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    Another Horizon
    I'll change the truth
    Even if it ends the dream
    For a miracle can only be paid for with a desire.
    And power can only be paid for through a sacrifice.



    A mere 12 years ago, the Jeualian Empire, a military powerhouse, rampaged through the lands on an unchallenged conquest. Armed with towering war machines that ruled both land and sky, they swept through armies of flesh unchallenged. The bright red flag of the Jeaulian Empire was planted over half of the kingdoms, principalities, and city-states of the continent, imperial dominance known to all. Dozens of races were subjugated, their cultures homogenized, their bodies becoming part of the gears that moved the massive contraption that was the Empire.

    It was at the halfway point, however, that the unwavering armies of the Empire were forced to halt. For, in the southern half of the continent laid three kingdoms that, together, could indeed challenge the Empire’s sovereignty. Joining arms in the face of a common foe, the theocracy of Astopol, the oligarchy of Illiserev, and the democracy of Dansila marched under a common flag for a common goal. Against the Gods of War, the Empire’s iron giants, they donned armor. Against the Sky Crawlers, the Empire’s metal dragons, they brought out their magic. Through an inhuman tenacity brought forth by the knowledge that they were going to be wiped off the face of world if they failed in their endeavors, the Coalition clashed with the Empire in an iron symphony that was the greatest and worst war in history.


    For months on end, the armies clashed, a hail of iron met by a hail of magic, every ambush reciprocated, every defeat paid for in blood. The land turned into ash, as conflagrations marred the battlefield. The wastelands became marshes, soil tainted with lifeblood. Over and over again, war was waged, a mountain of corpses growing as the days passed on.

    But the difference in resources was slowly becoming clear. The war machine of the Empire was powered by the hundreds of nations that they’ve conquered, while the defensive war waged by the coalition left their own lands razed, their lungs blackening from the smoke.

    And then, from the black fog, Talze Utera emerged, the denizens of the night stepping in to aid those that fought to protect their world. Lead by the Crystalla, beings half-crystal half-human, the monstrous hordes joined hands with the humans in order to stand against their collective threat. A decisive victory had to be gained, and the enemy had to be routed. Anything less would lead to defeat, and that truth was clear in the minds of all four nations.

    On that day, as war hymns were sung and good byes were said, two massive armies met on opposite sides of a battlefield gray with ash and wet with blood.

    A blare of horns sent the monsters, the knights, the spirits, the iron giants, the metal dragons, all charging, to decide the true ruler of those lands.


    And then, just a little bit, the world cracked.

    A soul-trembling sound broke over the horizon, as the sky shattered. From the darkness, never-before-seen beasts fell onto the barren fields like mud. And, just as incoherently as they came, those beings attacked, mindlessly lashing out at both sides. Incidents of these popped up all over the continent, as tears in the skies heralded the coming of these abnormal organisms. Unable to fight a war on two fronts, especially with the majority of their forces concentrated in foreign land, the Empire retreated, closing off its borders with massive walls.

    Their retreat was both the end of the war, and the beginning of a new one. Massive civilian casualties were incurred as these monsters, dubbed ‘rift-beasts’, appeared at random, rampaging through even the most heavily-fortified cities. They did not respond to any attempt at communication, and could not be stopped by anything less than high-class magic spells. A thoughtless, mindless, merciless enemy that acted with no purpose other than to attack.

    And an enemy that, when wounded, crystallized.

    In a state of panic, shock, and anger, Illiserev, Dansila, and Astopol were quick to make the connection between the rift-beasts and the Crystalla. It mattered not that the appearance of the rift-beasts ceased the Empire’s invasion, and the blame shifted onto Talze Utera. Without warning, the Coalition invaded and destroyed the land of the monsters, eradicating entire species in their anger. The Crystalla were driven to the brink of extinction, their crystals, the Allis, harvested and forged into weapons that could counter the rift-beasts.

    To slay monsters, one had to use monsters. The rampage of the beasts were slowed, and, once the first rift-beast was slain, their own crystals used to forge a new blade, the tide of the battle turned. This new material, incomparably superior to the fragile Allis blades, were extremely durable and flexible, whilst providing certain people with unheard of physical and magical abilities.


    This ore was dubbed Talentium, and those blessed by it became heroes.

    Every rift-beast that fell became a weapon for another talented warrior, and soon, the war became a hunt, a distraction from everyday life as the three nations recovered from the tragedies that befell them. Tears in the skies were still a common sight, and occasionally, one of the races that survived the razing of Talze Utera would cause an incident, but as the years rolled on, it became apparent that the nations have settled into a state of peace.

    The Empire had retreated, locking down their borders with massive walls.

    Talze Utera, the ones responsible for the emergence of the rift-beasts, has been destroyed, its lands split equally amongst those of the Coalition.

    The rift-beasts have turned from city-wiping threats to an occasional inconvenience, their crystallized bodies the foundations of a better, brighter world.

    All was calm and all was bright for all humans underneath the sun.

    But, in the absence of light, the gears began to turn once more, as those who observed the three wars put their plans into action.

    And, on twelfth month, a Key fell from a tear in the horizon.

