Angels,Demons or vampires any creature you like!!!

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  1. Please join its a world full of mythical creatures and you are one! name your character, age, looks:hair color, eye color,outfit, and mythical creature, and weapons, personality, powers.
    My character name is Aurora Deamonson. i am a half angel half demon with the thirst of a vampire. i have red hair that has black tips and can set fire from my fire element. i also have a connection with light and dark. my eyes are red but glow when the thirst takes control. im a very protective person and will do anything to protect those i love. she is also 17 years old. she wears a black leather jacket, with a red tank top, and jeans with black sneakers.[​IMG]
    Appearance:(pic or description):
    small history:
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  2. I might join this. :D
  3. alright join up i would love that. spread the news please.
  4. Name: Rosenix "Nix"

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Species: Dragon Kin - Once in a blue moon, a human will hatch from a dragon egg. This human will have uncharted powers.

    Affiliations: Mother dragon - Ferve. A beautiful blue scaled egg.

    Appearance (open)


    Personality: Nix is a sassy thing. He doesn't take shit from anyone and can be a bit hot blooded when riled. Cocky might be a good word to describe his attitude. The young man has a gift unlike any other and he knows it, he flaunts it. His big head aside, he's got a golden heart. He's big into nature and the harmony of said nature with man. He understands beasts more than he understands the workings of the human mind.

    Small History: As Dragon Kin, Nix was raised from a young age to be both ambassador and warrior. He spent his first 17 years of his life with his dragon brethren and only 5 years in a nearby human kingdom, living in the castle with the nobles.
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  5. affiliations is like family members or relation to other characters.
  6. Ohhh I see now. I'll have to think on that one for his mother's name.

    And woohoo! Should I go ahead and post in the IC? Also last I checked, the OOC link in your IC was kerfuffled. You put the create a thread link instead. ^_^;
  7. yes i did the new link is in a post on the ic but um yes make a beginning post in the ic please.
  8. @MikasaAckerman12598

    I'd be interested in joining. Just I have no idea what well type of character I'd want to use.
    I um actually have a list of well characters at this point those considered good or evil if you would like me to have a mixed set of CS's if there is a um limit greater than 1 that is.

    Is there one a limit? Two um would it be alright if I'm a bit slow at first replying? Cause of GMing an unpredictable at times speed of an RP atm?
    *is told it's meant to be fast paced once it starts no one hardly post. Then when I can't post people post O.o*
  9. @Raven this is like the first rp you did with me you can play as many characters as you want and please spread the news of this thread thank you. but you can do whatever and im not sure the pace yet.
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  10. @MikasaAckerman12598 I'll be joining too, I'm just waiting to get my character drawn by an artist on the site :D
  11. alright sounds great the ooc is wide open!

  12. Name: Name Not Currently Applicable
    Age: 0
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragon (Egg)
    Affiliations: Nix
    Personality: Cheeky, Abrupt, Energetic, Cuddly and Curious.
    Small history: The Nights Were cold and the days were long and all egg wanted was for someone to sit on it, so it could be free of the confines of it's shell. Yet no dragon came until... Nix happened.
    Other: Telepathy with Master.

  13. Well if you can be anything like the first one I joined in with you then I know who to mention this to. Maybe he'll manage being there isn't a set speed yet and if we get one I may be helping him stay in.

    *goes to try and drag in a friend from school*
  14. i will basically be like my character from the first one.
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  15. I'll probable add in like Nightfang, Radelia, and one other of my OC's....

    Hmm I could do the twins :3

    *has no idea still what race wants to go for*
  16. what what and what and what twins?
  17. Yeah I can post my album list here. There twin brothers :3
  18. oh I like the twins and your choices do as many as you want or can manage.
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  19. Well Nightfang I have practice with along with Radelia so I can defiantly handle them with perhaps one or two new characters I haven't yet been able to play or learn the personalities of.
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