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  1. I'm just going to skip the long backstory.

    So yeah, basically, in various one-on-one matches, characters from various anime, manga, Light Novels and Eastern Tokusatsu have been invited to some sort of multiversal tourney where they can duke it out.

    Everyone's there for a good reason, and mostly in good fun.

    This'll take place primarily over many 1-on-1 combat RPs.

    This idea was taken from @Edward

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  2. Always up for a good battle based RP are you going to keep people from God modding?
  3. Just a quick question, if the character is OP in their show, will they be modified? Great Idea, I'd love to join
  4. Well, OP characters will have to be nerfed if they are OP in terms of power variety. If their OPness stems from sheer force, such as most Dragon Ball characters, then it's chill.
  5. I recommend nerfing the super sayian gods, if any would be created that is.
  6. There's stronger characters compared to those guys.

    Don't worry, the application I'm planning should be able to fix these gigs. Super Saiyan Gods and Blue will not be permitted unless the opponent agrees to them, and when they do, it is likely that they will par with or even exceed the likes of them.
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  7. Where are the battles going to be held? Or is this version tied to a stable plot line?
  8. It is very akin to your version. I have no intention for stable plotlines for the time being, but there might be occasional plots around.
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  9. How many people do you need? I'll contact the previous group if you would like me too.
  10. That would be great. Thank you.
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  11. I'm happy to see this is back again for round two. If it's okay with @Crow and @Edward could I use my previous characters from the last time we had this?
  12. Who were they again? Sasuke and...
  13. Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter
  14. I'll be gone for the majority of the day, because school and work. I'll try to check in at times.
  15. Clown Man looks chill to me.
  16. Welp, this has my attention xD though Iunno how often I can post, I can try to be as active as I can there x.x
  17. I guess Korean Manhwa are OK too, since I am theoretically allowing Bima X.
  18. I figured. It should be an anime, by all means. Anyway, I have a few backup ideas, in case that one ends up not working. Ippo Makanuchi, Himura Kenshin, Gattsu, and a few others
  19. Okay I'm back now, anything you want to discuss about?
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