the right is a large dining room with 4 large round glass tables with 13 medieval looking chairs going round it. One of the tables is covered with a white cloth with the family crest imprinted in black with plates and cutlery by each chair. In the middle of the room is a wooden spiral pillar, the floor is bright blue and the walls are basic white with photos of places of the world. One of them is the Eiffel tower. The Large windows bring a lot of light into the Dining room.

    To the left is a large living room where there is many leather corner sofa’s and 52 inch widescreen TV’s scattered round. Inside the sofas there are built in speakers for the corresponding TV it’s facing. There is 3 TV’s connected to the latest console. The floor is laminate flooring and the walls are wallpapered white with the family crest scattered here and there in black. The medium size windows are covered in Dark Purple curtains and most of the light in this room is by the spotlights from the ceiling.

    If you walked straight on and under the stairs the corridor goes on, and on one side is the kitchen, it’s sparkly white with many cookers, fridges and walk in freezers

    On the other is the Library which seems more of a maze than a library. It goes up 2 floors and has a stained window in the middle with many colours. If you look carefully you will notice the family’s crest is in the window.

    On the 2nd and 3rd floor are just bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Some with a single bed some with double but each bedroom has a walk in wardrobe and each bathroom has a bath and shower. Not one room is the same since every person who lived here decorated it whichever way they seemed fit.

    There are a few locked doors around there is one under the stairs in the hallway, one is in the Kitchen and the final one is the door leading to the attic.

    “You were meant to be looking after her!!” Nicholas shouted

    “I’m sorry sir but she….” the butler replied looking down to the floor in his shame

    With a wave of his hand interrupted the butler “Don’t give me excuses Fred”. Nicholas fell in one of the sofa’s and started to rub his head and muttered “where is she”. He started to click his fingers then stood up in shock “She’s dead oh I’m sure she’s dead”

    “Don’t say that master Nicholas” Fred said sincerely

    Nicholas came right up to him and started clicking his fingers “Look Look, now tell me she’s not dead”

    Fred was speechless “I’ll make you a coffee” Fred disappeared in a flash, he had super speed which helped do the housework with a breeze. As he was waiting for the kettle he was getting worried, Patricia power was fire and if Master Nick can’t use the fire, it either means she’s dead or given up her power.

    Nicholas started biting his nails which he does when he’s nervous, soon enough his mobile went off. Nicholas quickly took his phone out of his pocket and on the screen it said Patricia. He answered and started to shout “PATRICIA CAR……” He was cut off by a man’s voice “Nicholas”. It was a calm deep voice; it makes you feel like he’s taunting you

    “Yes….. Where is my sister?”

    The man chuckled “Well, I could tell you young man but that wouldn’t be the best interest of me now”

    Nicholas’s anger started to stir up but had to keep a level head. He had too, for her.
    With an edge to Nicholas’s voice “What you want”.

    With a huff the man declared “Well straight to the point…… I want you, well your power. Your family destroyed my families power but all died in the process and now we have a way to steal your power”

    Nicholas never knew how his family died and he was ready to throw the phone to the ground when Fred came through with the drinks and saw Nicholas’s face. With a blink of an eye he quickly grabbed the phone off Nicholas put the drinks down where he could see it and went out the room.
    Nicholas stood there arm in the air and for a split second not realising what happened.

    Nicholas knew what he was going to do but first he needed to calm down. He lit a ciggy up, drunk some coffee and went up to his room where there was a computer and sent an email out to a few people he slightly knew. Nicholas called these people his online mates, these are the only people Nicholas could trust with the power given to them by him. To be honest it was his only choice.
    As he was typing the email, Fred knocked on his door. Nick told him to enter and he spun around to face him “Well?” he asked

    “For your sister’s life” Fred started to explain “You will need to give up your power to them and both of you can come home”

    Nicholas gave a big sigh “I thought as much….Look Fred, I can’t do that my entire family sacrificed their lives to stop them and giving them power once again.” Nicholas shook his head and spun back round to his pc. “It’s a betrayal to my family’s name. I’m calling for back up. Oh and Fred…… Thank you”

    For what sir?” Fred asked

    You always know what I need and how to react to me. Now grab a seat I have an email to send out”

    The Email reads as follows

    Hey up guys Nick here, I need your help.

    I am the head of the house with the power to grant you one super power; the catch is we need to save my sister. If you want to help and acquire yourself a super power email me and I’ll send Fred out to pick you up by helicopter.

    Characters (open)

    Please give 24 hours from the last post and keep in post order

    Post order (open)

    Captain Scrubz

    Well there's the idea need to work on a picture of the crest and get my profile together which shouldn't take to long. But I think were about ready. Everyone happy?

    Also any new people are still welcome
  19. also adding one more to character sheet and that be it.
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