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  1. Please join its a world full of mythical creatures and you are one! name your character, age, looks:hair color, eye color,outfit, and mythical creature, and weapons, personality, powers.
    My character name is Zoey-Alice Messiea. i am a half angel half demon with the thirst of a vampire. i have red hair that has black tips and can set fire from my fire element. i also have a connection with light and dark. my eyes are red but glow when the thirst takes control. im a very protective person and will do anything to protect those i love. she is also 17 years old. she wears a black leather jacket, with a red tank top, and jeans with black sneakers.

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  2. What is the plot of this rp?
  3. you are trapped in a world of mythicaal creatures and you are fighting to protect the last humans and the group of your choice. but the plot can go where ever it leads. im still new at this so im sorry if im not perfect.
  4. Its all right. I'm willing to help if you want some ideas. Here's my character:

    Name: Kodi Arcain
    Gender: Male
    Affiliations: Loner, searching for a wolf pack
    Appearance:(pic or description): Human form

    Wolf Form

    Personality: Since he has no one else to depend on, Kodi is reserved and trusts only those who he thinks can be trusted. When he opens up to people, he is very loyal and will do anything to protect them. When he gets irritated, he can't control his ability to shift. His fingernails grow longer and his teeth into fangs. When he gets angry, his eyes turn yellow and loses control of his calm demeanor.

    Other: Kodi grew up with his parents until he was 16. He got bit by a werewolf on a camping trip and his parents left him. He has been on his own since. Now he is wandering the streets with little money and finding places to sleep when he is tired. He knows his limits but can only keep certain things hidden. On the night of a full moon, he can't control his shift at all. He shifts into his wolf form and stays in it until the night is over.
  5. Name: Luna Raven Skull
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire/Demon

    Appearance:(pic or description): [​IMG] and she has a tail which is black but with the usual tip of a demon tail.
    Personality: She seems shy for she doesn't usually take the first approach when making friends for she prefers to listen but if she finally decides to talk first she will. She is intelligent but at times does not seem like it. Luna doesn't share much of her emotions to others until she gets to know them and begins to trust them a little. She is also very creative and curious.

    Other: She grew up with her mother and a little her father who usually had much work to do. She enjoyed begin on her own at times and as she got older seemed to stay away from her parents and explore and learn on her own.
  6. so, so far we have a werewolf, a demon/vampire, and my halfling mix feel free to jump right in raven and roxshi. lets start and if others join in they can.
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  7. so when everyone here is ready to start post a message that says ready.
  8. (Ready, sorry for late reply...World Series was on and the Royals were playing)
  9. Name: Kerv Arcasto





    Appearance: images-61.jpeg
  10. I'll be ready when you all are.
  11. Alright lets get this started nice to have you join zewmy
  12. Name: Ronald Bones

    Age: 1

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Species: Frankenstein

  13. Hello may I join?
  14. Yes just go back to the first page i need to know what your mythical creature looks like and then u can jump right in.
  15. *Presses fingers together as he walks in* Heeeeyy...if I were to create a demon of gluttony, could he eat people?
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  16. Shiet. i have to go right now. I'll be bafk later.
  17. Id like to join this but just for confirmation from you , since you dont have one could i be an newly born Archangel or Seraphim ( angel made for war and battle) since i love angels XD if so reply to this so i can be sure and make character, im new to site so dont know everything well yet
  18. Name: Edax Fames
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Species: Demon (Gluttony)
    (I know it's spelled wrong in the picture but it's not mine, please don't kill me x-x )
    Personality: Edax is a demon of gluttony and as such tends to eat, a lot. He very rarely even has time to chew food and will often just swallow things down whole with that cavernous abyss of a mouth and stomach. Should he come across anyone willing or someone not so willing but he seems to dislike at the time he will partake in live foods, again, usually whole. The thing about Edax is he doesn't digest food in the natural way, he feeds off the nutrients as normal but doesn't really taste it or get any kind of full feeling and strives to eat more. He is only slightly full when he gets to taste souls and living things, a person's taste matches their emotions and personality and their soul provides him with a fullness no other food can provide. What with being a gluttony demon he does have some control over his ravenous hunger but sometimes he gets too much into the flow of things and everything in the nearby area might end up in his un-fillable belly.
  19. Do I have to wait for him to be accepted or do I just join in? o-o
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