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  2. Character Sheet

    Characters that are too strong will only be there to get worfed and nerfed. For the true Another Horizon experience, give them space to grow. It'll also make more sense when your character gets fodderized by fodder.
    While you can totally make them into cool, non-mainstream people, take note of the society that they have been born and raised in. I doubt, for example, that one of the remnants of Talze Utera would like humans very much.
    Sword Arts and Sword Skills are pretty much just anything, but note that they are purely combat skills. A healer would not have a Sword Art style that allows them to heal while butchering mobs.
    While it's fine to make your character sound important, they won't be super important. Don't make them the lost prince of the Empire or something, unless that's just their delusion.
    Preferably, your characters will look like they're in their teens. Being too old would also be a problem, cause then it's're the same level as a kid half your age. What have you been doing with your life? XD
    Keep in consideration the fact that three wars happened 12 years ago.

    Sword Arts and Sword Skill Design
    The best thing to do would be to always tell me what your idea is before you actually pull it off.
    Sword Arts are almost always based off elements, with things such as buff-based or barrier-based Sword Arts being outliers that are both hard to comprehend and master. Think of them as martial arts, in that the combat style mimics the magic that is being cast. Larger, more powerful spells are almost always set up in a specific chain of attacks, similar to that of a 'dance'.
    Certain magic types have yet to be applied as Sword Arts, such as healing, curses, summoning, and other, less offensively-direct magic. The blood and soul magic of the vampires is another example of a magic that has not been applied to Sword Arts, though that's due more to the fact that vampires use their fangs and claws as conduits for those spells.
    Sword Skills are expressions of physical 'impossibilities', capable of temporarily breaking the laws of nature at the cost of consuming a massive amount of stamina. A simple example would be to attack twice at the same time, or to cleave through distances that a sword can not reach. Unlike Sword Arts, they don't consume mana, and can't be warded off by magical barriers.
    Sword Skills, unlike Sword Arts, are not martial arts. They are singular techniques akin to 'secret arts' or 'finishing blows'. Due to that, a person specializing in Sword Skills will almost invariably be able to do more damage than a Sword Arts user in a singular moment.

    Character Image: Anime pics only. Also, mandatory.
    Quote: Something they will actually say. A catchphrase perhaps?
    Name: Gary Stu is a good name.
    Age: Teenager-esque is preferred.
    Put human if they aren't a special snowflake.
    Physical Characteristics: Height, Weight, Scars, Disabilities, etc.
    Personality: One paragraph to rule them all.
    Biography: Five events that shaped your childhood. Must be in point blank, with each point being a single sentence. As a GM, I will fill in the gaps, so these events don't have to cover long frames of time.

    Fears: Try to go for something that isn't super edgy like 'death' or 'being alone'.
    Weaknesses: Note that I don't even care about your strengths. You're all weaklings in my eyes. :3
    Skills: All non-combat skills go here. Note that, just because you have it as a skill doesn't mean that you're good at it.

    Equipment: What's important here is your weapon.
    Magic: List anything you have here that's purely magical spells. No fancy sword-waving involved.
    Sword Arts: List it as a specific combat style that you WILL adhere to. Because that's a fun challenge, eh?
    Sword Skills: List it as singular techniques.

    Relationships: I am NOT going to drag complete strangers together and make them work together for no reason again. Figure out relationships and connections between the other player characters in the RP.
    Theme Song: Something to listen to while I read your epic-er posts.

  3. Well, to be honest I was leaning back and forth between a male and female character so I wouldn't mind falling either way. I might wait then to see what the gender balance looks like.
  4. Right... Well, I'm going to kick the originality bucket down the well and play another Illiserev girl. A bit more broke, this time~
  5. Yeah, is there any more information on the nations lying around?
  6. Probably something like 3M:4F if you make a guy.
  7. Assuming 2:5 if I make a girl. (Edit: I didn't see your edit.)

    So, guy it is, although I think I liked my girl idea more.
  8. Don't let some arbitrary gender ratio decide what you do. If the other idea is better, do it~
  9. The Index has information on the nations.

    Dat rhyme, too sweg.

    And yeah, I don't really mind either way. It's just that I want to avoid hearing of Sky's "hurrdurr lesbian goggles on" too often.
  10. My God, I completely missed the index.

    And I'm not going to pretend to know what that means.
  11. Why do characters their age have these powerful weapons? Have they become that numerous?
  12. Pretty much, yeah. Rift beasts were a big ass problem some time ago, appearing in hordes. After those hordes were slain, you had more weapon material than what you knew to do with. Heck, Talentium is common enough that people make jewellery out of it.

    That being said, it's not the weapon itself that's ACTUALLY powerful. Think about it this way.

    A sword is deadly regardless of who holds it. A Talentium sword is, by itself, just a really hard to break sword. It's just that, wielded by the right people, it'll give them buffs to their physical and magical stats. Most people aren't so talented that they become city-destroying threats just by holding onto a Talentium weapon.
  13. Ah, alright. Well, I've made some progress on a sheet but it's just cresting three a.m. so I'll wake up tomorrow and give it a better look.
  14. >Dansila is the nation of weeaboos

    Welp, guess I'm not going for a complete remake of Fion, then.
  15. Just call him Fion Wakashita or whatever. XD
  16. God damn it, you are literally Hitler.
  17. Just in case you are still accepting more than your seven, I would like to join (ill get a cs written asap if that is the case.)
  18. Who can create runes? Can anyone scribe the right shape onto something with the right tools?
  19. is this still open?
  20. That's Skys, mang. I'm more like Mao.

    What's the character idea you have first? And have you read the disclaimer in the Int Chek?

    Rune magic is something that is learned, and it's rather simple, sorta. Literally just making magical words instead of magical circles. However, runetech requires a whole lot more work, but in exchange can be used for as long as the medium lasts afterwards.

    Probably going to close it after you. Have you read the disclaimer in the Int Chek?
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